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test  Edit: Guys, for pictures from your computer/laptop, you need to upload to photobucket. You can resize the images there. The URL you need to copy is the "direct url" at the side of the

Test, does it come up though...?  

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Perhaps, because of the faint glimmer of lights and (Jay Chou's) music, the combination of these two evoked an indescribable sense of security in Lin Xiao. On this particular night, Lin Xiao slept exceptionally well and he didn't rise from his slumber till 7am the day after. Upon stirring from bed, he heard the birds' melodious chirping very clearly. He didn't expect this as his room was high up on the eighth floor.

From young, Lin Xiao was brought up by his maternal grandparents. From his memory, Lin Xiao's maternal grandfather liked to rear birds when he himself was a young boy. This was why almost every morning at dawn, Lin Xiao was used to waking up to the sound of the chirruping birds. This habit made him calm and brought much joy to him.

Lin Xiao then automatically headed for the balcony to hear the birds tweeting. He was also seeking a sense of security which he used to feel whenever he's with his maternal grandfather. Lin Xiao is the kind of person who neither seeks any credit or personal gain nor feel the need to be reciprocated when he does something for others. Whatever he wants to do, he more or less does so because he feels comfortable and at peace. A feeling of peace and contentment in his heart is more important than any other things.


Lin Xiao then went to the supermarket to purchase the items he needed for his daily necessities. At the cashier counter was the same auntie he met yesterday. He didn't expect that as soon as he stepped into the supermarket, she could immediately recognise him.

For her, Lin Xiao's features is the kind that if you meet him just once, you would remember his face. However, some people might disagree and said that there's nothing really unique about Lin Xiao's features. For Lin Xiao, on the other hand, being in a new environment and if there are strangers who can recognise him as well showing care and concern towards him, it's something to feel happy about.

There was a road that led out from the assembly hall and from there, Lin Xiao could see more new students coming to the campus. They were akin to young shoots which are tender and pure. Just like him, they bore a look which is curious and full of innocence. Lin Xiao's heart was filled with an indescribable feeling of ease and free from any anxieties and worries.


Lin Xiao carried the things he bought from the supermarket to his eighth floor dorm. Standing at the entrance, he noticed that a piece of paper was stuck on the door - it indicated the bed number and the corresponding student name.
After glancing at the paper, Lin Xiao was afraid that he had slept on the wrong bed.
No.1 - Lín Xiào
No.2 - Yáng Jùn Nán
No.3 - Shí Lěi
No.4 - Zhāng Yáng
Lin Xiao had slept on bed No.2 the previous night.

(Xiao Long literally wordplayed on the names of Lin Xiao's roommates in his story)
杨俊男 Yáng Jùn Nán (handsome young man)
石磊 - Shí Lěi (heap / pile of stones)
张扬 - Zhāng Yáng (flamboyant / brash)


Lin Xiao pushed the door to his room open. He noticed a tall and sturdy but slightly plump guy in the room. He was standing straight with his back facing Lin Xiao. Beside him, stood a slightly snobbish-looking middle-aged lady who was wearing a flashy, bright red outfit.

Lin Xiao knocked gently on the door so that the two people in the room were aware of his presence. The tall and sturdy but slightly plump guy turned his head and looked at Lin Xiao. 

Using a very "sweet and pleasant" tone, the guy asked, "Handsome boy, did you make a mistake regarding the bed? You are Lin... Xiao, right?" Upon hearing the guy's voice, Lin Xiao couldn't imagine and believe that a guy with such an XX of a figure could reside within such an XX of a person / would have such a personality.
(In case you're wondering what is XX, the writer did not elaborate on it either)

When Lin Xiao placed his bag on the tabletop, he said in an apologetic and embarrassed tone, "I'm so sorry, I've made a mistake." Lin Xiao added: "You should be Bed No.2 student. I'll now shift my things over to the other bed." The sturdy but slightly plump guy said: "It's Ok, don't worry about it. Anyway, the difference is just a matter of whether being on the left or right side. There's no problem at all. Oh yeah, I'm not Bed No.2 student. I'm called Yang.Jun.Nan. Remember my name, Ok? And just like how my name sounds, I'm a good-looking guy. I, Yang Jun Nan."

Immediately after he finished introducing himself, he put on an extremely haughty facial expression. Looking at him, Lin Xiao couldn't help but think to himself that Jun Nan is really just an ordinary-looking "handsome guy".


Lin Xiao finds his "Handsome Guy" roommate to be quite an interesting person. Prior to meeting him, Lin Xiao was apprehensive and full of dread but after getting to know "Handsome Guy", his heart was at ease. Thus, it felt as though a piece of stone had rolled off from his heart and it no longer felt the burden that was weighing it down earlier.

This was because Lin Xiao was a person who took time to warm up to people. He's friendly with those whom he has known for a long time such as his friends of over 10 years. With them, he's more willing to open up, joke and fool around or even acting cutesy. But it's a different matter altogether for Lin Xiao when he needed to socialise with total strangers on certain occasions or functions.

There are some people who are reticent and taciturn, but for Lin Xiao, his personality is such that during social functions, if there's a crack in a stone, he'd rather drill through it and hole himself up. Thus, Lin Xiao was glad that he got a roommate like Jun Nan. Although Jun Nan was a little bit girlish, he was quite funny and had a good sense of humour. 

Lin Xiao thought to himself that the days to come should be very interesting. While deep in his thoughts, the sunlight shone on his face; making him look rather handsome at that very moment.


"Xiao Xiao, I will be going out with my mother to buy things, is there anything you'd like to buy?" Jun Nan asked. One of Jun Nan's arms was slung over his mother's shoulders who was standing beside him while his other hand was holding a big red handbag.

"No, it's Ok. I just came back from the supermarket. Whatever that I needed to buy, I've already bought it," Lin Xiao answered Jun Nan with a smile.

"Ok, then," Jun Nan turned to his mother and said, "Let's go, mum."
"This boy is very good-looking," Jun Nan's mother couldn't help but praise Lin Xiao's looks.
"But not as good-looking as me, right, mum? Hahaha," Jun Nan replied.

The fun and easygoing mother and son pair held on to each other's arms and laughed gaily while walking out of the room. This scene stirred up a sense of envy within Lin Xiao. 


From his recollection, his own mother had always been a strict, no-nonsense person who expected her commands to be obeyed. A *corporate woman, Lin Xiao's mother was very swift and decisive when it came to making decisions.

Since he was young, Lin Xiao's mother was always the one who arranged his schedule and all his enrichment classes. She never once asked for Lin Xiao's opinion, let alone sought his approval.

Drawing class, piano lessons, speech class, English course - from young, Lin Xiao was different from other children who could go out and have fun and who seems to have a warmer childhood than him. Lin Xiao, on the other hand, had a childhood that was crammed with various enrichment classes, courses and lessons.

Fortunately, Lin Xiao was a very smart person who also enjoyed learning. This was why although most people would have felt burdened should they go through the same amount of lessons, this was not the case for Lin Xiao as he did not find his schedule taxing or gruelling at all. 

Instead, what he learnt and went through made him a very versatile and multi-talented person. However, when it came to his family, this was a topic that Lin Xiao was very reluctant and rather unwilling to talk about.

*Lin Xiao's mother is a 女强人 (nǚ qiáng rén) - a career-minded, strong and successful woman. She bore the qualities of 雷厉风行 (léi lì fēng xíng) - power of the thunderbolt and with lightning speed. People with this characteristic do not ponder too long over their decisions and once they make up their mind, they are resolute and stand firm by their decision.


Seemingly in successive order, after Jun Nan left, Bed No.3 student turned up at the dormitory with his parents. Rather old-fashioned in his demeanour, Shi Lei gave a 90-degree bow to Lin Xiao who was seated on a stool and busy sorting out his things.

"Hello, I'm Shi Lei, pleased to meet you and *please keep a lookout for me!"* Behind Shi Lei were his parents. One glance at them, you could tell that they were ordinary and honest, working class citizens. They both cast Lin Xiao a bashful smile.

* 请多多关照 - Shi Lei said this as a polite way of telling Lin Xiao to treat him kindly / keep an eye out for him.

After introducing himself to Lin Xiao, Shi Lei who wore glass spectacles with thick lenses, then put down his bag. He took out his thick books one by one and placed them on the table. This sight made Lin Xiao, who was the first student to be accepted into the Japanese language faculty, feel very pressured. 

He then thought about the slightly plump Jun Nan who's a tad silly and Shi Lei who's so old-fashioned and set in his ways - having these two with such contrasting personalities as his roommates might actually turn out to be quite interesting, after all. 

Thus, Lin Xiao looked forward to getting to know his third roommate who hasn't turned up yet. He was curious to know what he would be like.
Before stepping out of the room, Shi Lei's parents spoke to him and then they gave Lin Xiao a very big, red apple. They told the two boys: "You both are fellow students in the same dorm and sharing a room. If either of you were to face any difficulties, you should help one another out. When it comes to studies, you should give each other moral support and work hard together."

Lin Xiao looked at Shi Lei's exceptionally upright parents and thought that the "red scarf on their chest" is even brighter.

* Red scarf wearers are members of the Young Pioneers movement in China and this patriotic and civic movement is almost similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. A bright red scarf in the context above would symbolise someone who is forthright and upstanding.


Not long after Shi Lei's parents left, Jun Nan returned from the supermarket with two big bags of food and drinks. The three roommates enjoyed chatting with each other and they found out that they hail from the same hometown. Thus, this made the relationship between three of them even warmer and closer.

After chatting for quite some time, the three roommates felt hungry and decided to look for food. Eating together was also a way for them to celebrate and commemorate their first meet-up.

Lin Xiao and his two roommates pushed open eighth floor's iron door and walked down. However, they bumped into three students who were walking up at the same time. At night, the staircase was quite dark, so the three students from room 805 couldn't really see the oncoming three students who were on their way up. As the staircase was very narrow, the six students were all squashed up in the crammed space. 

In the midst of the semi-darkness, six of them were gripped in a deadlock. The ones who were heading downwards did not want to make way for the ones who were coming up and vice versa. It was quite a sight to behold as they finally decided to squeeze their body past each other by inching and going around one another. However, only Lin Xiao's roommates and another two boys managed to pass through; leaving Lin Xiao facing the last guy alone.

Lin Xiao then decided to pass through via the guy's right side. Unfortunately, the guy shared the same thought as Lin Xiao so Lin Xiao met head-on with the guy's thick and solid chest. In a soft voice, Lin Xiao apologised profusely to the other guy. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." As he was apologising, Lin Xiao's two roommates guffawed and howled with laughter, especially fat Jun Nan, who couldn't stop laughing and patted Lin Xiao on his shoulders. 

In the midst of his laughter which seemed to bear a hidden meaning, Jun Nan jokingly teased Lin Xiao: "Your brainchild is not bad at all; quite 'brilliant', in fact!" *

*Jun Nan was poking fun at Lin Xiao's idea of squeezing his way through the opposite guy's right side which would have worked out fine had he not bumped so hard at the guy's chest.

Lin Xiao then touched his forehead which was still slightly sore and painful. He didn't really catch what Jun Nan was saying. He could only remember the whiff of perfume on the guy's body - it was a very familiar scent.



Xiao Long is currently working on this upcoming movie which stars two cute boys - Leo and Lucas. I'm not too sure whether his fanfic might be based on this movie.



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