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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];

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Sorry this is off topic but could the mod plz DM me regarding my signature, I mean I read I can use 2 images that are between 400x150 pix and if using a banner it's to be 600x150..I'm not sure why my signature keeps getting deleted ...Please could you let me know what I'm doing wrong? :)

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover the actor that has a huge fan base ~ Lee Min Ho. for many kdrama fans, boys over flowers was their first drama

cto WEBSITE II TWITTER II FACEBOOK II WEIBO II INSTAGRAM                      Official Social Media                    FACEBOOK:  Lee Minho                 INSTAGRAM:  

thanks to all the chingus who came, posted, hit those buttons and participated to make this birthday bash a success. @yuiy78 @syntyche @kokodus @SophieH @angelangie @gtLmh0622 @Heretorant


Sadly maturity doesn't always come with age,

I've seem older fans who have kids and are married act like stalkish teens and teens act very mature.

When you see weird posts at least I have I try my best to calm the waters, but if it gets worse I just ignore it and move on .

I understand about the "pure" image SK tends to put on its hallyu stars, LMH is no exception . It's sad because they practically have to be perfect in an imperfect role. everything they say gets screened, critiqued and then you wonder why the suicide rate is high in SK, it's all the pressure .

LMH despite being such a great actor that creates roles that are memorable whether or not people like them or not, he is still human with real human emotions, who is prone like the rest of the human race to make mistakes.

But in comparison to Hollywood, I guess the pressure of SK entertainment industry has bear greater fruits. The stars are more likable in SK than Hollywood at least for me. you don't see LMH or other actors or idols acting a fool getting dui's, beating up paparazzi or get caught with a sex tape or some scandal of abuse . of course it does exists, but it's a lot less than with Hollywood which in that respect is why I love kdramas and find k-entertainment so refreshing

About your siggy( short for signature) Contact @ebullient via PM I am sure she can help you out

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Annyeong, Minoz!  >:D<


welcome7smiley.gif to all the new de-lurked chingus! Hope y'all like it here and stay :)

@Danie_A  All I can say is that love it or hate it, HEIRS unquestionably doubled the size of LMH's fandom \m/ So the critics can eat their holier-than-thou preachings because we know who laughed his way to the bank and to the hearts of many, many, many teenagers, noonas and ahjummas :))

With some of the things that went down here in the past week or so, a valuable lesson in Soompi-ing surfaced:  While there are fans who prefer to follow him as the actor LMH (whether in combination with their other fave actors/ actresses or not), more of us who regularly come here prefer to follow and admire him for EVERYTHING that he does.  Nothing to do with who is the bigger or better fan, just a matter of preference.  I am just glad that there's a user-friendly forum like this where we can exchange our views and release our emotions R-E-S-P-E-C-T-F-U-L-L-Y and not be judged as delusional or worse, fanatic.  I just hope that all of us, regardless of how we became fans or what type of fans we are---can agree to coexist in space harmoniously, be sensitive and courteous to one another.  After all, even if this is a public forum and everyone can hide under the guise of web anonymity, basic human courtesy and manners are still expected from every one of us. :-*

Here's another "work" of LMH that makes him all the more loved by us:
His pet project with his Minoz, PMZ, just donated another huge water well in Africa :x :x :x



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Guest sogazelle

Why is he walking all alone in Paris...He should call Yoon Eun Hye and hang out with her...

She is also in Paris doing a photoshoot for Yves Saint Laurent ...I think...she's the korean face of YSL.

They must know each other...she was his ex girlfriend in "Personal Taste".

I'm still waiting for them to do a full drama together...I'll be beyond happy.
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Guest ktiminie

@pixie0622 understood & pictures deleted! Woooohhh, sorry for that.

Now I'd like to share my feeling about LMH venue here in France so a big sorry in advance for my bad English .

In my country he is not as famous as in Asian countries. In my case I don't have any Korean family related and often feel an alien when I speak about my passion for Korean/Japanese (...) culture to my friends. So for the (relative) small amount of fans here, his venue in Europe is quite a big event. At the meantime we don't have much information about his schedule in Paris (I mean Dior, l'Officiel, what else???). So thanks to Minoz for providing them. For me it's  just a bit frustrating that he's here and I don't get that much.

Anyway I'm sure he enjoy this time of privacy. No fans around everywhere, get lost in the city but breathing before going back to the craziness...

Lee Min Ho fighting!!! Glad that you came here and can't wait to know what you've been experiencing gckg.gif

Edit: I almost forgot the most important, many thanks for the welcoming in this thread >:D<

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Aww @pixie0622  LMH is doing another water project with PMZ, this warms my heart so much

It just further shows that LMH isn't just an actor who just exists to act and be famous,he has heart and is a very honest man.

Like you said all who hated heirs,will they're not the one laughing to the bank and getting more fans.  I had some dislikes of Heirs it was more towards the end of the drama ( blame it on the live shooting) and some aspects of KT I didn't like, I won't deny it,but I never denied that this helped LMH a lot especially after faith because after faith he was so distraught. It was obvious with his speech during the 2012 SBS Drama Awards then you the 2013 SBS Drama Awards big change, He was all smiles because he wasn't alone receiving all the honor for the drama. Heirs in my book is a drama I will recommend to people who want to try out kdramas, and is one of the best high school dramas in kdramaland yes better than BOF despite my love for GJP, that is where I seperate the drama from the LMH role.Loved LMH role, the drama itself was okay, LMH shined point and simple. It is the only drama honestly that I actually enjoyed the entire OST, like the whole thing!! I usually nit pick at certain songs of other dramas and not like them but with Heirs, the OST was awesome! .

So no matter how much people want to hate.. the facts are there it has made LMH bigger so big he received his first lead role in film and I have no doubt that GB has garnered him more fans most likely male fans. Since the film was obviously more male oriented. I enjoyed it but like I have said despite being a girl I love action dramas, I'll pick action over romance anyday hence why City Hunter is my favorite kdrama of all time to date!.

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Guest prosperity

As one of the fans who did not love Heirs, I would like to share my opinion and displeasure.

Just like the fans who love the Heirs feel attacked, belittled and disgusted when fans share their displeasure, so do the loyal fans who genuinely did not enjoy the series.

Let me just be clear here, I would not have liked the drama or character more of it was played by Jesus himself.

It has everything to do with how the drama was written and nothing to do with LMH. TBH if it wasnt for him I would not have made it through the whole series.

Heirs showed me the importance of an imaginative PD. A PD that works to his actors strengths, and also knows how to bring a scene to life with extra pizazz. City Hunter did that, and Misaeng pd is another one that thinks outside of the box. The drama was shot very pedestrian like. Outside of the beautiful and expensive settings, the way it was shot was lacking. A good PD should also know his angles etc. that was one of my issues, other than writing.

KT could have been written better (to be fair here, CES, could have better as well). He came across of possessive and clingy. This was mainly because their relationship was not properly fleshed out in the beginning, actually it wasn't until the latter episodes that they were allowed to be adorable. LMH and PSH had plenty of chemistry off camera. Something that they didn't quite capitalize on on screen. I blame it mostly on the writing and pedestrian like director work. When both the writing and production is lacking in a drama not even the best actor will be able to save it.

At the same time there were some things I liked about Heirs. I liked the KT, real mother, father arc. I think I would have enjoyed the show much more if it had focused on the families' businesses (not just KT's), and let school be a secondary story line. The guys pulling CES around, then confronting each other every other day, was just lazy writing to me. That arc should have been wrapped up earlier in the series, instead of the focal point.

I can also see how Heirs helped increase his popularity. However LMH has always been popular in China. It started with BOF and then with City Hunter, but it went up another notch with Heirs. I'm happy with that.

All critics aren't holier than thou, neither is it all about money. Some people just really didn't enjoy Heirs. I mean, it is not that big of adeal and shouldnt cause this much namecalling and back and forth. My opinion shouldn't stop you from loving what you do, I should be able to say I disliked it just as much as you should be able to say how much you loved it. It is very immature to think it has to be one or the other.

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Welcome to all of the new members and posters!  I hope that you enjoy your time here with us.  :-h

My 2 cents on the current topics..

I am pro Heirs.  I liked it because it was cheesy and overly-dramatic and even though the script was lacking, LMH acted his cute little butt off in any scene that had a bit of meat to it. For me, he made it worth watching and enjoyable.  However, I completely understand how others may feel differently and I respect and accept that.  :)>-

I am currently anti-hairstyle and the part in the middle just kills me. (no no no! [-X )..  I feel like a grumpy ajumma (lol) but please get a haircut!  :-bd  (OR hire me to be the person who sweeps the hair from your face/eyes.  I'd settle for that. :-c  )

[EDIT] I just wanted to add that I am not opposed to long hair on men.  I come from a time, the 1980's, where the guys had longer (and in many cases, prettier) hair than the girls and I married a guy with long, rock star hair (though it's been cut short since then).  I think that explains why I loved LMH's  hair during his time in Faith.  I just don't like this particular style on him.  I don't think it's flattering, especially the way it hangs in his eyes/face.   


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Guest guadi

Okay let's restart maybe ;))
First I just want to welcome everyone who has just or maybe have been for awhile now delurked to join this thread. Like mentioned previously this thread is for everyone, who is open minded and respectful of other people's point of view - loving Minho is not requisite, but it would be greatly appreciated if you do! And to be honest, if you take the time to register, read and post here, most likely you are a fan, or at least have positive care and interest in what he's doing. 
My intention in participating here and contributing as much as time allows is to make "Soompi Minoz," a fun, intelligent, engaging, creative, and tolerable place where we can share our love for him, our concerns, and other things LMH related. Our ways of expressing these things might be different, and that is okay. It maybe pretentious of me to say this, but I just want our thread to be a little different from the many fan cafe/forums out there.  
To achieve some or all of those things listed, we should strive to be better (and no, this isn't about who's a better fan. We hope that everyone can be better than where we are now, myself included). When it comes to acting, It's up to him to show naysayers through his primary works of what he's capable of doing. For us fans, acting accolades aren't something we can possibly do for him. What we can do, however, is to avoid adding (if any) negative perception of what people think of Lee Min-ho. It's not fair to him, and not fair to us. It is actually stressful to deal with all that. The goal isn't to change any "hater's opinion," but escalating fanwar through constant belittling and namecalling of other actors, fandoms, or people or using random and maybe exaggerated "popularity" metrics aren't going to help the cause. Not suggesting that we can't cite statistics, but before you do, ask first does this number add any relevant facts to the discussion or is it simply a regurgitation that fuels more chaos? 
Furthermore, if you see someone violates basic internet etiquette and soompi's rules, please promptly speak up or addressing it with moderators. Please don't let troll-ish posts linger longer than they should. Recent event should highlight how toxic it is to allow negativity based on non-existent issue taking center stage here and elsewhere. And if I say something wrong, you can politely tell me that, and vice versa. As much as you think a response back is personal, it is not. And frankly, I'd rather have a direct way of addressing issues, instead of dancing around and resolving nothing.  
What I love most about this thread is that we can have a conversation centered around our guy. Have you ever had a late night chat that's gone on for hours ranging from silly to serious topics and coming out of it being fullfilled? That conversation may be filled with agreements and/or back and forth, but it's never viewed as an attack. Just easy, casual talk.  
And back to spazzing :x and/or lamenting when we'll see him back on our screen :((

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Whoa lol we sure are talking, I love it keep them coming guys this is what's forum is all about discussing our like and dislikes of our idol , LMH but of course in a respectful manner

@pixie0622 @guadi @prosperity @Danie_A @sia3 @Soosee15 thank you all for sharing your thoughts , I am happy that we can share our thoughts about LMH pertaining to his roles and dramas without any sugar coating but honestly and do so maturely . If I do have critiques about LMH roles which I have had for all, no drama is perfect , I do it mainly based on the writing and/or directing never have I degraded LMH acting , it has always been superb.

Some of his dramas I like more than others and that is fine I know everyone has the same thought it just different dramas than the one I prefer of LMH , but should not tarnish out harmony on this thread

Once again thank you all for your comments

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what a nice surprise to see you here.  been following your awesome blog for a very long time.  hope you have fun with us.



Hello ! Thank You for the warm welcome...and Thank You for the compliment on the bog also. Right, let's have fun!~^^

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@monika_leeminho , welcome, i follow your twitter to keep updated. I thought u've been part of this thread under different name

@irwanti really appreciate the welcome~^^ Ooohh..you know my Twitter? ooohh??this is my first time in soompi..my first post is here, under a different name? what would it be?~^^

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Guest roshinip

Danie_A said:

Did he post these over the years? He's the most adorable thing ever gah, so glad I've known him so glad I'm his fan, and I know he won't disappoint...Such a beautiful human being <333

A warm welcome to all chingus who joined recently :-h

I'm a frequent visitor of your blog  and it is also a major source of info of Min Ho, for me. Thank you for your hard work.

Yes, @Danie_A  I have seen some selfies included in the collage that I posted earlier, on Lee Min Ho's FB page.
No wonder he is called the selfie king, he is not only an expert in taking selfies, he looks so adorable
and cute like a kid in those as well.

Here are some of my favourites for you  >:D<





Cr owners

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Guest roshinip

Hey Boy, I love the way that you move :-*

A fanvid made using Guess SS 2015  frames


Cr: owners

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@monika_leeminho, Welcome, I am another person who reads Imaginary World of Monika regularly. Actually when I was initially looking for news about LMH and did a Google search you blog came up among the top searches. From then on, I would always search Imaginary and you would pop up. Thanks for all the hard work, collecting his information, news, videos and keeping us up to date.

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