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Source: Esquire Magazine 2013 December Chinese Trans:  放放English Trans: Angel2013 Reposted from: SHJ Baidu bar Words in BOLD are SHJ's words and the words in normal are the editor's/int

PART 2 From about 8mins plus onwards, KCR ask questions about SHJ and Ken themselves, so I will only share about HJ's part. KCR asked 3 questions, of which they have to respond with a one liner a

Seo Hyun-jin (born February 27, 1985) is a South Korean actress and singer. She debuted as the main vocalist of South Korean girl group, M.I.L.K in 2001 and continued until the group disbanded in 2003

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15 minutes ago, kopifan said:

@samaf you seem to be on a roll here. Thanks for posting. Wish the YTN tv report is in English sub... 


15 minutes ago, kopifan said:

@samaf you seem to be on a roll here. Thanks for posting. Wish the YTN tv report is in English sub... 

no sub 


 but we can Guessing

i ' m just happy that she get more attention

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Seo Hyun Jin Chooses Eric As Best Kissing Scene Partner For His Ideas


On the July 23 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Seo Hyun Jin sits down for an interview with the show.

During the interview, Seo Hyun Jin chooses between past drama co-stars in a kissing partner tournament. The final two candidates are Lee Jin Wook and Eric, but Oh Hae Young chooses “Oh Hae Young Again” co-star Eric without hesitation.

When asked what Eric’s kissing style is like, Seo Hyun Jin says, “He receives you well.”


She continues, “[Eric] oppa has good ideas, like he’ll think of what poses to do. He’ll say like, ‘Here we’ll do this and then this, and then I’ll hug you,’—he has a lot of ideas.”

source: SOOMPI

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Actress Seo Hyun Jin rates her kiss scenes with Eric, Lee Jin Wook, and Jo Hyun Jae


Seo Hyun Jin rated her kiss scenes from best to worst on the latest episode of KBS' 'Entertainment Relay'.

During an interview on the July 23rd show, the actress was asked about her title of 'Kiss Scene Queen' and was told to rate the scenes she's had. Between Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Jin Wook, Seo Hyun Jin chose Lee Jin Wook. As for Shinhwa's Eric and Lee Jin Wook, her 'Oh Hae Young Again' co-star Eric came out the winner.

Seo Hyun Jin explained, "He has good ideas when it comes to scenes like that."


source: allkpop


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  • justright changed the title to Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | We'll always love & support you | Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

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