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(upcoming) 君がくれた夏 "kimi Ga Kureta Natsu"

Guest litto_gurl

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Guest litto_gurl

Hideaki Takizawa and Kyoko Fukada
Tackey & Fukada play married couple in drama special 君がくれた夏 "kimi Ga Kureta Natsu"


Hideaki Takizawa and Kyoko Fukada will star together in a special drama titled "Kimi ga Kureta Natsu" ~Ganbareba, Shiawase ni Nareru Yo~." The drama will air as part of NTV's "24 Hour Television" (August 18-19), which is being hosted by Takizawa and fellow Tackey & Tsubasa member Tsubasa Imai.

The drama is based on a story called "Ganbareba, Shiawase ni Nareru Yo," written by Toshiko Yamazaki. Takizawa plays a young man who ends up having a shotgun marriage with the high school dropout Tokiko (Fukada). When their son turns five years old, they discover that he has become sick with cancer.

The drama will air on the night of August 18.





credit to takki.us

credit to tokyograph.com

love this couple ever since i saw them in starwberry and shortcake...

very cute couple....

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taki in another drama!!

he's married and has kids!!!

those pics are adorable!!!!!!

i loved them in their other drama! such a cute couple!

yay another drama im looking forward to!

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Guest litto_gurl

this drama kind of remind me of "wonderful life"...

but i'm really looking foward to see Hideaki Takizawa and Kyoko Fukada together again...

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Wow Takki, a daddy (:?

He looks so happy with the kids<3.

Awe....the storyline sounds so sad :[....

I'm going to watch it anyway.

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Guest amydien


AAAAAHHHH It's like Strawberry on Shortcake part 2!!! :lol:

I want to watch this.....they're sooo cute together!

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*squeals* I read his entry about the kids but I had no idea it was with her! YES. *squeals again* 8D I loved S.O.S. T_T;;; This will be exciting.

But onto the story... it sounds really depressing. T_T I guess I'll have to have a pack of tissues nearby when watching it.

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Guest epoxyethaneGLAMOUR

aw, this sounds so sad.

i want to watch this! especially since it has takizawa hideaki and fukuda kyoko, they are both talented!

it seems that on the 24 hour television they have somewhat depressing and sad movies. such as yuuki, starring kamenashi kazuya.

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Guest litto_gurl

here's a little more info about the drama

- 24hr TV SP drama title: [君がくれた夏~がんばれば、幸せになれるよ~]

- Takki's playing the papa (木崎真人さん / Sazaki Mahito? Masato?).

- Fukada's playing the mom (トキコ / Tokiko).

- they both dropped out of high school and got married... v__v;

- they have 2 sons? but their oldest 5 year old has an incurable disease.

- Sarcoma...omg poor kid!

- the drama will be about "family love"

credit to atfy-takizawa.jugem

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