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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]


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'Pachinko' actress knows her character's troubles because her grandmother lived them


No, she doesn't mind moving to another room. The shots they got with her sitting on the bathroom counter were probably gold, but the photographer has other ideas for this swanky suite at L'Ermitage Beverly Hills. The shooter directs the actress to sprawl on the bed, click click click. The subject does so with ease, her face never betraying discomfort, her body never tense. In the front room, she contorts slightly so the lens might catch her reflection in a table mirror, cool confidence never waning. Click click click.


Minha Kim, the 26-year-old Korean actress with a few previous TV credits in her homeland, plays Sunja in the buzzy Apple TV+ series "Pachinko." In a cast that includes Oscar winner Yuh-Jung Youn and Korean heartthrob Lee Minho, she's the lead, and she is ready for her close-up.

"When I was a little girl, I was very timid, inconspicuous," she says later, accepting extra pillows to make herself comfortable on the couch. "I was shy, really, really shy. Whenever I had to speak in front of a lot of people, I’d sweat a lot. I was shivering like this. So nervous.


"All that time I wanted to be a voice-over actor. It's good for me to hide and then do the performance. I guess I wanted to be a character rather than, you know, an actress. I always wanna be the princess, I wanna be the Nemo."


But, she says, she found that her timidity went away when she performed.

"Most of the time when I'm singing I feel different; I feel like I’m dreaming and I'm in the middle of dreams."

The Seoul native has overcome her shyness just in time for her first bouts of being recognized on the street (in New York City the day before this interview, for instance), thanks to "Pachinko's" popularity.


"I'm not a person who goes out a lot, but I get a lot of messages from people on Instagram," she says, almost with embarrassment, while confiding that many of those interactions involve fans asking about her handsome leading man, Lee.


Kim’s mother was so keen on her learning English that, apart from having her attend an English kindergarten in Seoul, she sent her first to Germany, then to America (Palm Springs) to study the language. Kim then tilted her accent away from the European by consuming American TV shows such as "Grey's Anatomy," eventually graduating from Hanyang University with a degree in theater. She's a quick reader, too, though the 10 hours in which she devoured Min Jin Lee's bestselling novel was fast even for her.


"While I was reading 'Pachinko,' I felt like somebody was telling me the story," she says. "Every chapter was so shocking. 'Oh, my God. I wanna see what's next, next, next.' I felt like it was this new story from my grandmother."


Kim's grandmother lived through the period in which the actress plays Sunja, during the Japanese occupation of Korea (about 1910-45).


"While I was reading 'Pachinko,' I felt like somebody was telling me the story," Kim says. 

"She told me about her childhood every time I went to her house, which was really fun. I asked her, ‘Grandma, [Sunja] got married at 16. Is that too early?’ She said, ‘No. I got married at 20, and everybody was telling me that was so late.’


"I told her, 'In this story I have a boyfriend/lover, and he kind of betrayed me and I have to marry another man.' She said, 'I'm so jealous, because nobody would do that — no boyfriend; it's just husband right away!' " Kim laughs fondly.


The laughter fades, though, as she recalls her grandmother's tales of deprivation.

"I heard from my grandmother that she had to be barefoot on the way to the school because the Japanese got all the shoes from her, even in the middle of winter. But she told me, ‘There's no seasons.’ Because winter, spring, summer, autumn, they wear the same clothes; no shoes, no food."


One of the key sequences in Season 1 involves the difficulty Sunja's mother has in simply finding some rice for Sunja and her groom to eat on their wedding day (the Japanese had prohibited the staple from being sold to Koreans).


When Kim's grandmother saw that, "she cried so hard," said the actress. "She said at the end of my phone call, ‘Even though it's the performance, even though you are not Sunja, tell Sunja — tell Minha — that I love you guys the most and there's love around you always. So remember that I love you the most.' "


Kim found it easy to love Sunja too, citing her honesty and the toughness she finds within herself after initially being overwhelmed by problems. So what didn't she love about the character?

"It’s not about her, but it's more about the culture and how the women were living in that era," she says. "Whenever she's in front of Hansu [Lee's character], she's just lost. Hansu is kind of like her Wikipedia; he makes her open her eyes, see the world for the first time.


"I feel bad about that. I mean, he’s the love of her life, but still, I just want her to forget him. ‘No, he's a RickRoll'D, no!'" She laughs. "He’s McDreamy, how can she forget him? Even though she hates him, I think it's another [kind] of love. So, so powerful that she gets an energy from him whether she hates or loves him. He keeps appearing in the middle of her life; it's so annoying because she cares about him so hard."


Was there a moment that brought their relationship into focus for her?


"When Isak [played by Steve Sang-Hyun Noh] proposes to me and he asks, 'Can you forget Hansu?' — when I was reading the script, I thought that line was just, you know, not that important. But when he asked me that on set, I couldn't answer. I couldn't spit out my lines. Tears just came out and I felt that, 'This is how much she loves [Hansu].' It was really weird and I couldn't speak out loud that line: 'I would love to.' [Instead] it made me collapse in front of Isak in the restaurant, so I had to bear the tears. And that's when I found out that her love towards Hansu is so deep."



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Boy Crush: Lee MinHo, The Darling Legendary Icon Of The Industry And Our Hearts




Let's get to know our crush, Lee MinHo!


When we talk about Hallyu, one of the first names that come to mind is none other than Lee MinHo. Hallyu is Lee MinHo, and Lee MinHo is Hallyu. He is one of the representative legendary icons of the Korean industry with a huge following of adoring fans, Minoz. Some fans even call him the Hallyu GOAT (Greatest Of All Time).


Lee MinHo has one of the most familiar filmographies in the K-Drama and Korean film world. Anyone who is interested in Korean entertainment will have watched at least one or two of his productions.


He has shown a wide spectrum of acting range over the years, taking on several different genres and characters. Fans have fallen for each character individually and for Lee MinHo collectively, as a result.

Let's take a look at some of his most iconic roles.


Firstly, we had his Gu JunPyo character from "Boys Over Flowers". He showed us a subtle but endearing character arc as his cold exterior was melted at the prospect of love. We also have to appreciate his iconic hairdo.


This drama is one of the standard recommendations that new K-Drama fans watch, allowing Lee MinHo's star power to gain ultimate recognition.


Some of his other well-known characters include Jeon JinHo from "Personal Taste", Lee YeonSeong from "City Hunter", and Kim Tan from "The Heirs".


Heo JoonJae from "The Legend of the Blue Sea" had us laughing with him while watching the drama and using his lines as part of everyday conversation without even realizing it.


Lee Gon from "The King: Eternal Monarch" gave us the ultimate prince charming Lee MinHo and had us swooning with almost every scene.


His latest K-Drama character, Ko HanSu from "Pachinko", made our hearts rend at his radical approach and strong persona caused by times of difficulty.


This role gained attention for many reasons including the fact that it was the first K-Drama Lee MinHo had auditioned for in 10 years. In an interview, he shared that he had even forgotten how to prepare for an audition. However, he wanted to do well and made sure to not only memorize the script but deeply analyze the character.


An interesting fact about how he relates to his roles is that he takes about 3 months to get in and out of character. This is why he tends to only shoot one drama a year.

His track record with Korean films is just as impressive. With titles such as "Gangnam 1970", and "Bounty Hunters" (just to name a few), Lee MinHo has shown that as an actor he is variety personified.


Let's get to know even more about this prolific actor.


If you are new to Lee MinHo, here is some basic information about him. Lee MinHo was born on June 22, 1987, in Seoul.

Lee MinHo made his acting debut in the early 2000s with guest roles in dramas such as "Romance" and "Sharp#1". He made a number of guest and supporting roles in a few dramas before landing his first main role in the 2006 drama "Secret Campus".


A few roles later he landed his breakthrough role in "Boys Over Flowers" and became one of the hottest rising stars on the scene. His iconic hairstyle, which we mentioned before, became a trend on Korean television. As a result, he became incredibly well-known and it is safe to say that the role changed his life.


Over the years, his stable and convincing acting added to his charm has earned him the affections of many. He is especially renowned for his gaze on-screen and for shooting action scenes well.


We truly appreciate the masterpiece that is Lee MinHo and his acting. Through his numerous roles, he has made us laugh, cry, despair, and feel every emotion along with his character. His acting is more than just excellent technique. It is touching and makes your heart warm as the story progresses.


Thanks to his hard work and dedication Lee MinHo has won several awards for his acting. In 2013 he swept the "SBS Drama Awards" by winning 5 awards in total, including Best Couple, the Popularity Award, Best Dressed, the Top Excellence Award for a mid-length drama, and the Top 10 Stars Award. What an incredible feat for a single ceremony. He has won several other prestigious awards, too.




No one can deny that Lee MinHo is one of the most handsome actors out there. He is known in Korea as a jogakminam (조각미남 in Korean) which is a nickname used for men who have a sculpture-esque handsomeness to them. His rugged features and bold impression give him an Adonis-like aura that emphasizes his good looks.


Here are some photos of him being a literal flower boy. We can't tell where he is in the pictures because his visuals are also flower-like.


His tall height and model proportions, matched with his exceptional fashion sense, mean that he could have been one of the world's most acclaimed fashion models in his past life. On the odd chance that someone doesn't know who Lee MinHo is, they might mistake him for a full-time model at first glance.


It is yet another of the reasons for his widespread popularity.


Speaking of popularity, in addition to his other accolades, Lee MinHo boasts the title of the most followed Korean actor on Instagram. He has 29.8 million followers (as of June 20, 2022, 17:18 KST) and boasts a diverse feed where you can get a better feel for his personality, and appreciate his visuals, of course. If you're not following him already, you can at @actorleeminho.

Here are some interesting random/TMI facts about Lee MinHo:


Lee MinHo is also well-known for his love of gaming. He is considered extremely skilled by Super Junior's HeeChul who is also known for his gaming prowess. In fact, HeeChul jokingly refers to Lee MinHo as his rival when it comes to gaming because he is so good.


Lee MinHo is also an excellent left-footed soccer player.

He is not the biggest fan of cucumbers.

He once revealed that he searches his name online at least once a day.

Lastly, he is a dog lover.


Due to his cool persona, some may not know that Lee MinHo is actually the cutest goofy person. This adorable side of him is another thing that makes him so endearing to Minoz and the general public. There is something even more lovable about the fact that he has this side to him but can also present his chic aura effortlessly.

Did someone say 'duality'?


He once said that due to the roles he tends to take on, people misunderstand him to be a cold person but that is not the case. Take a look at a few adorable moments below.

Many might be subscribed to his YouTube channel "leeminho film", but did you know that he helps with the creative direction and editing process of the videos, too? It is a pleasure to know that he has this creative outlet where he can express himself.


If you've not watched any of the videos, this is one example of the type of mini-films that he uploads. You can take a look at an autumn day in his life.


Lee MinHo is also an extremely sentimental person. He longs to explore nature...




...and gets inspired by the emotions evoked by certain music. He also prefers songs that are not mainstream/popular that he can enjoy on his own.


One of the roles he has mentioned wanting to try in the future is that of a regular guy who wears the standard three-line sandal slippers around the neighborhood. Although he is known for his prince-like persona, he is still willing to do roles that are the opposite and more realistic. Like we said earlier, he is a duality king.


Lee MinHo has had a path with some difficulties along the way including trauma, but his conviction to excel and move forward is truly admirable. The way he has continued forward shining brighter with every opportunity he takes, not only makes him a shining star but an inspiration, as well.



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Lee Min Ho wearing short shorts and saying "Jung Bol"...




[Sports Chosun Jeongbit] Actor Lee Min Ho spoke about his current situation.

On the 20th, Lee Min Ho posted several photos without words on his Instagram.

In the photo, Lee Min Ho is wearing a white T-shirt and short shorts.  He wears a mask, takes pictures looking in the mirror and poses against the backdrop of the sea.




They seem to be enjoying their vacation.  In particular, in a selfie taken with a mask on his chin, Lee Min Ho's handsome appearance is admired.  Despite his unadorned appearance, he boasts an actor's good looks and surprises.






Lee Min Ho appeared on Apple TV Plus 'Pachinko', which was first released in March.


Reporter Jung Bit rightlight@sportschosun.com

Translation from Korean google


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TOP 10 most handsome men in the world in 2022


June 21, 2022


Beauty is always one of the attractive features that attract the attention of many people.  Are you curious to know if your idol is in the TOP of the most beautiful people in the world?  Let's take a look at the 10 most beautiful people and see their extreme looks!


Lee Min Ho


One of the iconic male stars of the country of kimchi is Lee Min Ho.  He is impressed by a series of roles in outstanding films, which makes his name and beauty closer to the audience.


Harmonious face, high bridge of nose and warm long eyes made many girls "fall in love" with this idol.  The beauty of Lee Min Ho is often included in the TOP of beauty polls and forums.  Many people noted that Lee Min Ho has a beautiful, unusual and impressive beauty.




Lee Min Ho impresses with his high and straight bridge of nose and sunny smile


The smile is the "weapon" that makes him cut out all the hearts.  Lee Min Ho's warm, sunny smile and smooth white skin captures a beauty that women also envy and want to own.


Translation from Vietnamese google


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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Happy Birthday!!! Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]

Good Day Drinking GIF by BuBu

My contribution --someone needs to bring FOOD!  Happiest of birthdays to the actor who bring us  together :fullofhearts:


Welcome @doremifaso  to the LMH thread!  Are you a singer by chance?


Is there some significance to the cake LMH's staff gave him?  dinosaurs?  I love the astronaut balloon!  Cute!


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LMH twt and MYM IG update 

Happy birthday to actor LEE MINHO! 
I hope Lee Minho is the happiest person in the world today

Thanks to Minoz for celebrating LEE MINHO's birthday together. Have a wonderful day!

"I appreciate Minoz for making my birthday special every year! Thanks again."










@CarolynH, his name, Gong Ryong, in Ask the Stars translates literally to "dinosaur". Most likely the reason for the dinosaur theme of his cake :)


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What drama is Lee Min Ho filming after “Pachinko”?: He becomes a gynecologist for a romantic comedy


After showing his dark side in the “Pachinko” series, Lee Min Ho is already working on a new Korean drama. What will his character be like in “Ask the stars”?


Lee Min Ho turns 35 on June 22 and would spend it working. The actor has traveled to Busan to continue filming for “ Ask the stars”, the Korean drama in which he stars alongside Gong Hyo Jin from “When the Camellia Blooms”. The plot of the series is unique and its production budget is one of the highest in the industry.


“Ask the stars” is in the hands of Park Shin Woo, director of the International Emmy nominated “It's okay to not be okay”. The script for the love story in space was created by the writer of “Jealousy Incarnate” and “Pasta”; both are famous 'rom-coms' starring Gong Hyo Jin.


Synopsis of “Ask the stars”


Lee Min Ho's new drama is described as a romantic comedy about the meeting of an astronaut and a doctor who visits a space station as a tourist. The production would be around 40 billion won, a budget similar to that of “Mr. Sunshine”


Lee Min Ho plays Gong Ryong , an OB/GYN doctor who is interested in traveling to space. Gong Hyo Jin will be the Korean-American astronaut Eve Kim.


This series marks the reunion of Oh Jung Se and Gong Hyo Jin , who worked together in the melodrama “When the Camellia blooms”. In “Ask the stars,” Oh Jung Se will play Eve Kim's partner: space research expert Kang Kang Soo.


A photo on social media of the actress confirmed the participation of the applauded 'Moon Sang Tae' from “It's okay to not be okay” and also revealed the type of spacesuit they will wear.




On the other hand, Han Ji Eun 's involvement as a key person in the love triangle was revealed in March . She will play Choi Go Eun , the representative heiress of the Mirae group and promised to marry Gong Ryong.


Lee Min Ho in “Ask the stars”


Filming for “Ask the stars” began in April of this year between studio shots and on-site locations. On June 20, a netizen shared that he had found Lee Min Ho and the production staff at a local hospital.


Although the photos are taken from a distance, the actor who wears a cream shirt and white mask can be identified. His followers are waiting to see him very soon in a white doctor's coat.






Lee Min Ho the Emmys 2022


After his performance in the American series “Pachinko”, Lee Min Ho is a candidate for Best Actor in a Drama Series at the 2022 Emmy Awards, which is still in the pre-nomination phase.






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Lee Minho, the birthday scale of a Hallyu star... a full room gifts

Actor Lee Min-ho certified fans' gifts for his 36th birthday.

Lee Min-ho posted a picture on his Instagram on the 22nd with the message "Mr. Gong's birthday party at dawn."

The released photo showed Lee Min-ho smiling brightly while holding a cake. Lee Min-ho, dressed in a comfortable hoodie, still showed off his charm with his patented sculptural beauty.

Lee Min-ho, who then certified the gift that filled the room, said, "I'm so happy today."

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho is currently filming a Sci-Fi romantic comedy drama, "Ask the Stars."












Dr Gong Ryong's ID!













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*** HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Oppa!  :heart:  I hope you have a grand time celebrating your special day TODAY with your family & loved-ones.  I celebrate all the wonderful things you are to me!  :heart3:




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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]

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