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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 [Event: Faith Watch party]

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Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho! Here's to more years of bringing joy to your fans around the world, and making a difference to people's lives. :heart:







So my theory is correct - Ajhussi's car accident is dad's doing. Ruthless dad - manipulating Yoon Sung by hurting those important to him. But I have to say, Yoon Sung is equally fierce - I love that look in his face whenever he's challenging his dad. He did say that he's the only one that could stop him. He sure looks like it.


Poor Yoon Sung, he's pushing Nana away again. But Nana's persistent and almost stubborn character works well with Yoon Sung's all-by-myself attitude.




Heartfelt scene of him meeting with his omma. Especially when he finally warmed up to her, with all the food that she cooked for him. What a nice and loving way of showing her love for his son.




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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover the actor that has a huge fan base ~ Lee Min Ho. for many kdrama fans, boys over flowers was their first drama

thanks to all the chingus who came, posted, hit those buttons and participated to make this birthday bash a success. @yuiy78 @syntyche @kokodus @SophieH @angelangie @gtLmh0622 @Heretorant

cto WEBSITE II TWITTER II FACEBOOK II WEIBO II INSTAGRAM Flower boy, talented, handsome, swoon-worthy, adorable, cute, dorky are some descriptions fans used to describe this South Korean ac

2 hours ago, gtLmh0622 said:

20180627 on duty :



  Reveal hidden contents









cr Logo



Hi gtLmh, thanks for sharing TODAY's pictures. Ahhh................so lucky these fans that they have a chance to see LMH up close almost if not daily but regularly. :P

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Lee Min Ho celebrated his 31st birthday on June 22, and his fans were quick to greet the Legend of the Blue Sea star on social media. Twitter was flooded with posts about #HappyLeeMinHoDay, but one establishment took it even further by posting a recent video of the Gangnam Blues actor.


The official Instagram account for Blow in the Cheongdam district shared a video of Lee Min Ho congratulating the beauty salon on their success. The video shows that the star of The Heirs has cut his hair short to comply with his military service but still appears healthy. Although most fans commented on how handsome Min Ho is despite the rather short hair, others couldn't help but notice that the actor seems truly happy.


(skipped unrelated)




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@syntyche:  I'm surprised to see him in shorts daily!  Now, if those shorts would just get a little shorter.....:lol:




cr:  minozthailand

Only 5 episodes left!

The show opens with Chun Jac Man's (CJM) secretary announces that were intruders.  Father finalizes the deal buying the book with the evidence of the evil 5's involvement with the 1983 incident with CJM.  Father tells LYS that Prosecutor Kim knows about the 1983 incident.  Father scoffs at LYS's proclamation that he will protect those he loves.  LYS continues to shut NaNa from the plan to go after CJM.  Ahjussi arrives back home because there are too many things he hasn't purchased from Home Shopping network lol.  LYS and NaNa go to visit LYS's mom at the hospital.  They bump into a young boy, Yoon Shik, trying to reach a coin under the sofa.  NaNa proceeds to tell omma LYS's secrets and the two bickers.  NaNa leaves the two to talk.  It turns out that Yoon Shik's omma got sick working at Haewon Chemical.  Omma gives LYS her wedding ring to give to NaNa.  It's so nice for LYS to have a mother.  NaNa tells LYS that she will no longer get involved with LYS's plan.  Prosecutor Kim finally awakens and tells his assistant to follow CJM.  Prosecutor Kim has almost all the pieces to the puzzle.  The President visits a comatose Jong Shik  Prosecutor Kim is surprised to find the President.  He tells the President that he tried to convince his father to turn himself in.  However, the President, being a forgiving man, tells Prosecutor that it must have been too difficult to confess his crime.  Prosecutor and the vet share a dinner.  Ahjussi, NaNa and LYS share fried chicken (that looks good!).  Ahjussi tells LYS that the  3 of them and LYS's mother should leave and start a normal life together.  LYS says that he must finish what he started and leaves without eating.  NaNa is really a source of strength for LYS.  The blue House security team discuss City Hunter.  To lighten the mood, DaHye shows NaNa and Eun Ah all the photos she took of LYS.  CJM visits a sick employee trying to convince her not to file the class action.  LYS comforts Yoon Shik after CJM calls the young boy a beggar.  Yoon Shik calls LYS a beggar after the latter digs out the list of chemicals CJM tore and threw in the trash.  NaNa places a photo of herself and LYS on LYS's desk.  After telling NaNa again, not to interfere in his plan, LYS knocks over the framed photo, shattering the glass--signifying a split between NaNa and LYS?  NaNa leaves, angry--can't say that I'd blame her.  NaNa and ahjussi piece together the list of chemicals.  LYS drags NaNa out of the house and apologizes about the photo.  NaNa finds a gold twist tie and uses it as a ring as LYS receives the news that he is a bone marrow match for his mother.  Prosecutor Kim finds out that John Lee is not LYS!   Aww, isn't LYS and his omma sleeping together in the hospital bed sweet?  Prosecutor Kim discovers that Father (the man from the Triangle) bought John Lee's identity.  LYS comes up with another term of endearment for NaNa--chicken NaNa as he donates his stem cells- lol.  Da Hye finds her calling in life-- a barista!  Shin Jong arrives to buy a coffee for Eun Ah, but discovers LYS has cancelled all his credit cards much to his embarrassment.  Ki Joon uses his coupon to pay for the coffee.  Shik Joong storms into LYS's hospital room angry that LYS cancelled his cards.  They bicker like a married couple.  Shik Joong moves out of LYS's house and goes to NaNa's apt.  LYS races to NaNa's where the two make up  I love this--sooo cute!:heart:  NaNa asks that the couple take their fight back to LYS's.  Back at the hospital, NaNa arrives to find LYS not feeling well.  LYS pulls NaNa next to him definitely stirring up her emotions.  NaNa again confesses how much she likes LYS (I really like about NaNa)>  She asks him to tell her that he likes her but receives a cold responses from LYS.  NaNa leaves chiding herself for admitting that she told LYS she likes him.  I think it's really brave of her.  LYS prepares to go to Haewon Chemicals.  LYS takes a sample of the chemicals.  The guards try to stop LYS in an awesome fight scene--how can he fight when he wasn't feeling well--I guess Father made him fight when he was sick so he's used to it?  LYS barely escapes, but sickened by inhaling the chemicals.  He manages to escape, but has to pull over gagging.  NaNa calls at an inopportune time to suggest they spend New Years Eve together. LYS pulls himself together to drag himself home.  But who is waiting for him==Prosecutor Kim .  In the cliffhanger, Prosecutor Kim calls LYS Poo Chai!


I read in the DB comments that this episode garnered a 19.9 rating!  It also seems that the posters moved from LMH's moaning to his dimples.  


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His hair is growing longer day by day. Wonder what he does during his free time and weekends. Do his favorite thing e.g. play video games :D. Hope he goes to gym regularly and exercises as well as learn English or something useful. I think he is a more physically than a mentally inclined. He is very sports and games oriented. Spend some time with his friends. He has time to do it now so he should take the opportunity. Does he get vacation time to travel to visit friends?


@CarolynH thanks for this weeks review. His slim clothing and long legs make him very lithe and fast when he walks. I noticed it when he was walking quickly through the garage looking for Young Joo. I like it that LYS got to spend a night with his mother. I remember the actress commenting that she could just stare at his good looks and that he is so handsome. I was thinking this was probably the scene where they had to be in bed together and look at each other. This is probably the part that she is thinking about when she said that. Just staring at his gorgeous face :D:D:D:D

So smart Young Joo has pieced out the puzzle and figured out who LYS is and his past history. Being the son and Poo Chai.


I noticed the scene when YS was visiting his mom with Nana and he was the cap and blue coveralls, his face was clearly seen as his hair was covered, his nose seemed crooked and then I noticed that the left side of his nose next to his eye had a dark mark or bruise so his nose looked asymmetrical. He must have got hurt near his eye during filming. Your thoughts?


My favorite scene is at Nana's house where the husband YS placates his wife Ajussi who is having a hissy fit because her credit card was suspended. HaaaHaaaa!!! YS saying he can't live without his Ajussi, begging him to come home and that he was sorry, and Ajussi complaining that he has to do horrible and dangerous chores for YS and anyway he was shopping not for himself but for YS and Nana. Ajussi has a very good point there. I don't understand why YS is so stingy. He is so rich and a large home so why begrudge the shopaholic who gets pleasure in the shopping channel. Did YS forget that he almost died, to begrudge him some shopping after he returns from hospital??? Bad play there YS! Tut! Tut! The funniest line goes to Nana "Excuse me but can you take your marital spat back to your own home." :P:D


Poor YS overwhelmed by the fumes. I wonder if the guards there died. One was gasping for breath and it looked that he died or seriously poisoned. He was so worn out sitting by the side of the road, retching and so ill.  I liked that scene a lot too. He acted very well there. Then Young Joo is at the hospital harassing him after he had just saved his life. Bummer.



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11 K-Dramas With Deliciously Satisfying Slow-Burn Romances




Park Kae In (Son Ye Jin), a furniture designer who is the daughter of a famous architect, is burned by love and swears off men. She lives in the beautiful modernized hanok (Korean-style home) designed by her father. However, she agrees to take on Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) as a roommate after learning that he is gay. Only he’s not gay. He’s actually after the secret to her father’s designs so that he can win a huge architectural bid. Her slovenly living style clashes with his pristine neatness, but still, the two fall for each other.

The main concept of the drama is that the two can’t form a romantic relationship because they are sexually incompatible as a straight woman and a gay man. The nature of this relationship, however untrue, forces the two to remain nothing more than close friends for quite some time. Watching the two change for the better as they fall in love is sweet and induces all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings.


(skipped unrelated)


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@CarolynH, he's giving his fans a daily treat with those shorts. I don't mind seeing him in those for the whole summer. :D



So brave of Nana to confess her feelings for Yoon Sung...and so strong of her to carry that sofa! Her character really is not the typical girly and damsel-in-distress type. And this I love.


@CallieP, I looked at that scene again with his omma, and him and Nana in coveralls. His nose kinda looks crooked - maybe he did get hurt, or it's just the shadow of his nose. But I did notice that this may be the first scene in this drama that I've seen him without bangs. Love that we can see his whole face. :wub:

It's weird, but I like seeing LMH with kids. Haha. He's just so sweet to them, and it's nice to watch how he interacts with them. Not that I want to see him having his own kids soon, but he sure would make a great dad someday.



There goes Yoon Sung again pushing away Nana with his secret missions and not getting amused by their photo together, but then making sweet gestures like resting his head on her shoulder. No wonder Nana wants to hear him say that he likes her. I guess she wants him to set the record straight.



But isn't the Yoon Sung-Ajhussi couple more amusing? Haha. Seeing them having that typical  lovers' quarrel on shopaholic issues is funny, add to that Nana's marital spat line.



Aww...mother and son lying face to face on one bed is heartwarming. Even more touching is omma singing a song to a grown-up Yoon Sung.



I really dig those ingenious fight scenes - this time, Yoon Sung fights with only one hand! And with toxic fumes at that. @CarolynH, thanks for the bts video. Seeing LMH and his sexy arms ...  :heart:



Darn, Young Ju is good. Figuring out that Yoon Sung is not John Lee, but Poo Chai! Excited for the remaining episodes.  



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Yup, the BTS of the fight scenes and LMH's shoulders are a sight to behold.  I also liked the part where he jumped from the stairs. It is not that easy but he makes it seem so effortless. Thanks CarolynH!

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Hiiiii :))

It has been loooong looong time since I came to this forum because of busy college life.  :((  I missed you all. Are you having a fun Summer? :))



credit: as tagged


My babyyyy... Miss him so much.


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