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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬

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Be still, my heart.  :heart:





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"The King" Lee Min-ho, affectionate and mournful acting. 

Lee Min-ho's deepening melodramatic performance has brought "The King"'s affectionate index to its highest level.


In the 14th episode of SBS' Friday-Saturday drama "The King: Eternal Monarch," Lee Min-ho, who plays the role of "Lee Gon," the emperor of the Korean Empire, expressed his absolute love for Kim Go-eun with affection and sorrow, stirring viewers' hearts. Lee Min-ho's deep and rich melodramatic sensibility, which makes one's heart flutter just by looking into his eyes, increased his immersion in the fateful romance that transcends time and space, adding emotion and lingering imagery.


In the previous broadcast, Lee Gon, who traveled 26 years back to the night of treason, was trapped in the past and shared the same space but another time with Jung Tae-eul (Kim Go-eun) and waited for a non-promising reunion. Lee Gon and Lee Rim (Lee Jung-jin) used the 'axis of space' that exists only when the whole flute becomes one, and went to 1994 through their respective portals. Lee Gon saved his younger self by shooting at Lee Rim's men just like in the first episode, and the scene of dropping Tae-eul's ID card also unfolded like a deja vu.


But Lee Gon was locked up in 1994 and can't return to 2020. It was impossible to move time with only half of the flute. Moreover, as the cracks have become more serious than before, he was in a desperate situation where he cannot frequently cross the worlds.


Nevertheless, Lee Gon created a touching sensation by showing that he was the king of pure love, who silently endured 26 years to reach Tae-eul in 2020. In particular, it was heartbreaking and sad for him to try to engrain memories of himself.


"I have to travel through 26 years," he said to five-year-old Tae-eul as she asked who he is. "I'll be there soon. I am on my way to you," he further said to her, who just lost her mother, then gave her a warm pat on her head. In his second meeting with Tae-eul, who became an adult in 2016, he said, "We'll meet again at Gwanghwamun. So then, would you be a little nicer to me? We don't have much time." Also, the scene of him writing, "Please wait a little longer, we're almost there," inside the public phone booth, as he held back his tears, was heartbreaking.


At the end of the broadcast, the fateful encounter between the two in Gwanghwamun, Republic of Korea, in 2019 was expressed more dramatically with a different emotional line than in the first episode.


Lee Gon's heartfelt love story could be completed in more depth through Lee Min-ho. Lee Min-ho gave a warm and friendly look at Kim Go-eun, but his eyes suddenly filled with sadness stimulated the cold emotions of fateful love. In addition, he expressed the loneliness of a character isolated in a different time, in a calm yet dim and mournful mood, thereby touching the viewers. Lee Min-ho, with his more mature eyes, voice and rich expression of emotions, is adding emotions in presenting a fantasy melodrama that is different from his previous works. The 15th episode of SBS' Friday-Saturday drama "The King: Eternal Monarch," will air at 10 p.m. on Saturday, the 6th.




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Cellreturn weibo update


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Join us for a poll based on Lee Min Ho. :glasses:


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I just voted!

City Hunter for me was the one for his best look.

I had a problem to choosing one there because Minho is gorgeous always!

friends probably I am in the minority but Personal Taste is my choice in the second question.

Maybe I should rewatch this one .It was years ago the last time I watch it.


@gtLmh0622thank you for the post above.



On another note do we do anything for Minho's birthday?


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MYM IG update


Already Minomi is waiting for The King in front of tv! Choco is here too for tonight! B)



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"The King: Eternal Monarch": "lovesick" Lee Min Ho waits 26 years to see Kim Go Eun again




Lee Min Ho's romantic and deep acting has increased the touching index for the drama "The King: Eternal Monarch".

In episode 14 aired on June 5 of the drama "The King: Eternal Monarch" (SBS, scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook, directors Baek Sang Hoon, Jung Ji Hyun), Lee Min Ho, who plays King Lee Gon of the Korean Empire, touched the audience's hearts by showing his passionate and absolute affection for Kim Go Eun. Romantic and deep emotions of "Adonis" Lee Min Ho have increased the attraction of the fateful love story transcending time and space, thereby leaving a strong resonance in the audience.

Lee Gon went through space returning to the night of rebellion 26 years ago. Even though he shared the same space with Jung Tae Eul (played by Kim Go Eun), who was trapped in the past, they were in different times and could only wait for their unset reunion. Lee Gon and Lee Rim (played by Lee Jung Jin) used the "time and space axis" that only exists when the two halves of Manpasikjeok merge into one to go back to 1994. Similar to the scene happening in episode 1, a gun shooting battle between Lee Gon and Lee Rim's underlings broke out and Lee Gon saved himself at that time. The scene he dropped Tae Eul's police card also occurred again.

However, Lee Gon was trapped in 1994 and could not return to 2020 immediately because in a space without Lee Rim, he could not move time just with half of the flute. In addition, the flute crack and the frozen time phenomenon became more serious than before, leaving him in a desperate situation that he could no longer frequently go back and forth between the two worlds.

Even so, to meet Tae Eul of 2020, Lee Gon silently waited for 16 years. Notably, the look of him trying his best to engrave all memories about himself in his mind has moved and troubled viewers.

When the 5-year-old girl Tae Eul who lost her mother asked him who he was, he gently replied, "I'm trying to live through 26 years. I'll be there soon, I'm coming to you." Then he stroked her hair and left. In 2016, during his second reunion with Tae Eul, who has now grown up, he reminded her: "We will see each other again in Gwanghwamun. So at that time, can you be a little more friendly with me? We don't have much time." Then, in the public phone booth, he held back his tears and wrote down the words "Please wait for me a little more, I'm almost there." All of these images deeply touched the audience.

At the end of the episode, the fateful encounter of the two in Gwanghwamun, the Republic of Korea in 2019 brought different emotions from the scene in episode 1, making the drama even more dramatic.

Accordingly, Lee Min Ho profoundly completed the image of Lee Gon being madly in love. He always looks at Kim Go Eun warmly and affectionately but his eyes are also infused with sorrow, which evokes diverse emotions of destined love. Besides, he touched viewers when portraying the loneliness of Lee Gon being isolated in a different timeline in a calm, sad and pitiful manner.

Ep 15 of the drama "The King: Eternal Monarch" will be on air at 10 pm (KST) June 6.

[OSEN = Reporter Sun Mi Kyung] /seon@osen.co.kr

[Photo] Screenshot of SBS' broadcast

Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

▶️ https://vtoday.vlive.tv/home

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