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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2022 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];


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20191220 Lee Min Ho : Minoz FB updated.

Thanks to your support, MINOMI is available now.
This Christmas is with MINOMI!

The quantity of MINOMI is limited.
MINOZ SHOP: http://leeminho.kr/front/product_list.php
Offline Store: Joanne Teddy Bear Paradise City Store / Joanne Teddy Bear Museum (http://joanneteddybear.com)



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Thanks @syntycheand @gtLmh0622 for the gorgeous photos of LMH!:kiss_wink: I think my favorite is the one of LMH holding the champagne glass that syntyche posted followed by the CLOSE UP by photographer Kim hee June.  

Thanks also to @1ouise for the photos from ep 4 of the DMZ.  I have yet to watch the final episode.  I have only 4.5 hours of work left for 2019, so I can watch and comment during my break.  

Here's my question of the week:  What would you give LMH for Christmas?  I'm not sure.  He has money to buy whatever he wants.  I think he would appreciate a donation in his name, but for something for him, I would lean toward something handmade.  But what?  I can't cook or bake :open_mouth: so that's out.  I'm too impatient (and have no talent) to make some artsy.  I think some kind of adventure vacation would be interesting.

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What a fun question @CarolynH. 

I would like to see him getting (ignoring time, money and sensibleness)


Tour  tickets to see the Northern lights cos he has mentioned wanting to see them on a few occasions.

Tickets for some premier league football matches especially if Son Heung- Min is playing.( because LMH loves football)

A brilliant script for a drama or movie for after The King

A brother or sister puppy for Choco


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. 




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20191222 Fan account by Minoz_Rosey.
I'll never forget the first time of seeing you. I felt my legs were weak and my heart flustered like I saw God.
And I'll never forget you coming along with shining lights, standing tall in front of me, I looked up your smiling face, that incredibly handsome face. I only want to say in my heart : " Damn ! you are too not photogenic !! "
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I just viewed the Min Ho's Good Day series, really interesting!  I especially liked the one made in Los Angeles, where his friends talk about him. He just seems like such a hard-working, kind, fun-loving, up-front person. All that and gorgeous too! Here's the link:




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Lee Min Ho Hopes To Repay Fans’ Love In The Next Level Of His Acting Career



This January, well-loved South Korean actor Lee Min Ho will be gracing the newest issue of Dazed Korea with his sophisticated looks and fashionable aura.


Flaunting his undoubtedly stunning visuals during his recent pictorial with the popular Korean magazine, the Hallyu Star exuded overflowing charms of a modern-day king.


In addition, he was able to show his impressive versatility as he effortlessly pulled off various stylish ensembles.


Aside from gracing the pictorial, Lee Min Ho likewise gamely shared his thoughts about his acting career.


In an interview with Dazed Korea, the actor first talked about his current focus as an actor. Although he shared that he actually did not have any regrets for 2019, the popular leading man revealed that he aims to give more importance to his health from now on.


“Honestly, when I was in my twenties, I was a little careless about my health, but now I’ve begun to feel the limitations of my physical fitness. I’m paying special attention to the idea that I can get as much energy as I want as long as I take good care of myself,” he said.



Asked on his plans for the “second act” or the next level of his career, Lee Min Ho sweetly answered by saying that he hope to repay fans’ unconditional love and support.


“Before enlisting in the military, I said this: ‘Thank you for joining actor Lee Min Ho in the first act of my career.’ I’m over 30 now, I’ve had a hiatus, and I’m going to be starting over after being reset. I heard that regardless of the career, if I enter my tenth year, I’ll get used to it, but I don’t want to be like that,” he began.


During his service as social worker, he candidly bared that a lot of fans came to visit. “I’m thankful for that. For now, I’m working hard as I think about paying back those expectations,” the actor sweetly added.

Meanwhile, fans can see more stunning photos and know more of his interesting interview through the January 2020 issue of Dazed Korea!



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7 minutes ago, syntyche said:

More DAZED photos

cr: eternalk1 IG 







Photos of actual DAZED magazine

cr: Elizajune weibo 20191223






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seems like the collection of LMH photos in the magazine is this thick:


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@syntyche Would there be anybody who can Translate his Interview?



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Yahoo!  I'm off from work until next year!  I'm sure time will fly.  


The reason I asked about the Good Day series is that will be another vehicle we will use to pass the time until The King airs.  Our very own @gtLmh0622 is translating the last half of the series (@gtlmh0622, please correct any inaccuracies ).  The Woodalchi Minoz have graciously allowed us to post the links.  We'll probably watch the series around Spring to allow time for the translations to be embedded on the video. Similar to the rewatch, we'll post one link a week.  I've seen all, but without translation.  


I wonder whether the upcoming dramas will be mentioned at the SBS awards.  The award show is soon, isn't it?  I'd love to see a clip, but I won't hold my breathe.  

Happy holidays everyone!:D


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