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Kim Dong Wan 김동완 - the singer

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191121 Office DH Facebook update.





김동완님의 생일을 축하해주셔서 감사합니다.
축하해주신 많은 분들께 드리는 감사의 선물!
두울. 깜빡이 없이 훅 들어온 오늘자 까꿍 영상! 


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Shinhwa's Dongwan Opened up about His Previous Comments on Sulli's Death, Criticizes 'The Night of Hate Comments'


Back in October, when we lost Sulli, Shinhwa's Dongwan expressed concerns over celebrities' psychological health on his Instagram. (For details, read Former SM Artist, Shinhwa's Dongwan Blames 'Large Entertainment Companies' for Artists' Mental Health) Dongwan commented on how young artists are required to present smiles 24/7 when they are deprived of rest, nutrition and energy. 



1574314409015-1574314409015.pngImage Source: Youtube 'KBS 거리의 만찬' Screenshot


On November 20th, KBS released previews on the November 24th episode of 'Feast on the Road' (literal translation). Dongwan appeared as a guest and talked about his previous Instagram post he shared right after Sulli's death.




Image Source: Youtube 'KBS 거리의 만찬' Screenshot


Dongwan opened up, "Through media, I saw her. Even from that distance, I was worried because she was going through harsh times and was blamed so much. Through an acquaintance, I contacted her and asked if she needs any consulting. I told her, 'I know people who could help you.'"




Image Source: Youtube 'KBS 거리의 만찬' Screenshot


Dongwan said, "Recently, I saw her on media and thought to myself that she found her own way of coping with issues. I was glad to think, 'Yes that is one way. She will be okay now.'"


It was not long after that Dongwan heard Sulli's death news. 




Image Source: Youtube 'KBS 거리의 만찬' Screenshot


Dongwan also criticized the show 'The Night of Hate Comments." He said, "I was really mad about the show she starred in. I think the show was produced based on the Youtube video clips where Hollywood celebrities read out malicious comments and fight back." Dongwan continued, "However, in Korea, it's impossible for a celebrity to pick on someone or even say something mean on radios or TV programs."




Image Source: Youtube 'KBS 거리의 만찬' Screenshot


He also said, "In such culture, it was so cruel to see celebrities come up on the show and talk about what they were hurt about, and to see their reactions." Dongwan even quoted, "The show seemed like a 'human zoo' to me."




Image Source: Youtube 'KBS 거리의 만찬' Screenshot


Dongwan criticized how Korean media and the public sees such celebrities as products. It was probably based on his own experience as an artist for more than a decade. It's hurtful to witness a bright young mind losing hope because of hatred. It's now really the time to look back and think about online hatred and unwanted consequences we no longer want.



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Dongwan said that he didn't like his silicone phone case on the radio and someone spotted him at iPhone store on the 20th. He probably changed the case he got for his birthday.


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