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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬

it is a weekend - best time to spazz about him!  

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  1. 1. Q: What genre would you want to LMH's next drama? (Choose 1)

    • historical
    • rom com
    • melo
    • fantasy
    • None, of the above. I can't get past TKEM!
    • family drama (weekend drama)
    • mystery / suspense
    • Political drama
    • war time
    • Medical
    • police/law enforcemnt
    • ghost, zombies and other horrors
    • other (describe in post)
  2. 2. What type of character would you like to see LMH portray (choose up to 3)

    • doctor
    • Lawyer
    • Struggling single father
    • Psychologist
    • Obsessed husband who has psychological problems who will end up killing himself
    • Detective
    • Prisoner
    • bank robber
    • losing mental faculties because of illness; going from genius to becoming child-like
    • refugee
    • Soldier
    • Slice of life
    • Innocent man framed and on the run
    • Accidentally murdering someone and trying to cover up his tracks
    • Socially awkward person who struggles to express his feelings
    • Husband of a psycho wife
    • Police officer or government agent
    • Athlete
    • Other (describe in post)

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Lee Min Ho makes his fans smile with a surprise Instagram Live broadcast


Even the top movie stars in Korea can have human moments.


Lee Min Ho recently opened a short Instagram live on June 20 which elicited laughter. The top actor had never used this feature and was surprised when he realized that people could see that he was live! Around 60,000 viewers from countries all over the world tuned in to the broadcast in less than 5 minutes, demonstrating the Hallyu star's true global popularity. 


Lee Min Ho was seen in a hair salon getting his hair dried. After reading the incoming comments for a short while, he cutely asked: "If I turn on an Instagram live, do all my followers get a notification?"


Apparently, Lee Min Ho is currently in Paris for a photoshoot. After shortly updating the fans on what he's doing, he promised to do more Instagram lives in the future before signing off. 


The actor is set to appear in writer Kim Eun Sook's upcoming drama 'The King' in 2020. Check out footage from the live broadcast below!






A Crazy Number of Fans Swarmed in for Lee Min Ho’s Very First Instagram Live Broadcast

Fans have been waiting a long time for this.


Lee Min Ho recently held his first Instagram Live broadcast where he took some time to share how he’s been doing as well as chat with his beloved fans.


leeminho1Lee Min Ho started off by saying, “I’m in Paris right now. It’s 11 in the morning here. This is my first time doing an Instagram Live broadcast, and it’s pretty cool.





Lee Min Ho had an Instagram account for quite some time, but this was his first time using the live feature to speak with his fans in real time.




Since fans weren’t sure if this was going to be his first and last live broadcast, they all entered the chat and even reached 63,000 viewers just after 5 minutes of the broadcast.





Lee Min Ho also showed a cute side of himself by asking, “If I turn this on, do all of my followers get notified? Is there a way to temporarily pause it?




During the broadcast, Lee Min Ho shared, “I’m getting ready for a solo shoot today” as he showed off his unchanged visuals highlighted by his tall nose bridge and sharp jawline.





At the end of the video, Lee Min Ho said his final goodbyes and showed his affection for his fans by adding, “You must have been surprised by my sudden live broadcast. I’ll try to turn it on more often and say hi to you all from now on.





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JAMJAMBOX for poorly-fed children from low-income families

JAMJAMBOX items are now open on Naver Happy Bean Funding
A chance to get a special gift with a splash of charming products!



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InstagramWatch: Lee Min-Ho's First Instagram Live Since His Military Discharge

Thu., 20 Jun. 2019 9:09 PM
31-year-old Hallyu superstar, Lee Min-Hosurprised fans with an impromptu Instagram Live yesterday.

The actor was recently discharged from the army after completing his mandatory military service in April 2019 and it looks like he is not wasting any time, getting straight into business. Lee was in Paris for a photoshoot and decided to live on his official Instagram account in the spur of the moment. 

"I got up and am preparing for a photo shoot I'm doing today," Lee said at the start of his live stream on the app, "This is my first time doing an Instagram Live, but I like it."

Lee displayed cute reactions as he tried to get the hang of reading the comments and getting ready for his shoot at the same time. Fans get to see the superstar get primped on the make-up chair while he listens to pop tunes. 

When a fan asked Lee if he had eaten, he revealed that he was on a diet at the moment but that he had eaten some bread before the shoot. The actor must've had a good experience on his first Instagram Live and realised how he can connect with his fans easily via this function. 

"You must have been surprised because this is the first time I've done an Instagram Live," Lee mused, "But I'll do them a lot in the future to quickly say hello."



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20190621 berluti.













Minho and Taiwaness actor Eddie Peng. He's the spokesperson of berluti.










cr PLANET_行星/ owner



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More in 2019 berluti show.




















cr Logo



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20190621 berluti show in Paris.



















cr Logo


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So he is promoting Berluti clothing from Paris.  That is a good choice, he looks really good in those suits. :)

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Minoz Nation

Thanks for all the photos from the Berluti show!  Callie P is right; LMH does look great in the clothes.


And, it's bounty Hunters weekend!  Rewatch the movie and provide your comments whenever you finished watching-don't be shy!  I'm in the US, so we're usually the last ones to comment.  

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Minho arrival at ICN airport 062219



Fans singing him a happy birthday upon his arrival 


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Photos of Minho arriving at ICN airport





















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