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9 minutes ago, gtLmh0622 said:

20190320 K-news. Lee Min Ho sent coffee truck to his friend JIW.






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gtLmh, thanks for sharing the links. I'm happy that they still maintain a strong friendship since their high school days & until now. :lol:

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Lee Min Ho Shows Support For Jung Il Woo And “Haechi”


Lee Min Ho proved just how close he is with Jung Il Woo by sending a special gift!

On March 20, Jung Il Woo took to his Instagram and shared photos of a food truck that was sent by Lee Min Ho to the set of SBS’s drama “Haechi.” The actor wrote in the caption, “My Min Ho, thank you so much.”

In the photos, Jung Il Woo stands in front of the food truck and makes a heart with his fingers. The last photo also features a message from Lee Min Ho that says, “Hwaiting to the production team and actors of ‘Haechi’! Please take care of my Il Woo.”


Jung Il Woo recently talked about his close friendship with Lee Min Ho during his appearance on “My Ugly Duckling.” Jung Il Woo explained that the two have been friends since their school days because they lived in the same neighborhood.

Lee Min Ho is currently serving in the military after enlisting on May 12, 2017. The actor is set to be discharged in April 2019.


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13 minutes ago, gtLmh0622 said:

20190321 on duty.








  Reveal hidden contents











cr Logo



Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing TODAY's pictures. :lol:

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[SBS Star] Lee Minho Sends a Snack Truck to Jung il Woo!




Korean actor Lee Minho sent a snack truck to his friend actor Jung il Woo's drama set. On March 20, Jung il Woo shared some new photos on his social media account with the caption, "Thank you so much, Min ho." In the photos, Jung il Woo stands in front of a snack truck while making a cute heart shape with his fingers.


Not only the snack truck was loaded with tasty snacks, but it also delivered sweet messages from Lee Minho. Lee Minho had written, "Giving my support to Jung il Woo and the team of 'Haechi' (Jung il Woo's current drama). Thank you for your hard work. Please take good care of Jung il Woo. From Lee Minho."


Lee Minho and Jung il Woo were friends even before making debut as actors. It was previously revealed that Lee Minho and Jung il Woo became close in their late teens when lived in the same neighborhood.


Meanwhile, Jung il Woo plays the role of a member of the royal family 'Lee Geum' in SBS' historical drama 'Haechi', and Lee Minho is expected to complete his national mandatory duty as a public service worker in May.


출처 : SBS 뉴스
원본 링크 : https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1005186250&plink=COPYPASTE&cooper=SBSNEWSEND


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Just now, syntyche said:




Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing this. Ye, TODAY is World Water Day, an annual observance day that highlights the importance of freshwater. :lol:

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모든 생명의 근원 '물'


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피엠져 여러분, 벌써 좋아요 누르셨나요?


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Abhijeeth Sasikumar



The show opens with KT kissing ES to stop her from answering the YD's call.  [For some reason, I found it hot when he yelled, don't answer the phone!]  ES flees the scene leaving her phone behind.  KT answers YD's call.  ES descends from the roof, YD tries to grab her wrist but she pulls away with an angry look on her face.  YD is hurt.  Myung Soo reads YD the riot act for picking on ES.  While ES is washing up, Do Na, cutely gives ES clothes to change into.  KT finds YD and the two boys began fighting. [Shouldn't YD be able to kick KT's richard simmons since YD practices judo?]  Rachel burst in the bathroom and grabs ES's hair.  Rachel blames ES to the two boys fighting.  Chairwoman Jung shows up and orders both boys to her office.  YD continues to prod KT telling KT the chairwoman doesn't care about him since she's not his real mother.  KT tells YD that he's not afraid of YD revealing KT is illegitimate because without that ammo, YD has nothing.  At home, KT tries to evoke ES's sympathy.  Suddenly, Won arrives and sees the two.  Again, KT tries to talk to his hyung and is rejected.  [Why so mean to Tannie, Won?]  Won bumps into ES in the wine cellar before KT can warn her. Hyun joo shows up to meet Won at the hotel, but Rachel bumps into Won first and the two have tea.  Won figures out that KT is interested in ES.  Madam Han interrogates KT about his face and he successfully pushes her out.  Meanwhile, ES, YD and KT recall the days events.  The next day, KT waits for ES so they can go to school together only to find out that ES ditched school.  Hee Nam receives a call from school learning ES ditched.  KT finds ES in a movie theater.  He sits, watching her. He continues to follow her to the shop selling dream catchers.  The two begin walking holding hands until he asks if she'll be at the end of the road for him to which she replies no.  Oh, ES tells KT that she likes him too, but it does no good.  She tells him to protect himself.  Hurt, KT walks away [Ugh, LMH's hurt expression just kills me].  Meanwhile, investigator YD discover where Es and her mother lived, confirming that she is not new money.  Hyo shin learns   Hyun joo quit/was fired. Hyun joo   receives a call from Sec Yoon. Hyun joo  is offered a job with Jeguk Group.  At work, ES is harassed by boys from another school.  YD shows up and kicks the chair from beneath the boy.  The two boys recognize YD and flee.  YD tells ES that he visited her old digs.  ES admits that she's in the Social Care group.  At home, KT checks the security camera and sees ES sitting in front [A lot of people found KT spying on ES creepy, do you?]  ES and her mom have a heart to heart talk [ES may not be rich, but at least she has the unconditional love of her mom].  The next day at school, KT and ES meet, but don't acknowledge each other.  Hee Nam rushes to Madam Han when the PTA calls telling Hee Nam that she must participate in the PTA.  Madam Han comes up with the bright idea that she will go, pretending to be ES's mother.  [Madam han and Hee Nam are so funny].  Rachel tells ES that the arranged marriage between Rachel and KT was for business reasons.  Madam Han arrives at the PTA meeting as ES's mother.  Everyone is impressed and shocked. Madam han volunteers to pay for the upcoming camping trip.  lol, Chairwoman Jung arrives stunned that Madam Han is there.  The two ladies argue in the bathroom.  [Why would Chairman Kim marry Ji sook?  Does her family have money?  Can't be for personality. ]  As part of community service for their fight, KT and YD are assigned washing windows where YD continues to tease KT about his mom.  YD shows up at KT's house to continue the fight about KT's real mom.  And, oh gosh, here comes ES again, not paying attention to where she is walking and walks right into KT and YD.  End of episode...


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@alovebof:  I think you asked about the English translation for ep 5.  here's one from 

ICE Beyond MinoBoiz ICE


make sure the subs are turned on.  For some reason, my were turned off.  



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@CarolynHthanks for the recap, I like his hurt look too. I also like his look after he kissed ES at the roof. He looked liked that was good. However the kiss was not deep and PSH looked constipated, she is not a good kisser here. It is all or nothing for KT. I liked the fight between KT and YD. It is like two youths fighting. YD still does not know how to approach ES, he does it the wrong way and messes up. Even Myung Soo criticized him and was surprised that YD liked ES. Feel a bit bad for YD, going about the wrong way.

Won is still cold to KT but he is friendly to ES and realizes that she is the one that Rachel is talking about KT liking a girl.

It is interesting to see all the mothers envious about KT's moms handbag and clothes. The Korean society is pretty materialistic, it is all about class, expensive clothes, shoes and bags. The kids imitate the parents. I like the social commentary in this drama. ES admits that she does like KT. That should make him happy :)


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Thanks @CarolynH for the recap and @CallieP for the comments!


Eun Sang looked shocked (or constipated) at Kim Tan's sudden kiss. Coming from a terrifying bullying session from Young Do, and now this, things are going pretty fast for her. Kim Tan's feathers sure got ruffled by Young Do tripping her. So now he's all protective of her. What an unpleasant time to have a first kiss.





It's official - Young Do is an @ss. Good thing that there is still someone - Myung Soo - who could call him out on his immaturity. 

Bo na bringing Eun Sang a change of clothes - yup, she's one less bully to her.

Good for Kim Tan that he is unfazed when Young Do taunts, yet again, about his illegitimacy. He turns the table on him, saying that he has no idea what it feels like to have a mother, since his own mother ran away. Mr Bully meddles about another family's affairs when his own family is not so perfect after all.



Eun Sang's talk with Chan Young opened her eyes on the bigger picture - Kim Tan liking her would open her up to even more abuse. Hence the cold shoulder even when Kim Tan waits up for her and teases about his injuries. 



Hyung rejects Kim Tan, yet again. Surprisingly though, he seems nice to Eun Sang. But now that he figured out that Kim Tan has his eyes on her, I wonder if he'd still be nice to her.







During the class when everybody noticed that Eun Sang ditched school, the teacher was reading about a poor Gatsby falling in love with Daisy who comes from the upper class. Hmm.. interesting. 



Oh, Kim Tan, all worried and follows Eun Sang around. And then suddenly they hold hands? And she confesses that she likes him too? But so much for this sweet moment, as in a heartbeat, she makes him realize that he should first protect himself, considering his own family woes. This hits poor Kim Tan. As he was hearing her speak, it's like he was holding his breath, then it suddenly dawns on him that what she said is the cold truth. Hearing all these was like a kick in the gut. LMH's hurt expression says it all.











Hah! It was fun to see Madam Han go to the PTA meeting posing as Eun Sang's mom. She saved Eun Sang from the meddling kids for now, at least. But then Young Do sees her at Kim Tan's home and Tan is cornered to introduce her as his mother. Oh, this Young Do guy sure knows how to stick his nose where it doesn't belong. And then he sees Eun Sang right in the damn house. Oh, I knew this would happen.









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