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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Pachinko Season 2 Aug 23 on Apple TV+; Upcoming Drama 2025: Ask the Stars; Upcoming movie 2025: Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint


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6 hours ago, CallieP said:


Really looking forward to this.  Feel like it will be like City Hunter


@CallieP  same here - looking forward to this upcoming film. I couldn’t get over the star-studded cast and the combination of celebrities involved in the project. It's Jisoo and Lee Min Ho reunion. Some years back, they joined forces for an advertising campaign promoting backpacks and bags for Samsonite Red. I love seeing Jisoo and Lee Min Ho together again and this time on the big screen.   :kisslevel:






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LMH has put a new LeeMinHo film up on YouTube. It’s all about him cycling for miles and then tackling a hill.  He must be really fit to cycle as fast as he does in the film although he is really out of breath at the end. He starts the film off in his closet which looks really big. 
CarolynH I think it would  be really funny looking at where PPL could be put  in to ATS!

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His mlog was a surprised to me.  We don't see anything for months, the all of a sudden 2 uploads.  I wonder why that hill is called "IU" :wut:  And why does care about what he wears?  If he rides at night, no one is going to see him.  I thought he fell over from the scene in the beginning.  I wonder if Shin kiroo knew what he was signing up for when he agreed to become the Director and DOP :joy:


Looks like the Ulthera Gold Story day is about to start.........

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*** Japanese fans stand out for their unwavering passion and deep-rooted love for Korean shows. They're not just passive viewers; they're dedicated aficionados who live and breathe the world of K-dramas. Japanese fans have put together a wishlist, a curated lineup of K-drama couples they're itching to see back on screen for a second season. I agree with the list except for Rank 10 and Rank 1. The Rank 10 should be higher - the pairing were so popular. "King the Land" is Rank 1?  I don't agree for S2 of these dramas because I think all of these series were pretty much wrapped up on their endings especially Rank 10.  I don’t think it is likely to happen now. But,  I wonder why "Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo" (Lee Jun Ki) not on the rankings, huh?    :heart2:






Rank 1 - King the Land (Lee Jun Ho x YoonA)

Rank 2 - Nevertheless (Song Kang x Han So Hee)

Rank 3 - Love in the Moonlight (Park Bo Gum x Kim Yoo Jung)

Rank 4 - What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (Park Seo Joon x Park Min Young)

Rank 5 - The Heirs (Lee Min Ho x Park Shin Hye)

Rank 6 - My Love from the Star (Kim Soo Hyun x Jun Ji Hyun)

Rank 7 - Crash Landing on You (Hyun Bin x Son Ye Jin)

Rank 8 - Reply 1997 (Seo In Guk x Jung Eun Ji)

Rank 9 - Goblin (Gong Yoo x Kim Go Eun)

Rank 10 - Descendants of the Sun (Song Joong Ki x Song Hye Kyo)




source : allkpop

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Isn’t it great that we are getting so much content from LMH.

He looks so happy in his latest appearances.

I live a long way from London so couldn’t see the hologram. I bet it cost Boss a lot of money. When you think of Boss’s other ambassadors it showed their belief and like of Minho that they chose  him along with  Gisele for the hologram.

I wish we could get a date for Pachinko and ATS. I feel really excited about the film - hopefully it won’t just go to SK cinemas.

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Knets in awe with Lee Min-ho's 10 meters hologram advertising video displayed for Hugo Boss in London

- Wow, it’s amazing
- Oh, it's cool
- Wow it’s really big and cool
- Its amazing
- Wow
- Wow what is the scale? Boss and Lee Min-ho are great.
- It's enormous
- Wow, it looks like a God. You know, the scary giant stone statue in Japan, but this one is handsome, pretty, and nice.
- Wow, Lee Min-ho is really amazing.
- Wow that’s crazy
- It's really God Lee Min-ho ㄷㄷ The boss scale is crazy
- I would have been really shocked if I actually saw a Korean actor in a huge advertisement in London.
- Wow, the scale is overwhelming. This ad is cool.
- Something like that is possible.
Looking at this, Lee Min-ho is really GOD
- He really looks like a boss kya
- It's so awesome. There's a huge hologram in London Bridge.
- He looks so much like Yoo Jung-hyuk
- Awesome. I want to see it in person. It's a place famous for its beautiful night view, but the main attraction is a Korean actor.
- Wow this performance is amazing
- As if I had seen a movie, Lee Min-ho is a true God
- It feels like a transcendent being looking down on humans from the divine world.
- Look at the scale
- The force is crazy
- Lee Min-ho’s scale has reached a new level.
- Wow, this is a real superstar. 
Source: theqoo
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