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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Upcoming 2021 on Apple TV + : Pachinko];

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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover the actor that has a huge fan base ~ Lee Min Ho. for many kdrama fans, boys over flowers was their first drama

cto WEBSITE II TWITTER II FACEBOOK II WEIBO II INSTAGRAM                      Official Social Media                    FACEBOOK:  Lee Minho                 INSTAGRAM:  

thanks to all the chingus who came, posted, hit those buttons and participated to make this birthday bash a success. @yuiy78 @syntyche @kokodus @SophieH @angelangie @gtLmh0622 @Heretorant

Guest linsay1008

Hi sis ^^, thanks for all the news, pics, all of u'r awesome :)

Hav been silent reader n i luv to read this thread :D so much fun, make me smile n giggle ^^,

btw i'm from the other neighbour indonesia :)),

My eng isn't good, sorry -.-"

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@maja, thank you for the pictures. MH looks so tired. The poor boy, it must have been so hard for him to smile all the time Maja said: Before I get my beauty rest... ;)) :)) He's now safely back in Korea... :))




MH why are you making such a face?!... ;)) :))
cr as tagged

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Is it just me or the chubby face isn't that chubby anymore? In some of his past interviews he said that he would skip meals before a photoshoot because his face tends to get fat when he eats...so since he's bound for a photoshoot does that mean he didn't eat well? Awww. :( 
Anyways, here's a screenshot of his post in Weibo: 
Translated by Jominz from We Are Minoz site: English translation: I just reached home, I'm very happy to see everyone today. ^^ Have you reached home? I'm very worried when I saw some of you fell down at the airport. . . everyone please be careful! Hope to see you again! Good night!


He's such a sweet person :) 

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@linsay1008 - hello :-h and don't worry about your English we understand each other fine :) 
@imjaminho21 - are you a fan of Faith? I see your profile name as Imjaminho :))LMH is a sweetie pie - worried about his fans...there were masses of minoz at the airport

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Guest akri0816

@LuvMinHo: tried liao together with the chendol! Me having a high time taking care of my stomach n u gals are busy supplying with sweet pics for my eye! Thks n kisses to everyone!!

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