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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko]

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2 hours ago, gtLmh0622 said:

20180916 on duty.






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cr Logo



Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing the pictures. I wonder if LMH reports for work even on weekend..... I thought all along his schedule is only Mon - Fri..... :P



On 9/15/2018 at 2:14 AM, syntyche said:


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Faith Episode 6


Choi Young rescues Eun Soo from Ki Chul’s compound. Ki Chul and company stop them, so Choi Young tells them he went there on a personal mission to save the woman he likes. Eun Soo is startled. Ki Chul then asks his group about Choi Young’s powers. Impressed that he is a warrior with a brain, he invites him for a drink.


Princess Noguk approaches King Gongnim for a talk on saving Choi Young and Eun Soo from Ki Chul. She offers her connections as Yuan princess, but Gongnim challenges her plan, as it would make him appear powerless over his own people. Noguk realizes her mistake. She leaves, but Lady Choi stays behind. She tells Gongnim that Noguk actually had to set her pride aside just to see him. He then explains to her that he didn’t just let Ki Chul get Eun Soo, but he actually bought time for her to be alive.


Choi Young and Eun Soo have a drink with Ki Chul. Choi Young tests Eun Soo’s drink first for poison. He’s not afraid to, as she could cure him, being the great doctor. Eun Soo then asks Ki Chul about the patient that she had to cure. He said it’s Gyung Chang, the king who Choi Young had protected for the last three years. Choi Young senses something off, so he asks Ki Chul what he is up to. He tells him that he was planning to shoot two birds with one stone, but now he found out that he could actually shoot three.




Princess Noguk announces that she’ll see Ki Chul anyway. Lady Choi protests, but to no avail, so she shoves Jang Bin to speak up. Noguk won’t listen to him either, so Lady Choi assures her that Choi Young can take Eun Soo back. She then reveals that Choi Young is his nephew. Still, Noguk insists on going.


Meanwhile, Choi Young and Eun Soo prepare for their journey, on horseback. Eun Soo hesitates, so they walk the horses into the woods. She then probes him about his declaration of love for her. He tries to explain, but she teases him that it’s okay and she understands. He takes his exasperation out on Dae Man.






Ki Chul learns that Noguk is on her way to see him. He says that she was supposed to have died even before arriving in Goryeo anyway. Meanwhile, Gongnim also learns about the Princess’ pursuit, so he orders Choong Seok to bring her back alive.


The Princess, accompanied by her entourage, walks the streets in an inconspicuous way, but is soon attacked by assassins. Her female warriors jump in to protect them.


Dae Man, sent by Choi Young, heads to the palace to retrieve Eun Soo’s doctor supplies. But Ki Chul’s men are also after the same thing, so they attack him and Deoki. They poison him, and leave with Eun Soo’s supplies.


Choi Young worries about Dae Man, so he decides to go check. He tells Eun Soo to stay put, but she suggests that he could just show her the way back to heaven, and she’ll go on her own.


Princess Noguk and her entourage are now surrounded, but the Woodalchi arrive just in time. She is brought back safe to the palace, but feels no remorse on her actions. Gongnim is infuriated.


Choi Young teaches the reluctant Eun Soo on how to ride a horse. She eventually learns how to. Come nightfall, they set up camp. He tosses her a blanket and tells her to sleep right next to him, as he keeps watch. She complies, but then asks about him protecting her, the king, as well as the previous king that she had to treat. She also asks if he’s married. She makes him promise to take her to the heaven’s door if she cures the patient. She finally goes to sleep.




Lady Choi checks up on the King, who hasn’t been sleeping and eating well. He opens up on the dilemmas he’s been facing. She gives him advice on things that he shouldn’t utter as king.  


Choi Young stays up and keeps watch. Upon checking that Eun Soo is fast asleep, he calls out, and Hwasuin comes out of the shadows. She’s curious about his relationship with Eun Soo, while he’s curious about Ki Chul’s plans.


Ki Chul sees King Gongnim to tell him that Choi Young kidnapped Eun Soo to take her to treat Gyung Chang. He questions Choi Young’s loyalty to him, as he goes on to tell that Choi Young is the previous king’s trusted bodyguard, teacher and brother.


Choi Young and Eun Soo arrive at Gyung Chang’s, and the little king hugs Choi Young. Eun Soo checks on the king, as Choi Young tells stories about what he saw in heaven. She then tells Choi Young that she’ll try to cure him, but they would have to take him to the palace for surgery. However, Choong Seok sends a warning to Choi Young against him leaving the house with Gyung Chang.




Ki Chul sees Eun Soo’s tools, and remembers the similar tools that his teacher has given to him, which once belonged to Hwata. He is quite convinced now that she did come from heaven.


Choi Young prepares to leave for the palace to retrieve Eun Soo’s supplies. But as soon as he steps out of the house, he is attacked by Ki Chul’s men. He goes back and grabs Gyung Chang, and tells Eun Soo that they should make a run for it.


He fights off the assassins, but then is stopped by the royal guards. As he explains that he is Woodalchi, the assassins switch on his side, protect the king and attack the royal guards. Choi Young looks on, confused.







The dynamics between the king and princess is interesting. She is quite concerned about the king and those who protect him, particularly Choi Young and Eun Soo, that she offers her help. She even volunteers to go talk to Ki Chul personally. But Gongnim is correct to have reservations towards her plans - she may have good intentions but her actions has its consequences. Having said that, Gongnim is really in a tight situation protecting his people and his country against cunning Ki Chul. Boy, Ki Chul does know how to play his opponents. So Gongnim has to step up his game to beat such a devious man.


So Lady Choi is Choi Young's aunt. Good thing that Gongnim has a trusted person whom he can confide to. So now we get to know what he really thinks and feels, and his motivations towards his decisions. And Lady Choi isn't afraid to speak up and point out his flaws...like Choi Young. It does run in the family. :D


Eun Soo is hilarious! It's obvious to us that Choi Young only made an excuse so he could save her, but she's all giddy about his confession and teasing him about it. No wonder Choi Young is exasperated, but he's getting used to her antics. 


Choi Young's character is slowly having other dimensions other than that indifferent and unmotivated warrior. We see his warmer side as he is reunited with the little king. Dramabean's "I just love that upside-down power dynamic, of a little king who calls the big warrior by first name and the big warrior who bows to the young boy, but teaches him the ways of the world" perfectly sums it up.





Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing for the Making clip of this drama. :P

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"On the other hand, Lee Min-ho did become 90 percent of the reason for my obsession with Boys Over Flowers when it aired as this fresh face brimming with all this potential talent, which gave him a golden sheen that lasted for years afterward. It felt like we were all discovering a star together, and that was exciting."




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1 hour ago, gtLmh0622 said:

20180919 on duty :






cr Logo



Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing TODAY's pictures. :P



10 hours ago, gtLmh0622 said:

20180918 on duty :






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*** Also, thanks for sharing this. :P

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On 9/16/2018 at 8:54 AM, CarolynH said:


I really like this video of Jong Dae.  


I saw a post on Weibo yesterday.

According to Minho为你而歌. She had recommended GangNam 1970 to one of her male colleagues. After watching the movie, his comments were :
1. The theme was bold.
2. The actors acted very well.
3. Jong Dae was very handsome and manly.
When she told him Jong Dae was portrayed by Lee Min Ho. Incredibly he said she must mistake, Lee Min Ho was a flower boy.  (Said her mistaking in front of a Minoz ?? :P
After he got confirmation, he fully praised Lee Min Ho, and said "no wonder he was so famous and popular."


Love to see non-fans admiring and praising our bb.   2018new_haha_org.png2018new_haha_org.png


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17 minutes ago, gtLmh0622 said:


I saw a post on Weibo yesterday.

According to Minho为你而歌. She had recommended GangNam 1970 to one of her male colleagues. After watching the movie, his comments were :
1. The theme was bold.
2. The actors acted very well.
3. Jong Dae was very handsome and manly.
When she told him Jong Dae was portrayed by Lee Min Ho. Incredibly he said she must mistake, Lee Min Ho was a flower boy.  (Said her mistaking in front of a Minoz ?? :P
After he got confirmation, he fully praised Lee Min Ho, and said "no wonder he was so famous and popular."


Love to see non-fans admiring and praising our bb.   2018new_haha_org.png2018new_haha_org.png



gtLmh, thanks for sharing this. NICE.  Who knows he must become a LMH fan now after this. Besides, he's a "He" admiring & praising our man.  What I want to say is you don't need to be a woman to be his fan - hahaha - :P

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1 minute ago, gtLmh0622 said:

Choco's story on 20180912, choose your favorite character of LMH. The results were announced yesterday and Choi Young won all votes of Minoz - K/J/C.   :w00t:





cr Minoz official via minoz-依妈



gtLmh, thanks for sharing this. Lee Min Ho has acted in various dramas as a lead. He has played a variety of characters & I loved them all. But, in my personal choice, this is my 3nd choice. My favorite is Gu Jun-pyo  - hahaha (BOF). It's my all-time favorite drama hairstyles on Lee Min Ho. It became a TREND in Korea after that.....He's just so HOT with that kind of hairstyle. He really NAILED IT! My last is Architect Jeon Jin-ho (Personal Taste).  Although, there is a certain affection that I feel with every character that he's playing. ... :P

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Sept 11


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2 minutes ago, gtLmh0622 said:


Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing this.  Another charity deeds from LMH's fans, Minoz Japan. I'm sure Suseo Welfare, where he's stationed is very happy & appreciative of this kind deed. :P

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Translation by Google with amendment according to Chinese translation by 李敏镐吧网宣 :

I am studying English in Canada.
It is a class to learn English before going to University.
Today 's lesson was to introduce each one's country.
After my turn of introduction, it's time for asking questions by classmates,
One Vietnamese boy asked if I came from Korea.
Gosh ! Although there were many Chinese classmates, and I'd been mistaken as Chinese,

but it have been 3 weeks of our class and I've introduced myself several times.
I answered him "Yes. "
The first question is ...
'Is your name Lee Min Ho?'
Oh! What is this?
If it's a Vietnamese boy ... is not it right to ask about football?
I pulled out the Mino mirror I was holding in the pencil case.

And then, after seeing Lee Min Ho's picture, these boys from Vietnam (all boys, no girl) : "Wow" and thumbs up !

I was depressed because Minho has not had any activity for a long time, but I feel better now.^ ^

After class, I was ready to go home.
'See you tomorrow.'

It's the first time, these boys said goodbye to me.
Is this the power of Minho? So proud of you !
Anyway, I have a good reason to study harder,



cr owner





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