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[Official Thread] YunJae: Jung Yun Ho & Kim Jae Joong

Guest s3rene

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Guest Winnielade


i'm always afraid to post due my poor english.. yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

i'm completely in love with YUNJAE couple :rolleyes: I downloaded History in Japan 3 and saw a lots of cute scenes because they had to do the promotion together.. is that so?

... i can't understand japanese (barely english) so i was wondering if someone can give more information











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Guest asiantwin


must admit though, im not a HUGE fan of the dbsk pairings, but all the couples are cute~

here's a few stuff for those die-hard jaeho fans ^^

im pretty sure these havent been posted on this thread!




and lastly......... i LOVE this gif. so hilarious. jaejoong and yunho in the background. kekekeke


credits as tagged, dnbn, dbsk thread on soompi, really- i. dont. remember.

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Guest iloveRAiNBOWS

YunJae pairing hwaiting!

I must go read some YunJae fanfics and watch VOL.3 weeee

YunJae always makes me happy and feelin' lovey dovey. teehee

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Guest tine_cheese

<3~~~~~~ ah, such a cute couple! >< Love it! I don't care if it's for real or fan service, but dang they're sooooo good at it! Makes my heart skip a beat. lolz. Love JaeHo!!!!

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Guest yumidoma

after Official DBSK thread......this is the second best thread in Soompi...i luv it...

Yunjae/ Jaeho......but i like Yunjae..sounds more cute hehehehe....

thanx for the posting the pix.........

i can just look at the pix...n i get tickles in my stomach..

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Guest jasmine_korea

JAE made an announcement, 'Ok. Everyone, thank you! Tsk. Yunho and I are getting married.

From now on we are husband and wife. '

so it's official.

awwww YESSSS it's official..i knew it..lol.. :rolleyes: they would be like the HOTTEST couple ever...lol...

here are some pix






This is just toooooo hot :lol:









as u can see i'm totally crazy about them XD

yunjae998rw4.gif12qy3fw1.gif *i'm having a heart attack here XD*


I think it's enough for today ^^...love this couple

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Guest SeungRi

I found these pictures on livejournal! All these are artwork of YUNJAE! THIS IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL! YUNJAE SARANGHAE!

CREDITS: JaeJungho @ livejournal.com! THANKS FOR THESE PICTURES!







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Guest yunhobaby

jasmine_korea: i'm sorry to say but i think the gif where jae is eating the bread and the guy next to

him isnt yunho. lol although i really wish it was, but it was micky. lol ^^

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Guest iluvsuju

thanks seungri for sharing the manga version of yunjae......so YAOI<3333 they really are a good couple, like they know what each other are thinking every second O_O;; jaejoong so pretty....

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Guest asiantwin

yay. more pictures.

and that gif isnt yunho....?

its hard to tell because all you can see is the back of micky's head!

oh well. its a cute gif ^.^

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Guest Winnielade

i forgot this


isn't it funny with that dog on their side? XDD


the expresion they had while staring his honey

wow the coloured manga is beautiful!

in case you don't know this site JAEHO COLLECTIVE is awesome!!

my english is pitiful and i'm a newbie here :blush:

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Guest joan_qt2004

First I was not into YunJae at all. I just liked TVXQ and I have always been a fan of Jaejoong. I love all five guys but Jaejoong has a special place in my heart. I have a soft spot for Jaejoong. I have heard all the stories, read almost all the translations I've come across and watched almost all the videos I can get my hands on. I still have a soft spot for Joongie. I have never wavered. It has always been Jaejoong. It was only recently that I learned to love our YunJae couple. I hope I don't get to read anything against them or find anyone bashing them especially Jaejoong-ah. Of all the couples in any group, not only TVXQ, anywhere this is the only one I really like because they give you that vibe that it's not fanservice. It's not fake. They alone look like they are a couple and I won't even go to the discussion of whether they are indeed a couple. I really don't care if they are or are not...but I hope they are... :blush: (fangirl alert! LOL) I just LOVE them and that's it. That's my personal preference. MY personal choice. YunJae forever. :blush: :D

[b]YunJae kiss


[color="#800080"]YunJae hug


YunJae vs JaeSu gap......even in Japan shoots it is evident :rolleyes:


(for this pic...I hope fangirlmitz won't mind me sharing this pic here)

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Guest Winnielade

have you heard that a person in love always look at his beloved lips?

JJ always does :)


ohh i love this pic


hubby and wify :P

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