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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Happy B-day June 22! Pachinko Season 2 Aug 23 on Apple TV+; Upcoming Drama 2024: Ask the Stars; Upcoming movie 2025: Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint


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What did Jan Di say to scare him??....he looks so cute jumping on the sand.

I can't wait for next Monday to see more Goo Joon Pyo!!!!!!!!!

Whoever cast him to play the JP character has really good eyes and judgement. They knew fans would adore MH. A new star is born.

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Guest kaonamp

seriously where has this guy been hiding? anyhow its good to see that LMH is gaining alot of fans. He's been so wonderful to watch on BOF. The first two parts really wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for him. Anyhow its great to meet you all and hopefully BOF will only bring more success to LMH.

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New Pictures @ Minho's Cyworld



credit: leeminho cyworld

gosh.. i feel like i'm stalking his cyworld... haha....

and im stalking this thread as of the moment.. not surprised that you're here, bern.. hhehe..

i'm liking him soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! :wub:

btw, it was said that the F4 boys were in Sang Sang Plus.. is that an old guesting? a friend of mine just told me this noon.. it was shown in KBS World..

can someone lead me where i can watch some BTS of Boys Over Flowers??

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Guest kinkie_lass

found this at daum


LOL. i just love this guy

me too! so adorkable yet downright sexy :sweatingbullets:

anyway i've been longing to ask: his thread's description mentioned that he's a cutie model turned actor.

so he was a model before? if yes, what type of a model was he? (eg: fashion, catalogue or commercials etc.)

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Guest lingling22

i have finished the first 4 epi of BOF and this guys facial expressions lingers on me

like how i pointed it out.. he does know how to work with camera..

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HAHAH that gif is hilarious.

she prolly threw a bug at him or something hahahaha!

i can't wait till episode 5!

definitely my favorite person on the show. simply adorable!

i'm glad you guys post up his pictures from his cyworld

i can't read korean and have no idea what is says on there except for the tabs that are labeled in english

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found this at daum


LOL. i just love this guy

ADORKABLE! :lol::lol:, are there usually bugs on the beach? Or perhaps he's scared of sea creatures? Agh, I can't wait for next week.

Is there a full video on the GIF? It looks like it comes from some sort of morning show or the special they usually do?

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Guest manderley_angel

ok this maybe off topic...

btw the guy in the middle is not Lee Jung...

he is actor Ohn Joo Wan who is currently in army. (Lee Jung too i guess)


(left) Ohn Joo Hwan (right) Lee Jung...but yeah they do look alike


nvm... its good to know that he befriends with many sunbaes in acting

Oh yeah... now that I looked at it better... yes, that is Ohn Joo Wan (who was in My Mighty Princess with Shim Mina), and not Lee Jung :sweatingbullets: They sort of do look alike in some angles...

Yeah, thats great that he's friends with alot his acting sunbaes... and like I said, alot of them are Korea's current rising stars...

found this at daum


LOL. i just love this guy

^ omg... i almost spilled my coffee when i saw this :rolleyes: so funny!

maybe Jandi threw one of those little crabs at him? hahah~

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As many people asked, here's the video:

Lee Minho & Kang Min Kyung (Davinchi) in a Noraebang

With all the talk of the karaoke video talk (which was hilarious by the way) no one mentioned that his voice is pretty decent. With some voice training he could sign a contract (or come to America where even that isn't necessary).

Ahh yeah! His voice isn't that bad...

as you said, if he worked on it he could try singing.

It would be nice to have a song performed by F4 & Jandi. All are singers except for Lee Minho and Kim Bum. But Minho has a decent voice I suppose Kim Bum too... :P

Speaking of car-crash, i remember Il Woo and Min Ho was in car accident while they were traveling together in August 2007..

Il Woo fractured his left arm, dislocated his shoulder and cracked his left thigh bone..However, instead of undergoing all the necessary treatment, he opted to start filming the hit sit-com series High Kick..

If Il Woo broke his shoulder, i guess Min Ho was in the same situation with Il Woo..

Luckily, both of them are okay now and become korean popular rising stars recently..

Pray the best for both of them...

Probably Lee Minho had even worst injuries because he was supposed to act in the same drama that Il Woo was but he had to cancel because of the car accident.

I think his friendship with Il Woo is cute! :D

i am so obssessed with this guy right now

does anyone have clips of him on star golden bell?? i remember i saw it but i didnt pay attention to him at alll! lol

There's a guy in youtube that used to sub every single episode of golden bell so I went to check if he had subbed episode 200, but he only subbed til episode 190, from then on he stopped subbing because of a new job he found. :(

Lee Min Ho, who became wildly popular after acting as Goo Joon Pyo in “Boys Before Flowers”, recently revealed that he will have more love scandals in the near future.

Lee Min Ho plays the leader of the legendary F4 in the drama. Shortly after the broadcast of episode 1 on the 5th Jan, rumours regarding him and Davich member Kang Min Kyung in a love relationship were circulated on the internet. Hence, he was a little embarrassed recently because of the rumour.

During the interview, Lee Min Ho said: “Even before broadcast, I have already predicted that there will be such rumours regarding Kang Min Kyung and me. My intimate photos and KTV videos taken with her were widely discussed and spread around on the internet. But before this drama ends, there will be 3 others about to be in a rumour with me. They are Park Bo Young, Moon Chae Won and Choi Eun Seo.

Coincidentally, these are all the rising stars in the current Korean entertainment circle. Kang Min Kyung has maintained a very close relationship with Lee Min Ho since debut while Park Bo Young (Speed Scandal) and Moon Chae Won (The Painter of the Wind) have collaborated with him in “Our School E.T”.

Lee Min ho said: “They are like ‘brothers’ to me. I like to be close with my very good friends. I have two ex-girlfriends after 19, but none since then. I’m definitely not the one who steps on two boats (having 2 lovers at the same time) and will also not easily enter into a relationship. I like pure and demure girls.”

Source: IS PLUS


I think he was being very honest. He looks like the type of guy that girls rely on as a friend. You know, does type of male friends that girls trust? He seems like that. I think it's nice that he has friends that are girls. :P

Ah! Here's the girls he mentioned on the interview:


^credits to coolsmurf

I'm wondering why most of the F4 fans like Kim Bum, even my cousin told me that Kim Bum is a cute guy... but I really can't see him cute! hahaha... for me Lee Min Ho is the hottest(among the F4)!

go for Lee Min Ho!

It's because Kim Bum already had fans before 'Boys Over Flowers'. He was in a few dramas and movies before, so he has a fanbase already. Plus he's a good actor and is cute too. :)

^this is the girl that sung with him on the noraebang. :)

Lee Min Ho wearing the earmuff that Hyung Joon bought for the F4 cast

they seem to be close friends~

btw the way his hair is here reminds me of a chocolate croissant...

do you have the link for that video?

As for the article of popseoul, i think people should avoid posting articles from that site here because they're not a reliable source and whenever they post something based on another article of news-site they change the article in a negative way and twist the story.

Here's the original article before popseoul cut half of it to twist it to the negative side:

Actor Lee Min-ho: "Past trials led me to drama role"

Main lead of the KBS 2TV drama "Boys over Flowers"

The latest heartthrob for Korean women is the young actor Lee Min-ho, the hero of the new hit KBS 2TV drama (airing Mon-Tues) "Boys over Flowers." His casting as the hero of this drama series, extremely popular across Asia, created a buzz from the start. Any handsome actor would covet the role of one of the members of the "F4," a group of rich and popular boys at a school where the story takes place.

The Korean cast for F4 was finally revealed and the casting of a complete novice actor, Lee (22), for the role of F4 leader "Gu Jun-pyo" was almost shocking.

The series has kicked off and Lee has literally become a star overnight, silencing doubts of how he would handle the heavyweight role. His name tops various Internet search-word lists and 100,000 fans visit his Internet homepage each day.

The "F4 craze" has hit Korea since the drama series was also made in Taiwan and Japan, and Lee is at the center of it all. But he had his share of trials thus far. He debuted in the 2006 EBS drama "The Secret Campus" but had to take a year off after a car accident. After his rehabilitation, he landed his first lead role in the SBS high teen drama "Mackerel Run!" but the series ran short.

Lee said, "If I didn't have the accident and continued acting I might not have been able to meet 'Jun-pyo.' I shiver at this thought. What I suffered led me to this breakthrough role. I worried about the role because I'm unknown to the public, but of course I was thrilled to be cast."

But the title role of the super popular Asian drama series is actually a heavy burden to shoulder.

Jun-pyo is the heir to Korea's number one conglomerate group and a typical spoiled and arrogant character. He is hot-tempered and rough, but also has childlike innocence. A polar opposite of his friend Ji-hu (played by Kim Hyeon-jung), Jun-pyo has his heart firmly set on Geum Jan-di (Gu Hye-seon), the daughter of a working class family who runs a dry cleaning store.

Women viewers empathize with the rich F4 boys doting on Jan-di. They also get to love Jun-pyo as more of his sides are shown and say he is attractive in many ways. Women want to take care of him and be embraced by him at the same time.

He is a high school student in the drama, but Lee is actually on leave from Konkuk Univ. where he majors in cinema/art. What is Lee really like? He said, "I think I'm somewhere between Jun-pyo and Jan-di. I have both sides of them. This cute handsome guy role is unfamiliar though. I can totally carry a pathetic role as well (laugh). But for now, I hope to be Jun-pyo and him alone."

Source: KBS World

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Guest s0y0un*

aw the nrb video was cutee! i know its bad but he looks hott smoking

and thanks for the star golden bell clip. he looks soo cute when he smiless

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Guest Jamieâ„¢

Ah! Here's the girls he mentioned on the interview:

^credits to coolsmurf

the three girls he mentioned are suddenly in the top ten most searched on naver 0_0

it's insane how popular he is right now because of BOF

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the three girls he mentioned are suddenly in the top ten most searched on naver 0_0

it's insane how popular he is right now because of BOF

Are you serious???


I see that 2009 is the year Jun Pyo will take over the world! eheheheh

Lee Minho's popularity is insane (in a good way of course) at the moment.

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to Liquidhope : Can you please not quote pictures...?

HELLO everyone... im a stalker...err... i mean lurker... (wow both words sound malicious/weird =])

I just want to say Min-ho is a wonderful actor and cutie...!!!

I was so impressed with his work so far on Boys before flowers even though i did see him in previous dramas. (or sitcoms...whatever you call them.)

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