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Source: Esquire Magazine 2013 December Chinese Trans:  放放English Trans: Angel2013 Reposted from: SHJ Baidu bar Words in BOLD are SHJ's words and the words in normal are the editor's/int

PART 2 From about 8mins plus onwards, KCR ask questions about SHJ and Ken themselves, so I will only share about HJ's part. KCR asked 3 questions, of which they have to respond with a one liner a

Many thanks to @giselle_tw for such a speedy and professional job done on presenting the translations, enjoy!

Posted Images

17 hours ago, d2wach said:

Perfect muse for sports wear- LESS IS MORE

That man is Jung Hae In, right?

He was playing as Ah Min Seo in The Three Muskeeters. He is reunion with SHJ through this CF.

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yay thanks @d2wach for updating Kopling CF pics of Hyunjinie here. It's mind bogling how much images I have saved today! I can only imagine how much time she must spent to do all these CF before her trip with JHB to south america. Our girl is working hard so she can keep her promise to travel with her friend that she even forgo her incentive trip-at least that's what I think.

@anggun11 haha yes the same guy but I doubt they shot it together, the images are just photoshopped together. Usually for these they are shot separately.

@uknowahah ikr, she is rocking the short hair look, refreshing and bubbly, long hair look has a different charm, anyway she has been having long hair for quite a while so I hope she will keep the short crop for a little while longer.

Anyway more images from Kopling CF 












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11 hours ago, angel2013 said:


This pic is seo-gorgeous! What a great way to start the day!

News on her CF today http://www.mydaily.co.kr/new_yk/html/read.php?newsid=201703030956405147&ext=na "Seo Hyun Jin appointed as new muse for DaenngiMeori to convey healthy image.

@anggun11 wanna tranlsate the article and let us know what it says?



Wow! I love her long hair  :wub: She looks so beautiful :heart:

Edited by maggie mazzucca
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Seo Hyun Jin, Daegi Meori Model Made a Healthy Image Appeal


Actress Seo Hyun Jin be selected as model of a hair care brand Daegi Meori and show the healthy image appeal.

Daegi Meori announce on 3rd March if actress Seo Hyun Jin has selected as a model. It added, along with Seo Hyun Jin, they will deliver a healthy image brand to consumers.

Seo Hyun Jin has produced a luxurious atmosphere with a pigtail hair tied on head. It took a long time to shoot the film  in a pleasant atmosphere without losing the smile all the time, and her natural image is matched with the image product.

Meanwhile, Daegi Meori is the first herbal hair care brand which launched in 1998, and trying to preserve the beauty of inherent in health rather than artificial beauty.

Article: mydaily.co.kr


NB: this only rough trans, sorry if it isn't accurate:D


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2 hours ago, angel2013 said:

Thanks @anggun11 for the translations! Here's more gorgeous DaenngiMeori pics!

@maggie mazzucca you will have to delete images from the quote.

@supergal99 finally Mesense uploaded something.

I am so sorry  I don't know how to delete... I already chat to delete it.I am really sorry.:confused: I am going to delete it.... Bye :blush:

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16 hours ago, maggie mazzucca said:

I am so sorry  I don't know how to delete... I already chat to delete it.I am really sorry.:confused: I am going to delete it.... Bye :blush:

It's alright, just edit your post. Click 'edit' under your post then delete the picture from the quote column.

Hope it can helps:)

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  • justright changed the title to Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | We'll always love & support you | Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

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