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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko]

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Wow it’s been years seen I’ve visited a soompi forum , got out of the soompi forums and Kdrama land to work on real life issues but I am back . I still love LMH , currently rewatching his dramas until his return. I have yet to watch legend of the blue sea . But I have seen every single one of his dramas and his film Gangnam blues . I see lots of new fans which makes me happy for LMH . And familiar fans too . 

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover the actor that has a huge fan base ~ Lee Min Ho. for many kdrama fans, boys over flowers was their first drama

thanks to all the chingus who came, posted, hit those buttons and participated to make this birthday bash a success. @yuiy78 @syntyche @kokodus @SophieH @angelangie @gtLmh0622 @Heretorant

Lee Min Ho IG update "특별할것 없는 오늘 하루를 특별하게 만들어 주신 모든분들께 감사 드립니다. Thank you everyone, U all made today as a special day."    

The Perfect Pair: 7 K-Drama Moments That Gave Us Major Shoe Envy

That Cinderella moment

The Legend of the Blue Sea

Everybody loves that iconic makeover scene where the leading lady gets treated to a transformation that will show off or amplify her hidden beauty. In most scenes, one noticeable item takes center stage: the embellished or jewel-encrusted pair of shoes.

In “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) takes Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun) out to shop for clothes which she didn’t have because, well, she just got out of the ocean and didn’t own any appropriate wardrobe for the human world. He buys her emerald green flats made with satin and decorated with a jewel buckle. It’s the perfect first pair of shoes for Shim Cheong, and are reminiscent of her mermaid form.



Boys Over Flowers

Who could forget this scene from “Boys Over Flowers”? In an attempt to prove that money can buy everything, Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) gives Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun) a princess makeover, complete with a designer dress, jewelry, and strappy black heels with diamonds. But Jan Di chooses to keep her dignity intact than receive any material thing.


The Modern Gentleman

“The Legend of the Blue Sea”

These leading men look like they came straight out of a magazine in their sleek suits, sophisticated casuals, and the finest leather shoes or sandals. Their characters are refined, cultured, and basically rich young men (or pretending to be one like Lee Min Ho in “The Legend of the Blue Sea”). They light up the screen with not only with their wit but also in their well put-together outfits.


Bonus: Happy couple shoes


Of course, whatever the style, wearing your fave pair of shoes is made much more sweeter with a special someone. These couples looked lovey-dovey when the drama aired scenes of them having fun and wearing couple shoes. It’s the perfect happy ending in their love story and style!


(skipped unrelated)



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On 7/9/2018 at 1:22 AM, CarolynH said:

Hi guys!  Is everyone as hot as me in So Cal?  113 degrees on Friday.  I noticed that the dramas of quite a few actors and actresses are on cable.  I'm thinking that LMH should accept a drama on cable.  I don't believe cable has the same time constraints as the network stations so important scenes such as the ones edited from LBS would be included.  Also, I don't think he would feel the ratings pressure quite as much.  Thoughts?

I'd truly love it if Minho would challenge making his comeback drama on cable, it's the trend now and I totally agree with you that he'd feel much at ease about ratings. Most of cable dramas are very well made and produced with high quality, if the script is great and the screenwriter is trustworthy Minho would make it an absolute success no matter who the actress would be.


has anyone noticed that Minho was 'glowing' lately? his skin complexion looks really great, I read some fans saying because it's tanned? idk and I'm not sure if I'm seeing too much into his half face but I love how he looks under the sun :P









reminds me of shiny spongebob, I'm sorry Mino-ya xd-laugh.gif



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Defector BJ Han Song Yi says she decided to leave North Korea after falling in love with Lee Min Ho

North Korean defector, BJ Han So Yi talked about her love for Lee Min Ho.

She then revealed, "I immediately left North Korea a day after watching 'The Heirs'. I fell in love with Lee Min Ho. I wondered how nice it would be to succeed like Girls' Generation's YoonA and marry Lee Min Ho. But the reality was different."


(skipped unrelated)



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6 hours ago, gtLmh0622 said:

More pictures of 20180720 on duty, can't get enough of his smiling eyes.






  Reveal hidden contents







cr Logo



gtLmh, thanks for sharing MORE pictures of TODAY. :lol:

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cr SBScityhunter


The show opens with father and son battling Jae Man's goons.  In spite of everything, I like how LYS still defends Father.  Jae Man starts to sweat as he tries to secure a loan for Haewon.  Back at the Blue House, Eun Ah and Ki Joon still are disbelief how LYS was able to flip the prosecutor.  Eun Ah has to know and threats to talk to LYS.  Fortunately, Eun Ah is distracted when Ki Joon runs off with her purse,  NaNa worries about LYS as NaNa is kidnapped by the goon.  Goon calls LYS; NaNa tells LyS not to come to rescue her as she sits above Haewon sea world aquarium.  Of course, LyS heads to the aquarium.  LYS runs down the hall like Usain Bolt.  Is this the same aquarium as in LBS?  Goon tells LYS to handcuff himself as Goon beats him.  Even handcuffed LYS puts up a good fight knocking goon unconscious.  but Goon as release the rope holding NaNa afloat.  LYS rescues NaNa,  Mmmm, me likes a wet LMH.  naNa insists that they finish this together.  LYS asks NaNa to wait a bit longer.  At home, NaNa says that she will wait for him.  Back at LYS's home, LYS tells ahjussi to watch the goon --I didn't realize LYS took goon with him.  LYS calls Chae Man to tell him that he has Goon.  Ahjussi give LYS a hanky omma made.  LyS also tasks ahjussi with watching Father.  LYS research Haewon Construction and realizes Father played a part in Haewon's cash flow problem.  Prosecutor interrogates Myung Sun who is investigating Haewon.  Chief prosecutor advises the hot head prosecutor not to show all his cards.  Chae Man goes ballistic when he heards Haewon is bankrupt.  In a light moment, Eun Ah and Ki Joon grow closer.  Eun Ah confronts LYS who finally returns to work about his sudden martial arts skill.  The President asks to see LYS again.  Chae Man desperately tries to get a loan for Haewon.  Father is with the bank presidents as Chae Man calls.  The President takes LYS fishing.  He said he wanted to take his son, but the son is in the army.  I can't imagine how dangerous it would be to take a President to that location.  It would be pretty easy to kill him, wouldn't it?  Chae Man calls the President, who refuses to help.  LYS and NaNa go to get soda; LYS tells NaNa to go back to the President.  Chief security guy draws a gun on LYS who brings soda for the President and the security staff.   Prosecutor again follows LYS home asking City Hunter to help the workers at Haewon .  LYS continues to deny that he is city hunter.  A possible investor for Haewon chemicals arrives to talk to Chae Man--you guys like LYS/LMH with glasses?  I can't believe Chae Man doesn't recognize LYS.  Chae Man accepts the bid of 100 won and the workers become shareholders.  Prosecutor's eyes bulge when he hears Chae Man is headed for LA.  Hey, we don't need a bad guy like Chae Man in LA.  City Hunter is already at the airport.  In a tense elevator ride with Chae Man, LYS takes out the goons and drugs Chae Man and delievers him to Prosecutor.  In a cat and mouse game, the prosecutor finally confirms that LYS is city hunter!  I like how easily LYS takes the gun from the prosecutor lol.  Stay tuned next week as the drama comes to the finale.  

cr:  atwins31

I stumbled across this while looking at YouTube videos.  My favorite couple.  I just love the BTS from this drama.  I can totally see them as a couple.  Darn, why is she married?!



Drama No. 4 of the rewatch!  Faith was the first LMH drama that I saw.  When I first saw him, I thought, I guess he's not bad looking, but did not care for the story.  I mentioned this many times, but here it is again.  while waiting to get my car washed, I decided to google this Lee Min Ho.  My eyes nearly popped out of my head.  I didn't realize he was that young; I assume he was in his mid 30s.  And then I saw other photos of him--yup I was a goner!  lol

Ok, back to business.   I am looking for volunteers to recap this drama.  It's 24 or 25 episodes which is going to carry us almost to the end of the year, I think.  While I like certain parts of Faith, it is not my favorite LMH drama, so I'm hoping to be a sub only for this drama.  Please PM me if you are interested--even as a sub.  I'll form a PM group and work out the details.  


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Thanks for the recap, @CarolynH! And thanks for sharing the bts video. Aww...Minho is too sweet helping the stunt man up, not once, but twice! It's a simple gesture but it just warms my heart. :heart:




Ajhussi is hilarious - he's quick to change his mind the moment Yoon Sung promises to unfreeze his credit cards. And he even asks and offers nice meals to their captive. It's amusing to watch a badass Yoon Sung have a sidekick ajhussi with maternal instincts. :D



Ah, yes, the green tea that Yoon Sung (well, ajhussi) gave Eun Ah. Yoon Sung is quick at thinking on how to distract her from asking about his fighting skills (Well, also in the previous episodes, he's quick on thinking of an alibi whenever Young Ju would nearly catch him red-handed).


I like Jin Pyo's slick moves on paralyzing Haewon Group's finances. And Yoon Sung's 100-Won-coin deal is the sweetest revenge for the Haewon Chemical workers. I like Yoon Sung with the glasses, but I find his hair weird - it looks girly for him.



The President must really like and feels comfortable around Yoon Sung, that he takes him fishing. And it feels more special on a personal level since he does the fishing with his family. Does he have an eerie feeling that Yoon Sung is family? ;)



City Hunter's big reveal to Young Ju - I knew something was up with that facial expression and body language of Young Ju. It's as if he wanted Yoon Sung to snatch the gun away from him. But Yoon Sung must have seen it coming, as he looked unfazed when Young Ju whipped his mask off. Young Ju didn't look surprised either when he saw Yoon Sung's unmasked face. They both knew this moment would eventually happen.





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@CarolynHYes, Lee Min Ho does look good with wet hair. Pretty smoking hot :)


The president feels an affinity for LYS, not knowing the reason why. It is his biological son. The beginning fight by father and son against the goons is fantastic. Funny Eun Ah and Ki Joon are still stunned about LYS's skills. The head of the bodyguard is suspicious though. LYS rushed to the rescue when he knew Nana was kidnapped,

Young Joo aknowledges that there are some things City Hunter can do and by his giving LYS the 10 cent coin, he is asking City Hunter's help to save the people from job loss. He is after LYS but it does not mean that he does not appreciate what he has done for the people like Robin Hood, a hero even though he broke the law.

At the end, he chased LYS as he just wanted to see with his own eyes that LYS is City Hunter. LYS eyes are silently  saying, are you satisfied now that you have caught me red handed, Mr. Prosecutor? Good episode  and everything is coming to a head.


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LMH in City Hunter episode 18:


Thanks for all the comments!!









I like Kim Young-joo.  He has been trying to catch City Hunter, but really they are both fighting for the same thing.  The prosecutor is using the law to achieve justice, and Yoon-sung is bending the law for the same purpose.  Now that Yoon-sung's identity is revealed, it will be interesting to see what the prosecutor will do.













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PMZ FB Update

July 24


오늘은 제로쓰레기를 실천할 수 있는
착한 가게를 소개하려고 해요.

성수동의 '더 피커'는
환경 오염을 막기 위해
포장 폐기물을 사용하지 않는
친환경 그로서리 매장이에요

장바구니와 곡물을 담을 수 있는
천주머니를 갖고 방문하면
원하는 만큼의 친환경
농산물을 구매할 수 있답니다.

'더 피커'에서는 건강과 환경을 생각한
비건 메뉴까지 판매하고 있다고 하니
이번 주말 방문해서
쇼핑도 하고 환경을 보호했다는
뿌듯함도 느껴보면 어떨까요?


Promiz introduces a good place for
you to practice zero-garbage action.

The Picker is a eco-friendly
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With shopping basket and linen pouch,
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July 18



HOT한 여름에는 뭐니뭐니해도
심플한 쥬얼리가 딱이죠!

루즈한 티셔츠에
프로미즈 원라운드 쥬얼리로 깔끔한 스타일링 완성!
스타일 지수 UP-UP 시켜보세요:)


Summer is arriving, and Promiz is ready
with One Round Jewelry series!

Those are perfect pieces to complete
your summer look.


제품 보기 >> http://www.promiz2014.com/상품-카테고리/all/jewerly-market-place/





July 9


A simple glass jar does great things like;

It is plastic-free.
It helps foods fresh.
It produces less garbage.
It makes kitchen look nicer than there is full of plastic.




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