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炎亞綸 Aaron Yan Ya Lun , READ 1ST PAGE FIRST!! :)


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Guest eru.pop

Even though my friend and I have always liked Fahrenheit, we always referred to Aaron as "the Teppei look alike."

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Guest raindrops

a fast update for aaron pics hehe =) mangs, i cant wait until i search for fahrenheit's photoalbum! omg btwbtw! Arron wears boxers ^^ =D and in the PA = BED PICS! lol >=D









some special ones (when arron was still at school =) looks so gangster and bad boy, and i wonder why he never smiled!)




Arron really likes singing, in one previous blog post he was feeling very sad etc, and he felt that he was only popular because of his looks and not his voice.

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When his group came out, he stood out the most and was the attractive member. Despite and obviously the cutest member, he is actually the talented member out of the group :)

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Guest rainbow*

haha yay ^^ thanks for the pics raindrops =). Aaron really does look very bad boyish but i dont really think he is that kind of person because he's very emotional hehehe.

by the way, this is arrons' blog if nobody knows; www.wretch.cc/blog/arronbubest

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Guest Prince Mcdull

Aww Aaron looks so cute in the pics. Wow never knew Aaron would look such like bad boy when he was at school.

he should smile more =D But sometime in pics he looks like he put too much eyeliner on. thnx for aaron's blog =p

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Guest raindrops

wow. aaron is so hot ^0^

but wu chun is more my type; did you know aaron's three friends died this year? and his ex girlfriend died,,, so so sad wahhhh i started crying, maybe thats why hes so emotional


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Guest rainbow*

yahoooo! update for me ^^. Guess what everyone? arron came over to australia just to wish me happy birthday =]! in my dreams ^^ hehe sorry for the uber lame joke! here are some random pics

216.jpg - oh so dreamy =D









oh my gosh what a cute pose =p









enjoy =)

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Guest Death Note

Arron is so cute haha.

He has a nice smile, I like guys w/ nice smiles <3.

Does anyone know any random things/facts about Arron or something?

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Guest deadlines

He looks like Mike He in some pics huh? Hehe, could not believe it! He is way too younggggggggggggggggggggg! An 86-er??? Cool!

He seems to be quite emotional sometimes, especially in his blogs? I remembered reading somewhere that he used to study abroad? Is that right or wrong?

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Guest Death Note

^ Yeah, it is right.

I think he stayed in the US for five years(?)...It happned when he was young. He stayed in New York I think.

Not sure but he did go to the US .

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Guest Starylosophy

Arron goes to Japan, Japanese students "become blind"


Fahrenheit's Arron Yan went to Japan to film a programme for C-Pop World. This is his first time having solo projects out of Taiwan. He attracted many Japanese students in uniform who wanted to take photos with him and also autograph on their uniforms, these fans made Arron very shocked.

The funniest thing is that, these students don't even know who Arron is but they followed him the whole day. The workers told Arron that they followed him because he looks cute and thought he's Johnny's new member.

The most memorable incident Arron had was that during his flight to Japan, his nose got allergic and his mucus flowed backwards and thus he could not hear from his right ear temporarily. After reaching Japan, he was sent to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor diagnosed him with a ear infection that happens in flights (sorry I don't know the medical term). Arron mentioned that Japan's hospital looks like shopping centres as in it there are many pharmacies and medical halls, he found it rather interesting.

Japan is a shopping paradise, even self-controlling himself, Arron spent 200 over thousand yen. He will be acting with Jiro as two male leads in the upcoming idol drama "Let's Shake, Fried Rice" - ã翻滾吧ï¼èç飯ã (Direct translation). Manager Chen Hui Ying expresses that Fahrenheit will act in movies, dramas and host programmes individually, but when it comes to releasing albums, the four will come together again.

Translated by Starylosophy at Soompi

Source: UDN

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Guest rainbow*

ooo ^ thankyou so much =]! new upcoming drama? i wonder what its about does anybody have any information? sounds like a very cute drama! btw Death Note - is that calvin x) omg he looks so cute ^^

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Guest Death Note

^ Yeah, its him. hah yeah he looks so cute eating ice cream :D

I wonder if Arron got sad that the girls were following him for that...:/

haha I can't really imagine Arron being in Johnny's...but i'm trying too :lol:

If he was I wonder what group he'll be in NEWS or KAT-TUN?I think he'll belong in NEWS haha

Anwyays thanks for the article :D

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Guest NotGuilty

ahaha, that is such a cute piece of news for some reason...maybe it's because it's about arron. hahaha

but i'd have followed him, too<33333

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Guest rainbow*

found some more interesting articles about Arrons trip in Japan =P haha its so cute! but kinda disturbing too because she's like 20 something years older than arron and attracted to him xD unbelievable!


Arron rejects having overage elder sister-young brother relationship, 50 year old Japanese grandma heart broken

22 year old Arron went Japan and was teased by 50 year old grandma at the famous Gu Wu (Old House), and wanted to have a relationship with him. But Arron said, “The most I can accept is older than me by 6 years old.” Letting the grandma show a heart-broken expression immediately.

Previously when Arron went Japan to film for Japanese TV show “C Pop World” and was a Da Ban filming outdoor scenes, he said, the most memorable thing was, he and the crew walked to a shop selling Japanese kimono. Just as they were about to enter to take a look, he was blocked by them, the shop requires everyone to clear the place, and later on, he saw 2 cars appearing, and out come a big character and 4 bodyguards.

He asked curiously who this big character is, and he was told he is actually a big triad boss. He said, after this big triad brother finish looking around, he still came out and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Arron said, he had never thought this big triad brother is so polite.

Age limit for relationship, 6 years.

Moreover, during this trip, Arron also electrocuted (charmed) the local older generation. When the 50 year old granny who was in charge of guiding them around, she asked the translator if he accepts relationship with older females, Arron said, “Can ah!” this granny was very excited, but Arron added, he can only accept the age gap to be within 6 years old, and the granny who is older than him by 20 over years old immediately make a heartbroken expression.

Arron said, not only this granny, when he went to the sushi shop to learn how to make rice balls, the 60 year old female lady boss took out a magazine immediately and said, “I know who you are, I’ve been waiting for you for the past few days.” Making him surprised and happy.

Translated by Tiffany

Source: http://fahrenheit-globa1.actifforum.com

^ found this article from AF

the japanese truly know how lucky they are >=[ COME TO SYDNEY ARRON AND shoot some scenes from our ugly beaches =P i mean pretty /\/\;

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