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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]


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Lee Min Ho is caught up in the "intrigue of a scammer" ... Current status piquing curiosity [Report: Cut]








[TV Report = Reporter Kim Eun Jung] Actor Lee Min Ho spoke about his current situation.


On the 13th, Lee Min Ho posted several photos on his personal Instagram with the words "Mock up".


In the photo, Lee Min Ho is busy working in the studio. Wearing a black padded jumper, he showed off his self-luminous sculptural beauty in a comfortable casual way.


Lee Min Ho piqued curiosity through activities such as talking to a writer and taking pictures on the wall, and shook the hearts of fans by exuding a beauty that could not be hidden even with a mask.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho talks about his daily life on YouTube's leeminho film and is set to release the original Apple TV + series "Pachinko."


Reporter Kim Eun Joon ekim@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = Instagram Lee Min Ho


Translation from korean google



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Lee Min Ho, handsome even with a mask [TEN ★]




Lee Min Ho was on the studio of Cho Gi Seoul in Nonhyeon-dong

on his latest IG posts, Lee Minho was visited Cho Gi Seok's studio to plan & discuss something (related to Khee Soju?)




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Lee Min Ho's side: "Sentenced to malicious commentators, punishment, constant lawsuits."


Actor Lee Min Ho's side has revealed the results of a complaint against malicious commentators and additional plans.


On the 14th, actor Lee Min Ho released the results of a complaint against malicious commentators via the official social network.

MYM Entertainment, Lee Min Ho's agency, stated, "We have informed you that we will take strict legal action against malicious comments directed at our artist, actor Lee Min Ho and malicious commentators who indiscriminately spread false facts."






The agency reported, “Last November and September this year, in order to protect the precious rights and interests of our artists, we collected data from fans and self-monitoring, and also filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Procuratorate. against the creators of malicious posts. ".


“As a result, some of the suspects were found guilty of defamation in accordance with the Law on the Promotion of Information and Communication Networks, the Law on the Protection of Information, etc. and sentenced to fines, ”he said.




The agency stated, “We deeply sympathize with the hearts of our fans who have been harmed by observing the behavior of habitual and vicious malevolent commentators. We monitor the content on a daily basis and check every email with malicious comments from fans. "


In the future, in order to eradicate malicious libel such as posting false information, insults and defamation against our artists, we will continue to collect evidence and regularly file complaints and seek compensation in civil and criminal matters. We will continue to respond and this will also be severely punished without any leniency or consent. "


Hyunso Kim reporter@topstarnews.co.kr


Translation from korean google

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Lee Min Ho X And G donates all proceeds from the Joint project


ANDZ Men's Clothing donated all proceeds from its partnership with actor Lee Min Ho's donation platform Promiz to Save the Children, an international non-governmental organization for relief and development.


The proceeds will be used for the Corona 19 Baby Nutrition campaign for children in crisis who cannot eat properly due to lack of caregivers or financial difficulties.


PLAY_DONATION, a joint project of ANDG and PROMIZ, expressed the value of the exchange practiced by PROMIZ through sensual artwork and conveyed it to ANDG, while Angie produced and released a stylish sweatshirt with a unique brand sensibility.






After that Lee Min Ho took an active part in the project, creating a product with illustrations, and the first volume, which started on September 17, caused a great response, for example, it was sold out within an hour after the opening of the online shopping center.  In addition, he participated in good consumption, such as purchase requests from Japan, South America and Europe, which were flooded and sold out before, and also domestically.


Translation from korean google






End-G donates all collaboration proceeds to Save the Children


Reporter Lee Seo Young
2021.12.15 10


ANDZ, a menswear company developed by Shinsung Trading (CEO Yeom Tae-sung) donated all proceeds from its partnership with PROMIZ to Save the Children. Cha Hyun Jin, Head of Apparel Sales at Shinsung Trading, and Lee Hyun Seung, External Relations Manager, Save the Children's, attended the fundraising ceremony on the 14th. The proceeds from the ANDG X PROMIZ partnership will be used for the Corona 19 Children's Meal Support campaign for children in crisis.




Shinsung Trading General Manager Cha Hyun Jin said, “This project has achieved good results thanks to the good influence of actor Lee Min Ho's 'Promise' donation platform and Andrew's talent donation. I hope this helps to ensure that all children grow up healthy without worrying about food. "

PLAY_DONATION, a joint project between ANDG and PROMIZ, expressed the value of the sharing practiced by PROMIZ through artwork and conveyed it to ANDG. ANDG was produced and released as male to male with the brand's unique sensibilities.


Actor Lee Min Ho was involved in a product photography project, and the first batch, which kicked off on September 17, sold out within an hour of the online mall's opening. Since then, the limited pack at 11 stores including Top 10 Mall, Promiz's official website and Parnas Mall stores, which lasted for a month, has been inundated with shopping requests from Japan, South America and Europe, as well as Korea. and is running out early and customers have been engaging in good consumption.


Translation from korean google

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‘City Hunter’ Cast Update 2021: Here’s What Lee Min Ho and the Rest of the Cast of the 2011 Kdrama are Up to Now


Kdrama fandom embraced the unique story of "City Hunter," which stars Hallyu's top actors Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young. 

For one, the SBS drama is not the typical rom-com series as it featured jam-packed action scenes from the lead stars, leaving an intriguing plot line to every viewer. 

Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, it depicts the story of a skilled MIT graduate named Lee Yoon Sung, who works at the Blue House's international communications team. 

However, his goal is to seek revenge on five politicians who are responsible for his father's death. 

The revenge-driven Kdrama achieved soaring ratings and became so popular that it was remade in China and Hong Kong. 

Apart from the plot and the stunning visuals, "City Hunter" captured the on-screen chemistry of Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young that made every audience look forward to the next episode. 

With over a decade since it aired, let's see what Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyuk and the rest of the "City Hunter" cast are currently up to. 


Lee Min Ho (Lee Yoon Sung a.k.a Poochai)




The SBS series is his second blockbuster Kdrama since his breakthrough in "Boys Over Flowers."

After starring in "City Hunter," Lee Min Ho appeared in another all-time favorite Kdrama "The Heirs," with Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin. 

In 2016, he headlined the cast of "The Legend of the Blue Sea" with Hallyu queen Jun JI Hyun followed by "The King: Eternal Monarch" with Kim Go Eun. 

From one top rating series to another, Lee Min Ho proved his dominance as a sought-after star. 

Now, the actor [is in talks to] lead the cast of "Ask the Stars," a rom-com comedy about space and astronauts, as well as his much-awaited Apple TV+ series "Pachinko."



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Top Bromance Bonds in K-Dramas

If K-drama is known for romance and showcasing some of the best couples of all time, it isn’t behind in giving us the cute bromance too. Sometimes these friendships are even more loving than the main couple’s relationship in the show.

Your brother’s got your back!! This kind of bond steals your heart, and even the slightest instance of it brings a smile to your face. Want to woe a girl? Your buddy is there to help. They go crazy over drinks together; they run into the battlefield for you and give the most amazing best man speech at your wedding.

Such bonds bring life to the show. Here are some of the most endearing bromance/friendships in K-drama that will entertain and also make you happy.


The King: Eternal Monarch – Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) and Jo Young (Woo Do Hwan)








Boys Over Flowers: Lee Min Ho reveals he doesn't like Korean drama, do you regret it?




Lee Min Ho is one of the pioneers of the so-called Hallyu Wave, known phenomenon in the first decade of the 2000s, since K-Pop and dramas began to have worldwide fame. The actor starred in "Boys Over Flowers" , a series that would lead him to fame, but he regrets it. 


Since then, the South Korean idol has become one of the top acting figures in Korea, being one of the most popular and highest paid leading men. In 2020 he starred in Netflix's "The King: Eternal Monarch" and in 2022 he will premiere his new series "Pachinko" on Apple TV. 


However, over the years he is known and remembered for his character "Gu Jun Pyo" from "Boys Over Flowers" , a drama that has remained a favorite for 12 years, you can now watch it on Netflix. Despite the success, Lee Min Ho revealed this about the drama . 


Does Lee Min Ho regret acting in Boys Over flowers?

Lee Min Ho was just starting his career and the main character of the drama had been offered to Jang Geun Suk , but he turned him down, giving him the chance of his life. Despite boosting his career, the Korean actor confessed that "Boys over Flowers" embarrassed him. 


In addition to the character's characteristic hairstyle that required hours, Lee Min Ho confessed that he cannot bear to watch the drama as he admits that it is a very cheesy story . After his broadcast, many fans called him "Gu Jun Pyo", instead of using his real name, another price of fame. 


According to the actor, this drama was not an alternative for him, since he had no choice and did everything that was asked of him at the time. However, thanks to this character, his career took off. 








Popular Korean actors have left fans jaw-dropping with their red carpet looks, be it for major awards or just in their day-to-day lives.

We leave a list of Korean actors in K-Dramas that look radiant, elegant and flutters the hearts of millions with their suits and hairstyles that highlight their beauty to the fullest.


Lee Min Ho

Throughout his career in dramas, the King of Hallyu has worn all kinds of tuxedos, in all colors and styles, so he deserves a place on this list for his great bearing.








Yahoo Philippines released its Year in Review on Wednesday, showing the most searched personalities and topics in the country.



1. Lee Min-ho






Best ‘Enemies to Lovers K-dramas’ To Watch


When it comes to romance K-dramas, the enemies-to-lovers trope is a classic. As widely liked as it is, the dramas that follow this kind of theme have gained a cult following. Many viewers enjoy the slow-burn romance it brings to the table. Popularized by dramas like Heirs and Boys Over Flowers, this genre usually showcases the main leads going from hating to love each other. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Boys Over Flowers played a significant role in making K-dramas more internationally known.


The 16-episode series starring Lee Min-Ho and Koo Hye-Sun revolved around a middle-class girl and a group of four rich boys at a private high school for the wealthy. This drama showcased the enemies-to-lovers theme in its true sense, where both the leads go from not standing with each other to being in love.


Thanks to the Korean Wave, K-dramas have never been more loved. As days pass, many international streaming sites continue introducing Korean dramas on their pages with subtitles in varying languages. This easy access provided to international audiences via apps like Netflix, Viki, and iQiyi has caused more interest in these dramas. 




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Dear Oppa: An Indian Minoz was awestruck when she saw Lee Min Ho’s character on ‘Boys Over Flowers’




Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular Asian actors working today. Born on June 22, 1987, he is known as an extremely versatile actor. Lee Min Ho began acting in small roles in high school but shot to fame after his iconic role as rich bad boy Goo Joon Pyo in the hit Korean drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ (2009), which garnered him the Best New Actor award at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards. The breakthrough role led to other leading-man roles in the popular dramas ‘Personal Taste’ (2010), ‘City Hunter’ (2011), ‘The Great Doctor (aka Faith)’ (2012), ‘Heirs’ (2013) and ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ (2016-2017), bringing many more acting awards and accolades.


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Shreya from India to Lee Min Ho. Read her letter below.


Dear Lee Min Ho Oppa! 


Have you ever experienced nervousness and excitement at the same time? Well, that's something I am going through right now as I write about my Lee Min Ho’s charisma. 

Your personality struck me like lightning when you first entered Shinhwa High along with his F4 members in “Boys Over Flowers”. Well, it was my first time watching a korean drama, post which, the list goes endless.  

One of the biggest things that one can do is to bring a smile on someone's face and you do that to millions of people every single day. It's surreal how just his smile takes away all my stress and sadness. Even after watching your dramas, songs, interviews, movies in plenty, it still feels like it's the first time. With each successive work of yours, my respect and love for you rises exponentially. Congratulations for your 15 glorious years. Wishing you all happiness, good health and success in the near future. May you reach even greater heights in life. 


Thank you! 

Shreya Bhusnur









Actor Lee Min Ho suffered a leg injury, but that doesn't stop him from joining dramas and action movies


Lee Min Ho is a specialist in making fans fall in love with his K-Dramas and we have also seen him in fight scenes. How does he manage to do it despite having injured his leg before? Although now this actor is a star of international recognition, before that happened the he spent several months hospitalized due to a car accident that left severe damage. Lee Min Ho complied with the indicated treatment and recovered, so he continued to pursue his dream and take on new characters in K-dramas. Many fans of the actor probably know this fact in the life of the protagonist of The Heirs but although it has been several years of that, the aftermath of a leg injury like the one that Lee Min Ho suffered are not easy to leave behind. In fact, the actor fulfilled his military service as a public servant because if he enlisted as soldier he could suffer discomfort. But then how does he manage to film his action scenes with full of energy?





When this boy was on Guerilla Date he shared a dinner and an interview with the MC of the show, in this space his work in acting stood out and particularly in those scenes that require extra physical effort such as fights.


All of these scenes are choreographed in advance, but could still be difficult to perform due to his health history. However, Lee Min Ho explained that if you watch those shots carefully, he always uses his other leg for kicks and movements in action scenes, so at no point is he at risk of injury.



An unmissable one is City Hunter, where his character must take revenge for which he has been trained all his life.






Boys Over Flowers: Actors who played Gu Jun Pyo in the drama versions


He is one of the most iconic characters in dramas and these actors were chosen to interpret his best version


How many versions of Boys Over Flowers are there? One of the most famous Korean dramas in history has been adapted at least 5 times. The adaptation comes from the Japanese manga Hana yori dango and has been produced in Thailand, Japan, China, Korea and even the United States. 


The Korean version is the most popular so far, which includes Lee Min Ho as the main character. It aired in 2009 and has not lost popularity. However, over the years new versions emerged, without losing the essence of the F4 , the iconic group of students who terrorize the protagonist and her classmates. These have been the actors who have played Gu Jun Pyo , who is the best?


All versions of Gu Jun Pyo from the F4

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is one of the most famous Korean actors and his character Gu Jun Pyo is one of the best known and an example for the new remakes. In addition to catapult to fame, he also set a benchmark for the leader of the F4 , with his curly hair and fur coats. 




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Top Asian stars are Googled the most in 2021


The list of most searched in Google was published based on data collected from January 1, 2021 to December 14. 2021.


It can be seen that Kpop stars are at the top of this list. Other Kbiz stars like Lee Min Ho, ... also reached the top of the most searched Asian people in the world.


Korean stars in the top most searched Asians on Google in 2021 include:


44. Lee Min Ho






8 Winter-Themed K-Dramas To Watch For A ~Cozy~ Christmas


The holiday season is finally in full swing! Can you ~*feel*~ the weather getting colder this week? As we prepare to curl up in bed with a thick blanket and a cup of hot chocolate this weekend, we’ve got a bunch of winter-themed K-dramas all lined up and ready to stream. These dramas feature the coziest winter fashion and the most *kilig* romance stories, perfect for warming up even the coldest of hearts. Read on to see what our choices are. Did we miss your fave winter drama? Tell us all about it in a comment!


3. Legend Of The Blue Sea (2016)

Who’s in it: Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Lee Hee Joon, Shin Hye Sun, Shin Won Ho, Lee Ji Hoon

Con artist Joon Jae (Min Ho) finds himself unexpectedly falling for Shim Cheong (Ji Hyun), a mermaid he meets in Spain who follows him to Seoul. But there’s more to their relationship than what meets the eye, and as their feelings for each other deepen, old memories come to the surface. Spoiler: One of the pivotal moments in the show is when Cheong watches a drama where a character successfully gets a confession accepted on the first day it starts snowing in winter. She decides to make a promise with Joon Jae to meet at Namsan Tower on the day of the first snowfall.






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Dear Oppa: A Nigerian Minoz says 'her inspiration & day to day motivation' Lee Min Ho has MANY FANS in Nigeria


by Pinkvilla Desk  
Updated on Dec 18, 2021




Oti Chinaza from Nigeria gushes she's Lee Min Ho's "number 1 fan from Nigeria."


Lee Min Ho has been missed on the small screen since the handsome and talented Hallyu star's last outing, The King: Eternal Monarch. While we have to wait for some time more before the highly-awaited release of Pachinko, in which Lee Min Ho plays Koh Hansu, a rich and powerful merchant with ties to organised crime, we have Lee's many classic dramas like Boys Over Flowers, The Heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea, Personal Taste, etc., to re-binge-watch again and again and again!


Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Oti Chinaza from Nigeria to Lee Min Ho. Read her letter (Note: This letter was sent on February 10, 2021) below:


Hello Oppa,

My name is Oti Chinaza from Nigeria in Africa.

I first watched your drama (Boys Over Flower) back in 2013 when I was on school holidays, I was so drawn to your character (Gu Jun Pyo) that I literally searched and watched the dramas you starred in under a week. But I still couldn't get enough.

I've been your fan since then, your passionate and supportive fan. I know we are world's and oceans apart, I might not even get to attend your fan meeting in this life but it's okay, I am more than happy to be cheering you up from the sidelines. I want you to know that you have lots of fans from my country and I am your number 1 fan from Nigeria.

I love all your drama and movies and my favourite is Boys Over Flower, Followed by Gangnam Blues. Your last drama The King: Eternal Monarch was such a hit internationally and I am so proud of you because you are so hardworking and a good man with a good heart.  You are my inspiration and day to day motivation. I always include you in my prayers, I always wish you good health, more success in life and for you to always be happy.

I am looking forward to Pachinko, any drama with you on it is sure to be a hit, and I know you won't disappoint.

Love you always Oppa, Love from Nigeria.



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Boys Above Flowers Attend KBS Song Festival 2021 With An Exciting Version Of 'Paradise'


The iconic soundtrack that accompanied F4 in K-drama Boys Over Flowers was performed by four well-known KBS idols Gayo Daechukje.




December 17, 2021


F4's Thailand premiere discount offers fans of F4 history a pleasant surprise: "Paradise," the OST icon of the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, was sung by four of their favorite idols at the KBS Song Festival.

The event, held on December 17, reminded K-pop fans of the days before COVID-19 by showcasing collaborations and performers on stage in front of an audience.

As part of one of the special stages, famous vocalists gathered to bring this cover to life. They were Up10tion's Woo Seok, ASTRO's Sanha, The Boyz's Hyunjae, and Stray Kids' Seungmin.

Originally released by T-MAX, "Paradise" was included in the 2009 K-drama OST starring Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun, which returns on December 18 in the F4 Thailand remake.

In particular, the song entered dramatic history as the opening theme for the Korean adaptation. She is also remembered for accompanying the epic F4 moments of Jung Pyo, Ji Hoo, Yi Jung, and Woo Bin (characters played respectively by Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joon, Kim Bum and Kim Joon, then T-MAX member.).


[MV] T Max - Paradise (BOF ost)



KBS Gayo Daechukje's 2021 "heavenly" version featuring Woosook, Sanghae, Hyunjae, and Seungmin is available on YouTube after the K-pop event ends. At the time of publication, more than 50,000 views and about 1,000 comments have been collected.


KIM WOO SEOK, ASTRO, THE BOYZ, Stray Kids - PARADISE (2021 KBS Song Festival) I KBS WORLD TV 211217



Translation from spanish google


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Take a Peek at the Luxurious House where Lee Min Ho stayed in California



Even though it's only a temporary residence, artist Lee Min Ho's house in California is quite interesting to know.

You see, artist Lee Min Ho's house in California is no less luxurious than his residence in South Korea.

Well, for those who are curious, fans can take a peek at the appearance of Lee Min Ho's house in LA on his personal YouTube.

The house has wooden floors and is very spacious. Almost all the walls are painted white. Especially for the kitchen, there is a touch of gray.

The kitchen table and dining table are made of beige marble.

The interesting thing about Lee Min Ho's house is that it has a balcony that is used as a place to relax.

There, he ate a banana while enjoying the beautiful view from above.

Lee Min Ho's house also has many glass windows so that sunlight can enter from various directions.

To add to the artistic impression, various kinds of paintings are displayed on the walls.

It is not known exactly how many floors the house has. But the house where Lee Min Ho lived seemed to have three floors.

Of the many rooms, Lee Min Ho has a bedroom downstairs. The rooms look comfortable and warm, equipped with various luxurious facilities such as televisions.



Lee Min Ho is known to be making his Hollywood debut through the Pachinko series which is adapted from the novel of the same name by Lee Min Jin.

This drama tells the hopes and dreams of four generations of Korean immigrant families.

Their story begins with forbidden love and then progresses to a journey between Korea, Japan, and America.

This drama will also tell the story of war, peace, love, loss, victory, and reckoning.

Lee Min Ho will play Hansu, an enigmatic outsider and merchant.

He is suspected of having ties to organized crime which sparked an illicit love affair with grave consequences.

The series will be written by Soo Hugh (The Whispers), who also serves as executive producer.

The bench for the director of the Pachinko series is filled by Kogonada and Justin Chon.



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Korean Stars Who Have Either Admitted or Denied Dating Rumors in 2021


More stars came forward with their relationships in 2021. And, of course, their reactions to the dating rumors were also varied. Some received blessings after admitting to the rumors, while some vehemently denied it, simply dismissing it as a happening. Let’s take a look at the stars who made headlines with their dating rumors.



Lee Min Ho & Yeonwoo




On August 30th, Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo’s dating rumors surfaced when Distapch released their paparazzi photos.


Yeonwoo’s agency MLD Entertainment took a cautious attitude, saying, “We’ll announce our official statement after confirming the facts.” However, Lee Min Ho’s agency MYM Entertainment immediately denied the report, saying, “It’s not true.” It wasn’t a statement that was mutually negotiated with Yeonwoo’s company. In the end, MLD Entertainment also denied the rumors the next day. 



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : http://enews.imbc.com/News/RetrieveNewsInfo/333436

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16 minutes ago, Nikaa said:



LA California episode 3 is so GOOD :criesariver: heirs!Nostalgic!!


miss lmh even more after watching movielogs :cries:

Oppaaaa! Come back with a project asap!!


@Nikaa thanks for sharing the video. This is one of my favorite scenes in the drama, the beach & the shower are my top moments in the drama. My eyes widen during this scene. LOL -  :Megalol:   This is undoubtedly reminiscent of "The Heirs". It's just so good that LMH revives this with photos & videos.  :Ohboy3:

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*** Lee MinHo (5 times) in the Actors category..... Note: this is only counting the actors' ranking. "Pachinko" topped twice in the drama.............  :sweet:





The Most Popular Actors, Dramas, & Web Dramas On Kpopmap In 2021





From the 1st week of January to the 2nd week of December, here are the actors who made it to the 1st rank of the weekly ranking:





From the 1st week of January to the 2nd week of December, here are the dramas that made it to the 1st rank of the weekly ranking:





source : https://www.kpopmap.com/the-most-popular-actors-dramas-web-dramas-on-kpopmap-in-2021/

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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]

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