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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; Pachinko Season 2 [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]


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5 Korean screen gods make Japanese people fall in love


In recent years, the "Hallyu wave" has been unceasingly popular in the Japanese entertainment industry. In the film industry alone, there are many famous actors who have created a great resonance and have a huge fan base in the land of the rising sun. Recently, a major website in Japan has released a ranking of the popularity of Korean male actors in this country. The names in the top 5 are all quite familiar faces.


In 2nd place, Lee Min Ho also did not surprise the audience when his dramas mainly about love genre were very suitable for Japanese audiences.








These 5 Korean Celebs Star in Indonesian Product Advertisements


Some Korean celebrities are now becoming more localized in Indonesia, netizens are also getting more and more feverish for Korean artists because of drama and K-pop series. 

Seeing this phenomenon, several products in Indonesia finally hooked several Korean celebrities into advertising stars . 


With the many positive responses given by the Indonesian people, the number of Korean celebrities who star in advertisements for products marketed in Indonesia is also increasing. Let's take a peek here for Korean celebrities to be advertising stars for Indonesian products . 


Lee Min Ho - Luwak White Coffee





Another Korean celebrity who is the star of another Indonesian product advertisement is Lee Min Ho. The famous actor who has starred in a number of popular Korean drama series such as 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Legend of the Blue Sea' has also starred in coffee products from Indonesia, namely Luwak White Coffee.


In the ad that uses a Korean landscape as a background, Lee Min Ho is seen enjoying a cup of Indonesian coffee right after waking up. In fact, at the end of the video, he says one sentence in Indonesian, “I like Luwak White Cofee, Masitta (tasty)”.



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11 hours ago, msdot said:

This is a clip of a young LMH that I’d never seen before. So cute!


@msdot thanks for sharing this clip. This was a Samsung Anycall CF. Kim Bum was not included because he signed up with LG then. LMH had just joined Samsung Anycall when this ad happened. In any advertising rule, you can’t sign up with two major communication company at one time. :7555_attack:

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These Were The TOP 10 Best K-Dramas Of 2021, Based On Millions Of Fan Votes

Which K-Drama has been your favorite of the year?


Each month, polling website KingChoice runs different polls on different topics in Korean entertainment, from the most popular K-Pop idols to the best songs or most handsome actors, and everything in between! For November, they ran a month-long poll for fans to vote for their favorite K-Drama of 2021. While some of the top choices did come out this year, others are older classics that are still highly popular today! After over 4.3 million votes, here are the top 10 choices for the best dramas of the year.



3. The King: Eternal Monarch




The King: Eternal Monarch premiered on Netflix on April 17, 2020, and stars Lee Min HoKim Go EunWoo Do HwanKim Kyung NamJung Eun Chae, and Lee Jung Jin. With so many big names in the case, the series was highly anticipated, and ranked number one on different drama charts in terms of viewership and ratings.



The series is about an emperor of the Kingdom of Corea that discovers an alternate reality of the Republic of Korea through a magic door opened by his half-uncle, who assassinated the previous king and has committed atrocities that must be stopped.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : Koreaboo

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Top 10 Hottest Korean Male Stars in Japan: Lee Min Ho - Park Seo Joon vies for # 1, BTS 'V makes the top 5


Recently, the final results of the list of the 10 most popular Korean actors in Japan were announced on the cherry blossom country ranking page. All the names in the top 5 are pretty familiar faces ...


Secondly, Lee Min Ho's mainly love-themed dramas are very suitable for the Japanese audience, so it should come as no surprise that he is in that position.




Actor Lee Min Ho's influence has spread throughout the world, and Japan is no exception to this list. Born in 1987, Lee Min Ho soon rose to fame for his role as Goo Jun Pyo in The Meteorite Garden, which was followed by a number of successful works such as City Hunter, The Heirs, The Legend of the Blue Sea and most recently The King: Eternal ". Monarch.






Translation from Vietnamese google





Top 10 Most Watched Korean Dramas Of All Time


November 30, 2021

Kdrama World


Hey Kdrama lovers, if you are curious to find out most watched Kdramas ever, then here you are.

Korean dramas have become quite popular now & many have started watching dramas as most of them are now available on Netflix & Viki.

But why Korean dramas are popular & addicting? The reasons are – interesting plot, best romance, comedy & different culture. They successfully create an emotional connection with the viewers.
The maximum number of the dramas are of 16 episodes with a runtime of about an hour per episode. So, you can binge-watch & enjoy the dramas.


Most Watched Korean Dramas

If you are addicted to Kdramas & want to watch more & more but are confused about which drama to watch now, don’t worry. Watch these Kdramas that are popular & seen by most of the people... 


6. Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers is a classic & popular drama starring Lee Min Ho & is adapted in many other languages. In this drama, you will get to see friendship, romance & comedy.




Jan Di, a poor girl attends Shin Hwa High. There she is bullied by the leader of F4 (the four richest and most gorgeous boys), Joon Pyo. Joon Pyo becomes interested in Jan Di. But, Jan Di has a crush on Joon Pyo’s best friend, Yoon Ji Hoo.


Cast –

Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo
Gu Hye Seon as Geum Jan Di
Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
Kim Bum as So Yi Jung
No. Of Episodes – 25


Watch On – Netflix, Viki, YouTube


7. The Heirs


The Heirs is a popular Kdrama starring Lee Min Ho again with an awesome plot that keeps you excited after each episode. It will make you love, laugh & cry.




Kim Tan is the heir to Empire Group who is in the U.S. He meets Cha Eun Sang who is searching for her older sister. He feels himself falling for her. They reunite at an exclusive high school attended by Korea’s über rich.


Cast –

Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
Kim Woo Bin as Choi Yeong Do
No. Of Episodes – 20


Watch On – Netflix, Viki, YouTube



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Finally!  A new mlog!  I can't believe @Nikaa isn't here wiggling.  I'll wiggle for her :1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1):  One thing that did bug me though.  It looks as though LMH is not wearing his seatbelt in the car on the way to Incheon.  I love how he's like a little boy checking out the rooms in the house.  I read that the T-shirt he wore is a gift from C-Minoz.

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Lee Min Ho stayed in Los Angeles
This ultra-modern smart home is located in the lavish Hollywood Hills.

Round pushpin8401 Wyndham Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90046



These 3 K-drama stars all received negative comments from the audience due to their foreign language skills.


2. Lee Min Ho


If Song Hye Kyo was under controversy over speaking foreign languages exactly like she was reading them off the script, Lee Min Ho once had an “iconic” scene of him speaking English with a Korean accent in “Legend of the Blue Sea”. Instead of criticizing Lee Min Ho, most viewers find this scene hilarious because of the way he delivered his English dialogues. 


Lee Min Ho speaking English



Lee Min Ho’s legendary English speaking scene in Legend of the Blue Sea






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31 Best Bromance Korean Drama Series That Will Steal Your Heart


Here is the list of beautiful pairs from various Korean dramas featuring heart-fluttering brotherly love, which we all call bromance.


Here we have come with the 31 best bromance Korean drama series that will steal your heart even before your blink! Kdramas are not only famous for the sweet romantic stories of males and females but also the bickering yet brotherly love of two male leads! 

When it comes to bromance, certain pairs immediately pop up in our head, such as Pyeha and his bodyguard from The King: Eternal Monarch, etc. Their adorable banters yet understanding nature makes the pairs stand out even among regular romantic couples. The list is pretty long. However, here, we have prepared some of the best bromance Korean drama series that will turn your gloomy day into a dazzling summer with a fresh breeze of spring! So check out the list to see your favorite bromance pairings and watch the one you crave because the following pairs are the essence of brotherly love!


The Heirs (2013)

The classic bromance between Kim Tan and Choi Young Do is one of the best bromances you will find in Korean drama. The former friends drift apart due to misunderstandings. They stand before each other in every race, in every competition. However, deep inside their hearts, the two still care for each other. Their initial hatred once again turns into a sweet friendship as the cloud of misunderstanding begins to clear. The adorable chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in The Heirs is definite no matter what others say!




‘The Heirs’ is your cliche romance drama where a rich male lead falls in love with a poor female lead. It follows the chaebol heir Kim Tan, who unexpectedly meets her housekeeper’s daughter Cha Eun Sang in the US and falls for her. After finding each other’s real identity, the two lovers will have to test their love before destine changes its plan. Even though Kim Tan and Choi Young Do show strong hatred and competitive nature throughout the series, their adorable bickering and fierce challenges are worth your 16 hours!




The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)

Here arrives the emperor! Finally, king Lee Gon and royal bodyguard Jo Young, from The King: Eternal Monarch, have appeared on the list of top bromance Korean drama! A beautiful, heartwarming loyalty between Lee Gon and Jo Young will soften your heart in delight. The stern and stoic form of Jo Young from time to time melts while bickering with his pyeha. Bromance blossoms not only with his bodyguard but also with his doppelganger, who Lee Gon encounters in another universe! In short, the bubbling on-screen and off-screen chemistry of Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwan makes flutters your heart in happiness whenever they appear on the screen together! Even their off-the-camera moments are captured by many fans who can’t help but swoon over this beautiful pair of king and his bodyguard!




‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ is a sci-fi romantic comedy that narrates the time travel love story of the third Korean emperor of his generation, Lee Gon, and a police inspector, Jeong Tae Eul. The pair cross the bridge of two universes and travel the years-long journey before meeting and falling in love with each other. With the romantic couple and the sweet brotherly love, The King: Eternal Monarch is a perfect show to enjoy to fulfill the craving for bromance!




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It's Friday  yahoo!  You know what that mean--another Heirs weekend with ep 13.  Remember this scene where KT is worried about penguins?

cr:  as tagged


thanks for the address of where LMH stayed in LA @nina_mitrokhina.  I just looked it up since I had a general idea where it is located.  Holy moly look at the rental fee for a month!:open_mouth:



I doubt the papers LMH was reading in the plane was a contract.  Contracts are pretty dry; I assume his lawyers would summarize it for him.  I'm thinking an abbreviated script.  But why did the caption saying he was crammming.  cramming for what?  Throwing us off the track?

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Handsome Face! These are 4 Korean actors who often play romantic comedy dramas


Currently, Korean dramas may be a spectacle that is in demand and most liked by many people. Often presents a good and interesting story, coupled with the beautiful visuals of the actresses and actors make Korean dramas have their own charm. One of the favorite genres for kdrama lovers is romantic comedy, because in general, this genre of drama always succeeds in making the audience excited and smiling to themselves.




Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho, who started his career as an actor in 1997, has been achieving success. His name is almost known by every circle, especially for Korean drama lovers. He has starred in a lot of K-Dramas in the romantic comedy genre. Among them are Boys Over Flowers , Personal Taste, The Legend of the Blue Sea, and also The Heirs . Some of these dramas successfully starred actor Lee Min Ho and made him even more loved by fans.






Netflix: Christmas dramas that you can see on the platform


Netflix  has become the favorite and most used streaming platform in Mexico thanks to its extensive catalog, where you can find productions from around the world, premieres, classics and the most popular entertainment offer, such as Korean dramas . 


Christmas is one of the festivities that has inspired various stories of romance, drama, fairy tales, legends, and fantasy stories. Check out the recommendations of the weekend in Korean dramas that you can watch on Netflix during the winter time.  


Christmas dramas you can watch on Netflix


Boys Over Flowers

Korean drama starring Lee Min Ho . The story portrays one of the most romantic Christmas scenes, as the couple visit one of the theme parks of the time. The plot follows the life of Jan Di, a young woman whose family is poor, but her luck changes after saving a student. 


As a reward, the school grants her a scholarship to be an elite student, but she will become the new victim of the F4, four classmates who dominate the school due to their power and money. However, she will stand up to them and fall in love with two of them.






Most Favorite This Year, Top 10 Dramas in 2021 According to Millions of Fan Votes


Every month, a polling site KingChoice runs different polls on different topics in Korean entertainment. Starting from the most popular K-Pop idols to the best songs or the most handsome actors, and so on.


For December, they held a month-long poll for fans to vote for their favorite K-Drama of 2021. Some of the top dramas did come out this year, but there are others that are still popular with fans to this day.


With a total of more than 4.3 million votes, here are the top 10 picks for the best drama of the year according to the KingChoice poll:


3. The King: Eternal Monarch



The King: Eternal Monarch premiered on Netflix on April 17, 2020, and stars Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, Kim Kyung Nam, Jung Eun Chae, and Lee Jung Jin. With so many big names in this case, the series is highly anticipated, and ranks number one on various drama lists in terms of views and ratings. 


The series is about an emperor of the Kingdom of Korea who discovers the alternate reality of the Republic of Korea through a magical door opened by his step-uncle, who killed the previous king and has committed atrocities that must be stopped.






Take a peek at 7 passport photos of male Korean artists


A portrait of a celebrity on an identity card often invites the curiosity of fans. The reason is, the portrait is usually different from the face of the celebrity when appearing on the small screen.

Like the following series of male Korean actor passport photos, which have been widely spread on the internet. Among these names, there are those whose looks are not much different. Let's take a peek at the passport photos of male Korean artists through the reviews below.


Lee Min Ho

When compared to his current figure, only visible change is in Lee Min Ho's hair. For passport photos, the 34-year-old actor looks handsome with his short hair.





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5 hours ago, CarolynH said:


thanks for the address of where LMH stayed in LA @nina_mitrokhina.  I just looked it up since I had a general idea where it is located.  Holy moly look at the rental fee for a month!


@CarolynHI, too, like you, was very interested in where Lee Min Ho lived in Los Angeles. It is wonderful that he decided to share his impressions of the trip with the audience.




The restaurant LeeM inho went to 1st day of arrival in Los Angeles.

Mr Chow - Beverly Hills
Round pushpin90210 CABeverly Hills344 N. Camden Dr.
This is stylish restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills.
It has always been an institution for Hollywood’s biggest stars




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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; Pachinko Season 2 [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]

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