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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2022 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];


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A young woman promised not to wash her hands after the opportunity to shake hands with a South Korean artist, Lee Min Ho. The phrase was recorded in a video until it finally became viral on social media.





10 Portrait of Lee Min Ho While in Bali, Auranya is Very Bright!
It's good to have you here, Lee Min Ho!




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Lotte Duty Free, which is famous for its large Hallyu star marketing, is actively targeting Millenial  customers with another marketing called LDF. The YouTube account, 계정darn TV, operated by Lotte Duty Free, has surpassed 550,000 subscribers, maintaining the No. 1 spot in the Korean company's YouTube account.


" Since it is a duty-free shop, we have been doing a lot of marketing for foreigners, and naturally using new media such as online, " Nam said. " When other companies and brands are moving to YouTube or New Media Marketing, it was a big opportunity to move faster. "


" After analyzing the characteristics of the Millenial generation, they realized that they were interested in fun and experience and love language play, " Nam said. " By combining the LDF, the abbreviation for Lotte Duty Free, which is the English version of Lotte Duty Free, into Korean, we created a new name called " Yum. "


" Recently, we have expanded the meaning of ' Let's Do Something Fun ' along with Yum and are approaching more interesting content to our customers at home and abroad. " Six members of the 20s-30s team gathered together and poured out fresh ideas.


Lotte Duty Free is focusing on " Hallyu Star Marketing, " which features the biggest stars of the time, including BTS (BTS), EXO, TWI, Super Junior, Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, Lee Jong-seok.


" If the Hallyu star played a role in promoting Lotte Duty Free in foreign countries, we wanted to show reliable and authentic content to Koreans through the letter, " Nam said.


Lotte Duty Free has teamed up with Influence to try out shopping entertainment and introduced contents with hallyu stars that have story lines such as web dramas and music videos.


" Recently, we are planning to establish a pool in the global economy by selecting not only countries where Lotte Duty Free is already in the market, but also Australia, the United States and Europe, " said Nam Gong-hee, the manager of the company.



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LOTBS ep. 16.

There was so much happening in this episode but I was a bit disappointed that our two leads only had one scene together. I wish he had given her a proper birthday kiss and not the peck that she got! I think it was the first time we saw JJ writing in the exercise book - which of course was so vital to him during her 3 year absence.


The reunion with mum was very emotional  but the scene I loved  best between them was when they stood outside the gate to his house and she asked him about Cheongi- the way JJ looked down and grinned showing his dimples -gorgeous - and the way he acted like a typical son telling her to be careful around cars was so touching.


Did you notice how during the party scene LMH was the only one who didn’t wear a party hat! The interaction between Nam Do and HongJin Kyung is really comical (did we ever hear her name) The supporting cast were so good in this drama.


Another  good scene was when Nam Do asked Mum if she knew who Kang Ji Hyun was - and JJ, although really shocked, deliberately shut Nam Do up from saying too much- not that SC was fooled. 

The scene between JJ and his  dad was so sad- and frustrating- and the end bit when Dad called JJ a bastard was gut wrenching. 

Finally poor Shi ah- unrequited love must be awful- to long for someone for so long and so hopelessly- ahh ( but I still don’t like her!)


Have a great weekend everyone- let’s hope we get lots more of The King news next week.





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LOTBS, Ep 16.


Every time I watch this series I'm really affected by the scene between JJ and his dad. They both behaved badly. JJ is filled with pity and grief to see his father in that state, but he still only has harsh words for him. If he had approached him more kindly, his father might have believed him and gone with him. And his dad is just a stubborn jerk. I've said before that it was puzzling to me why JJ was so forgiving of his mother and so condemning of his father. But the big difference is that she acknowledged that she wronged him but his father never did, always maintaining that everything was hunky dory in their family. Denying a child's reality, like his father did, is incredibly damaging and hurtful. 


And I felt pity for the villain. Something is very wrong with his brain, and he only gets punished again and again. It's really too late to help him, but I can't help but feel for him.  Sort of like killing a black widow spider. They can't help being what they are, but you don't want to let one run around your house.


Thank goodness that SC and the others lighten the mood. Her loving attitude toward her friends and her relationship with JJ provided a balance to the really sad and dark side of this episode.

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On 10/5/2019 at 5:17 PM, CarolynH said:

I'm with you.  I really can't get passed how quickly HJJ and the mother bond.  It's the one thing that bothers me about the drama.  More next week

He spent his youth searching for his mom, he left to find her. It does not make sense to get upset at her, now that he finds her. He also blames his dad having a second wife.

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Anyone noticed that in Secretary's Nam dream, he was facing doppelganger Chi Hyun who was the one who actually killed DY. The one next to him was Nam Doo's doppelganger.  So is Nam Doo going to betray JJ in the present? He is trying so hard to remember something about SC everytime he stubs his foot.

I love LMH in the scene where talks to his dad in the room and when he tries to take his dad away, his expression was spot on and when his dad called him a fraud, his devastated look was just so sad to watch. Great acting. He also looked very handsome.


SC was really upset when she realized that their past selves died and did not have a happy ending. She was upset at JJ. I don't understand why though. She should have realized that he lied because he wanted to protect her and could not bear to make her sad. I think she is a bit unfair to him here.


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cr:  as tagged



LBS episode 16

I do like how these episodes mix the emotional with the comical moments. 


I love the fashionista at SC's b-day party complaining about the food.   How ironic that HJJ was eating the food his omma was making for Shi Ah to bring to her boyfriend.  @lindyloo421 I didn't notice HJJ wasn't wearing a birthday hat, but he was holding it.  I thought it was funny when Nam do told Shi Ah that HJJ found his omma.  And fashionista asking for a party bag with the goodies is a hoot!  


And finally we find out that Chi Hyeon is involved.  But, its sad when he finds out that Ma da young is related. The stepmother (what's her name?) is much worse than MDY.   Her only redeeming quality is her love for her son.  


HJJ is so sweet giving SC the pink octopus.  You wouldn't think of anything of scene where HJJ is writing in his diary, but of course we later find out why that scene had meaning.  

So funny that Det Mimi and the sidekick help HJJ break in the Heo household.  It's so sad that the last remembrance father and son have each other is an argument. The father wants HJJ to return, but he still treats him badly.   i don't think the father has a right to be upset that HJJ turned into a conman.  HJJ had to make his way when he was still in high school with no support from his parents, what did the father expect?  

I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see any photos from the King, but I would at least like little tidbits about the filming.  If it's pre-produced, I wonder if the goal is to film one episode a week.  If it's 16 episodes, then they would be in finished in January, I guess.

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Thanks for all your comments!


Heartwarming scene when mother and son finally meet. And I love Joon Jae's cute boyish grin when mom asks if Cheong is his girlfriend. :wub:







When Jeon Jae learns about his stepmom's previous name, he is stunned. He probably thought that with his stepmom's record of two ex-husbands going blind and dying by accident, his father might be next. So he cuts Nam Doo from telling more and tries to dismiss it.



So now it's revealed that in the Joseon period, Nam Doo and Chi Hyun were actually working together, chasing after Dam Ryeong's friend (ajhussi). Seeing these two together is enough to make viewers uneasy and wonder if they really are villains (and hope that they're otherwise).


Awww, finally, Sim Cheong gets hold of the elusive stuffed octopus! Such sweet gifts from Joon Jae. And good for her, she's friends with her future mother-in-law, who even sleeps beside her.


Haha, aren't these lovebirds cute when Sim Cheong asks for her birthday kiss? I agree, she should have gotten more than a peck! But that peck was enough though, to make her heart beat well (and fast :P).





Right, Joon Jae writing in his diary seems to be irrelevant at this point, but boy, we later realize that it does help to take down notes!




Finally, Joon Jae takes a stand against Chi Hyun on taking care of his father. And as Joon Jae was approaching Chi Hyun and team, he actually looks more chaebol-like.




Oh, another con job, but this time, it's not money they're stealing, but Joon Jae's father. With the help of the ladies - Sim Cheong and mom. And Det Mimi!


"Joon Jae is hit with a wave of emotion as he looks around his old home for the first time in years" - how is LMH able to convey that emotion just by standing there? Oh those eyes, even if partly concealed by a baseball cap, can say a thousand words.




In the confrontation scene of Joon Jae and his dad, unlike his warm welcome to his mom, we see bitterness and resentment between the two. Their conversation could have really gone a better way, and Joon Jae should have just gotten his dad out of that house before he ends up like stepmom's ex-husbands. Unfortunately, dad is in denial and thinks his son-turned-conman is a bad guy. I agree, LMH's acting in this scene is again on point, from bitterness to anger to rejection.





I remember in a previous episode that Sim Cheong made Joon Jae promise to only tell good lies and not tell lies that hurt other people. Maybe that is where she is coming from, when she felt betrayed by Joon Jae lying about the story of Dam Ryeong and Se Hwa. Well, she didn't make him promise to stop telling lies completely, and wasn't the lie meant for her own good? Seeing her previous self die tragically must have made matters worse, as it doesn't quite promise a happy ending for her own story.


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Movies, dramas become new lucrative business for S. Korean internet companies

South Korea’s leading internet firms are seeking to boost their presence in the entertainment industry by capitalizing on online content popular here and overseas.

Using their internet cartoons, K-pop streaming services and other web-based items, Naver and Kakao have been accelerating their efforts to monetize lucrative content by adapting them into movies and dramas.

In addition to establishing drama studios and streaming platforms, the internet giants have acquired stakes in local entertainment companies to enhance cooperation with top artists and social media influencers.

“Based on our business portfolio ranging from music to videos and other items, we will come up with more content that can expand the ecosystem,” said Kim Seong-soo, who leads Kakao’s entertainment unit Kakao M.

Since its establishment in 2016 with the acquisition of Loen Entertainment, Kakao M has been expanding into content production. Popular movie stars -- such as Lee Byung-hun from the megahit drama “Little Ms. Sunshine” -- work with the company.

Kakao M has also made a foray into the film business by acquiring Korean movie studios behind box office hits, including the studio that made “The Spy Gone North” and “Kundo: Age of the Rampant.”

Last month, the company announced it had attracted investments from movie stars and social media influencers. Actors Hyun Bin and Lee Min-ho, stylist Han Hye-yeon and other influencers participated in the fundraising worth 68.8 billion won ($57.5 million)

“As a member and shareholder of Kakao M, the participants would share a greater sense of responsibility for the company’s business operations,” said Kakao M. “It would help us (create) quality content across various platforms.”






The new promotional photos of actor Lee Min Ho received many compliments from fans, especially female fans.

Recently, Lee Min Ho 's promotional photos for King Sejong Academy were posted online. In the photo, the "Boys Over Flowers" actor dressed in a white shirt combined with bright pants and sneakers.


Dressed up simply, Lee Min Ho conquered with his handsome appearance and sunny smile, making many girls crazy. In the angle of shooting, Lee Min Ho showed all the beauty on his face, including his high nose and very charming eyes.







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LMH in LOTBS episode 16:


Thanks for all the comments!


The plot moved forward a lot in this episode--mostly serious moments with a little comedy.








We still don't know if Nam-doo will betray JJ.  (And even Chi-Hyeon could change.)  Their behavior is still ambiguous.  Good job by the writer and actors!




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10 minutes ago, gtLmh0622 said:

I have done the order of L'Officiel Hommes YK Edition on Gmarket.


USD8.14 is cheaper than USD8.34 on yes24.
But the shipping fee is more expensive than the magazine.






Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing this. As far as I know, customer is responsible for customs issues in Yes24 & it is not responsible for any customs duties imposed on import duties. And shipment that exceeds certain country’s duty-free standards may be charged extra with related imposing taxes.  VAT & Warehouse fee are also added to the shipping fee.  Each country and courier company has a different way of calculating the latter.  If imposed taxes or warehouse fees are not paid, products can be sent back or discarded. Yes24 is Korea’s biggest online bookstore, which controls 42% of the market. Gmarket is a little expensive, though.  :P

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I wanted to get the magazine as well so tried Yes24 and Gmarket but neither  have an option to pay in British currency. It’s on eBay but delivery date is quoted as November! But the pictures look incredible so will just have to order and wait!


Willenette is right about maybe having to pay extra duty. I had to pay import tax on my Minoz membership parcel.


I’m assuming the Bali shoot was for a different magazine.


It’s amazing to me how he can look so different between the Institute pictures and the magazine ones- he is so versatile.

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27 minutes ago, Lindyloo421 said:

I wanted to get the magazine as well so tried Yes24 and Gmarket but neither  have an option to pay in British currency. It’s on eBay but delivery date is quoted as November! But the pictures look incredible so will just have to order and wait!


Willenette is right about maybe having to pay extra duty. I had to pay import tax on my Minoz membership parcel.


I’m assuming the Bali shoot was for a different magazine.


It’s amazing to me how he can look so different between the Institute pictures and the magazine ones- he is so versatile.


It seems lots of pictures than we have seen on SNS now. So I decided to have one.  :P You may find more pictures in following video.



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1 hour ago, gtLmh0622 said:


It seems lots of pictures than we have seen on SNS now. So I decided to have one.  :P You may find more pictures in following video.


Thanks for sharing the video, @gtLmh0622. Looks like the magazine's got 36 pages of LMH awesomeness. B) 


More lovely photos from L'Officiel Hommes YK Edition

cr: minoz_moonshine


































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