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Kim Dong Wan 김동완 - the singer

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[News] Kim Dongwan, funnier because he didn’t sleep well Kim Dongwan is indeed honest and cheerful. A representative good speaker from Shinhwa that makes you laugh out loud regardless of what he s

@peanuts281 OMGGGGGGGG KOD indeed!! Droollss... crying at this beautiful body  But how to sleep after seeing these? asdfghjkjhgfdghjkl See, you always find the right gifs! The Mask, I feel you T.

source: Winning _ naver OMG OMG ... what the... !!! this is seriously killing meeeeeeee Hot Deng! What are you trying to do with us? And there are VIDEOS too on the site....... oh boy oh boy

Guest linakyon

@hkana I'm satisfied with the ones I'm following, but what miss the most is a good romcom like Marriage, not dating :)*high 5* Waiting for those dramas as well and when CUMK starts again, *bye time* xD
OMG, we have been fooled all this time, I didn't know we were stanning a Katalk emoticon :))
*hugs for more handsome oppayam* :DWatching that last pic, it gives me an idea for a fan gift :) A personalized shirt saying SHCJ President, but then Minwoo is other potential candidate :-? ahhh screw that, the 6 of the should receive a shirt like that :D

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@linakyon Sometimes the similarities are uncanny   :))  And the last picture, at first I misread the words as 'Cleavage President', I think what, are they crazy hahaha... Proved how dirty my mind is lol lol...  Yes they should :D
Waking up to Oppayam's updates and new video ... :x  Thank you Oppayam :x


[KDW Concert] A snowing Winter night! Practice after practice! Kim Dongwan shows the greatest determination to present the best concert by checking things carefully one by one. Please look forward to it. #PracticeToday #FilmingTomorrow #ConcertSoon!!!
- 2014-12-14 CI Ent Twitter update
translation by malpabo.tumblr.com

cr. dongwan kim
[Lyrics] Kim Dongwan - Can I Get Married (original by Coffee Boy)
Can I get married, can I get married?This year comes to an end as well, can I get married?Being in a relationship with someone is something hardCan I get married, just like others?
One by one my friends get marriedEven that friend, that I didn’t think would, has goneI don’t know about that fated loveand I really don’t understand a woman’s heart
Can I get married, can I get married?This year comes to an end as well, can I get married?I have a deficit bank account, can I get married?Being in a relationship with someone is something hardCan I get married, just like others?
Can I get married, can I get married?This year comes to an end as well, can I get married?Being in a relationship with someone is something hardCan I get married, just like others?
Some day we will get married tooWe will definitely get married
CI Ent Twitter update[KDW Concert] Can Kim Dongwan get married? Please check if he can through this concert!!! #SingingAsIfTalking #ContainsHisTrueFeelings #MyScoreIs!!!
translation by malpabo.tumblr.com
As usual, he melts me with his voice and guitar playing :x  Wonder what tomorrow's filming is for :x

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김동완연말콘서트 "STARLIGHT"잠실학생체육관
12월31일 수요일 22:00~
동완형님 노래 달콤하넹~! 궁금하면 예매하세요
cr. joahent
Oppayam really use the gifts from fans :x  The fans must be delightful :x
cr. kd11211127

And who is Oppayam without nagging something to us ;))
cr. dongwah

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Guest linakyon

@hkana It's not a lie, though xD In Shinhwa he sure is cleavage president for our delight  ;))The first thing I thought when I read filming was MV for he_starlight :D I hope so 8->

That voice o<-< What a nice song :x But the lyrics....aigooo, oppayam you will get married, it's just you haven't found the right person :) #Don'tForgetThatThereAreAlwaysVolunteersOnStandby ;))
Keep practicing :)) I wonder if he was nagging us, if it's a reminder for him, or maybe both xD

Omo....'Can Kim Dongwan get married? Please check if he can through this concert!!!'..........Wait a minute....Oppayam, don't tell me you are going to make me start drinking earlier than I thought on the last day of the year, I'm not ready and never will xD

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@linakyon I was thinking the same... T.T Is it...? Could it be...?  :((   Idk... but... *prepares soju+tissues*
Ahhhh for MV? Oooh I hope so... [-O<  Whoa Wannie must be very busy... fighting, Oppayam :-bd
heheh yes  I think it can mean both :D  mwave has interesting idea about it :D  Amazing they thought about that :D

#Shinhwa′s #KimDongWan Covers Coffee Boy′s ′Will I Get Married′ http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/83118/video-shinhwas-kim-dong-wan-covers-coffee-boys-will-i-get-married … Mr. Kim singing from the heart, maybe  (cr. mawave)

Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan Covers Coffee Boy′s ′Will I Get Married′
2014.12.15 10:48  CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong
Perhaps really singing from the heart, Shinhwa′s Kim Dong Wan covered Coffee Boy′s Will I Get Married.
On December 15, Kim Dong Wan posted another cover video on his personal Youtube page. He sang one of Coffee Boy′s most popular songs, Will I Get Married, which include lyrics such as, "Will I get married / I have nothing in my bank account / Will I get married / It′s a difficult thing to meet someone / Will I get married like everyone else?" 
In his video, Kim Dong Wan left out the parts that are sung by a female singer in the original version. At the end of the video, a caption flew across the screen, saying, "You better practice," teasing that he will be singing this song at his upcoming Starlight concert with fans filling in the missing parts of the song. 
The Starlight concert will take place on December 31 at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium. 
Photo Credit: Kim Dong Wan  (cr. mwave)

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So this is what he told the fans to practice hahaha.  He even provides the lyrics to learn :))

[KDW Concert]

Here’s round 1 of our “Let’s Do This Together” event for Kim Dongwan’s year-end concert “Starlight”!!!
1. Watch Kim Dongwan sing Coffee Boy’s “Will I Get Married”. http:// youtu.be/iNZLaRf3YZE2. Once the first verse is over, Kim Dongwan will continue playing his guitar.3. Sing along to the lyrics in the photo above.* The lyrics will be on the screen during the performance, so you don’t have to memorize them.
#SingInCrowds #MelodyAndRhythm #GonnaGetYouIfYouGetItWrong #NeverLetYouGo #Round2’sGoingToBeADance #DoTheDance
Source: CI Entertainment Twitter, Facebookcr. Shinhwa Stuff

Saw a couple of other translations for the hashtags
#itschorus #payattentiontoyourbeat #singleyououtifyousingwrongly #Cantletyougoevenifidie #2ndoneisadancesong#stormalikerhythm  (cr. 6legends)

CIENT Tags: #It'sASingAlong #WatchOutOnYourTune #I'llCatchYouIfYouMakeAMistake #Won'tLetYouOffEvenIfIDie #The2ndPartIsDance #LotsOfDance XD (cr. hearts_shinhwa)

lol lol lol #Won'tLetYouOffEvenIfIDie #WatchOutOnYourTune

So this is part one of 'Let's Do This Together' events, awwwwwww Oppayam!! So sweet :x  He makes the concert is not just for his show but he turns it into an event together with fans, so memorable :x  Love 

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Congratulations to all the winners... I see some familiar names ^^  Though I forgot which one is for which events... Too many events :P  #OppayamIsSoKind

[Ci Notice]
Winners for Kim Dong Wan He_Sunshine iTunes download event!!!Thank you for your participation.
- Winners -
1. 류별라2. Elma Chen3. Hope Pinkerton
Winners please submit the following information to ppphj812@cient.co.kr.Your name, phone number, and address.Due date is Dec. 22nd. Your prize will be cancelled if due date is exceeded.The prize for the event, a Kim Dong Wan signature book, will be delivered before the end of the year but may differ according to your location.sr. CI Ent

[Ci Notice]
Thank you for everyone for participating in Kim Dong Wan He_Sunshine, album and jacket release event.
- Winners -
1. @정미선2. @미혜김3. @장영지4. @Nikky Rivera5. @Genesis Nunez
Winners please submit the following information to ppphj812@cient.co.kr* Name, Phone Number, and AddressDue date is Dec.19th. Your prize will be cancelled if due date is exceeded.Your prize will be delivered before the end of the year, but may differ according to your location.
sr. CI Ent

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Guest linakyon

@hkana ahhh.... It didn't take long to solve the mystery. It'll become a precious memory for them :D
On another note, thanks to Oppayam I've learnt two additional words for 'get married' in Korean xD Yesterday was janga (장가 ) and today I  learnt another, 시집,which is on the lyrics the fans will sing.  tsk tsk asking fans who are already married to sing this :))
And hastags LMAO =)) Not bad oppayam, you're as good as a conductor kekekepffffft scary oppayam, if anyone goes out of tune, here is how you'll react (4:20) :))

cr oreobox
Love the new cf :D Now waiting for bts video, I'm sure it'll be more hilarious! And oppayam throwing the pillow, poor Eric =)) 
Ahhh lucky chinese fans, got a translated version and a message from oppayam.And the fact he wrote friends instead of fans, our oppayam is really sweet  8->
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@linakyon He was kind in LPM  :))  But now he's threathened to single out those who sing out of tune lol... Oppayam has so much fun preparing for the concert  kkk ;))
The ending of the CF is hilarious :))  Can't take my eyes off of Oppayam in white shirt :)   So much Wanjin feels... and Woodong :D

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Guest linakyon

@hkana Few seconds can give us a quick fix for the OTPs we miss :D WanJin the kung fu brothers! For me they win the trohpy for best disappointed and angry faces :))  This short cf has been on loop and it still cracks me up xDThat last gif, Jinnie's hand gesture looks it's the same Wannie said he'd use to feed Beijing duck to fans xD
 And it's amusing for us as well :)  If fans bribe him with puddings, not forgetting the spoon, or oreos, he would turn a blind eye if anyone goes out of tune :)
asdfghjkl and it's true kyaaaa!!! A MV wohooooo <:-P If the mv could be released before Christmas it'd be such a nice gift for us :Dtumblr_ngoij85HmC1rmwtr0o1_500.jpg

[KDW Single] Monitoring the teaser video for Kim Dongwan’s new single ‘He_Starlight’!!! Coming soon!!!

- 2014-12-16 CI Ent Twitter update
Translation by malpabo.tumblr.com

At first I thought the pic was showing us Oppayam monitoring the mv, but after a closer look, oppayam's pic is on a computer :)  Wonder what's the concept for he _starlight, it's hard to judge from the pic alone, but will it be a ballad? That's the vibe I get....

But yay! It seems this time we will have plenty material for gifs 8->

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@linakyon  ;)) Food is the way to bribe Oppayam  :))
Kyaaaaaaaa there will be MV *dancing*  Oh correct, it's showing on the computer T.T  I'm guessing it will be a calmer song too... a song for a romantic night under the stars ;)) warm in front of a fireplace <:-P  Hope it's not a sad story T.T  Can't wait!  

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@adikkeluangman My guess is that's the way he spells it  from Korean sounds to romanization, but who knows with Wannie ^^   The new label doesn't have a Youtube channel yet.  Maybe later it they get more artists?

Aww Oppayam, why so sad? =((

[KDW Single]
2014.12.18(목) 낮 12:00, #김동완 새싱글 'He_Starlight'의 티저영상이 공개됩니다. 많은 기대 부탁드립니다. #With여자사람누구? #힌트는여배우임 #목소리아련 #눈에별박음 #김배우오랜만 #이것도두번씩보세요 

December 18th, 2014, Thursday Noon, The teaser video clip of Kim Dong Wan's new single, 'He_Starlight' will be unveiled. Please show us your interest.
#WhosTheGirl? #ShesAnActor #SoftVoice #IAmSold #ItsBeenALongTimeActorKim #TakeALookAtThisToo
cr. CI Ent
One more day till the teaser!!  Aww who's the girl will be? Why no leaks :P 
Who is with soft voice, the girl or you, Oppayam? 'I am sold', does 'I' mean you or the fans haha
Yes it's been a long time, Actor Kim.  Too long :x

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Guest linakyon

@hkana OMG :(( Those eyesssssss T_T Great, I'm tearing up with just one pic, I'll need tissues for the mv :( Don't really like the hairstyle, but he looks so gorgeous :x Then I guess next week we'll see the mv?? Our christmas present :D 
Again the hastags xD LOL An actress??? boooooo....Well if it's Ethilda, Ericsunamun or Eric Hee Bin it wouldn't be bad and the concept of the mv would be Oppayam couldn't accomplish his goal of getting close to leadernim which broke his heart  :)Ok, now on a more serious note I wonder why we don't now yet who is the actress.Whenever an actor/actress stars in a mv, most of times the media reports even before the actual filming... hmmm
Again noon(KST) but it doesn't matter, my Christmas Holidays started today, so I can go to bed late without any regrets wohooo :D 

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