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Here you go Hyunjinies, as a pre-celebration to HyunJin's birthday tomorrow(ok it actually begins tonight), here is the translation for the special interview done by the Japanese magazine. Thanks to YYS chinese fans for the chinese trans, hence I did both SHJ and YYS part since they also did both parts that we could also enjoy SHJ interview.





Remember to check in tonight or tomorrow and send in your birthday wishes to our queen!

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Source: Esquire Magazine 2013 December Chinese Trans:  放放English Trans: Angel2013 Reposted from: SHJ Baidu bar Words in BOLD are SHJ's words and the words in normal are the editor's/int

PART 2 From about 8mins plus onwards, KCR ask questions about SHJ and Ken themselves, so I will only share about HJ's part. KCR asked 3 questions, of which they have to respond with a one liner a

Hear ye, hear ye, all HyunJinnies I proudly present to you the newly formed Soompi HyunJinnies Team. Currently we have 5 members as you see above contributing our talent and love for HyunJin.

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last night i was looking for goong musical 
and today youtube account nusicamusic 
post this one 7 min cut 
this youtuber post more about hyunjin because he got more views compared to other  


 please watch his videos  , hoping he post more about her old vid

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Hi..Hi.. everyone..may I join?? I've been a silent reader but I wanna join all of you to spread the love on our lovely Hyun Jin Unnie day.. :D.. Nice to meet u all.. -sorry for my bad english-:tongue:

for HyunJIn unnie song, I really really love this one...

 her high pitch is really awesome..:rolleyes:




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it's already Feb 27th in korea right? So...

It's our HyunJin unni day!..Happy bday my love Hyun JIn unnie wish all happiness around the world come to you... Please always be this #SeoHyunJin we know..lovely, kind, positive, humble, funny, and keep smiling everywhere..If you're happy, so we are unnie.. we really really love you.saranghae...#Happy33thHyunjinDay #서현진_생일_축하해


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May you continually be blessed immeasurably 

For you deserve every good things

That comes from Heaven Above

Have a happy happy birthday*


Stay happy, stay healthy and be of strong heart and mind!!

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hellloooo everyone! I'm a bit late since I'm just back from sending someone off at the airport! let me join in and wish all the best things and good things only to happen for uri Hyunjinie! May a smile always fills her face, love always fill her hearts and may she be surrounded by people whom she loves and who loves her!

Happy 33th HyunJin day! and welcome @cutieloverz and @nikih to SHJ birthday party!



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Holla everyone!!!

It's been a while since i show up here cause i was quite busy with things, i even missed some of hyunjin updates, thanks to u guys i can catch up in a single read :)

But ofc, i won't miss this special day, it's uri hyunjin's birthday! 

I wish our lovely baby SeoHyunJin the happiest birthday and may god will always bless her with happiness health and love. I wish her to walk on a flowery path from now on to forever. I wish for more people to love her and more people to realize what a pure and good heart she has. I wish all her dreams come true, all her works pay off, all her kindness protect her, and all her struggle strengthen her. I pray that all of her fans are going stronger, kinder, and have more and more patient to face this world in supporting and defending our baby SeoHyunjin. I also hope that we, the Hyunjinies and all of her fans all around the world could be the source of strength for her, and we could always be one and can't be broken and can't be destroyed by anything.

And my last wish is for her to live every single day in happiness and a content heart. I love u SeoHyunjin, i love u my Hyunjinnies fam. Virtual hug...

*Sorry for my long wishes :wink:


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Hello Hyunjinnies, good day!

It's been a long while that i am not posting in this thread. But doesn't mean I'm not update. I am your fanatic lurker!

And since it's Hyunjin's birthday, i should be delurking to share my greetings to our lovely birthday girl.

Happy Birthday to a multi-talented but very humble girl! I pray for good health to you and your love ones. I wish for more good projects to come her way where she can showcase her so many tslents. I pray that more people around the world will recognize her talent and how beautiful a person she is. I hope that she will be surrounded with people that will truly love and protect her. I pray that real love will come her way. 

Happy birthday SeoHyunJin!

Lots of love from all of us here!


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It's not mybirthday but why am I so excited? So glad to see so many of you dropping your wishes for HJ! and especially to the the de-lurkers! welcome @maggie mazzucca and @anggun11 bravo! well done on the video! wish I knew how to do one too hehehe

And here's the completed Seo Hyun Jin birthday scrapbook we did for HJ's birthday! It's not great but its personal because its all hand made! The video is compiled by me not our pro-team so its crappy forgive me for that with my limited skills(ok I've got no skills in it haha) I missed out a page while taking the photos and if you cannot find your message its probably in one of the sealed envelopes because your message is too long kkkk

 Please do not take it elsewhere without permission.

Ah in case you do not know, we are still building up a blog site to share all HJ's stuff where it can be easily found, it is still in progress but here's the link https://hyunjinies.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/soompi-hyunjinies-birthday-project-2017/

And once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR SHINING STAR! May today and everyday be filled with nothing but good things, may she be surrounded and protected by love and happiness now and forever!

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@angel2013 the scrapbook is more than beautiful. And the fact it is handmade it will definitely capture HyunJin's heart. Thank you for all the effort and to all the Hyunjinnies who shared and participated, you are all awesome!:heart:

@anggun11 hahaha... that's why you need to post more so i can like more...Lol..:D

Thanks for all of you gals who make this thread active and oh so beautiful to read. This is my stress reliever thread. Whenever i'm bored or tired with anything, the first i do is to check this thread.

Keep on posting Hyunjinnies, it is well appreciated! 

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  • justright changed the title to Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | We'll always love & support you | Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

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