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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2022 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];


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1 hour ago, syntyche said:

Hallyu Star's Lee Min-ho's Birthday Gifts Filled His Living Room

Born on June 22, 1987, Lee Min-ho wrote on his Instagram, "Thank you, Thanks, I'm happy," and released a photo of his childhood to his fans.

Lee Min-ho with a naughty smile is seen on a large sofa.


Amazing pics!   The amount of gifts and love all over!   Thank you @syntyche   
I hope he reads our concerns and posts more often please. 

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Actor Lee Min Ho Just Turned 34 Years Old And His Fans Went Wild With The Gifts




Lee Min Ho recently celebrated his 34th (American age) birthday and boy oh boy, did he get spoiled! The actor uploaded an Instagram post thanking his fans for all of the love they shared with him on his special day and let’s just say, he was showered with love and gifts this year.



Actor Lee Min Ho | E! Online


Lee Min Ho shared a series of 3 photos that showed off the absolute insanity before him. The actor was photographed in a massive pile of gifts from his fans and the amount is hard to believe. Lee Min Ho must have been shocked himself, as he captioned the post with 6 very simple, but very expressive emojis:




The flowers, the gifts, the balloons, what a wonderful birthday celebration! The joy can be felt through the picture because look at Lee Min Ho’s big smile! What an incredible way to be celebrated.




Lee Min Ho with all of his fan’s gifts | @actorleeminho/Instagram
In related news, Lee Min Ho’s casting in Pachinko was confirmed earlier this year. The series will be based on the historical fiction novel of the same name and will follow the story of a Korean family who immigrates to Japan, where they become subjects of racism.

The series has already garnered hot attention for not just the incredible plot line, but also for its A-List cast. Lee Min Ho will be acting alongside Minari star and Oscar winner Youn Yuh Jung, as well as numerous other notable actors.






Pachinko has already begun filming and will premiere sometime in 2021 on Apple TV+.



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Indian fans mark Lee Min Ho’s birthday by feeding orphan kids and sending gifts all the way to Korea

By - TIMESOFINDIA.COMCreated: Jun 22, 2021




Actor Lee Min Ho turned a year older today and fans or Minoz, as they are called, are leaving no stone unturned to make it even more special for their star. To mark the occasion, Lee Min Ho’s Indian fandom, Lee Min Ho Lovers India has arranged not one but several surprises.
The fan club has made a generous donation to the Aryan Ashraya foundation, an orphanage for kids in Bangalore, by sponsoring meals for the kids there. They have also arranged for a water purifier for them. Besides this, the fan club has also made yet another donation of Rs 15000 to the World Wide Fund for Nature preservation.
If this wasn’t enough, fans from India have also gifted pink orchids that represent grace and joy to the birthday boy. They have also sent a dreamcatcher, along with doodle artwork and digital art. Take a look:




Talking about the inspiration behind the gifts, the admin of the club, Rajitha says, “The donation and contribution to WWF is our way of expressing how Oppa Lee Min Ho has always inspired us to help people in need and protect nature and animals. We Minoz India, wish you a very happy birthday Lee Min Ho oppa. Hope you liked the gifts. A big thanks to Minoz India who have contributed to this project and are coming forward to help people and protect nature. We wish that Lee Min Ho visits India soon.”
The fan club has also been a part of a global project where they sponsored a special digital billboard at Gangnam station of Seoul in South Korea, that displays a congratulatory video for the actor. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho marked his special day by thanking his fans for birthday wishes and treated them to a rare baby photo on social media.




Lee Min Ho has a fun hobby that you probably didn’t know about




Lee Min Ho has a fun hobby that you probably didn’t know aboutLee Min Ho has a fun hobby that you probably didn’t know about
Thanks to the clips from Lee Min Ho Films, we now know that this celeb likes to explore natural areas and spend time with Choco, but she has another hobby in which she is very talented.

If you are a fan of this actor surely you have wondered how he spends his free time when he is away from the recording set or the photo sessions for different brands, this boy’s agenda almost always has activities that demonstrate his great popularity, but when it comes to a moment of recreation, the comfort of your home is more than enough.

This was demonstrated when Super Junior’s Heechul revealed what is his secret hobby. Lee Min Ho that would take many of the fans by surprise but is well known among some Korean stars.

According to the idol, Lee Min Ho enjoy playing very much video game and there is one in particular that has made him stand out.


Lee Min Ho’s Favorite Video Game


Heechul revealed that the main character’s specialty of The King: Eternal Monarch Is the game League of Legends and among the characters he prefers to use we find Ziggs and Kayle.

The Super Junior member also confessed that Lee Min Ho is known as one of the players of LOL more adept at talking about Korean entertainment figures, so we can imagine that he plays alongside several of his friends and fellow actors when he has time.

Can you imagine how much fun it would be to play League of Legends alongside this actor? In addition to this talent, Lee Min Ho He is a very good athlete so he surely does not have boring days because there are always alternatives to demonstrate his qualities.

Recently we also told you that the charm of this celeb also captivates babies, know the project dedicated to the protagonist of Boys Over Flowers that shows it.



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Good to see so many familiar faces wishing LMH a happy birthday @Blue sea 200, @Geolyvseven @Time loop:fullofhearts:


I see LMH is wearing the gigantic white tee shirt again lol.  I think his stylist needs to take him on another shopping trip.


It's really amazing @leeminhosny that LMH is gaining IG followers when he's really not been around much lately.


Am I the only one who can't see the photos that @gtLmh0622 posted?

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Is there any interest in contributing, in the future, to Minoz projects such as the Co-ex display for LMH's birthday and his debut anniversaries?  @gtLmh0622 mentioned something a couple pages back.  There is no minimum amount we would need to contribute and, of course, it's all voluntary.  It would be wonderful to have our name as a contributor, wouldn't it?

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Happy birthday Lee Min-ho: When Park Shin-hye revealed her nickname for The Heirs actor




Lee Min-ho celebrates his 34th birthday on June 22. On the occasion, we look back at the time his The Heirs co-star Park Shin-hye opened up about their bond.


Lee Min-ho celebrates his 34th birthday on June 22. While the actor has shared screen space with numerous stars, including Kim Go-eun, Son Ye-jin and Jun Ji‑hyun, his chemistry with Park Shin-hye stands out even today. The actors had starred together in The Heirs, also known as The Inheritors. While Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye impressed fans with their chemistry in The Heirs, she called him a good friend off-screen.


The Heirs aired in 2013. Lee Min-ho played the role of Kim Tan, a member of a rich family, who falls in love with Park Shin-hye's Cha Eun-sang, the daughter of their family's house help.

During the press conference of the show, Park Shin-hye revealed that she has known Lee Min-ho long before they starred together in The Heirs. As reported by Soompi, Park Shin-hye said, "I first met Lee Min Ho back in 2009 when we were modelling for a make-up brand. It was too bad that as soon as we got comfortable with each other, the shooting had to end.”

She then revealed that she called him a 'schoolchild.' She said, "Lee Min Ho’s personality is so great that I even tease him by calling him a schoolchild. We play around a lot so we feel totally at ease when we’re filming as well."


Almost a decade later, Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye haven't reunited for a series again. Park Shin-hye was last seen in Sisyphus: The Myth, which aired earlier this year. Whereas Lee Min-ho was last seen in The King: Eternal Monarch, opposite Kim Go-eun.

Lee Min-ho has Pachinko in the pipeline. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Min Jin Lee. The drama also stars Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai and Kaho Minami. He was in Canada earlier this year, wrapping up the shoot for the drama.






34th Birthday, Here Are 5 Facts About Lee Min Ho


Exactly today, Tuesday 22 June 2021, is Lee Min Ho's 34th or 35th birthday in Korean reckoning. The hashtag of Lee Min Ho is also in the row of trending topics on Twitter.

Twitter netizens, especially their fans, gave their greetings and prayers for the cast of the drama 'The Heirs'. At this birthday celebration, fans share various moments of Lee Min Ho.

The name Lee Min Ho itself is no stranger to Korean drama fans. In fact, his popularity is extraordinary to foreign countries.

As a fan, do you know that there are some facts about Lee Min Ho that sound fake but are actually true?




1. Real Name


Born on June 22, 1987, Lee Min Ho's real name is actually Lee Min Ho. When he started his acting career, he used the name “Lee Min”. However, after a while, he started using his real name again.

This is because he realized that Lee Min also means “immigration” in Korean, so it was difficult for his fans to find his name on the Internet.


2. His childhood dream


His childhood dream was to become a professional soccer player. But because he injured himself in fifth grade, he couldn't pursue his dream anymore. One of his idols in the field of football is Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo.


3. His education.


In middle school, Lee Min Ho attended an all-boys school so he said that he got along better with men. It was also during high school when he discovered his passion for acting: he joined his then agency, Starhaus Entertainment, during his senior year of high school.

As for his college education, Min Ho majored in film and art at Konkuk University. 


4. He got an offer from Hollywood.


Being a famous actor, Min Ho often gets offers to act in Hollywood. Previously he was not ready for it, so he refused an offer from Hollywood.

But now, the handsome actor will debut in Hollywood in the near future by starring in Apple's original series titled Pachinko. The Pachinko series is an adaptation of a novel with a similar title by Min Jin Lee. Pachinko tells the hopes and dreams of four generations of Korean immigrant families.


5. He is subjectively more popular than Mariah Carey.


Lee Min Ho is not only popular in South Korea, because he is also very famous in China, Thailand, and the Philippines. In fact, in the Philippines, more people attended Lee Min Ho's fanmeeting than Mariah Carey's or even Beyonce's concerts.


Those are some basic facts about Lee Min Ho!






Happy 34th birthday Lee Min Ho! The super-warm Cancer man shows his childhood photos, and his charm has not changed for many years.  On his birthday on June 22, as he again received an overflowing pile of gifts, he thanks fans all over the world, "Thank you for your blessings, I am very happy!" 






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5 Korean stars we'd love to see make Hollywood debuts




While beloved Hallyu star Lee Min Ho, who celebrates his 34th birthday today, i.e. June 22, will be starring in AppleTV+ multilingual (Korean, Japanese and English) series Pachinko, we'd love to see The King: Eternal Monarch's elite, kingly onscreen avatar make waves in a Hollywood movie. Back in 2015, Lee Min Ho had turned down the offer to star opposite Brad Pitt in a movie tentatively titled Raid.










Lee Min Ho's birthday was celebrated to the fullest and he shared a photo of his early life


The post was filled with hearts and beautiful messages from the followers of this popular Korean entertainment figure, as compliments and congratulations came in large numbers.






Lee Min Ho turns 34: Boys Over Flowers star left speechless after receiving mountain of gifts


South Korean television star Lee Min Ho celebrated his 34th birthday and decided to treat his fans to a photo of himself as a kid. He took to Instagram and thanked his fans for all the love and affection they had showered on him. In the photo, he can be seen flashing a wide smile at the camera. The fans have adored his spiky hair look and left several comments on the post. He shared another photo of the mountain of gifts from his fans, expressing his shock with an emoticon

Fan clubs trended Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho on Twitter, with most of the fans sharing old photos of him and emotional birthday wishes.






Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho: When The King: Eternal Monarch star REVEALED his favourite Hollywood movie


Back in 2010, birthday boy Lee Min Ho had shared with his fans on Twitter what his favourite Hollywood film was.


It's an exciting day for Minoz as their idol, Hallyu star Lee Min Ho is celebrating his 34th birthday today, i.e. June 22. The extremely handsome and talented actor has managed to win many hearts in his successful (and counting!) 15-year career with classic K-drama hits like Boys Over Flowers, The Heirs and Legend of the Blue Sea with his recent one being The King: Eternal Monarch.


On account of Min Ho turning a year older, we travel back to 2010 when the actor revealed to a fan which was his favourite Hollywood film. As expected, Lee's classy taste was personified in his movie choice as he picked the 2001 Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind. When the fan asked, "what is ur fav movie from hollywood?," Min Ho responded, "My favorite movie is "Beautiful mind" It is so cool." For the unversed, the Ron Howard directorial starred Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe and was inspired by Sylvia Nasar's bestselling, Pulitzer Prize-nominated 1997 book of the same name.


Check out Lee Min Ho's favourite Hollywood movie tweet HERE.



In A Beautiful Mind, Russell plays John Nash, Nobel Prize-winning American economist and mathematician, who develops paranoid schizophrenia while the film delves into the after-effects of his delusional episodes, especially how his condition burdens his wife Alicia Nash (Jennifer Connelly) and his friends.


A Beautiful Mind received eight Academy Award Nominations and won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director for Ron, Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer and Best Adapted Screenplay for Akiva Goldsman. Other categories that the biographical drama film received Oscar nominations for include Best Actor for Russell, Best Film Editing for Mike Hill and Daniel P. Hanley, Best Makeup for Greg Cannom and Colleen Callaghan and Best Original Score for James Horner.


Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho!



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Lee Min Ho Goes Viral After Posting Photo Of The Lavish Gifts He Received On His Birthday

ByHager Moore-June 23, 2021


Lee Min Ho is one of the trending topics on the web right now!




The popular hallyu actor has become 34 years old (international age), to celebrate the happy occasion many fans have sent gifts for the actor.

On June 22, Lee Min Ho posted to his Instagram to celebrate his birthday thanking fans for the gifts, the post has gone viral for how massive the gifts are.

The 3 photos he shared showing off the massive pile of gifts he’s received from fans all around the world. There are so many presents that they occupy a large room, the actor can be seen among the gifts smiling brightly. The photo has surpassed 4 million likes as of this writing.

Lee Min Ho has truly proven once again his status as one of the biggest and most beloved Korean actors ever.

Lee Min Ho is set to star in an upcoming Apple TV+ drama. Fans can’t wait to see him on screen again.




Lee Min-ho Gallery participates in the sponsorship project for children with rare intractable diseases

Seungjun Lee





The Korea Children's Association for Incurable Diseases announced that it would develop a sponsorship project for children suffering from rare diseases with the participation of DC Inside's Lee Min-ho Gallery in the donation support platform 'Sponsoring Children with Rare Incurable Diseases'.

Actor Lee Min-ho is usually showing a lot of interest and love for children's sponsorship projects with good influence, so DC Inside Lee Min-ho Gallery is a little help for children suffering from Corona 19 on the occasion of actor Lee Min-ho's birthday (June 22). He said that he joined the sponsorship to become this.

Meanwhile, actor Lee Min-ho won the Grand Prize in the National Brand Culture Category in 2017 and the Best Actor Award in the SBS Drama Awards Miniseries Fantasy/Romance Category for 'The King: Eternal Monarch' in 2020.

In addition, he took on the role of Go Han-su, the main character of ‘Pachinko,’ the US OTT platform Apple TV Plus’s domestic entry, and is reviewing the next film after filming in Korea and Canada. The drama 'Pachinko' is scheduled to air within this year.



Lee Min Ho Instagram Update: ‘Pachinko’ Star Overwhelmed by Birthday Presents from Fans


BY Geca Wills Jun 23, 2021




Lee Min Ho expressed his gratitude towards his legion of fans as he celebrated his 34th birthday.

To show his appreciation, the Hallyu star took to social media and shared a glimpse of how he spent his special day.

Over Lee Min Ho's Instagram, the "City Hunter" star donned a big bright smile while inside a room filled with presents from fans.

In a series of snaps, he looked a bit surprised as he was seen surrounded by a mountain of bouquets and a ton of balloons.

Interestingly, the actor simply posted emojis that signal how overwhelmed he is by the love from his loyal supporters.




As of this writing, Lee Min Ho's Instagram post garnered a whopping 4.4 million likes and almost 160,000 comments.

In the comment section, fans even from neighboring countries like the Philippines, India, Thailand, and more wished him good health and luck on his birthday.




"Thank you, thank you, I'm happy" Lee Min Ho's Instagram caption reads.


#LeeMinHoDay Trends on Twitter

On the day of his birthday, June 22, fans all over the world gathered on Twitter to commemorate his special day.

With his, #LeeMinHoDay went viral as his supporters wished him on his birthday alongside photos and funny memes of the Hallyu king.

Meanwhile, some fans expressed how excited they are to see him in dramas and even on the big screen.


Lee Min Ho's Upcoming Drama "Pachinko"

Speaking of Lee Min Ho's dramas, the 34-year-old actor is set to appear in the much-awaited drama "Pachinko."

This will be Apple TV+'s adaptation based on the novel written by Korean-American author Min Jin Lee.

According to multiple reports, the actor's new drama follows the story of ethnic Koreans, known as Zainichi Koreans, who live in Japan.

It depicts how these immigrants faced struggles from racial discrimination.

Aside from the OG Oppa, who plays Koh Hansu, "Pachinko" cast members include award-winning actress Youn Yuh Jung, Jung Eun Chae, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, and Kaho Minami.

In his previous interview with GQ Korea, the "Bounty Hunters" star shared that the team ended filming the show in Busan, South Korea back in December 2020.

It was then followed by a filming session in Vancouver, Canada, and flew from Korea to the Great White North in February.

During his chat with the publication, Lee Min Ho revealed that he had to audition for the part.

He mentioned that it has been more than a decade since his last audition, adding, "I thought it would be so embarrassing if I failed the audition, and I was determined to get the role, so I worked really hard to prepare for it," the Hallyu star explained.

At the time, the "The King: Eternal Monarch" star confessed that he felt "pressured" and experienced mixed emotions, but he revealed that he was "happy" when he was chosen as one of the cast.



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23 hours ago, CarolynH said:

Is there any interest in contributing, in the future, to Minoz projects such as the Co-ex display for LMH's birthday and his debut anniversaries?  @gtLmh0622 mentioned something a couple pages back.  There is no minimum amount we would need to contribute and, of course, it's all voluntary.  It would be wonderful to have our name as a contributor, wouldn't it?

I see there's some interest in this.  I think the first thing we need is a name.  Any suggestions?


I noticed a lot of blue and purple flowers.  Is there some significance with those colors?  @gtLmh0622noted it also in her pictures which I can't see:tears:


Wowee, the gigantic white shirt LMH wore on his b-day was a gift from a fan, a $200 shirt :wut:  What size shirt do you think it is--XL?  I'd love for him to wear a t-shirt from my alma mater.  The cost of shipping it to SK would probably cost more than the shirt!:lol:


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Lee Min Ho celebrates the new year with a 'mountain' of gifts and flowers


On the evening of June 22, Lee Min Ho showed off a room filled with balloons, flowers and gifts to celebrate his 34th birthday. The actor couldn't hide his happy smile at the fans' love for him.


On his personal page, Lee Min Ho shared a series of photos of himself standing among hundreds of flower bouquets, balloons and gifts to celebrate his turning of a new age. Attached to the photo, the actor did not write anything but only updated the expression of gratitude, shock and happiness for receiving so much love from fans. The movie star The Heirs also revealed a bright smile in a space filled with his birthday gifts.


Lee Min Ho's post quickly caused a fever on social networks . As of noon on June 23, the series of moments when the 34-year-old male god celebrates his birthday has attracted nearly 4.5 million likes on Instagram and about 1.5 million likes and hearts on Facebook . There are also more than hundreds of thousands of happy birthday comments for Lee Min Ho .


Also on June 22, the actor born in 1987 updated his childhood photos on the occasion of turning a new age. The image of Lee Min Ho as a child also swept all over the media and caused a storm on social networks. All of them show the strong influence of this Korean star , although he has not had any new works since the King: Eternal Monarch .

The latest project that Lee Min Ho confirmed is Pachinko , expected to be 8 episodes long. Pachinko is based on the book of the same name by writer Lee Min Jin Korean-American, tells the story of Koreans living in Japan War era world Monday. In a foreign land, they have to face prejudice and racism.


In 2019, Pachinko was nominated for the Korean National Book Award and was called "Book of the Year" by international media. The book was also praised by former President Barack Obama and recommended to readers.

In addition to Lee Min Ho, Pachinko also features Youn Yuh Jung , the star who has just won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Minari. Pachinko has already begun filming and will premiere sometime in the second half of 2021 on Apple TV+. The film is directed by Korean-American producer Su Hue and produced by author Lee Min Jin.






26 Korean Dramas That Are Total Must Watches


At the 2020 Golden Globes, South Korean director Bong Joon Ho's said "once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films," and his words could not be true.


Whether you're an avid K-drama watcher, or you're looking for something new to watch, there's a K-drama for everyone. Here are 26 of my favourites!


Boys Over Flowers




Liked Gossip Girl? …Well then you'll love this. Boys Over Flowers is the OG of K-dramas, and if you are looking for something classic, this is the one. Geum Jan-Di is a poor girl who is given a scholarship to Shinhwa High, one of the most elite schools in South Korea. There she meets the notorious F4, a group of the richest and most powerful boys in the school, and finds herself standing up to the group's leader Goo Joon-Pyo. Joon-Pyo has never been challenged before (go figure), and when he starts developing feelings for Jan-Di (typical, but I love it) he realises that not everything can be bought with money. This drama is a Korean adaptation of the Japanese show Hana Yori Dango and it is so worth watching!

Watch it on:  Netflix, Viki


The Heirs, AKA The Inheritors





This is basically the modern version of Boys Over Flowers. A tale of young love, friendship, and sacrifice. The show is truthful and heartwarming, and even though it's a typical rich boy-poor girl storyline, the love-affirming romantic scenes will tug on your emotions. Actor Lee Min-Ho plays Kim Tan, who falls in love with Cha Eun-Sang – played by none other than South Korea's sweetheart Park Shin-hye. The pair find it hard to exist in each other's worlds, but push through to find some middle ground amongst all the madness around them. This drama is ridiculously dramatic and intense and has a star-studded cast. You'll find loads of big names such as Kim Woo-bin, Fx’s Krystal Jung, and CNBLUE’s Kang Min-Hyuk.

Watch it on: Netflix, Viki








The MINOZ fan club from Argentina rented a plane and hired a professional skydiving service to hold in midair a canvas with the image of Lee Min Ho. The actor's figure seized the sky of Argentina for several minutes. 




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8 Portraits of Lee Min-ho's birthday celebration year after year with flooding gifts


Lee Min-ho is an actor who successfully brought Korean hallyu through his popular plays, ranging from 'Boys Before Flower', 'The Heirs', 'The Legend of the Blue Sea', and many more. In his personal Instagram account alone, there were over 24 million users who followed Lee Min Ho's personal account making him the first Korean actor to penetrate the 20 million mark.

Well right on Tuesday (22/6) yesterday, Lee Min-ho just celebrated his 34th birthday. His fans, MINOZ, from the corners of the world sent gifts to the idol. Almost every year, Lee Min-ho shows birthday celebrations as well as gifts given by fans.


1.Look at Lee Min-ho's portrait that appears to be in the middle of a gift pile from fans.




2. Every year, Lee Min-ho always collects his birthday gifts in one room as spacious as this.





3. Posing with this fan gifts has been Lee Min-ho's 'tradition' since 2019.




4. This is a photo taken in 2020.




5. Lee Min-ho also uploaded funny videos when it was difficult to blow birthday candles.





6. There appears to be many greeting balloons, flower bouquets, birthday cakes to unique parcels from different countries.





7. Next there is a portrait of Lee Min-ho's birthday in 2015. He celebrated his birthday by writing a song for his fans.





8. In 2014, Lee Min-ho celebrated his birthday by handing out gifts for fans and staffers he worked with. His sense of happiness was getting fuller when he accepted and gave gifts.








7 hours ago, CarolynH said:

I see there's some interest in this.  I think the first thing we need is a name.  Any suggestions?





You mean a name for our group? When we sent a gift to LMH when he went to MS, I think we called ourselves Soompi Minoz. I'm good with that, unless we can think of a better name. Hopefully, many chingus would participate in this project.


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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2022 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];

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