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Someone formed a Koala Team sub and did this wonderful subbing of SHY radio interview/chat. It's partial not whole but its so wonderful isn't it, I know this is hard work but I'm glad someone's doing it!

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Source: Esquire Magazine 2013 December Chinese Trans:  放放English Trans: Angel2013 Reposted from: SHJ Baidu bar Words in BOLD are SHJ's words and the words in normal are the editor's/int

PART 2 From about 8mins plus onwards, KCR ask questions about SHJ and Ken themselves, so I will only share about HJ's part. KCR asked 3 questions, of which they have to respond with a one liner a

Seo Hyun-jin (born February 27, 1985) is a South Korean actress and singer. She debuted as the main vocalist of South Korean girl group, M.I.L.K in 2001 and continued until the group disbanded in 2003

Posted Images

thanks again for the trans @angel2013 such an angel indeed ;) and also to @giselle_tw :wub:

when I thought i couldn't love her more I was wrong she's the kind of person that if you get to know her more you just can't help but to love her more, I just really admire her humility I am so happy of what she is getting right now. I'm praying for this amazing woman :) 


another for harper's! those legs tho :w00t::wub: 








cr weibo

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46 minutes ago, angel2013 said:

@icemaid *squeals* she is so cute!

@giselle_tw just curious who do you think seems more compatible to HJ in Cinderella? Ken or Yoseob? For me is Ken because Yoseob has a very boyish look plus Ken is taller and like most people say visually matched very well. :wub:

My thoughts after reading and translating Hyun Jinnie's latest interview;-

She is very passionate and happy while working/acting in projects. It seems that only during this time she opens herself up to others be being smiley, chatty and energetic. But once she is off work, she seems to retreat back into her protective shell. From who she is on set of filming, I think she can be more open, cheery and friendly. I may be wrong, but I get the vibe that because of previous hurt, because of past failures, she has build a wall around her.  A kind of self protecting mechanism to hole herself up. She enjoys acting because she can be someone who she is not, where she can release herself from all her own 'oppressions' as she called it. I don't think she is a naturally reserved and quiet girl, maybe its her circumstances that made her this way. I wish there is someone, who can bring her out of her self-enclosure, someone who loves her unconditionally that can give her the assurance and confidence booster to be who she can really be. From this latest interview, we also know that she hasn't let the success of OHYA gets to her head, I hope the close friendship from the OHYA team may also be encouragement she needs to go further. Noona YeJiWon may be a perfect mentor for HJ who is afraid of the world. Here's wishing only happiness and lots of love now for Hyun Jinnie, you are a gem remember that! All the OHYA guys say that!


@angel2013 No need to question about that. Ken more compatible as Christopher in Cinderella. As much as I like Yoseob, the visual of Ken and Hyunjin are Daebak :). They danced gracefully and pretty (I lost count how many time I use my reply button). :D

As for Hyunjin personality, I really understand her. Maybe because I'm Pisces like her hahaha. We tend to be really passionate during work and use up all our energy, but when all done we can be very introvert and shut ourselves from outside world. We tend to be melancholy lol. She's being busy after drama help her a lot to move on. I think that's why she said, for this time around she doesn't feel to go to holiday unlike past time. Because she already felt happy. 

And maybe you're right, she's been hurt on her way to success, therefore she always keep distance and be overly cautious with her movements and talk. 

But I'm happy she still maintain good relationship with her people from AOHY. I hope it can last. That project is her new backbone to support her to stand tall in entertainment industry. The project that can give her confidence boost. With people in AOHY strong bonds i believe it also support her mood and confidence. 

Here's a subbed short clip for her radio show that translated by gossong, you can see that she's a hasn't move on from AOHY, and she chat about her feelings to Ye Jiwon. I think she really close with YJW compare to JHB. Maybe because they share same personality. I sense it from episode special and their body language quite close. 



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36 minutes ago, angel2013 said:

Someone formed a Koala Team sub and did this wonderful subbing of SHY radio interview/chat. It's partial not whole but its so wonderful isn't it, I know this is hard work but I'm glad someone's doing it!


Thank you @angel2013 for posting it here!

Big thumbs up to the Koala Team for subbing and sharing with fans!

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@aureamirasol I will rearrange the banner content in the first page. Actually I already embed hyperlink to youtube videos but maybe some of you didn't notice kkk~ I will add the new videos tho. Thank you @d2wach for disclose all those videos.

I wanna say thank you for everyone in this thread. You guys rock. Let's spread more love for SHJ ;)

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Thx again to @angel2013 and @giselle_tw for ur hardwork.. i believe it means a lot to all shj's fan here.. keep it coming for more n more shj.. :D

D real shj is quite n reserved woman.. as an introvert person (same as me), we can more talkative on work (i think bcoz we need to do that for d sake of teamwork n requirement of a job), but when its coming to our personal things, we will more calm n quite.. thats d real introvert is..

I dont know if shj was born as an introvert person or not.. but it can affected by life experience too, as we know shj had been through a lot of pain and failure in her past.. i thought it make sense now she becoming like that eventough she wasnt like that b4..

But if i read more of her interview, she bcome more open nowadays (after ohya).. i feel that somehow ohy character also ohya storyline had similarity to her own life.. like her age, some way of thoughts, also about her relationship with her parents.. but d good things is, shj had learn from ohy character that she should more brave n honest in love, since i think its also a good input for her..

I just wonder why she said she always had one sided love.. omo.. dont know but i feel sad for her.. she cant tell him and there's no progession between them (i just wanna hug her..).. she also said that she had one sided love for 2 years ago?? Wondering who?? (maybe when filming kings daughter sbh??).. after hear this, i just feel that i wanna protect her more.. i dont want her to feel one sided love anymore and hope that she can have more confidence too since she is a gorgeous n very talented woman (no doubt about it).. in recent case, i'm affraid that she already fell for eric, but i dont know about him.. i just hope that she will be happy.. with eric or other good man..

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Old video of shj from nylon tv korea..


She already look georgous back then and even more now, especially in instyle mag.. really love it much.. :D

I prefer to use "gorgeous" word since for me its beyond pretty or beautifull..

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Old video in 2013.. shj attends a movie premier.. she appear at 0.40.. there's also other famous actress like eugene..


I feel like more videos related to shj just pop up here n there since she bcome more famous now (after ohya ended).. not include so many CF she's been doing recently.. i'm so happy for her.. :D

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Hi dear SHJ's fans ...... greetings !!  I love what you are doing for this thread.... It's amazing how beautiful she really is and you guys posted stunning pictures of her. Thank you.

Please allow me to post our lovely girl SHJ's lovely wedding dresses. After all she is the model and she looks so stunning. It's just a little fun because we love the drama and Eric and her. 

Have fun voting then. Some of you have sportingly done that at the drama thread and wrote interesting comments. Some don't go there so I'm here.... haha. Thank you.


You are appreciated and I hope you will choosing a wedding dress for our girl OHY1 ( Wow... ! She is beautiful ) For Park Do Kyung , he has a new bridegroom outfit..... The sophisticated suit he wore to the Dior event.  See , he even made AOHY O-sign to show his love and approval ..... hihi! Handsome eh ?



Thanks to the beautiful art work by our sweetie, @mabelialong you are now invited to pick a dress.

All ready now? Just post the number the dress you picked with a note why you like it. Don't just post the number. ( this is in keeping with Soompi rule to make it worth the readers' time in reading your choice. )

Please do not quote the images in your posts, but you can paste your favourite one from @mabelialong post on page 500. Thank you.




credit : owner.

Some close-ups .  :heart:Thanks to @mabelialong for posting them first in the drama thread.  




credit : owner


credit : owner


credit : owner


credit : owner


credit : owner














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8 hours ago, angel2013 said:

Someone formed a Koala Team sub and did this wonderful subbing of SHY radio interview/chat. It's partial not whole but its so wonderful isn't it, I know this is hard work but I'm glad someone's doing it!


Oh could you all here in SHJ's thread share your videos, pictures , interviews at the drama thread ? Plllleeeeesssssssseeee  !! Thank you.




@d2wach.... Your pictures of SHJ are stunning. Please share at the drama page. Thank you.

I like this a lot so sassy ... and tempting.... !!







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  • justright changed the title to Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | We'll always love & support you | Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

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