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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko]

look back on a classic!   

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  1. 1. FAVORITE SCENES FROM BOF (Choose up to 3)

    • Entry of the F4
    • Jandi shoving her ice cream in GJP's face after he told her to lick his shoe
    • Jandi's flying kick in GJP's face
    • GJP's afraid of a bee
    • GJP sees Jandi and Ji Hoo kissing
    • When the plane flew overhead as GJP told Jandi that they should date
    • GJP asks Jandi if he can visit her family because he never knew what a family was like until he met hers
    • GJP rejecting Jandi on the bridge in Macau
    • Jandi rejecting GJP in the airport as she left Macau with Ji Hoo
    • GJP and Jae Kyung fighting over shoes in the store in Macau
    • GJP clutching the pink stuffed cat Jandi gave him for his birthday while he slept
    • Jandi going in GJP's room and breaking down (ep20)
    • GJP chasing the bus after Jandi said good bye
    • Jin Hee asking her mother what is more important, Shin Hwa or GJP after GJP was hit by a car.
    • None of the above. What's your favorite scene?

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1 hour ago, Min2206 said:


Was just thinking  --  LMH was saying that he started this directing / filming as a hobby, right (correct me if I am wrong)?    Seeing him here, discussing and guiding them on how he wants it to flow, the focus, the dramatic feel, is kinda like showing to fans or anyone, that he has this natural ability to visualize  on "directing"  - he is  really CREATIVE .  I suppose one day, soon, he will be a FILM DIRECTOR or producer in future (but that would be behind the scene)


I totally agree with you! I also hope that in the future Lee Min Ho will become a real director and will shoot not only small videos, but full-length films. Lee Min Ho can also become a producer, he has everything for this - a strong character, his own vision and talent.

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1 hour ago, Thong Thin said:

Like the way both walk like SWAT Team going on a mission! 


This PD sure knows  how to FIRE our imagination !

Thank you @leeminhosny for this  - that's slow-mo smile and gaze of LMH 

And the hair-fiddling clips.  LMH kept doing that.  Even ruffling his hair from the back.  :ilike:

I was right .. even Jong Wan said LMH is like a director!   How come I missed this part? (was rushing just now before dinner time)  .. kekeke
mian he .. and thanks again @leeminhosny




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4 hours ago, Min2206 said:

Who is this Jong Wan  - composer?


Kim Jong-wan is a member of the band Nell.  


He is the writer and producer of Lee Seung-gi's song "The Dreamer's Dream."




He also did "Gravity" for TKEM.





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@Min2206 missed you too chingu. Nell - Jang wan is the one who did Gravity for TKEM.


the first scene with the cameras  brought me memories of TKEM - clever on LMH to bring in the TKEM feel to associate the person who they were going to meet, if that is what he was intended to do. 

looks like LMH doesn’t want us to stay in out RL, keeping us content after content. 

The sexiest parts of this video was LMH’s laugh - :heart2beat:

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3 hours ago, leeminhosny said:

He was a bit drunk :joy:


This whole video is so refreshing and full of good moments. All of them are so natural. I like that they are showing us the insides of a production work and that they are really working on the ideas and the production, on full professional mode, but also having fun since they are friends. 

I am looking forward to the guitar version of the song. I am all for acoustic! 


@Areumdaun does your name means beautiful in Korean? I think I understood that in the last King Sejong advertisement. Sorry if I am overstepping, but I heard the word and remembered of your user name. 

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29 minutes ago, 1ouise said:

Kim Jong-wan is a member of the band Nell.  

He is the writer and producer of Lee Seung-gi's song "The Dreamer's Dream."

He also did "Gravity" for TKEM.


Thank you @1ouise
Now I can relate .. yes to Gravity - one of my TKEM fav songs in addition to Maze and Orbit. 


17 minutes ago, Areumdaun said:

@Min2206 missed you too chingu. Nell - Jang wan is the one who did Gravity for TKEM.

The sexiest parts of this video was LMH’s laugh 

Missing you too @Areumdaun chingu.    His infectious laughter and the hair-flipping below :love:


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I’m lapping up LMH the Director. Focused, purposeful and so caring toward his talent. The standard way is to release the main video then show the BTS.  But no, he first shows us how the collab came to be, to pique our interest. Then he shows us the process, further building up anticipation.  Have no idea what comes next...pushing LSG to do things he won’t otherwise do? By the time the main video comes out, the Airens and Minoz have already fused into one giant fandom: the AiNoz or MinRens! Bwahaha :tounge_xd:


His giggles...hearty laugh...constant fiddling of his hair...googoo eyes toward Seunggi...we stan a boy-man, a Peter Pan lol :sweat_smile:


I realized that the image he’s showing us in  his videos is not too far from what we’ve seen in his numerous drama BTS, his Good Day Series and 8 Letters.  He’s a real fun-loving guy, surrounds himself with like-minded people, always caring and child-like. That’s why we hurt so much when criticisms are leveled against him.  Just like he said, some people are surprised that his RL persona is different from his on-screen image, which prompted him to do his YT series.  So non-fans are discovering now the real LMH.  This makes me a very happy fan :allgoodlol:

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im getting spoiled by lmh this days :gangnamstyle:. i cant get enough of him :bawling:. now im too greedy i want daily new content :hwaiting:. i need to get mysef together 


btw i liked this comment under his last video :thumbsup::


"People first release the main thing then post Behind the scenes. But for Minho its different. He first showed us all the behind the scene footages of how the whole thing came together, makes us impaitient, make us wait and then uploads the main thing. That's such a unique idea of him. Why the hell is he so perfect? At this point i am just head over heels for him"

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15 minutes ago, Missprincesa said:

I just saw this on twitter. It is reliable? What does Eleos mean? 


Maybe they changed title of drama to Eleos (English name)  I also saw it in some article 

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