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  1. 1. Q: What genre would you want to LMH's next drama? (Choose 1)

    • historical
    • rom com
    • melo
    • fantasy
    • None, of the above. I can't get past TKEM!
    • family drama (weekend drama)
    • mystery / suspense
    • Political drama
    • war time
    • Medical
    • police/law enforcemnt
    • ghost, zombies and other horrors
    • other (describe in post)
  2. 2. What type of character would you like to see LMH portray (choose up to 3)

    • doctor
    • Lawyer
    • Struggling single father
    • Psychologist
    • Obsessed husband who has psychological problems who will end up killing himself
    • Detective
    • Prisoner
    • bank robber
    • losing mental faculties because of illness; going from genius to becoming child-like
    • refugee
    • Soldier
    • Slice of life
    • Innocent man framed and on the run
    • Accidentally murdering someone and trying to cover up his tracks
    • Socially awkward person who struggles to express his feelings
    • Husband of a psycho wife
    • Police officer or government agent
    • Athlete
    • Other (describe in post)

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cr as tagged


They posted that handsome anytime  #배우 #이민호 (Actor Lee Min Ho) came to our restaurant and there are also over 10 tags related to Lee Min Ho.


And there are over 50 artists mentioned in this post, but the picture is Lee Min Ho's autograph.

The owner may be the big fan of our bb.


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5 hours ago, gtLmh0622 said:


cr as tagged


They posted that handsome anytime  #배우 #이민호 (Actor Lee Min Ho) came to our restaurant and there are also over 10 tags related to Lee Min Ho.


And there are over 50 artists mentioned in this post, but the picture is Lee Min Ho's autograph.

The owner may be the big fan of our bb.



Hi gtLmhthanks for sharing this. So lucky those who got the chance to see him in this restaurant. So NICE to see his autograph. His signature is so COOL! Some celebrities create a fun doodle when signing autographs. But LMH after a short dedication he just focuses on his initial when signing an autograph Gosh.......this is a valuable signature. :P


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15 K-Drama Bromances That Are Just As Cute As The Lead Couple

Forget romance, we’re in this for the bromance.


Korean dramas tend to focus on one main couple, most often male and female, that face hardships along the way to realizing their ultimate happiness with one another. One major plot device is the rival love interest, creating a love triangle or even a rectangle. It’s made even more tense when these “rivals” are long-time friends, cousins or even siblings.

In some dramas, the way these frenemies interact is even more hilarious and moving than the lead couple, and there have been several epic bromances in recent dramas where the chemistry between the male rivals is fun, engaging and pulls on the heart strings!


2. Kim Tan and Choi Young Do, Heirs


These two used to be best friends and turned bitter enemies due to a past misunderstanding. When Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) returns to Korea after being exiled to the US, Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) begins picking on the girl Kim Tan loves, Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), just to irritate Kim Tan. Tension ensues when Young Do also falls in love with Eun Sang, and the two begin competing for her in the most adorable ways.


(skipped unrelated)


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Need More “Crazy Rich Asians”? Here Are 8 K-Dramas You Should Watch

With the craze of “Crazy Rich Asians” these days, we’ve completely fallen under the spell of charming, handsome, successful, and wealthy leading men. Henry Golding’s portrayal of Nick Young in the flick has us thinking about our favorite K-drama chaebols. Since there’s no harm in fantasizing, here’s a look at some of our favorite characters who played the similar Nick Young role, who we really wouldn’t mind dating in real life. If the opportunity came our way, of course.


“Boys Over Flowers”

“Boys Over Flowers” has a very similar setting to “Crazy Rich Asians” in that it involves a group of rich chaebols who live extravagantly lavish lives, driving expensive cars, wearing designer clothes, and basically using money to do or get whatever they want. The drama follows the “F4”, which consists of four rich high-school students who are the most popular group of boys in their high school – for obvious reasons. When Gu Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho) falls in love with a poor girl named Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun), he realizes that money isn’t enough when it comes to love.



Lee Min Ho has played a chaebol in more than one drama, but his original rich boy role as Gu Joon Pyo is totally worth mentioning. Mainly because he comes off as being a big jerk at the beginning, but then totally softens up as he fell in love with Geum Jan Di. Aside from the fact that this chaebol wears his heart on his sleeve and is so puppy dog sweet to Jan Di, we can’t ignore the fact that it’d be pretty awesome to be taken away on a whim to an island on a random day and be able to get beautiful makeovers!


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PMZ FB Update


August 23

[우수하다 Season 2]

우수하다 2차 제품들의
우수~한 이야기!

블로그에서 자세히 보기



New Items of
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More information






August 16

[우수하다 2nd NEW ITEM OPEN]

프로미즈가 야심차게 준비한
우수하다의 두번째 시즌의
뉴 아이템을 소개합니다!

* 프로미즈 홈페이지에서 우수하다 제품 2종이상 구매 시 친환경 커트러리 세트를 드립니다

우수한 블록보틀

우수한 여미 버킷백

우수한 키친웨어 세트

NEW items of
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* Free gift of eco-friendly
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whom purchase more than
two items from
Milk Mustache campaign 2nd season.
This gift event is held
only at Promiz website.





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Faith Episode 3


To save Choi Young’s life, Eun Soo prepares to make an incision on his abdomen, but Jang Bin protests, so she tells him to believe in the "person from heaven," as they would call her. She operates on him all night.



The next morning, upon learning that the King chose to stay until he gets well, Choi Young orders his men to prepare to leave right away. Even with the pain from the surgery, he ignores Eun Soo’s warning on his unhealed wound.





On the road, Eun Soo is in a carriage with the Princess. She checks up on her, then tries to make a conversation. She learns that she is the Princess of Yuan. She realizes that they are in ancient Goryeo, and wonders how she got there.


The Princess receives the message of the King that he wants to greet the Goryeo statesmen with her. She protests, as she wants to clean up first. Eun Soo helps her prepare with her makeup in her bag.



The King and his entourage arrive at the palace. Despite the notice they gave on the arrival of the King, no statesmen were around to greet the King, as they all attended Ki Chul’s nephew’s birthday party.



The entourage enters the royal court, which is also empty. A group of women then enters, then bows before the King. One of them is Lady Choi, who was witness then when the King was dragged away to Yuan. The King remembers her. She then had him escorted to his room by the palace men. She walks over to the King’s entourage, and sees the ill-looking Choi Young.



Eun Soo and Jang Bin try to feel his forehead, but he won’t let them. He walks away as he endures the pain. He then tries to heal himself with his powers.



Lady Choi serves the Princess, and she is surprised by the Princess’ knowledge of the Goryeo language. The Princess has a flashback to two years ago in Yuan, when she first met the King Gongmin. As he thinks that she is from Goryeo, he offers to take her there. As he attempts to escape with her, he opens up on his reluctance to marrying the Yuan princess. Unaware that he is talking to the very princess he refuses to marry, he even makes a proposal to be his first wife, so he can avoid the marriage to the Princess.   



Meanwhile, Eun Soo follows Jang Bin to an herb garden, who picks herbs to brew as medicine for Choi Young. Eun Soo, left at the garden, hurts her knee as she tries to protect herself from an intruder. She is then kept in a room by Deo Gi, a mute. Choi Young checks up on Eun Soo, looks through the window panes of the room, and is startled as she exposes her bare leg. He then tells the annoyed Deo Gi to bear with him and protect Eun Soo.



As he checks his wounds, he is summoned by the King. The King learns that his loyal ministers were all killed at the same time and place. Jo Il Shin orders Choi Young to kill Ki Chul, who is responsible for the death of the ministers. Choi Young explains why it is not possible to do such. The King declares that he trusts Choi Young, and asks if he would do the same to him. Choi Young hands him a letter from the previous king, granting him permission to live a life of a commoner and live outside of the palace after he completes his final task of bringing King Gongnim to the palace. King Gongnim refuses to let him leave, until he completes his new task of finding evidence on who killed his royal ministers.



Choi Young’s men then look for the evidence, and when they see a blood-spattered note, they head to Ki Chul’s party. Despite his vision going blurry, Choi Young gives a firm order to Ki Chul. He hands him a scroll, and they talk in private.



Back at the Woodalchis headquarters, Choi young rests, then tosses a scroll with the list of names who died by poison to Choong Seok. He then reveals that he laid some bait for Ki Chul.


Meanwhile, Eun Soo looks for Choi Young in the headquarters, wearing her pants that she cut short. She tries to check up on him, but he refuses and orders his men to take her back.  She breaks down, and he confronts her on why she even tried to cure him. He scolds her, holds an arm out and tells her to have her legs covered. She grabs his hand and checks his temperature against her own. She can tell he’s got fever, so she hands him her bottle of aspirin. He refuses, but she pleads him to not die, and places the bottle on his hands. As she leaves, he stumbles to the ground.





In this episode, we see developments in the relationships between the characters, such as that of Eun Soo and the Princess, King Gongnim and his trust on Choi Young, as well as a background on the distant relationship of Princess Noguk and King Gongnim.


Choi Young is getting the hang of Eun Soo’s nagging. Warrior Choi Young finally smiled because of her! Soon enough, her perky attitude would put some life to his sleepy demeanor.


This episode also piqued some interest on Choi Young’s insistence to live as a commoner outside of the palace. And also on his lack of desire to live.   


Funny how the Woodalchi lose their grip at the sight of Eun Soo’s bare legs. She gives a funny side in this ancient world.



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LMH in Faith episode 3:


Thanks for the great recap @syntyche!  You make it easy to understand all the political intrigue.


(He says this in another drama, too, right?  Which one, BOF? Heirs?):








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On 8/22/2018 at 7:23 AM, syntyche said:

Lee Min Ho wasn’t just a face, he wasn’t just boyishly charming, and he wasn’t just the latest hottest issue. If that were the case, I don’t think we would still be talking about Lee Min Ho today, never mind still so interested in him. No, because at the end of the day, even as the F4 demand was at its most obsessive and widespread, Lee Min Ho was able to deliver on all the hype surrounding him. And through some smart career moves, has been able to make the most of his “break-out star” status. 


On 8/22/2018 at 7:23 AM, syntyche said:

He was a perfect combination of physical attributes (tall, dominating, handsome, with a memorable perm to boot), endearing awkwardness (on the red carpet and in interviews you can practically see the deer-in-the-headlights look in his eyes), and overwhelming, captivating talent.

@happivirus thanks for finding that article for us. That is what is so endearing about LMH, after all that success, he can still  blush and feel shy when complimented and he cares for people less fortunate than he is.




Fans had given food trucks and packed gifts to the Faith team. They gifted bottles of peppermint candy and named it Youngsprin. LOL




Thought the mirror scene when ES was in the carriage with queen was cute. Liked how ES tries to look at everything according to her own experiences in the modern world. that it is all a dream. Like the back story of the king and queen too.

CY is now a peeping tom, secretly being interested in ES's antics and smiling, but turning away embarrassed when she pulls up the legs of her pants to look at her injury.

So CY wanted to leave the palace. That was his plan all along. He is tired and wants out of his duty to the throne.

It is hilarious when all the wul dal chi's are all agog looking at her pretty legs and if you noticed she did not cut it straight, one was shorter than the other. :D Even CY had to stare. So here we see the famous YOUNGSPRIN that ES gave to CY at the end and told him not to die and leave her alone.


He tried to tell her that she is not at fault that he had ask her to leave her at the place where she stabbed him. That she messed things up for him. I think he was confident that he could use his powers to heal himself without ES's help and if the king thinks that he died, he could leave the palace in that way. He made a promise to ES so he would definitely not abandon her, not when he takes his promises seriously. He probably thought he would survive, hang around the area and wait for the portal to reopen. Then he would surreptitiously go to the palace to rescue ES and lead her to the portal. He might probably stalk her and  if she is ever in danger, he would definitely spirit her away to somewhere safe while waiting for the portal to open.


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1 hour ago, CallieP said:



"According to a source from the actor, Lee Min Ho had caught the flu on the first of shooting, and kept getting bruises and injuries all throughout the filming of the drama. But because the actor didn’t want to have any negative impact on the team, Lee Min Ho did not say anything.


On that day, when the director Kim Jong Hak yelled the “Ok” sign, the whole staff and actors clapped their hands and celebrated the ending of the drama. Lee Min Ho then went to hug each of the 100 members of staff and thanked them individually.


Throughout this drama, Lee Min Ho continued to receive rave reviews for his talented acting skills with his portrayal of the leading character Choi Young."



Thanks, @CallieP for this great article! Our bb is such a talented and kind-hearted being. :)




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faith episode 3

Thanks for the recap @syntyche and comments @1ouise and @CallieP!

It's interesting how many comments faith evokes.  I guess I can see why the soompi Faith thread was over 4k pages.  

I like at this early stage the King respects CY enough to wait for him.  I also like the carriage ride scene with ES fixing the Queen's face.  The Queen is an interesting person; young, straightforward and mature.  The advisor is really driving me crazy-can we say laryngitis?  The King looks so lonely; he needs his Queen to support him.  But, a nice touch that Court Lady Choi is there to greet him.  So sad to see CY in a moment of weakness by himself.  I enjoyed the back story of the King and Queen before he discovered she was a Princess of Yuan.  I like that the King wanted to treat CY as a trust friend until he received CY's request to leave his service.  CY's just going through the motions that's why he's so stoic.  I love how ES strolls in with her shorts.  I think CY is touched when ES tells him not to die.  I think it's been a long time since anyone cared about him even though it's not romantically.  I think this is the start of CY developing feelings for ES and a reason to live!

@syntycheThanks for the article on the bromances.  That's a cute scene from Heirs.  The BTS's are even cuter.  

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On 8/14/2018 at 3:31 AM, 1ouise said:


Talking about Faith at the 2017 fan meeting:

just wanted to share the video where he talked about why(in his opinion) many fans loved the drama



thanks @syntyche for your ep.3 recap!

when they talk about politics or mentioning new names I find myself yawning and completely lost, even for me who's watching it for the 2nd time can't focus on those parts still. I just know who the good and bad guys are, and someone needs to tape that advisor's mouth shut he's so annoying! I loved how the king told Choi Young that he's the only person he trusts- right in front of the advisor xD

we now have 2 people whose lives/future depending on Choi Young, the king and Eun Soo. 


can I say this is the beginning of Choi Young falling for Eunsoo? 



and he's sexy even when he's in pain



I think that’d be the only shirtless(if it even counts as one) scene we’ll ever get from this drama 

There’s a really cute video of our boy from behind the scenes where everyone was teasing him on set

He doesn’t like to put off his shirt, he’s feeling really shy and holding it tight but everyone tries to expose him. Then the reporter asked if he’s getting bullied lol while he has to lie there continuously, Minho said yeah he was getting bullied xD

During the heat wave he was working really hard outdoors while everyone else was resting under the AC so now he feels really comfortable that he has to shoot indoors on set


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20180826 Lee Min Ho was featured at the Manila Bulletin.






cr. Minoz Philippines


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More and more male fans at Suseo.  :P
Many C-Minoz (after visited Suseo) said that even with mask, Minho in person is 100 times more handsome than in photo. That's why I could not take a good video last year. Didn't want to waste any second to look at his face. :lol:




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20180829 on duty :

His smiling eyes.  :heart:






























cr as tagged / Logo


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Sept. calendar by Minoz Official Fanclub.












p2 ~ p4 edited by 林单弦



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