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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; Pachinko Season 2 [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]


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10 highest-rated K-dramas of 2022 to add to your watchlist


27 JUL 2022


2022 is shaping up to be another great year for K-dramas, with the best ones already garnering a huge following.

Korean dramas have taken the entertainment world by storm. Intriguing plots, captivating storylines, and unique genres coupled with phenomenal performances by the star cast — there are more reasons than one behind why some of the best K-dramas have garnered global fans and ardent viewers.

Such is their fame and global appeal that streaming giants like Netflix and Apple TV have broadened their content base and are now the best options to watch some of the most addictive Korean dramas...


Here are some of the best and highest-rated K-dramas of 2022 to watch:






This Korean drama is based on the New York Times bestselling novel of the same name by Min Jin Lee. It chronicles the story of a Korean immigrant family across four generations set against the backdrop of the Japanese invasion of Korea, and its devastating effects that continue to influence lives even today.


Arguably one of the best K-dramas of this year, Pachinko stars Lee Min-Ho, Soji Arai and Jin Ha. The series depicts the journey of the family that fights all odds to survive and leave their roots with hopes and dreams.



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He's A 10 But He's A K-Drama Character: Top 15 Male Leads Who Gave Us Unrealistically High Standards For Romance


Ishani Sarkar Jul 27, 2022


One of the major charms of romantic K-Dramas that definitely contribute to their global appeal is the way they provide an escape from reality. With the bite-sized format of most K-Dramas, viewers are able to immerse themselves for a short time in a fictional world of stories that feel real and fantastical at the same time. They're so wonderfully crafted with the most unique and memorable characters that you cannot help but feel like you're a part of their universe.

If there's one thing synonymous with being a fan of Korean rom-coms, it is crushing on the characters and falling in love with the way they love. With how attached we can get to these characters, it's a pity that they're not real. Here are 15 K-Drama male leads so perfect that they gave us unrealistically high standards for dating and relationships!

Note: This list is not a ranking... 


6. Lee MinHo - "The Legend Of The Blue Sea"




When talking about K-Drama male leads who are responsible for the impossibly high standards we now have for romance, Lee MinHo is a name that could fill up a whole list. However, for the sake of concision, our one pick is Heo JoonJae from "The Legend Of The Blue Sea". Playing the dual role of Kim DamRyung, a dignified magistrate in Hyupgok, and a fatally charming con artist, Heo JoonJae in Seoul, Lee MinHo's tryst with parallel universes is as whimsical as it gets. He is in love with a mermaid in both worlds, who he fondly names Sim Cheong (Jun JiHyun), and the way he treats her with such respect, adoration, and tenderness, makes us fall head over heels for him more and more with each episode. Even his jealousy is adorable!



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I was recently in Vienna and passed by a BOSS store, but unfortunately LMH was not one of those shown in the window posters. I should have gone in and asked about him! 

Also, I'm seeing Pachinko sometimes described as a K-drama. I believe it is not a K-drama but an American production, featuring Korean and Korean-Americans as the actors, directors, showrunner, etc. Otherwise people might be confused when K-drama awards come out without ones for Pachinko!

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The only two Korean romantic dramas that can be seen on HBO Max

By Elizabeth- July 27, 20220




The world of streaming is betting more and more on Korean dramas and one of the digital platforms that is hardly trying to publish series of the style is HBO Max. Its catalog currently only has two South Korean dramas with love stories, but at the same time they are between the most popular of their kind thanks to their history and cast.


The heirs


The great success of ‘The Heirs’ reached international territories thanks to several streaming platforms and one that HBO Max also joined. This was the first Korean drama to be premiered in the digital catalog, having been a success since its first day.


‘The Heirs’, starring Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho and Kim Wo Bin, is considered one of the Korean romantic dramas classics of the 2010s. His teenage love story with a school theme and the great cast he had, made him one of the most viewed in that period.


The story told in ‘Heirs’ as this series is also known in Spanish; tells the journey of a teenager who was welcomed into a school for “rich kids” thanks to a scholarship. Her stay there will change the social rules of the institute, because although they continue to be classists, everyone will do what the kings of the school say, especially if they are in love with her.


SBS [상속자들] - Coming soon Teaser 2차





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Katalogue: 6 time-travel K-dramas to binge watch feat. ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’, ‘Mr. Queen’ & more

Let’s take a look at some amazing time travel K-Dramas that will keep you glued to your seat!


  1. The King: Eternal Monarch 

Set in two parallel worlds, the series follows Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho)  of Kingdom of Korea, who discovers access to an alternate reality after crossing a mythical door opened by his half-uncle, Lee Lim, where the Republic of Korea exists in the Kingdom's stead and sets out to put an end to Lee Lim's atrocities and retrieve the other half of Manpasikjeok used as a portal between two worlds. Lee Gon, a modern-day Emperor of the Kingdom of Korea, attempts to cross the barrier into an alternate reality where the Republic of Korea exists in the Kingdom's stead. He comes across detective Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun), whom he recognizes from an identity card he obtained during the turning point of his childhood: his father's assassination. 



(skipped unrelated.....) 


source https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/katalogue-6-time-travel-k-dramas-binge-watch-feat-moon-lovers-scarlet-heart-ryeo-mr-queen-more-1168550


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21 hours ago, msdot said:

I was recently in Vienna and passed by a BOSS store, but unfortunately LMH was not one of those shown in the window posters. I should have gone in and asked about him! 

Also, I'm seeing Pachinko sometimes described as a K-drama. I believe it is not a K-drama but an American production, featuring Korean and Korean-Americans as the actors, directors, showrunner, etc. Otherwise people might be confused when K-drama awards come out without ones for Pachinko!

I was wondering if people viewed Pachinko as a kdrama as well.  I agree with you, though, that's American.



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Kpopmap Weekly: Most Popular Dramas & Actors On Kpopmap – 4th Week Of July

Kpopmap Weekly

Ishani Sarkar Jul 25, 2022




Are you curious to know what K-Dramas and actors Kpopmap readers are interested in? Welcome to our Kpopmap Weekly ranking. It is released every Monday.

Kpopmap has come out with our very own weekly ranking based on our view counts over a period of one week. Based on the 4th week of July data, here are the top 10 most popular dramas and actors on Kpopmap.

Let’s take a look below!


Kpopmap Weekly: Most Popular Dramas & Actors On Kpopmap – 4th Week Of July




Note: Kpopmap Weekly is based on data from readers' searches on Kpopmap and the idols, groups, actors, dramas, etc. that are tagged in the viewed content. We will soon be providing a segmented chart service of Kpopmap's data.






Lee Min Ho listed as one of TOP influencers on IG under Cinema Actor/Actress for July 2022 by Influencer Marketing Hub
all over the world: 6th place
South Korea: 1st place
he still made it to the TOP10 worldwide



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11 memorable romantic K-drama cliches that makes us swoon


28/07/2022 by Christine Kinori


What is a good drama without a few cliches? Yes, I know they can be overdone and lead to viewers losing interest in the show but there are still some good cliches that we love. Below we list our most memorable from K-drama history!


Protecting the girl at all cost




Lee Min Ho, Song Joong Ki, and Ji Chang Wook probably have this cliche mastered to the tee. They are the reigning kings of protecting their girls at all costs. They are ready for World War 3 to make sure their girls are safe. They also look so damn good while fighting, how can we ever get tired of this cliche? We all remember the famous King Eternal Monarch scene ” Protect her! She is the future queen of the Kingdom of Corea.”


The “don’t go” hand grab




K-dramas are known for their dramatic wrist grabs and it mostly happens in the middle of the streets and the second lead is always involved. There is also the wrist grab when the male protagonist has messed up or is scared to say his feelings and the female lead is about to leave.


For a few seconds, viewers wonder if he will just let her walk out, and then he grabs her arm just when she is about to go. In most cases, he then back hugs her, as a way to express that he wants her to stay. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young pulled off this scene perfectly in the City Hunter.


The random shower scenes




I doubt anyone is ever mad about the random shower scenes where the male characters get to show their amazing ripped body as water slowly cascades down their chest. Some cliches are so captivating that they ought to be done as much as possible.


And there we have it, our picks for the best romantic K-drama cliches!


What do you think of our list? Have we included your favourites? Or have we missed any must-watch dramas? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below.



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Dear Lee Min Ho: A fan writes about the ‘Pachinko’ star bringing his character to life in a sweet letter


A fan pens a sweet letter to actor Lee Min Ho.


by Pinkvilla Desk   |  Published on Jul 28, 2022




After making his official debut as an actor in 2003, Lee Min Ho has accumulated multiple iconic roles in his roster, spanning well-known K-Dramas like ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘The Heirs’. Lee Min Ho’s comeback series, ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ (2020), set a record for SBS’ highest 2020 Friday-Saturday drama premiere ratings. The talented actor recently starred in Apple TV’s series ‘Pachinko’, based on the novel of the same name


Today’s sweet letter has been penned by Malini to Lee Min Ho. Read the letter, below.


To Mr Lee Min Ho,


I am experiencing an immense pain in my heart which comes from the fear of being forgotten...I know love is diverse [and] it cannot be tied down in any form. The love of Mr Hansu for Sunja in ‘Pachinko’ may not be immortal but it has its own edge.


Your role as [a] selfish man might be deceiving, but your emotions for Sunja had their own fulfilment.


My fear of being forgotten has come from this emotion of fulfilment. Mr Hansu might be unjust towards Sunja but he always had [the] fear of losing her. It could be explained by his behaviour of jealousy. I hope he could be a responsible father if he was given [a] chance.

I am so grateful to Min Ho [for] playing such a character that has so many layers...His skill of acting and of course, his handsome face, have made Mr Hansu a living being.


Yours, Malini



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Lee Minho stands out on the street








Actor Lee Min-ho shared his ordinary daily life.


On the 30th, Lee Min-ho posted several photos of his recent status along with the message "Hot, Hot" on his Instagram.

In the released photo, Lee Min-ho is walking down the street in a comfortable short-sleeved shirt with a cap. It is surprising that the superior height and visuals that anyone can see that they are celebrities are not hidden even with masks.


Meanwhile, Lee recently appeared in the Apple TV+ original series "Pachinko." Based on a New York Times bestselling book of the same name, "Pachinko" is a story that begins with forbidden love, and depicts an unforgettable chronicle of war and peace, love and separation, victory and judgment between Korea and Japan.



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Blast from the Past: 10 Beautiful K-drama OSTs from Yesteryears


Enjoy a collection of timeless K-drama OSTs that will inspire you to explore their genius, which you may have missed previously


Debashree Dutta Jul 28, 2022





One reason, out of many, why Korean dramas are mainstream is because of their passionate OSTs. For consumers, great music in a great K-drama is legit entertainment. For me, it is my holy grail. There is nothing like basking in an ideal leisure activity such as listening to beautiful K-drama tunes. I’ve been listening to them a lot lately – old hits in particular – only to be surprised by how much freshness they retain.

I hope the following curated list of 10 evergreen K-drama OSTs will inspire you to explore their genius, which you may have missed previously.


“Make Me a Lover” by SS501 from Boys Over Flowers (2009)






One of SS501’s best hits was utilized as the second theme song for Boys Over Flowers. It’s a song about naive romance. Acoustically, it is relaxing, and each band member’s distinct tonal attributes add to the song’s immersive aspect. “Make Me a Lover” serves as the background score for the drama’s adorable scenes involving Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun-joong) and Jan Di (Ku Hye-sun). Ji Hoo consistently shelters Jan Di in crisis, while inwardly kindling feelings for her and dying to profess his love: “To the world, I want to shout ‘I love you’/ To love you and have you as my girl/ Dazzling, you’re always my star/ I’ll protect you/ I can always [be] waiting for you.” I became a major SS501 fan after hearing this song. This was my first experience of a K-drama soundtrack. It got so ingrained in my heart that I avidly sampled the songs of this incredible boy band. I definitely miss their presence in the K-pop scene these days. Despite the fact that three of the members later formed the spinoff SS301, the magic of all five members went missing.


“Suddenly” by Kim Bo-kyung from City Hunter (2011)


김보경, Kim Bo Kyung - Suddenly




This City Hunter OST is memorable for Kim Bo-kyung’s powerplay as a rookie singer, back in 2011. “Can’t you be the one coming to me now?” cries the passionate love song, adding, “I really desired you like crazy/ I always prayed that I could see you again/ I feel as though I will die like this.” The intense love that Lee Yoo-sung (Lee Min-ho) and Kim Na-na (Park Min-young) feel for one another is clearly articulated in Kim’s explosive performance. The protagonists perfectly depict feelings beyond words, and the melody catapults the mood even more. It roars with emotions replete with the force of love.



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12 hours ago, CarolynH said:

I like when LMH wears fan gifts :heart:


@CarolynH  One of the strangest things I’ve ever heard of when I first dipped my toes in K-pop was hearing about fan gifts.  This sounds simple enough until you learn what the gifts are. From stuffed toys or letters —yes, clothes & shoes they get these, too. Some are items with a monetary value that goes up to the high-thousands: from handbags to wristwatches to electronics to household furniture. For one, it’s usually an entire fan base pooling money together to buy gifts. In that fan base, some of the supporters might be rich themselves that they give gifts individually. I remember years ago, when I went to JYPE gifts for RAIN were just dropped off in front of the building. So many bags and packages were just left in front, Chanel bag, so many branded stuff.  Yes, it's always so NICE & COOL seeing them wearing their fan gifts. They make sure their fans see them making use of their presents in order to say thanks. LMH has devoted fans. They also donate to charity in his name, provide advertising, and even prepare food for television appearances. :kaching3:



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THIS is how Lee Min Ho spends his summer time; Boyfriend style photos to keep Minoz happy

The ‘Pachinko’ actor has his summer vibes set.




If anyone knows how to spend their summer, it’s definitely actor Lee Min Ho who is his usual charming self to fans, aka the always supportive Minoz. Just days before they were treated with adorable photos of him from a swimming session where his wet hair look became the topic of the hour, and the actor has once again risen to the occasion to present them with another chic look to talk about.

In a new Instagram post, Lee Min Ho is talking about the hot weather in his homeland that has everyone waiting for the occasional shower of rain. As he captions the photos with “덥다더워” which means “It’s hot, I feel hot”, fans can see 3 images that can be traced to a nighttime walk. The actor is donning a casual look with black shorts to battle the heat, a loose white T-shirt and a backwards cap. To top it all off, his chunky trainers, a bag across his torso and wired headphones add to the casual look. Fans have taken to calling it yet another ‘boyfriend style’ look where it is easy for them to imagine as if the actor is out on a date.


Check out the photos below.








Moreover, Lee Min Ho’s past photos and videos point him to taking diving lessons over the summer as he revealed how he had mastered the activity to his over 30 million followers. The actor is currently said to have been shooting for his upcoming big project, space-bound movie ‘Ask the Stars’ alongside Gong Hyo Jin. His last drama, ‘Pachinko’, was also renewed for a season 2 after finding massive success with the first edition.



source : https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/how-lee-min-ho-spends-his-summer-time-boyfriend-style-photos-keep-minoz-happy-1169636

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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; Pachinko Season 2 [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]

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