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Jaesu ?

Guest Soy

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Guest x__h a ll e n`

LOL ok! thanks for the clarification, DBSK_addict! hehe lovin' the new icon ;]

YAY MORE JAESU FANGIRLING LOL. I made a post some time ago... is anyone a member of KimHeroXiah.com?? I'm still trying to join the darn thing as a foreign member :D

Ah, I'm inspired to do graphics of JAESU but my PS takes so darn long to start up. I'll definitely do it soon though and share them with you all, OK??

haha this clip is hella funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVx0DVDOZQ8...feature=related

it's kinda jaesuchun ish! ^_^ enjoy~~~ <3

Thank you (:

I tried going to the site, but I have nooo idea how to actually register an account

I think you need a ID number though >.>

ROFL. The video was hilarious (:

I found it cute how JaeJoong was the only one that didn't "hurt" Junsu.

LOL, Yoochun held him down, and Changmin & Yunho THREW that cake on him xD

And Joongie just kind of laughed and looked down and Junsu. It felt like he was making sure Junsu was okay (:

JAESU <3 ! They're a def. my number one DBSK couple ATM.

and sweetsweets2: I hope to see you're JaeSu graphics soon (:

I'll be back with pictures

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Guest 1S0ULL

I seriously can't get enough of this couple <3

I should post more often here and help keep it alive (: .

They are sooo dorky, lovable, sexy, and when they sing together it's unbelievably amazing ♥

Awww. Their handshake during Summer Dream was sooo adorable :D

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Guest nabee<3suju

Awww, Jaesu huh, love the 1st pg btw! I never really thought of them together, but after seeing all this they are rather......tempting lol!! Joongie and the Dolphin boy

i Love it!

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Guest sweetsweets2

AW, the gorilla date clip was SO CUTE <3 hehe, the girl was so excited to 'meet' Jae. I feel happy for her! I wish I could meet him one day too ^^

DBSK_addict: thanks for trying! I know you need a korean reg. # or what you call it. but there was this one section for foreigners to join but I don't get how it works LOL whatever then~ keke. aww, such cute pics of them at the concert!

walkrunfly: WHOOAA huge jaesu compilation of pics <333 thanks! keke what are thre two talking about? ^

1S0ULL: Hi remember me? LOL They love to do handshakes or something, don't they? :D during Purple Line, Summer Dream, and in their JaeSu Couple Talk... :lol: anymore examples?

KYA~ I really want that JaeSu lightstick FOR REAL. I wonder where you can buy it ^^;

graphic time: LOL i think i went a little crazy here~ only used one pic too :sweatingbullets:


all icons are made by me: sweetsweets2

- texture credits to: 1. lestic 2. gender(LJ)3. tartankilts/calafair;gender(LJ) 4. gender(LJ) 5. gender(LJ)

what do you guys think? :blush:

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Guest nicolexr


hahah jaejoong wants to touch junsu's famous duck butt..


haha! i love this thread!


junsu and jae joong make me laugh <3


if this is the way they act when they wear animal costumes,

they should be allowed to wear it more often then. :ph34r: ;D LOL

be back to share pics & gifs. (:


and people, no hotlinking!!


^ is it just me, or are they saying oppa here? :ph34r:


Couple Talk pictures! <33




bonus! :D

more jaesu in animal costumes. :ph34r: ;D








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Guest kuro_wolf

Hello, i'm a noob here.

Hehehe, sorry i got no pics to contribute, i usually just stalk Jaesu forums. Hehehe, I love these two guys. Their interactions are rare but i look forward to any(if there is any) during their interviews/talh/variety shows. I find it endearing that they have to mention each others names no matter what the topic, like i think during the member interviews when they were in Prague for 'O', Jae was talking about yoochun but somehow or rather he mentioned Junsu. I find it cute, hehehe..

Neway, enough of me babbling, i was just wondering where the pics walkrunfly posted up were from?

They look recent. And i also found this gif from i honestly can't remember where but i hope if the owner sees this please don't be mad. I apologise greatly!


I just want to know from which show this was taken from if anybody knows?

Thank you so much for any help. And i'm sorry if i am breaking any rules.

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Guest nicolexr

^ You guys, NO QUOTING PICTURES, please!

If you're replying or quoting someone, kindly remove the quote tags.

Let's keep this thread neat. (:

Yeah, I love that gif, too. ♥

But I don't know where that came from. :D


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Guest &_Bambi

I think it's Yoochun's. haha. It says 'Da Mi' in the first picture. Which I guess is Yoochun's chinese name? xD

I'm so gonna rewatch that clip! It screams JaeSu! :D <3

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Guest x__h a ll e n`

Woaaah I haven't been in here for a while D:

walkrunfly [Lil] : Hii Lil (: I think this would be my last time reffering you to walkrunfly now. >< This thread is soo dead ... we need to revive it for the sake of JaeSu !

sweetsweets2: Well once you find out how to register, make sure to post the directions on this thread !(: I looooove your icons btw.

JaeSuChun! :D


credit: DBSK soompi thread

edit: HAHA, another JaeSu butt moment ... well kind of. o_O



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