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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover the actor that has a huge fan base ~ Lee Min Ho. for many kdrama fans, boys over flowers was their first drama

cto WEBSITE II TWITTER II FACEBOOK II WEIBO II INSTAGRAM                      Official Social Media                    FACEBOOK:  Lee Minho                 INSTAGRAM:  

thanks to all the chingus who came, posted, hit those buttons and participated to make this birthday bash a success. @yuiy78 @syntyche @kokodus @SophieH @angelangie @gtLmh0622 @Heretorant

On 4/21/2017 at 1:51 AM, Myhun said:

Visit Korea Year FB updated

Traveling to Korea... alone?
Here's the #KoreanFood Guide for Solo Travelers!

Don't worry about eating alone and be sure to try this!

If you were to have a meal with #2016_2018VisitKoreaYear Honorary Ambassador Hallyu Star #LeeMinHo, what would you order?




  Reveal hidden contents



Source https://www.facebook.com/visitkoreayear/


Hi Myhun, thanks for sharing this. These are NICE stuff you're sharing. I visit Seoul every year & part of my Christmas holidays are always spend there. Every time I visit Korea every year, I fly with Korean Air, and it’s very comfortable plane ride if you are travelling without much luggage. Any excess weight and extra luggage will be charged (and very expensive too!). I most of the time stay in Koreana Hotel, a 4-star hotel located in a prime location in the centre of Seoul. I want it there since I have easy access to Lotte Department Store & Namdaemun Market is also not far away.:tongue:

Food in Korea can seem really expensive. There are many free samples at the Korean grocery stores! There are a forkful of spaghetti or ramen, a dumpling, some kimchi and even a bite of galbi (grilled beef!!!). End the mini meal with some tea, yogurt, or chocolate—or all three. You’re full. I survived my stay always in Korea without using the data roaming services of my post-paid line. The areas near subway stations (aboveground), government buildings, malls, cafes, and hotels were the best Wi-Fi hotspots. Needless to say, Koreans are pretty generous when it comes to sharing their internet connection, and it’s just one of the many, many things that I definitely love Korea for. :lol:


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10 hours ago, gtLmh0622 said:

The old pictures for Eider.   :lol::lol::lol:


cr. minominomi


When I saw that pic, I thought it was NOT LMH (I hate those tiny eyes, they look mean), until I saw this one: 


what a difference... phew ....

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6 minutes ago, adamfever said:


When I saw that pic, I thought it was NOT LMH (I hate those tiny eyes, they look mean), until I saw this one: 


what a difference... phew ....

Actually C-Minoz laughed at these pictures because his hair was much like Minomi's hair.  laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif



cr as tagged


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38 minutes ago, adamfever said:

@gtLmh0622  always love your posts as most of the time you bring good news :thumbsup:


It seems MBC broadcasts the same news here :


Does anyone know what is said about at about 0:39 ? this part:



Thank you very much. Since those were good news, I thought I should share with you.  :)

The news reported LMH's popularity in China. Ranking top 1 on Weibo chart, No. 1 Weibo followers, and etc.
The picture you post at 0:39 is a news last year. A Chinese fan cut her hair to bareheaded for she was so sad that LMH will go to military.  (Actually his enlist date was not sure at that time.)

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Hi Chingus I had the time of my life last week. My husband treated me to a 5 day trip to Seoul . It was my first time . We're booked at Lotte Hotel Seoul and  we had the luxury of time to visit as often as we can the Star Avenue (lots of LMH memorabilia and his hand of course!)  located within the compound of Lotte Dept Store adjacent to the hotel.

I was able to visit Sanggojae which was 2 stations away from the Hotel's subway station. I must say that among the Hanok houses in Bukchon, it's the most popular even the information officers are trained to give you direction in how to go there. I met few Minoz all the way from Costa Rica and also from India. I was also able to visit the Parliament House and I miss City Hunter on his fight for justice. On our way to the Han River , I saw the white beautiful structure poignantly located at the corner of the busy street in Yoido Island which was used in Episode 4 of City Hunter wherein LYS was sort of emotional because of his mom and Nana gave him a drink while watching the traffic. On HanGang Park  , I became nostalgic because of LOTBS , and it was so clean and beautiful with lots of people enjoying the spring weather and the food carts stalled nearby. I treated my husband to a Han River Cruise and while cruisin , "You are my world" by YoonMirae was being  played . I became sentimental again remembering JeonJiHon  because at exactly 8PM we witnessed  the fountain show of Banpo Bridge.  63 Building was breathtaking   as viewed from the Cruise. 

I requested for a Namsan Tower view of the hotel and the management was so kind in upgrading our room to a higher floor  so we can have a good view of Namsan. It was so perfect. We trek the Jeondong-gil which reminded  me of the vet shop in City Hunter and the street is so romantic. I would love to visit it in Autumn.

We walk through the nearby street and saw the Plaza Hotel which was used in BOF and not to mention the famous  oval wherein GJP and JanDi had their first winter date. On our way to Gyeongbukgung, we passed by Gwanghamun Square  and my soul got lost in KDrama again -the first time City Hunter set foot in Seoul  as an adult. 


We visited Nami island but it reminded me of other KDramas not of LMH series, and the Garden of Morning Calm. There was a tree similar to Imja and CY's love tree and I can't help but sigh.  I wanted to go to CY grave but it was far from Seoul (I added it in my bucketlist on my second visit to Seoul). 


On our last day I excused myself from my husband telling him that I will just stroll in the nearby streets to have a good look at Myeongdong at early morning, but the main reason was to go to HeoJunJae's house. It was a 15minute walk from the hotel. The location is located near the main avenue but it's uphill so when I was able to reach the house I was out of breath. It was surreal. I cannot hide my happiness.

Of course these are things that make want to go back to Seoul  again , the Korean Airlines experience  was superb and not to mention the many wonderful  places we've visited esp  my favorite Cheonggye Stream. 


My husband and his korean boss  were amazed on how articulate I am when it comes to "SeoulSearching" and how to locate the sites . Perhaps because of Hallyu wave and KDrama power. 

l hope I will be able to see him during Autumn in Gangnam. 

PS There are lots of Innisfree in Seoul and they have a cafe in Myeongdong . The coffee was great. Unfortunately  , prices are a little bit higher compared to other brands and no 10+10 mask on sale unlike Etude and other brands. But since it's LMH brand most of the presents I bought were from Innisfree. I asked for a poster but they weren't able to give me one. They gave extra free facial masks instead. 



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10 Supernatural Dramas You Need To Start Watching Immediately


If you like K-Dramas and supernatural themes then this is the list for you.


2. The Legend of the Blue Sea

The Legend of the Blue Sea is unlike any other drama because of one thing: mermaids. This drama follows the relationship between a conman (played by Lee Min Ho) and a mermaid (played by Jun Ji Hyun). It aired from November 2016 until January 2017, and in spite of its supernatural theme, it’s actually a lighthearted and silly drama.




(skipped unrelated.....)


source ; Koreaboo

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I felt like reposting the letter project to refresh everyone's memory (including mine xD)

On 3/12/2017 at 4:32 AM, CarolynH said:

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is doing well!

Gift for LMH

It's time to begin the letters to LMH!  We basically have the set up for transporting letters ready. In the end, we felt using a flash drive is the easiest and cost efficient method.  At some point, we are going to post a deadline for the letters to give the person loading the letters enough time.  The due date will be driven by LMH's enlistment date.  Since we do not know when that will happen, there is no deadline as of now.    @LMHolic:  Please correct or add to the instructions below.  

There are two ways to add your letters as described below.  Please keep a copy of your letter--just in case.   If you need help, please let us know.  

Method 1- Upload your letters  (PDF/Word) in the google drive.  Here is the link https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9MfZHNvJZz1MVJ0ZGFLbmhrXzg .  Please include your name/Username/FanClub name.  We will be asking other Minoz fan clubs if they want to join; that is the reason we need you to include your fan club.  There is a folder "soompi minoz" in google drive to load your letter.  If you don't have Word, like me, I found that you can also create a document using google drive.

Method 2-Those,who do not have gmail acct or know how to use google drive can email the letter to LMHolic, in Pdf/Ms-Word format to nfprincess5@gmail.com

Money matters

Money for the cost of the shipping and cost of flashdrive will be collected via Paypal so you will need to set up a Paypal account.  More about the cost will be mentioned once we know the number of people participating and where those letters are coming from.  I discovered there is a fee, at least from the US, to transfer money internationally, so in order to keep the cost down, the money will probably be collected by region, rather than each of us sending money to person X. 


On 3/12/2017 at 8:06 AM, LMHolic said:

Regarding Gift. @CarolynH add these points in 1st method

-- If you are uploading the letter in MS/PDF format from your PC/Phone/Tab,first save/rename it as your name/username/FCname then upload it in drive link,it is to avoid confusion, as we know there will be letters by many. 

-- Second thing,in case you are directly creating MS-word document in drive (as carolyn did) ,at first hand drive doesnt give you the option to save it with your desired name,it will be automatically saved as "Untitled document" , for that first you need to create document (write the letter) then let it upload on drive link,once it is uploaded on drive then you'll get the option to rename the file. So you can rename it as your (name/username/FCname) after uploading. Hope im clear ? 

For 2nd method- Email me the letter with Subject/Title  "LMH Letter (your -Name/Username/FCName)" 

If any doubt,feel free to ask chingus



On 4/24/2017 at 1:28 AM, CallieP said:

Do you think before the date expires that they will confirm if they reached the 300 goal and that there will be subtitles in order to get more orders since it is confirmed there will be subs?

I have no idea if they'd confirm anything before May 21st, in their latest update they've stated that they're having a meeting with the production company regarding subtitles and I don't know when will the results of that meeting come out

they put notices regularly in the cafe, so you can check if they'd update again

The english notice board: http://m.cafe.daum.net/blueseadvd/dRD7?boardType=

Their twitter account: @LOTBS_br_dvd

since you don't want it without subs I suggest that you wait until it is fully complete and that's not happening anytime soon :unsure:

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Shiver my timbers, THAT ^^^^ is HAWT! :dizzy: I LOVE :wub: KDR and CY, my hearts :heart:

Isn't it amazing how wonderfully LMH can transform himself into his roles? And how we can love him in different ways with every role he played? 

@minholady Thank you so much for your account of your lovely trip to Seoul. I saved it for that time when I get to do the same thing and experience the magic that you felt. Your travel account was a good recap of his dramas, too :)


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@Latifah_:  Thank you so much chingu for reposting the instructions for the letters.  I was too lazy to look for the post and was going to ask @LMHolic to post the instructions again.  

I'm going to set a due date for the letters--May 6.  That gives everyone about a week to finish the letter.  It will take us a bit to figure out how much everyone owes and I'll PM those who wrote a letter.

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@gtLmh0622   Those photos from Minoz_peace are gorgeous !  I like him better with more weight on. I think he is too skinny since LOTBS. I hope he gains weight and gets fit when he does his MS. Check out these photos during BOF days ... those muscular arms/shoulders, yum !! 






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