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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko]

look back on a classic!   

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  1. 1. FAVORITE SCENES FROM BOF (Choose up to 3)

    • Entry of the F4
    • Jandi shoving her ice cream in GJP's face after he told her to lick his shoe
    • Jandi's flying kick in GJP's face
    • GJP's afraid of a bee
    • GJP sees Jandi and Ji Hoo kissing
    • When the plane flew overhead as GJP told Jandi that they should date
    • GJP asks Jandi if he can visit her family because he never knew what a family was like until he met hers
    • GJP rejecting Jandi on the bridge in Macau
    • Jandi rejecting GJP in the airport as she left Macau with Ji Hoo
    • GJP and Jae Kyung fighting over shoes in the store in Macau
    • GJP clutching the pink stuffed cat Jandi gave him for his birthday while he slept
    • Jandi going in GJP's room and breaking down (ep20)
    • GJP chasing the bus after Jandi said good bye
    • Jin Hee asking her mother what is more important, Shin Hwa or GJP after GJP was hit by a car.
    • None of the above. What's your favorite scene?

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover the actor that has a huge fan base ~ Lee Min Ho. for many kdrama fans, boys over flowers was their first drama

cto WEBSITE II TWITTER II FACEBOOK II WEIBO II INSTAGRAM                      Official Social Media                    FACEBOOK:  Lee Minho                 INSTAGRAM:  

thanks to all the chingus who came, posted, hit those buttons and participated to make this birthday bash a success. @yuiy78 @syntyche @kokodus @SophieH @angelangie @gtLmh0622 @Heretorant

Year Ender 2020: The top 10 Korean showbiz stories


Below is a list of the year's biggest newsmakers in the entertainment industry


Singapore — Here’s our pick of the Top 10 Korean showbiz stories for this year:



Lee Min Ho becomes first Korean star to hit 20 million followers on Instagram




Lee Min Ho who acted in The King: Eternal Monarch recently has become the first Korean celebrity to surpass 20 million followers on Instagram. He also garnered 20 million followers on Facebook. His agency confirmed that the actor has set a new record with his social media account. He hit the 20 million followers mark on Instagram.


This remarkable milestone came just a few weeks after The Legend of the Blue Sea star reached 20 million followers on Facebook as well. Aside from Instagram and Facebook, the actor also has more than 28.63 million followers on Weibo and three million followers on Twitter.



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : https://theindependent.sg/year-ender-2020-the-top-10-korean-showbiz-stories/

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15 hours ago, CarolynH said:

I like the 2013 suit too.  I didn't realize until much later, that there was a pattern.  Since it was subtle, it was fine.  Nothing will top the 2016 award-just total overall look.  But maybe he'll surprise me this year by looking even more handsome--if that's possible.:o

There is a pattern?? Tell me everything about it! I am all eyes! 


15 hours ago, gtLmh0622 said:

I just tried on my pad.




Above link didn't work and show "This stream requires Flash Player. Please check the menu for alternative streams." So I checked the menu and changed to



It worked, even worked on my computer.

Now I really don't remember I watched "The King" by which link, but definitely was aqstream.

Thank you!! Stream 2 does work on my phone! :hooray2:

10 hours ago, Min2206 said:


Well @Nikaa94  I too have the same issue, tried @leeminhosny and  @gtLmh0622 links, could not get it up.  Guess I will be waiting on the thread.   Will check on @willenette's one later, when at home.   



Have you found a way? I think you just need to try the different websites in different devices: for example, aqstream.com 4 does not work on my phone, because of flash, but aqstream 2 does work. Neither of those work in my mother's computer but SBS website works there and not on my phone. Keep trying! Fighting! 


5 hours ago, lupeace said:

And this is one of the reasons of why I like Lee Min Ho (apart from the looks, the acting skills and his laugh). 


@Nikaa94sorry, but, for me, LMH with brown or black hair, not blond and not red. :sweatingbullets: He has lovely tanned skin and I like him in more natural hair colours. 

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In this incredibly emotional scene, Lee Gon charges ahead on his white horse, the perfect knight in shining armor to save Jung Tae Eul. However, Tae Eul herself has put up the bravest fight when faced with a threat to her life in a land wholly alien to her. It is particularly significant because of how Tae Eul finally surrenders herself to Lee Gon because she doesn’t need to fight anymore. He will protect her at all costs.

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This is soooooooo good:criesariver: 


Omg this is so funny :lol: it has English subtitle, make sure to watch 




Lee Min Ho is so sweet, always cares about his fans, so thoughtful and kind :heart1:




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On 12/29/2020 at 10:36 PM, willenette said:

"The King: Eternal Monarch" Lee MinHo & Kim GoEun as Lee Gon & TaeEul. The scene where emperor Lee Gon rescued TaeEul is the most romantic of this year. Riding his horse, he said to his guards: "Protect her she is the future queen of The Kingdom of Corea" and then gracefully killed a few guys with his swords before running to her and hugging her tightly.



I watched a lot of KDramas this year.. the most I've ever watched and this scene was definitely one of the most memorable scenes of the year.. actually this entire episode from TKEM.


Btw are any of the other TKEM actors attending the SBS awards? Do you'll know? I hope they all get a few awards. 

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40 minutes ago, Edgar Pordwed said:


I watched a lot of KDramas this year.. the most I've ever watched and this scene was definitely one of the most memorable scenes of the year.. actually this entire episode from TKEM.


Btw are any of the other TKEM actors attending the SBS awards? Do you'll know? I hope they all get a few awards. 

As far as I have read on twitter, only LMH has confirmed attendance. 

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Lee Min-ho, together with his agency, donated 50 million won to children who were abused (official)




Actor Lee Min-ho is continuing his good influence by giving donations for abused children.


On December 28, Lee Min-ho and MYM Entertainment delivered 50 million won in donations for abused children to a total of three child protection agencies, Holt Children's Welfare Association, Good Neighbors and Save the Children, through the donation platform "PROMIZ." Lee Min-ho, who has always been interested in child welfare and has been engaged in awareness improvement activities, noted the increase in the incidence of child abuse in the family due to Covid-19. The donation will be used to support programs on child abuse and family relationship improvement to prevent child abuse and reduce emotional side effects.


This year, they all had a hard year due to COVID-19, but the news of Lee Min-ho's warm good deed has been a comfort and a model for many. In particular, this move is more meaningful because it was made during the spread of COVID-19. Earlier this year, Lee Min-ho donated 300 million won to prevent its spread to help prevent infection of children in the immune-vulnerable class and purchase quarantine supplies for medical staff. He then continued to do good deeds for abused children at the end of the year and sent another helping hand.


Promiz said, "As children spend more time at home than ever due to the spread of COVID-19, we decided to donate in the hope that abused children in the family will be protected." In addition, they added, "We hope that this donation will serve as an opportunity for the spread of interest in abused children who are not cared for in blind spots, and that practical help will be delivered to vulnerable children."


This year, actor Lee Min-ho and MYM Entertainment were selected as a "community contribution recognized company" in recognition of their continued campaign to donate and improve awareness through the donation platform " Promiz.". The Community Contribution Recognition System" is a system that finds companies that continue to engage in social contribution activities in cooperation with non-profit organizations in the community and encourages them in recognition of their contributions." As such, Lee Min-ho practices continuous interest and sharing of the socially vulnerable, creating a warm breeze in many people's hearts.


On the other hand, Lee Min-ho has confirmed his appearance as the main character of the drama 'Pachinko' produced by global OTT service Apple TV+.




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Lee Min Ho Makes Donation To Organizations Working To Protect Children From Abuse




Lee Min Ho recently made another contribution to his long history of giving to charitable causes.


On December 28, Lee Min Ho and MYM Entertainment donated 50 million won (about $46,000) through the donation platform PROMIZ to Holt Children’s Services Inc, Good Neighbors International, and Save the Children, three organizations specializing in the protection of vulnerable children.


Lee Min Ho has long been interested in child welfare and has steadily made donations and participated in awareness campaigns to promote this cause. His most recent donation was motivated by the fact that the rate of child abuse at the hands of family members has increased as the COVID-19 pandemic has confined more people at home.

Lee Min Ho’s donation will be used to support programs that aim to improve family relationships and provide psychological counseling to victims of child abuse in order to help victims with the emotional aftereffects and prevent further abuse.


This is not the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic that Lee Min Ho has given back to charitable causes. At the beginning of 2020, he donated 300 million won (about $276,000) toward efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including providing personal protection equipment to health care workers and children with vulnerable immune systems.

PROMIZ stated, “He decided to make the donation in order to protect children who are suffering from abuse by family members at a time when children are spending more time at home than before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He hopes that this donation will raise awareness for the victims of child abuse who are suffering in the dark and also provide practical assistance to vulnerable children.”


In 2020, Lee Min Ho and MYM Entertainment received official recognition as a business that has made significant social contributions to local communities due to their consistent donations and awareness campaigns through PROMIZ. Under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea National Council on Social Welfare, this recognition discovers and encourages companies that have consistently engaged in social contribution activities in cooperation with nonprofit organizations in local communities.


Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently preparing for the upcoming Apple TV+ drama “Pachinko,” based on a book of the same name.



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Just now, CarolynH said:

I'd like to see a movie log of LMH getting ready for the awards tonight.  I'd like to see how long he takes to get ready, the emotions etc

omg I’m going to literally die from happiness if that happens :Please::wut:

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