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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; Pachinko Season 2 [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]


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Lee Min Ho shares vibrant pictures on social media & updates fans on his daily routine






Lee Min Ho fans are currently on cloud nine as the actor keeps impressing them with back-to-back projects. It was only a few days back that the Boys Over Flowers actor surprised his fans with the trailer of a new project. Earlier, the fans got excited to know that the South Korean star was roped in for yet another series that was sure to win the hearts of the audience.


Yes, the actor is all set to feature in a new series titled Ask the Stars. He will feature alongside Gong Hyo Jin in the same. It is said to be a romantic space comedy – the first of a kind that Min Ho will be doing in his career. The series follows the story of an astronaut and a tourist who fall head over heels for each other after having met at a space station.


The new post


The Hallyu superstar has recently given a new update on his daily life on social media. He shared the same via a series of selfies on Instagram, sending the diehard fans into a frenzy. Talking about the Boys Over Flowers actor, he seemed to be in a cheerful mood.


The photos

As we know, Lee Min Ho’s upcoming drama is Ask the Stars. Well, the first photo seems to be symbolic of the same as the actor is seen hanging around the stars while playing with shadows. We can also see him making a peace sign on the ground as the orange glitter seems to be gleaming at the South Korean star.


The next photo shows the sun-kissed face of Min Ho as he stares ahead with his sparkling eyes. There is a sense of curiosity building around with the unreadable expression on his face as he flaunts his visuals in the photo. The third and the last photo shows the actor having fun with the selfie camera. The actor is seen winking at it and looks dapper in a black blazer and matching shirt, with his shiny hair adding to the weightage. We can also see an abstract painting in the background, meaning that the photo might have been taken somewhere inside an art gallery or museum. We can also see a person’s face covered with a pink heart emoji in the same photo!

Check out the pictures below.


Ask the Stars

Taking about the Lee Min Ho starrer Ask the Stars, the series is currently slated to premiere in 2023. Seo Sook Hyang, who is the writer of the series, had earlier revealed about working on it for the last three years. The filming set of the space station for Ask the Stars is said to be 40 billion KRW. That makes for USD 33.8 million dollars approximately. The star cast is scheduled to begin the filming in April.


Park Shin Woo of Lovestruck in the City and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay fame has directed the series. Moreover, Don’t Dare to Dream and Pasta fame Seo Sook Hyang has penned the script for the same. It was confirmed on March 28 that Lee Min Ho would play the role of Gong Ryong, an obstetrician-gynecologist. When he goes to a space station as a tourist, he meets an astronaut of Korean-America origin, Eve Kim. Her character will be played by Gong Hyo Jin.






Oppa Lee Min-ho To Perform In KL! Possible Duet With Siti Nurhaliza






Do you love CUCKOO products? Do you want to spend your night full of stars and awesome music? If you answered yes, then get ready as CUCKOO Malaysia is inviting everyone to celebrate their 8th Anniversary and they’ve got lots in stored for you!


CUCKOO Malaysia recently announced their “Appreci8th Anniversary” celebration on their official website where we got to see more details on what’s to come. As a token of their appreciation, the company will be having one of the biggest concerts in CUCKOO history next month in October and some very special guests will be joining the celebration!




In collaboration with Astro, the concert will be held on 1st October at the Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil at 6pm – 12am! The upcoming star-studded show will include special appearances by Brand Ambassadors Lee Min-ho (이민호) and Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza! That’s right, the Korean actor and singer is coming to our shores to celebrate this special occasion together! Will he and Malaysia’s no.1 singer perform a duet? Guess you’ll have to be there to find out!


Fans can also expect to hear the amazing voices of Aina Abdul, Dolla, Jamal Abdilah, Hael Husaini, Amelina, Khai Bahar, Misha Omar, Naqiu, Floor 88 and Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta. Want tickets? There’s a total of 888 tickets to be won so be sure to follow these simple steps for Stage 1:


1. Purchase any CUCKOO product from 15th August – 14th September.
2. Download and register your account on the CUCKOO+ mobile app.
3. Complete your entry by clicking on the contest banner/inbox message in the CUCKOO+ mobile app.


All winners will be selected via lucky draw. For Stage 2, selected winners will stand a stand chance to win some amazing prizes such as a trip to Korea, travel vouchers and CUCKOO products!


If you’re an existing CUCKOO customer, you’re in LUCK! You can redeem 2 concert tickets in the CUCKOO+ mobile app for 8000 points. Just check out MY REWARDS to redeem. Are y’all excited? So are we, so get shopping and be one of the 888 winners! Hurry while there’s still time!



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Lee Min Ho is currently still in the process of filming his latest drama, 'Ask the Stars'.  In the drama, this handsome guy acts as an OB/GYN.




WowKeren Team September 7, 2022


  WowKeren - Lee Min Ho often posts interesting portraits on his personal Instagram account.  On Tuesday (09.06) a boy born in 1987 posted three different portraits at once.  One of them shows when an actor is a manager.


  In the photo, Lee Min Ho takes a selfie in a formal suit.  However, the “The King: Eternal Monarch” star poses with his mouth closed and one eye closed.


  Lee Min Ho's latest update was immediately inundated with fan comments, especially from Indonesia.  "You're so handsome, it's getting more and more unsettling," wrote one fan.  "Aren't you tired of being pretty, baby?" another continued.


  “Slide 3.. you immediately have a fever, dizziness, chills or shortness of breath,” added other fans.



  On the other hand, Lee Min Ho is currently still busy filming his latest drama titled 'Ask the Stars'.  In the drama, this handsome boy plays the role of Gong Ryong, an OB-GYN.


  Ask the Stars is a romantic comedy about an astronaut and a tourist who meet and fall in love on a space station.  Lee Min Ho will compete in acting and Gong Hyo Jin will play a Korean-American astronaut named Eva Kim.


  "Ask the Stars" will be directed by director Park Shin Woo, who worked on "Out of Order" and Park Shin Woo's "Obsessed with Love." The screenplay will be written by Seo Suk Hyang, best known for "Jealousy Incarnate" and "Paste."  .


  Meanwhile, the production budget for 'Ask the Stars' has reportedly reached over 40 billion won.  This drama is expected to air around 2023.  If you're interested, don't miss watching.


Translation from indonesian google


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2 minutes ago, CarolynH said:

I really like his short hair.  I think it emphasizes his eyes


@CarolynH  I very much agree with you - our hairstyle can enhance our face or make us look unattractive—a good reason to wear only the best hairstyles for our face. One way to enhance our best facial features, such as our eyes, involves wearing a short (if not a very short) haircut, which automatically brings attention to our eyes.   :cheers:

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14 minutes ago, willenette said:


@CarolynH  I very much agree with you - our hairstyle can enhance our face or make us look unattractive—a good reason to wear only the best hairstyles for our face. One way to enhance our best facial features, such as our eyes, involves wearing a short (if not a very short) haircut, which automatically brings attention to our eyes.   :cheers:

Isn't it funny how a simple thing like a hairstyle really changes your looks?

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On 9/5/2022 at 6:40 PM, syntyche said:

LMH IG update!


Lee Minho, I've never seen you like this before...The "wink selfie" visual shock that I took myself


Actor Lee Min-ho proved his visual handsome face with his handsome face.


Lee Min-ho posted a photo on his Instagram on the 5th without any caption.


Lee Min-ho drew attention with photos that captured his charm, including selfies he took himself.

In particular, Lee Min-ho excited fans with a cute wink picture.


Meanwhile, Lee recently appeared in the Apple TV+ original series "Pachinko." Based on a New York Times bestselling book of the same name, "Pachinko" is a story that begins with forbidden love, and depicts an unforgettable chronicle of war and peace, love and separation, victory and judgment between Korea and Japan.




@syntyche  thanks for sharing this. This is indeed a fan-service since despite his busy schedule right now he still has time to update & posted a set of selfies on his IG account. He seemed to be in a cheerful mood especially that "wink selfie". Yes, Lee Min Ho indeed flaunts his visuals in these photos. But, I love that "winkie selfie", huh? I wonder where was this taken. An abstract painting can be seen in the B/G.   :loveu:

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Lee Min Ho Spotted Leaving Korea For THIS Reason


South Korean superstar Lee Min Ho made a surprise appearance at Incheon International Airport on September 8. Where is the actor heading to? Continue reading the article to know!


Lee Min Ho Goes To New York For Fashion Show


K-drama heartthrob Lee Min Ho was spotted leaving Korea early morning of September 8. Clad in an all-black 'fit, the actor displayed his looks with his airport fashion style.


According to Dispatch, the celebrity is heading to New York to attend a brand fashion show.


However, his agency has not released any statement yet if the "Boys Over Flowers" star has other entertainment activities overseas.






In November 2021, Lee Min Ho went to Los Angeles when he attended the 2021 LACMA Art+Film Gala. He also had a mini-reunion with other South Korean A-listers, namely Lee Jung Jae, Jung Ho Yeon, Park Hae Soo, Lee Byung Hun, and "Squid Game" director Hwang Dong Hyuk.


Lee Min Ho also attended the press conference of his previous Apple TV+'s drama "Pachinko" in the US, alongside co-star Kim Min Ha. 


Lee Min Ho Prepares For Comeback Drama 'Ask the Stars' With Gong Hyo Jin




Before his scheduled flight to the United States this September, Lee Min Ho was already busy working on his upcoming drama "Ask the Stars." 


Following the international success of "Pachinko," Lee Min Ho confirmed his next project. He will team up with K-drama rom-com queen Gong Hyo Jin in the sci-fi romance series "Ask the Stars."

The lead stars already began filming and even shared some behind-the-scenes photos on their respective Instagram accounts.

This will be their first drama team-up. Many of their fans are already looking forward to what chemistry they would bring onscreen.

Though the production has already started, the K-drama is said to be released in the first half of 2023. 






"Ask the Stars" follows the story of the fateful encounter of a space-tourist and an astronaut on a space station. It will be helmed by Park Shin Woo, and Seo Sook Hyang will pen the script.

Since it will star two of the most in-demand actors in the Korean entertainment industry and the production required to build a space station, the series has a budget of 50 billion KRW or about 40.7 million USD. 

It has been said that it took almost five years to complete the materials for the highly-anticipated drama.




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Knock knock
Actor LEE MINHO's chuseok greetings!

This full moon will be the most perfect shape in 100 years, I hope it grants all our wishes. Have a wonderful Chuseok with full happiness!





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12 minutes ago, syntyche said:

Knock knock
Actor LEE MINHO's chuseok greetings!

This full moon will be the most perfect shape in 100 years, I hope it grants all our wishes. Have a wonderful Chuseok with full happiness!




@syntyche  thanks for sharing this. Chuseok starts in Korea TODAY, September 9. It's also known as theautumn harvest festival”, (also known as “thanksgiving day”) in SK. It is actually one of the four major holidays celebrated in Korea along with the Lunar New Year. It is a major holiday in South Korea when families gather together and visit their hometowns and is celebrated with a three-day national holiday. It's just that LMH is in NY right now. For Koreans it's a family holiday. Like in SK, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration in China too. It usually falls on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the lunar calendar. The exact day changes each year, but Korean thanksgiving day is celebrated typically in September and October.   :rainbow:

8 hours ago, syntyche said:

Share a picture of Lee Min Ho who passed through immigration 
So many people really recognized him at a glance

cr: hello_beterrer 




@syntyche  thanks for sharing this. I wonder if he's able to meet with Song Hye Kyo in the airport since she also left the same time with him attending the same event.   :happydance:

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16 hours ago, JoannaID said:


Haha, I've got the ticket to the Cuckoo event and it will be my first time to see LMH in real life, so excited!!!!!



so excited for you chingu:heart:


10 hours ago, alovebof said:


Hello, I will go ^^


@CarolynHYou live in Malaysia?


@JoannaID Where are you from?

Hi, no I live in the US-Southern California

I hope you and @JoannaID can meet!  Now, we need the blow by blow of the event, right? :joy:


I wasn't expecting anything this week because of Chuseok, but thanks to Fendi, we have a feast!


Isn't he hot in that jacket and wool trousers?

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10 hours ago, alovebof said:


Hello, I will go ^^


@JoannaID Where are you from?


Hope you have also managed to secure your ticket to the event too @alovebof :) 

I'm based in Indonesia, so Malaysia is pretty near, so excited to fly there again and now to meet LMH!



Poor baby, he was stuck in immigration for 2 hours and got to the wrong car, but still managed to being so nice to his fans and gave signatures, he's indeed such a gem, I stan the right man..  :heart:




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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; Pachinko Season 2 [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]

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