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Name 5 People U Are Addicted To!

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Guest Chiperaholic

Addicted? Hmm...not quite an addiction but I very much like them. Anyway...this is my list.

BiKyo :rolleyes: That is quite obvious.

Song Hye Kyo- Most of the time I'm only interested in her.

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Guest WillBeLoved4eva


1. MICKY YOOCHUN!!! :w00t:

2. Wonbin from F.T. Island :D

3. Chae Yeon

4. Hyori

5. Bi


1. F.T. Island



4. Super Junior

5. Wonder Girls

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Guest ultaeja


2. Lee Minwoo

3. I don't have a third one^^;;

4. Ivy

5. BoA

Haha, those are it! SHINHWA WILL ALWAYS BE NO.1!!!!(for me that is^^)

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Guest ripgal

I have a lot of idols..

But currently I'm super obsessed/addicted with Lee Jung Jae. One of the best actors I've seen.. and not to mention HOTTT..:wub:

Some pics..




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Guest JeannieV.

ahah i don't really have 5, more like two XD current obsession, and forever they will be my obsession, lol.

1. Kim Jaejoong! <33333

2. DBSK <33333

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Guest NotGuilty

Sticking strictly to Kpop:

5. Se7en

4. Lee Hyori

3. Joo Ji Hoon

2. Lee JunKi




Expanding it:

5. Lee Hyori

4. Lee Junki

3. Miyavi (JP)

2. Matsumoto Jun (JP)

1. WU ZUN (TW) tied with LEE MINWOO

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Guest s3rene

1. Kim Dongwan

2. Mr. Dongwan

3. Dongwan of Shinhwa

4. My Superman, aka KIM DONGWAN(:

5. Oh what the hell- KIM DONGWAN, YEAHHHH!

That's the best list I have read. :D GO DONGWAN!!!

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Only Five???

Number One.. LEE JI HOO

Number Two.. Someone who's NOT a Korean gasoo/actor/model

Number Three.. NATHAN LEE (and all of the members of TAKE, Dowan, Seunghee, SUNGJAE!!!<3)

Number Four.. TABLO (and his crew.. they are LOOOVE)

Number Five.. every other HOT guy like Hyunbin, Daniel Henney, Uhh... yeah..

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