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[variety] Happy Shares Company 행복주식회사

Guest luckyyou

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Guest htruc

Thanks Clip! Clubbox wasn't being very friendly!

Edit: An ajussi called KCM, KGB. ROFL. And his waves and "woahs". It was great seeing Kilgun. Hope she comes back on stage soon.

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can't wait for next week cause its Horan of clazziquai and ibadi vs. Kim Kyu Jong from SS501. for horan of course, she was funny doing alex's help day.

this weeks ep was good too, KCM had GeumBi from turtles to do his help day. and MBC did a nice tribute to turtleman with the things that they filmed during the help day.

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Guest smileforgrace

OMG, I'm so excited to see Horan on next week's episode!

She's my favorite singer EVER<3

It was so touching to see Turtleman on this week's episode.

It's easy to see how happy and loving he was.

And it's so hard to believe that he has left.

He's in a better place<3 RIP

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Guest silverwingz

thanks for the link clippie2o9! i've enjoyed the KCM vs. Yoo In Young episodes.

Really looking forward to next week's episode! Love both the contestants!!

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Guest redevilica

available in CB



Thanks a bunch, Joyce! :D

[HQ] Happy Shares Company KCM vs. Yoo In Yeong Part 1 (2008-04-05).avi [515.6MB]

[HQ] Happy Shares Company KCM vs. Yoo In Yeong Part 2 (2008-04-12).avi [515.8MB]

Do NOT take these HQ cuts out of this clubbox. Thanks! :D

Happy Shares Company Ep. 217 - Lee Teuk cut (2008-04-05) [cashewmania].avi [27.0MB]

Happy Shares Company Ep. 217 - Park Ji Hyeon (V.O.S) cut (2008-04-05) [cashewmania].avi [17.6 MB]

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Guest mee_n_u

hi.. can someone reup the HQ minwoo vs jojungrin ep?

non-cb please..

i'm downloading from Kalena85's cb

but it's so sloowww.... & sometimes not working.. :unsure:

thx before.. :)

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XD!! I really enjoyed KyuJong and HoRan's episode!!

KyuJong was soo funny when he freaked out when he thought he lost his manwon book XD

HyungJoon was like why is he freaking out, he handed it to me!

HoRan's cats are sooooo cute!! Specially the youngest one <3

Moon HeeJun was hysterical!

He was like after I stamp this it feels like you'll leave right away, lets talk for a little bit.

Then when the PD asked him when he would go on manwonui haengbok, HeeJun was like let me hurry and stamp this! LOL!

Can't wait for next week! I wonder who their help day people are...

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Guest htruc


Singer (and essayist) Horan made a recent appearance on the April 19 broadcast of MBC's Happy Shares Company), featuring a segment wherein she packed a homemade lunch and had a mother-daughter date at home.

In the segment, viewers were surprised to see that her mother suffered from polio at age 5 that left one leg crippled. It's not the first time the news has been made known - Horan first referenced her mother's condition in her recently published essay collection, Horan's Da Capo, but it's the first time the fact is becoming known to the public at large.

Asked to share a story, Horan’s mother recalled: "Once, I went to the beach and was walking along the shore with difficulty with Horan. Some mischievous boys poked a lot of fun at my daughter. So Horan asked me, 'Mom, aren't you embarrassed?' and I answered, 'Why should I be?' The tears ran then."

Netizen response? "That [bleep] sold her [bleeping] mother" and "She sold her mother for a TV appearance."

Some ever-so-thoughtful netizens carried the sentiments, originally written on the site announcing the upcoming episode, onto Horan’s own site, alerting her to the comments. The next day, Horan wrote on her site, “What a despicable world.”

"I’m not using my mother to make up a tragic drama. … How can a person look at another person and say she's selling her mother or not?"

The next day, however, they were erased from her site. Horan is currently busy with her new acoustic band, Ibadi, who recently released their first album.

source: My Daily + Star News

Translations: DRAMABEANS

What weird netizens...They think of the craziest things...

Anyways, this week was pretty good. I was ROFL when Kyu Jong thought he lost his book as well.

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^I read that and thought it was ridiculous!

If she doesn't show her mother, netizens would probably say she s hiding her and is ashamed of her, but if she does show her mother, she's selling her out?! I mean come on!! This show is KNOWN for showing celebrities with their families!!!

Those people are just hateful :angry:

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