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I don't really watch IC (Im a 1n2d lover )but it looks like they have been calling guests to increase ratings lately.I heard Park Bogum came a few weeks ago.It was not a funny episode but it was emotional and I'm sure this was what the writers going for.I still don't get why they deleted the part I've been waiting for tho.Thanks @Pointree  for the vid.At least her manager took this:)

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Source: Esquire Magazine 2013 December Chinese Trans:  放放English Trans: Angel2013 Reposted from: SHJ Baidu bar Words in BOLD are SHJ's words and the words in normal are the editor's/int

PART 2 From about 8mins plus onwards, KCR ask questions about SHJ and Ken themselves, so I will only share about HJ's part. KCR asked 3 questions, of which they have to respond with a one liner a

Many thanks to @giselle_tw for such a speedy and professional job done on presenting the translations, enjoy!

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14 hours ago, anggun11 said:

Eng sub of Infinity Challenge Episode 528 is out...!!!

Link video hardsub: kshowonline

Softsub: subscene

@Ngoc Hoang Indeed rating of IC doesn't stable, they invited big stars recently but it still didn't affect to rating.


Yes, I knew it, the rating of IC is low now even though they invited Park Bo Geum so I just compared with recently rating.

Thanks for your link. I'm watching it now. The beginning is fun haha. I hope her can join in 2D1N too :'(

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On 2017. 5. 3. at 6:52 PM, anggun11 said:

Is she forget to take off her coat???:lol:


According to an article today, she said like that in fact she had spilled food on her dress :o at that time. So as a makeshift, she had to hold her jacket over the dress to mask the stains.


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On 5/7/2017 at 11:52 AM, angel2013 said:

 @anggun11 lol did she really called it an arrogant motion? that action haha 

Yes, that what i could hear before



@Ngoc Hoang Yes, it hard to raise up rating for all of variety show recently. I hope so she'll make more appearance in variety show. Btw, i confused to mention you, there's another name same as you even no profile photo.

@Pointree so there's a reason why she keep wore her coat, i thought she was too nervous even forgot to take it off.


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Sweet moments of Infinity Challenge:

This was mentioned in articles: Love line Seo Hyun Jin:heart:Yang Se Hyung VS Seo Hyun Jin:heart:HaHa



SHJ: I'm sorry, my hand is cold^_^



Teachers showed how the tiger-human is strolling



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Still cant get over best actress euphoria?? 


When shj makes me cry n laugh at d same time... she indeed d best actress ever... for her strong acting as hae young, i still think that character will "live" in her for a long time.. hae young is hyun jin.. and hyun jin is hae young..

She prefer to take a melo drama as her next project, and i think she is so good at crying scene... cant wait..

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The AOHY blu-ray package I ordered a few days ago arrived yesterday. I ordered it a little later than planned.......  Wow there were lots of making the drama and video commentaries. So much more than I thought. 


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Some screenshots of her from 'Feast of the Gods(2012)'

She acted in the drama as an evil young woman, but surprisingly takes final victory. So the drama was called the 'Feast of INJU(SHJ's name in the drama)'

































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21 minutes ago, Pointree said:

OH I get it. I did not know that rule. Sorry

you will be surprised to know that , a lot of HYUNJIN fans did watched this drama before becoming hers fans
just like me I did watched two times years ago , before becoming seo hyun jin fan or just know about her name 

I did remember the valien personnage ;the fake daughter, in that time I told myself her acting is better than the real daughter
  I became became hyun jin fan after watched Let 's eat drama , after  seen King daugther ,I decided to support her forever 

by the way her role in feast of god is one of her best acting she got award ,may be her first one.

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6 hours ago, samaf said:

IC  no aired scenes  @Pointree


Kyaaa...this scene is so funny... i laughed so hard when watched it. They suddenly dancing together and she couldn't held her laugh when looked at them...:lol::lol: she really likes Baek A Yeon's songs.

Just wonder why they didn't air this hilarious scene?ah... i want it more...-_-:(


@Cherrine Kim Haha...you must be hard fans of Oh Hae Young:lol: Although it was one of most memorable character of her, but i already didn't see Oh Hae Young in her especially after she played her new character in RDTK. That is her ability to makes all of her characters alive. In my eyes she is far better than Oh Hae Young in many ways:D 

And yes, that made i excited after heard she'll take melo drama beside i like the genre, i think this genre will perfect match of her.


@Pointree Recently, i watched some cuts of Dating on Earth Seo Hyun Jin ft DBSK. To be honest i was laughed when watched them especially Chang Min and Yunho, their expression just....:lol: It's quite interesting for me, and not to forget of mention SHJ's acting...wow...she was really pro... i think she is really born to acting.

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Thanks for so many updates! I'm totally 'off' radar for a few days! Still recovering, virus is too strong :bawling:

Saw this video of HyunJin cut ONLY on twitter,:wub:


and there's even a eng sub of daenggimeori CF but in LQ


DaenngiMeori Indoneisa FB cover


DaenggiMeori Thailand FB profile

Wondering when will DaenggiMeori FB in my country changes its picture?(it is still using the previous actress pic-so slow)


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I'm glad we get to see more of the IC's non aired scenes. I enjoy listening to her singing but she couldn't hold her laughter, so funny. The IC casts were trying to get her to sing more songs, did they ask her to sing a song by HOT too?

Looking at those baeksang photos and videos, she's quite tall standing next to other actresses. From the fancams, you also get to know who are the ones she's acquainted with.

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  • justright changed the title to Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | We'll always love & support you | Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

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