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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Event: Faith Watch party]

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@CarolynH -re Lee Gon’s temperament LMH described him as a mathematician and a logical thinker- so that makes him sound a lot calmer and more introspective than GJP - but we will see!

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Food Truck Support to "The King" and LMH

via: koreasoulfoodtruk IG, 4888hyejin IG, ac_hyuck IG, chae_chalkak IG



















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Chinese actress Qiao Xin was asked what is the wonderful and rare thing you've bought, she answered "Lee Min Ho's autograph, when I was in university, I guess it was fake. Don't buy any autograph without concern." :lol:
cr as tagged


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On 11/3/2019 at 9:52 PM, gtLmh0622 said:



According to 九如一平's Weibo post, the filming was around 3 hours, running back and forth a dozen times in Ginkgo forest. Minho hardly ever dismounted. He reapplied makeup, reviewed the shooting, and communicated with Director/actors on the horse. A serious and dedicated man is most handsome.






  Reveal hidden contents









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Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing. This is not open to the public except in the first 3 weeks of October when the ginkgo trees turn into a beautiful yellow color.  This place is quite remote (3-4 hours drive from Seoul). This is a great place to visit, though. Sigh......... The ginkgo forest had been strictly closed to the public ever since. The ginkgo forest is lined with thousands of ginkgo trees planted.  In October, the ginkgo leaves turn yellow and create an unforgettable scene. The best time to visit the ginkgo forest is mid October. A must! You'll enjoy Ginkgo Forest Golden Trail a lot! There are times that it's not so yellow but still beautiful.  :P

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"I met Prince White on the street of Ginkgo Tree. 
Oh, it's not the prince, it's like you're the emperor?!

Surprised crossing # Out of the blue

I heard it's next year's SBS drama, but I heard that it's the motif of ginkgo trees, did you shoot this scene on the path of ginkgo trees?
I didn't know who he was or what he was doing. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.# You look good 
All the people who gathered there #Wowoooo"









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A non-fan's post, English translation is according to Chinese translation by 何夕.


His Majesty Lee Gon, the temperament is so good. 

Absolutely the emperor.


Although being as an actor, but Actor Lee Min Ho is a totally different person.

Like a born emperor,

Maybe he was the emperor, but disguised as an actor during that time ?

Make people feel this illusion

Even if you know he's not the real emperor,

Even if he's not portraying the emperor,

But he looks like an emperor.

That temperament is not a joke.

Moreover, even those who are watching ask "if he is god?"

"He's the emperor." "oh, yes."








cr. Minoz_无须完美



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LOBS ep 20

Watching this show  I felt that there was no way he could ever be more handsome then he is in LOBS but these latest photos (second behind the scenes story etc  )  have proved me wrong!


This last episode was everything I hoped it would be. Emotional, funny, sad and immensely satisfying- and oh that kiss- wow. 


When Shim Cheong is at the sea ready to go in she says that only she will know and protect their story so we know straightaway that she erased JJ’s memories, and we see her erasing everyone’s else’s memory except for the little girl’s.


Three years later andNam Doo asks about the empty seat which is where SC sat. JJ just says it’s a habit to leave it empty but there is a look on his face that says more than his words.


I love that he is shown becoming a prosecutor and has to report to the office where the three conmen carried out one of their cons! - and that his boss tells him about it! And the scene where he tore the fraudster’s story to pieces was brilliant.


One of my favourite scenes in the whole show was when JJ and Det Hong go through that revolving door together- so cute! I loved  LMH ‘s dimples in this scene and his boss puzzling over him.


I puzzled over whether  Det Hong remembered SC but he doesn’t appear to because when JJ cried that he “missed her” Hong didn’t know who he was talking about.


The scene with JJ reading his notebook and Nam Do’s comment about him driving to the sea a lot are the  first real clues that he has some kind of recall about SC


I guess that JJ must have had an account for SC at a department store and she phoned for the clothes delivery that is left on the seat. 


The reunion between SC and JJ is beautifully done with her saying one thing to him and thinking another in the hope he still hears her thought. 


When she rushes after him and bends down in the snow we get the third instance of her holding her hand up to him and him taking it. (It must have been freezing -LMH’s ears are bright red) It is so heartwarming when  he tells her all he did to remember her


I would have loved the wedding photo to have been a group photo of JJ, SC and his mum and Nam Doo and Tae oh.


Watching LMH and J J-h in the last scenes you could almost think they were a real couple so lovely and loving were their scenes together.


The last scene on the seat by the sea with JJ’s words was just perfect.


I’ve really enjoyed reviewing LOBS and hope there are many more LMH dramas to review in the future - as well as The King of course! Roll on March.








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cr: as tagged 

I thought LMH looked sooo handsome at the 2016 SBS awards.  I've watched this video so many times.  


LBS ep 20

Thanks@lindyloo421 for starting us on the final episode and thanks to everyone who participated with the rewatch. 


 I appreciated this episode more on the rewatch since I didn't have the same emotions as I had when we watched it 2 years ago.  All I kept thinking is that we wouldn't see him for 2 years--and I kept looking at how much time was left.  At least now I can enjoy it even the photo of the cast and crew.


I thought if funny that the prosecutor told HJJ about the conmen too.  HJJ's father would have so proud to see him become a prosecutor; I really think I do think it's sad that the father died before seeing the man HJJ became.:bawling:  

I absolutely love the scene where Det Mimi meets HJJ in the building lobby--HJJ/LMH is so cute:kiss_wink:  I love that the conmen and Det Mimi became friends.  

And now we finally see how smart HJJ was to keep a journal.  We saw him with the journal a couple episode back, but it seems like some random scene, but now we understand.  

When SC and HJJ first meet, LMH"s eyes are interesting--no recognition, slightly cold. They did change slightly when SC said that she loved him.  

I loved the ending with HJJ relating to SC what he did to try to keep memories of SC alive.  I can't believe that I'm tearing up again.  I liked the simple ending how they lived simply, but happily.  And who can forget the LMH's tongue at the end?:innocent::tounge_wink::w00t:  Remember how we were all screaming about it on the LBS thread:D?


In closing, I did like how this drama mixed the serious/poignant moment followed by happy scenes.  More comments when we get to our favorites.

Remember next week DMZ!  I need to find the link to watch it.  

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10 hours ago, Lindyloo421 said:

Watching this show  I felt that there was no way he could ever be more handsome then he is in LOBS but these latest photos (second behind the scenes story etc  )  have proved me wrong!


Yes, I really felt OMGGGGGGGGGG !!!!! as seeing these photos. Soooooooooooo perfect ! :heart:



Isn't he like an Italian ?













How come even with clip on hair, still so handsome ?




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Sigh. Watching this last episode along with seeing more photos from the mag shoot is just too much! I have LMH gorgeousness overload!

The last episode was so sweet. When I first watched this series I thought her homecoming and how JJ didn't seem to recognize her was too contrived to make us wonder if he would ever remember her. But this time I realized it would have been even odder if they had their reunion in front of the others who have no memory of her. It also made a lovely picture of the  umbrella sequence repeated to bookend their reunion from the first episode.

One of my favorite scenes is when he's confronting the conman and referencing the conman in the church gig. It made me laugh all over again remembering their belonging to the MENSA for conmen. Too funny!

I'm glad people have mentioned the wedding picture because I totally missed it in previous watchings. I would have enjoyed seeing a whole scene of their wedding. 

Loved the scene where he carries her off to bed; so romantic! And yes, enjoyed the french kiss.

The last shot of their sitting by the beach was so peaceful and complete. Sigh again.




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Thanks all, absolutely agree with all your comments. Personally the ending of lotbs was the best for me out of all LMH’s dramas. Every second details were so well thought of including the wedding photos, the pink pearl ring, the journals and the dirty love. The drinking scene when HJJ said “I miss her” got me so emotional...so touching to see him drives to the sea for sunrise and sunset , and the way he stared out into the blue sea trying hard to recollect his memories was so beautiful.

Still my best Drama after all these years...after watching Lotbs it’s been really really hard to find another drama that I enjoyed as much as Lotbs.
Thank you HJJ for introducing me to LMH :heart:

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Thanks for all your comments! Cheers to us for completing our rewatch of LBS!


So Sim Cheong finally decided to leave. And when she bids everyone goodbye then extends her hand while the camera focuses on it, I'm thinking she's gone erasing everybody's memory of her. This is quite confirmed as she was surprised little Yoo Na still remembers her even after shaking her hand. 


Knowing Yoo Na's previous self of being a daughter of a fisherman and a mermaid, seems to give Sim Cheong hope of a happy ever after.


Isn't that pearl by Joon Jae's nightstand colored pink (hence happy tears)? Or it's just Joon Jae shirt?



Lovely to see the boys still living under one roof, and now mom is with them cooking some delicious food for them.   



Hilarious as Joon Jae, of all places, comes back to the prosecutor's office for his internship. I had a good laugh watching him feign ignorance and denounce scam artists. It actually makes sense that he vows to catch bad guys like scam artists, as he used to be one and he knows the tricks of the trade - very well at that, that main prosecutor wonders why he knows too much. And Joon Jae acts like an adorable big kid when he runs towards Det Mimi in the lobby and they scuttle through the revolving door. :P





It's indeed nice to see the three buddies live reformed lives, with Det Mimi checking up on them. Who would have thought he would be drinking buddies with ex-con men. 


Ahh, we see drunk Jeon Jae yet again. This is just one of the unforgettable (and adorable) portrayals of LMH.





All these accounts of Joon Jae acting weird after "that" incident made we wonder whether he remembers or not. And when they finally met, and Joon Jae doesn't recognize her, I was like "crap, where do we go now from here?" 



But the drama got some trick up its sleeve and I love me some plot twist! Well, Joon Jae could have revealed to Sim Cheong, in front of the others, that he knows/remembers her, but I guess that would only invite questions from them. The revelation, I agree, should be done in a more dramatic and meaningful way between them two. And the way it was played, him extending a hand out to her, as they did that first night in Spain, was very nostalgic.



Now the revelation on how he remembered. Morale of the story - take down notes! I love it that the simple act of writing down his memories actually saved them another lifetime of waiting and searching for each other! Good thinking Joon Jae.







Isn't it lovely that while waiting for her return, he prepared a house by the sea where they could live together? And is that a persimmon tree by the house, Se Hwa's (and Sim Cheong?) favorite fruit?







Yup, they skipped showing us the wedding ceremony and instead showed us some hint of dirty love. Hah! Love it when he carried her to bed and when I saw that kiss, I had to play it again to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. Dirty love, it is. :P



Our pregnant couple was just a lovely sight to see. Them living a simple life by the sea is the perfect way of having a happy ending, as Joon Jae initially wished they would have. The ending scene of the couple sitting outside looking at the sea is simple yet breathtaking.  :heart:






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LMH in LOTBS episode 20:


Thanks for all the comments and thanks for recapping together!  I'm glad to have had new friends join in along the way these 2 1/2 years.


It was a beautiful finish, leaving out only a few little bits that I would have wanted.  I have to say I was surprised that she actually erased HJJ's memories.  I had thought that we were learning all along that it's better to have your memories even if it is painful.  But instead we learn that their love is stronger than even memory.
























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ICE Beyond_MinoBoiz_ICE

It's on ondemandkorea.com

Does anyone remember, was it only an hour?  I thought it was longer.


The week after we start Mackerel Run, which I started but never finished.  Has anyone watched all 8 ep?

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