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손담비 Son Dam Bi Official Thread

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Real Name : Son Dam Bi
Nickname : DamBi , Miss Son
Born : 25th September 1983
Height : 168 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Blood Type : O
Star Sign : Libra
Family : Father and Mother ( Only Daughter )
Duration of trainning : 4 years
Treasures : Bible , iPod Touch
Hobbies : Listening to music , Watching movies
Skills : Swimming , Tennis , Skating
Favorite Singer : Crystal Kay
Favorite Actor: Josh Hartnett , Kim Hee Ae
Favorite Color : Black and White
Favorite Food : Miso Soup , Hamburgers , 오징어채 무침
Preferred Fashion Style : In jeans and a hood or a hat with a white T-shirt



Debut Performance : 7th July 2007 on Music Core
Management Company : Pledis Entertainment
Official Twitter Account : dambi925
Official Daum Fan Cafe :  http://www.sondambi.kr/
Official Website :
Award :
- Bonsang Award at 18th Seoul Music Awards with "Crazy"
- 2 Mutizen Awards at M! Countdown with "Saturday Night"
- 2 Mutizen Awards at Music Bank with "Saturday Night"
- 3 Mutizen Awards at SBS Inkigayo with "Saturday Night"
- Bonsang Award at 24th Golden Disk Awards with "Saturday Nigh"
- Bonsang Award at 19th Seoul Music Awards with "Saturday Night"
- Best Stage Present Award (aka Charming Award) at Taiwan 2010 Channel [V] TOP Award
- Bonsang Award at 20th Seoul Music Awards with "Queen"
- BBF Popularity Award at Asia Model Award


Son Dam Bi previously appeared in music videos for Paran and MYV , along with many advertisements . She first came to fame when she appeared in a commercial for an MP3 player alongside Poppin' Hyun Joon . Before her debut , MSN Japan had a video documentary made , capturing her pre-debut training and rehearsals ; it attracted 480,000 visitors in 5 days . Son Dam Bi's name means Crystal Queen .

2007 : Her debut single "Cry Eye" was produced and composed by Jang Joon Ho , who previously wrote MC Mong's "180 Degrees" and Jang Woo Hyuk's "Last Game" . The lyrics were provided by Brian Kim .

2008 : After training in the United States after "Cry Eye" , Son Dam Bi returned to Korea and released a mini album , "Son Dambi Mini Album Vol.1" on April 29, 2008 . The lead title was "Bad Boy" , produced by Brave Brothers . Son Dam Bi was the first artist outside of YG Entertainment to have an album produced by Brave Brothers .

In September 2008 , she returned with the single "Crazy" . The song featured a "chair dance" that became popular with the Korean public

2008 - 2009 : Son Dam Bi joined MBC's reality show "We Got Married" , pairing up with Marco . Joining the show in late 2008 as part of the second group of couples, their last episode aired on February 2, 2009 .

Son Dam Bi released her first full length album with the single "Toyoil Bamae" ("Saturday Night") . The song became her first #1 hit , topping various on- and offline charts , including M! Countdown , two wins on KBS's Music Bank , a 3-week chart-topping run on SBS's Inki Gayo . The song's routine features Son Dam Bi in various 80s fashions , transforming her into a "retro fashionista" .

She starred in SBS drama Dream with Ju Jin Mo and Kim Bum , her debut as an actress .

2010 : She released a mini album , "Son Dam Bi 3rd Mini Album - The Queen" on July 8, 2010 . The title song was "Queen" , produced by Kim Tae Hyun who composed After School's "Bang" and T-Ara's "Crazy Beacause Of You" .

On 19th September , Son Dam Bi released MV
"dB Rider" (New Version) . Also she hold the first fanmeeting on her birthday 25th September .

2011 : Son Dam Bi released single "One Kiss" on 31st January , teaming up with FPM (Fantastic Plastic Machine) from K.O sounds Compilation Serie .
She joined SBS "Kiss And Cry" as a contestant together with Yunho, IU, Krystal, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Ah Hyun...
On 1st December, Dam Bi released "Happy Pledis Love Letter 2012" with her label mate: After School and Pledis Boys
Also she joined MBC drama "Lights And Shadows" as one of the main casts with Ahn Jae Wook, Nam Sang Mi this year
2012 : Dam Bi expands her participation in MBC’s “Light and Shadows” with a contribution to the drama’s soundtrack "Everything", the OST song was released on January 10, 2012




Son Dam Bi 1st Single - Cry Eye
Release Date : 2007.06.18
Tracklists :
01. Cry Eye [MV]
02. Girls Like That
03. Alone
04. Start


Album : Pristontale II - Change The World
Song Title :
Change The World [MV]


Son Dam Bi 1st Mini Album - Bad Boy
Release Date : 2008.04.29
Tracklists :
01. Intro
02. Bad Boy [MV]
03. Geumanhaja
04. Bandaemal
05. Iptta Jillin Ot
06. Bad Boy (Ballad Version)
07. Bad Boy (Instrument)


Son Dam Bi Digital Single - Invisible Person
Release Date : 2008.08.21
Tracklists :
01. Invisible Person [MV]
02. Invisible Person (Instrument)


Son Dam Bi 2nd Mini Album - Crazy
Release Date : 2008.09.18
Tracklists :
01. Crazy [MV]
02. Invisible Person
03. No Sympathy
04. Play


Album : Family - Mighty Mouth
Release Date : 2008.11.18
Artist : Mighty Mouth & Son Dam Bi
Song Title :
Family - Mighty Mouth ft Son Dam Bi


Son Dam Bi Remix Vol 1
Release Date : 2008.11.20
Tracklists :
01. Crazy (Remix)
02. Bad Boy (Remix)
03. Invisible Person
04. Crazy (Remix) (Instrument)


Son Dam Bi 1st Album - Type B
Release Date : 2009.03.24
01. Saturday Night [MV]
02. No Sympathy
03. Even If It's The Second Time
04. Slowly Forget
05. Bad Boy (Remix)
06. Crazy (Remix)
07. Geumanhaja
08. Invisible Person
09. Twice Too Many Time
10. Saturday Night (Instrument)


Album : AMOLED
Artists : Son Dam Bi & After School
Release Date : 2009.07.23
Song Title :
AMOLED - Son Dam Bi ft After School [MV]


Album : Attitude
Artists : Brave Brothers & Son Dam Bi
Release Date : 2009.08.18
Song Title :
Invisible - Brave Brothers ft Son Dam Bi & Lee Min Woo [MV]


Album : Anycall Haptic Mission
Artists : Son Dam Bi , Kim Huyn Joong , Kim Joon , Lee Min Ho
Release Date : 2009.04.30
Tracklists :
01. Mission No.4
02. Talk In Love
03. Rolling Calling Darling


Son Dam Bi 3rd Mini Album - The Queen
Release Date : 2010.07.08
Tracklist :
01. DB Rider
02. Queen [MV]
03. Beat Up By A Girl
04. Can't U See
05. Super Duper
06. Queen (Instrument)
07. Can't U See  (Intrument)


Album : The Classic
Artists : Brave Brothers & Son Dam Bi
Release Date : 2010.09.03
Song Title : Invisible (New Version)


Son Dam Bi Digital Single - dB Rider
Release Date : 2010.09.16
Tracklists :
01. dB Rider (New Vesrion)

02. dB Rider  (Instrument)


Son Dam Bi & FPM - K.O Sound Compilation Series Vol.2
Release Date : 2011.01.31
Tracklists :
01. One Kiss
02. One Kiss (Instrument)

gXbt3.jpgHappy Pledis - 2012 Love Letter 
Release Date : 2011.12.31
Tracklists :
01. Son Dam Bi & After School - Love Letter 

02. Son Dam Bi, Kahi, Jung Ah - Winter Story03. Orange Caramel - How Are You04. After School - Love Love Love Remix

2HIx8.jpgLights And Shadows OST Part 3 
Release Date : 2012.01.10
Tracklists : 01. Everything02. Everything (Instrument)



Haptic Amoled ( with After School )

Garden 5

Canon 860i


Special Thanks : DoubleJMan ( AsiaHolicKpop@youtube ) , AfterSchoolCraze@youtube , BestofAsianTV@youtube & PledisOne@youtube

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OMG OMG her single is out already?? cant wait to hear it~


just listened to cry eye..her voice is not the best but hopefully her perf will be better. i want to see her dance to this song haha

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whoa its not closed LOL

okay more info


손담비/Son Dam Bi - Cry Eye : to be released 6/14

01 . Cry eye (타이틀/title song)

02 . 혼자 (honja/alone)

03 . START

04 . Girl Like That

05 . Cry eye (Instrumental)

Shes under SonyBMG

the single is out at z-degrees.net

esther check your thread at boajjang!

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Debut Coverage by MSN Japan part 1

Debut Coverage by MSN Japan part 2

Debut Coverage by MSN Japan part 3

credit:dambinara@cafe daum

Name: 손담비 Son Dam Bi

Nickname: DAMBI

Born: 9/25/1983

Occupation: Dancer, Singer

E-mail: rebirth21@screenonline.co.kr

Has appeared in various CF's and Mv's for artist like MYV & Param. In fact she made her debut in a Samsung mp3 player CF, and ever since craze for this new comer has increased. She's become so popular that even MSN-Japan decided to document her training before her official debute.


Released: June 14, 2007

01 Cry Eye

02 Girl Like That

03 혼자

04 Start

05 Cry Eye (Inst.)

:: Download ::


'Cry Eye' Debut Single Interview(LQ)

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Someone already started a thread for her. It was closed for now - she is not entitled to have her official thread until she released her album/single, and the latest I read was that the release date has been postponed to next week.


EDIT: I merged 2 thread together. :)

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i like her album/single its pretty good.

-혼자 is like a soft upbeat kind of song

-cry eye is my fav. song of the album. the mv is pretty sweet showing dance moves

-start is a upbeat cutesy song.

there's only 3 songs ^^

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