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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover the actor that has a huge fan base ~ Lee Min Ho. for many kdrama fans, boys over flowers was their first drama

cto WEBSITE II TWITTER II FACEBOOK II WEIBO II INSTAGRAM                      Official Social Media                    FACEBOOK:  Lee Minho                 INSTAGRAM:  

thanks to all the chingus who came, posted, hit those buttons and participated to make this birthday bash a success. @yuiy78 @syntyche @kokodus @SophieH @angelangie @gtLmh0622 @Heretorant

6 minutes ago, gtLmh0622 said:

He's so handsome in all black, and elegant like a real king.  :love:




Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing the picture - I very much agree with you. He looks COOLER in all black. You will never go wrong with "Black" - This is the shade that won’t clash & won’t add pounds. And it’s surprisingly easy to pull off. Investing in black clothing could actually save you money since everything goes together. :lol:

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Lee Min Ho caused a fever with a series of handsome behind the scenes photos


Still the "prince of dreams" of girls, Lee Min Ho has returned and showed off his handsome looks in a series of photos taken behind the scenes.

In Korean cinema, it would surely be a mistake to ignore the name Lee Min Ho. Indeed, with handsome looks hard to resist, beautiful male born in 1987 has never made the audience "disappointed" every time.

And whether it's on film, the red carpet, a series of everyday photos or photos in the backstage, Lee Min Ho has always proved to be "a male god" when he's beautiful.


In April 2019, Lee Min Ho officially discharged from the army before the welcome of millions of fans across Asia. The return of the  Heirs  is like a "shower of rain" to cool the barren souls because fans had to wait for "the male god" during his 2 years of absence to perform his military service. Lee Min Ho re-appeared with images showing off his "cool" appearance that seemed to have stirred up the whole Korean showbiz, causing the media to be "busy" and the fans "standing still."

And recently, in a series of photos taken behind the scenes of an advertisement shooting session, the 33-year-old man once again caused a stir on the entire social network as he showed off his "hard to rival" handsome appearance. Although it was just random and completely un-edited photos, even fluttering, every line of Lee Min Ho's face was unbelievably perfect.









There is no need to argue more about Lee Min Ho's handsome appearance, because since his public debut, during his 15 years in the entertainment industry, the actor born in 1987 has always had an appearance as perfect as possible. And so far, it seems very difficult to find a worthy opponent in Kbiz for the title of "The Prince of Dream" for Lee Min Ho.


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58 minutes ago, Lindyloo421 said:

Thank you Syntyche- is this from a Vietnam article?
What a lovely article to read. Whoever wrote it is spot on!



Hi Lindyloo, ye - it's a Vietnam article............... A very NICE article indeed! It's just that I can't see any writer's name in it, though only the magazine's name. :lol:

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Actor Jung Il Woo says he was more popular than Lee Min Ho in their younger years

Actor Jung Il Woo revealed he was more popular than Lee Min Ho in their younger years.

On the January 17th episode of 'Fun_stauraunt', Jung Il Woo visited a soondae restaurant from his past and reminisced, saying, "It's the same taste from long ago. It makes me think of the past. I used to go on dates with my girlfriend here. There were two famous people in the neighborhood when I was in high school. Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo."

When asked who was more popular with girls, Jung Il Woo responded, "When we were younger, I think I was a bit more popular."

Did you know Jung Il Woo and Lee Min Ho were high school friends?








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20200117 Vietnam news :


Google translation :


Hong Que 'delirious' because of Lee Min Ho's beauty: 'I will wait at your door'


Passionate about Lee Min Ho's appearance, Hong Que must use the most beautiful words to talk about this Korean actor.

A few hours ago, model Hong Que posted a post that attracted attention on the profile. The beautiful Ha Thanh confided about more than 10 years of being addicted to a boy, but to her that was number 2, no one was number 1.

The handsome man mentioned by Hong Que is Lee Min Ho. She used the most sparkling words to evaluate the appearance of this Korean movie star.




Hong Que's post: "From the first days I started translating and writing articles about this guy, I remember once saying: Lee Minho - The face of a prince, his eyes warm and peaceful. Like the autumn moonlight, an extraordinary handsome face, a very masculine face but full of emotion, strong but very gentle, a person we have no choice but to love you. that.

Over the years with many changes, his face has changed a lot. His eyes are deeper and more emotional. His face was sharper, older and more salty than that of a man who had many years of experience in life. Looking at him and his manner now make people think of the beauty of a god, a holy beauty, the pinnacle of truth - good - beauty.

For more than 10 years, Min Ho alone is enough. You're the only one so no one is number 2. How many times do I miss going to Korea, so this year I will wait for you in front of your house, only to 'touch' my hand forever to forget forever. FAN GIRL ".











This is not the first time the mother of a child has expressed a passion for Lee Min Ho. She regularly posted photos of "Legend of The Blue Sea" actor on social networks, captivated by the outstanding appearance.

"Every corner is beautiful, even covering my face I still see you beautiful," Hong Que once shared about the Korean male god.







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Sarah Yustika

This scene was pretty funny




Thanks @1ouise for your comments!

Overall, I like this episode better than the first.  How is it that the fight Gong Chan got into makes it to television?  When Yoon seo saw Gong Chan putting on his pants did give me a laugh.  I am curious about Baek Hyun.  Why is he helping Gong chan?  I wonder how Gong Chan got in a school with seemingly wealthier students like Yoon Seo and Baek Hyun.


I would love to see LMH and his buddy, Il Woo in a variety show together.  

@gtLmh0622:  I love Hong Que said about how LMH's face has changed over the years.  You wouldn't think the kid in Mackerel Run would turn out like the LMH we see today.

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Jung il Woo Tells Whether Him or Lee Minho Was More Popular Back in School

Actor Jung il Woo shared whether him or his high school friend actor Lee Minho was more popular back when they were still in school.

On January 17 episode of KBS' television show 'Fun Restaurant', Jung il Woo talked about his time in high school.

Jung il Woo shyly said, "When I was in high school, there were two famous people in the area where I was living. Those two people were me and Minho."


The actor continued, "I first met Minho at a school festival. He was so good-looking that it almost felt like he was glowing or something. There were a lot of other students around, but he was the only person who came into my sight."




He added, "As we were both dreaming of making debut as an actor, we hit it off very well from the beginning. We became very close and are best friends until this day."




Then, Jung il Woo was asked who was more popular in the past.

Jung il Woo laughed and answered, "I think I was a bit more popular at that time."


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Lee Min-ho, Lee Dong-wook and Park Seo-joon, 2020 Dramas Overflow With Top Stars


There are over a 100 dramas a year and this has its downs for productions and ups for viewers. The keyword for this year is ' fantasy ' and ' well-made '. Top stars who are known for 'viewership guarantee' are standing in line with dramas for the year.


The fantasy vibe is stronger in dramas this year than tranquil. The most anticipated is, of course, "The King: Forever Sovereign" written by the best, Kim Eun-sook, starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun. "The King: Forever Sovereign" is a fantasy romance drama in which a deity has unleashed a demon unto the world of humans, and that demon has opened the door to a parallel world. The drama stands out in the way that each character has a unique set of skills.



(skipped unrelated...)



Source : news.kmib.co.kr/artic...

Translation : Hancinema


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I just love LMH in this picture. Love that cheeky grin but yet so sweet at the same time. My fav look for him. His perfect smile.


"I first met Minho at a school festival. He was so good-looking that it almost felt like he was glowing or something. " Wow! even a guy can recognize Min Ho's attractiveness. I wonder if he said he is more popular than Min Ho then if he meant among the guys or among the girls??? Boys would find LMH a threat but I can't imagine the girls preferring JIH to LMH (seriously. LMH is definitely more handsome.) However, JIH may be more outgoing. LMH is definitely shy and may be shy among girls, that is one other reason that I like him. His natural shyness even when he is so popular is endearing.

In episode 2 , Gong Chan knight in shining armor goes to rescue Min Yoon Seo but ends up rescuing the class monitor instead. He was pretty good there. Also the part where he sleeps in class and gets his boxer shorts seen by the girls when he is changing is class. Funny. Yoon Seo told him that perhaps she likes Mackerel more than Tuna. Apart from some exaggerated scenes, fun episode. Some scenes with LMH looking very cute. 

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