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Source: Esquire Magazine 2013 December Chinese Trans:  放放English Trans: Angel2013 Reposted from: SHJ Baidu bar Words in BOLD are SHJ's words and the words in normal are the editor's/int

PART 2 From about 8mins plus onwards, KCR ask questions about SHJ and Ken themselves, so I will only share about HJ's part. KCR asked 3 questions, of which they have to respond with a one liner a

Many thanks to @giselle_tw for such a speedy and professional job done on presenting the translations, enjoy!

Posted Images

I'm so glad that she's away from Korea right now and is in Argentina having a wonderful time with JHB.  So nice to see she's developing  a beautiful, long lasting friendship with JHB. They got each other's back.  It was so nice also of JHB posting these pictures  this time, in a way telling us that SHJ is having a wonderful vacation with her.  Meanwhile, I'm posting these beautiful, dreamy pictures of SEO HYUN JIN from Agatha Paris vid






Cr: hyunjin227

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@d2wach i just saw those screencaps from the vids and wanted to post them too, they are soooo lovely and beautiful,  really how can it be that she's getting more and more beautiful everyday? now my computer is so full of her pics hehehe not that I'm complaining (rem to put in credit if you took them from somewhere)

@samaf @anggun11 @jenn96 aren't we just glad she is on her holiday! a well deserved and belated one! so beautiful too the places they visit! well we all know HJ is not a SNS person, so let's hope JHB can post more pics with HJ inside. See how she always protect herself from the sun even when travelling with her hat and long sleeve and pants as compared to JHB, no wonder she's so fairskinned! Will she be back for her birthday I wonder? or will she spend her birthday abroad? 

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I've finished watching The Three Musketeers.......:D

Woah... this drama so interesting, it's so funny in early episode, but become sadder nearing the end. 

She has good chemistry with both her lead man, Prince and Park Dal Hyang. Is this only me? i keep waiting for her scene with Dal Hyang. I just like his character, innocent and sincere heart, pity him didn't get Yeon Seo. But i happy prince finally realized his feeling toward her.

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Hi everyone.. i am a silent reader and a newbie in this thread and a huge fan of Seo Hyun jin .... she's getting my attention with her stellar acting performance in Another Miss Oh.... i love her pure acting there.. then i searched and watch her past drama and film, like lets eat2 , 3 muskeeter, and other and my love for her bcomes deeper and thats was a first time for me to love an actress'acting in "all" of her drama... thats mean she's really an awesome actress who can take all role succesfully... i used to love many actress because of a certain drama they are in, then when i watched this person in another character in another drama, i dont really like it... seo hyun jin is an exception :D

I wish for her upcoming birthday her happiness and success in everything she does, find a good man who loves her and cherish her like us her fan <3

For everyone here who keeps on posting news and update of our beautiful seo hyun jin, and keeps this thread active , i sincerely want to say thank u .. u all always make my day


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For those who have tweeter account or Instagram account, join in Seo Hyun Jin's 33rd birthday celebration with these hashtags  #Happy33thHyunjinDay #서현진_생일_축하해  on Feb27.

don't fret if you do not have either account! cos we will also be celebrating her birthday here at Soompi thread! So make some time on Monday and pop in with your wishes, gifs, images, videos whatever you have prepared for HJ!


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HYUNJIN  birthday coincide my last day in a professional formation,ater that it will be big change in  my career

Hyunjinie  now ,is inspiring me :wub:after watching those places ,where she went  i want go to there one day not a  wish
one of my goals,i will work hard for that  :)

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  • justright changed the title to Seo Hyun Jin 서현진 | We'll always love & support you | Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

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