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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Pachinko Season 2 Aug 23 on Apple TV+; Upcoming Drama 2025: Ask the Stars; Upcoming movie 2025: Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint


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10 hours ago, CarolynH said:

@leeminhosny:  I saw that too.  What's Garage Lab?  A studio that works on the finishing touches for dramas?





I saw that namgo gram (he is a photographer of Ask The Stars ) follows this page I guess it is photography studio of ATS 

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*** Whenever I re-watch the drama "The Heirs",  it keeps me coming back watching this scene. Actually, it's one of the K-drama tropes, which is the "wrist grab" - hahaha -   :Megalol:  :hypehype:





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Can you believe it’s five years since LMH’s last day in military service.

It was incredible to see hundreds of fans from all over the world waiting for him to come out from the office. What a lovely day that was.

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Lee Min Ho-Gong Hyo Jin's Ask the Stars to Kim Woo Bin-Suzy's Everything Will Come True: 5 most awaited K-drama releases in 2025

2025 is filled with exciting projects that every K-drama fan should be looking out for industry's some of the biggest stars.




2025 is a big year for K-drama enthusiasts, as some of the most amazing projects are lined up for release. Moreover, the South Korean entertainment industry’s biggest names are attached to some of the shows, which certainly makes it unmissable. From Lee Min Ho to IU, a star-studded cast list across various shows will be appearing on screen to deliver unique stories and stellar performances for the fans. Without further ado, let’s check out which shows will be released in the upcoming year.



2. When the Stars Gossip/ Ask the Stars

Directed by Park Shin Woo and written by Seo Sook Hyang, the romantic comedy follows the story of an astronaut and a tourist who fall in love at a space station. Starring Lee Min Ho in the lead role, Gong Hyo Jin will be starring as the female lead and his romantic interest. Other cast members include Oh Jung Se, Han Ji Eun, Kim Joo Heon, Kim Eung Soo, Lee Doo Suk, Lee Cho Hee and more. 






source : https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/lee-min-ho-gong-hyo-jins-ask-the-stars-to-kim-woo-bin-suzys-everything-will-come-true-5-most-awaited-k-drama-releases-in-2025-1299399

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*** To celebrate Lee Min Ho's 18th debut anniversary, his agency MYM Entertainment penned a beautiful post on their Instagram, ultimately thanking his fans for their unwavering support. They captioned it, “On May 10th, let’s raise a toast to Lee Min Ho’s incredible journey on his 18th debut anniversary! Thanks to Minoz for their unwavering support and love that helped us shine brighter with each passing year.”  Alongside the caption, MYM Entertainment also attached a


stunning photo of him.   :hypehype:












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