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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2022 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];


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Lee Min Ho : Minoz FB Update

Lee MInho covered the DazedKorea 2020 first issue.
He not only showed the elegance and trendy look, but made the magazine more attractive in his own mood perfectly.
Why don't you check it on the January 2020 Issue of DazedKorea








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20191219 K-news :



Lee Min-ho "'Let's enjoy the moment without losing it'"
Lee Min Ho announced the beginning of 2020 with a more mature charm.

Lee Min-ho's cover of fashion magazine 'Dazed' January issue revealed more solid through pictorial.

Lee Min-ho is more mature in a dandy and clean style.



Along with the high fashion brand Dior Man, it features elegant and trendy covers, as well as photos of Fendi Man, Perrier Week, Irror, Marcato and Dior Perfume, along with a range of attractive brands to be. The pictorial shot in Bali will be published on 38 pages.




In an interview following the photo shoot, Lee Min-ho said, "If Lee Min-ho had an impatience or fierceness in act 1, it seems to be a little different now. Don't lose time and try your best at the moment."

Lee Min-ho added, "It's a little more legitimate, mature and proficient."





Lee Minho's mature and hardened charm ahead of Act 2's life can be seen in the January issue of "Daised."

Lee will return to the Emperor in 2020 by Kim Eun-suk's The King: The Eternal Lord.







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Lee Min Ho Talks About His Health + Facing A New Point In His Career

Dec 19, 2019
by Y. Shin

Lee Min Ho recently participated in a photo shoot and interview for Dazed Korea!

On December 19, the magazine shared several photos of the actor, as well as a snippet of their interview.






When asked if he had made up his mind about anything or felt himself change in 2019, Lee Min Ho replied, “There wasn’t anything like that really, but I think I’ll have to work while keeping my health in mind. Honestly, when I was in my 20s, I was a little careless about my health, but now I’ve begun to feel the limitations of my physical fitness. I’m paying special attention to the idea that I can get as much energy as I want as long as I take good care of myself.”


Lee Min Ho later talked about the “second act” of his career. He commented, “Before enlisting in the military, I said this: ‘Thank you for joining actor Lee Min Ho in the first act [of his career].’ I’m over 30 now, I’ve had a hiatus, and I’m going to be starting over after being reset. I heard that regardless of the career, if I enter my tenth year, I’ll get used to it, but I don’t want to be like that. Compared to when I was in my first act, I have different attitudes and feelings about work. When I was a social service worker, I had a lot of fans who came to my place of service every day. I’m thankful for that. For now, I’m working hard as I think about paying back those expectations.”


Lee Min Ho’s pictorial and interview can be found in the January issue of Dazed.


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OMG so handsome...i just died a bit. the gaze...oh dear !  I thought the previous mag was his best but this one is daebak !  i think it's a very grand opening to 2020


Dear Mr. Lee Min Ho..if you lurking on this thread I just want to say Thank You. Amidst the daily chaos, hustle and bustle of our life we can always count on your charms and surprises to lighten up our day .. As much as I am impatience with your new drama I'm looking forward to supporting you throughout your 2nd Act and enjoying the moment with you as a fan. Wishing you a successful return and may health and happiness be with you. Dazed the emperor !

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Actor Lee Min Ho opens up about next stage of his life in 'Dazed' interview



Actor Lee Min Ho opened up about how he's matured in his interview for 'Dazed' magazine.

'Dazed' is starting the new year with Lee Min Ho as the cover model for its January issue, and the magazine revealed previews of the actor's photo shoot in Bali. In an interview after the shoot, he opened up about the next stage of his life. 

Lee Min Ho expressed, "If there was impatience and intensity in the first stage of Lee Min Ho's life, it's a little different now. My intention is not to forget ease and to enjoy each moment by doing my best with more firmness, maturity, and skill."



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Netizen comments :

(+77,0) Wow! Lee Minho looks so handsome and cool.

(+61,0) Lee Minho is handsome and his mind is cool. Looking forward to the King!

(+55,0) I'm rooting for actor Lee Min-ho's second act.

(+41,0) Lee Minho I will support you and The King!

(+39,0) I will look forward to The King, Lee Minho fighting!

(+10,0) Lee Minho acting is as good as his handsome face .


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Thank you @syntyche for keeping us up to date with Lee Min Ho News. These Dazed Pictorial are hot!! can't wait to see the rest and read the article.


Also, am i the only one in this forum who can't wait to see Min Ho and Go Eun Chemistry together? I really hope they nail it! They are both my favorite leading Actor/Actress in Kdramaland, So i was really stoke to hear they are leading together. Even Slightly Hoping they fall for each other in real life heheh :)

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20191220 Lee Min Ho : Minoz FB updated.

Thanks to your support, MINOMI is available now.
This Christmas is with MINOMI!

The quantity of MINOMI is limited.
MINOZ SHOP: http://leeminho.kr/front/product_list.php
Offline Store: Joanne Teddy Bear Paradise City Store / Joanne Teddy Bear Museum (http://joanneteddybear.com)



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Thanks @syntycheand @gtLmh0622 for the gorgeous photos of LMH!:kiss_wink: I think my favorite is the one of LMH holding the champagne glass that syntyche posted followed by the CLOSE UP by photographer Kim hee June.  

Thanks also to @1ouise for the photos from ep 4 of the DMZ.  I have yet to watch the final episode.  I have only 4.5 hours of work left for 2019, so I can watch and comment during my break.  

Here's my question of the week:  What would you give LMH for Christmas?  I'm not sure.  He has money to buy whatever he wants.  I think he would appreciate a donation in his name, but for something for him, I would lean toward something handmade.  But what?  I can't cook or bake :open_mouth: so that's out.  I'm too impatient (and have no talent) to make some artsy.  I think some kind of adventure vacation would be interesting.

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