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Jaesu ?

Guest Soy

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.. lol favorite dbsk coupling <3
ahhh my favorite pairing would have to be JaeSu, i dont know why but i love them together soo much !


















cutest gif ever !



and then i guess im fine with YunChun, and then well im all for Soymin <3333 (i actually like all the dbsk pairings, but im just fond of these 3 the most, my dbsk order happens to be 1)changmin 2)xiah 3)jaejoong 4)yunho 5)yoochun)



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Guest disfunktional.

SOY! ^-^ I like Jaesu too but i can never find it in videos T^T

so now im in love with Jaechun, they're freakin adorable too<3

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Guest yongieee

i love jae joong and junsu..

but i always thought that these two didnt have the chemistry that others have

like yoosu and jaeho

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Guest krngrlx3

haha, i especialy love the 9th & 12th picture

and that balloon gif was adorable! 8D

you don't see much of jaesu around,

but the coupling still rox haha

although as yongieee stated, you just don't see them interacting as much w. e/o on television, so alot of people must think the chemsitry's not there~

but stil..cute haha

although, i'll always love jaemin the most @ heart haha

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Guest FTIsland&Primadonna

wow is it me or ive been seeing so much dbsk couple thread here. haha

but its all good cause i love it.!!! sometime it seem like junsu is scare of jaejoong. haha and jaejoong loves to pick on junsu. well everybody loves to pick on junsu cause its junsu ^_^

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Guest your--HEROine


Those are some really CUTE pictures!

JaeSu sure is a CUTIE!

All the pairings, I just LOVE each and everyone of them. :D


Jae look soo FREAKEN HOT in that last pic.

He's holding a real AMERICAN 100 dollar bill!


But yeah, thanks for sharing.

The pics are SUPER CUTE and HOT!


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Guest ADORE.you

haha i love em all together =) When their in pairs, they suit with each other, its just the way they are =)

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Guest vietgurlhelen

awww they r sooo cute together!! they're actually one of my favorite pairings too, second to jaemin :rolleyes: anyways great pics and gifs!! so cute lol


Currently reading...

-Gods of Seoul High School- -Struck Down Princess- -Cherry Blossom- -The Princes and Me-

<333 Kim Jaejoong

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Guest spellitBOAxX

OMGGGG they're sooo friggin HOTT!!! XD

yepp im one of those crazyy fans, haha. and

i'll have to agree, i love all the pairings =]

this one is cute V^^V hehe, and thanks

for sharing the pics :]

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Guest dreamstar

aww so cute <3

i love the pairing xD xiah's my first and jae is my second in dsbk, and it onnly comes naturally that they both look lovely together XDDD well i see them more like a mother n son tho. haha

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Guest renfu_4lways

yea i love jaesu!!!!!!! lol i always crack up at that junsu falling pic... but yoosu's still my fav pair ^^

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