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Discussion On Pd Yoon Seok-ho’s Four Season Drama

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Autumn's Tale, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent & Spring Waltz
With the launch of Korean Drama Hall “Four Season House" on 31st May 2007, I think it’s timely PD Yoon Seok-Ho gets the recognition for directing and producing one of the most successful dramas sold internationally namely Winter Sonata and his other works Autumn's Tale, Summer Scent and the last piece, Spring Waltz.

In appreciation of his work, here's a thread to discuss everything on the production of these four-heavenly dramas.

Let's get ourselves acquainted with Mr Yoon Seok-Ho (Bio-data source from Wikipedia)

01.jpg 윤석호 Yoon Seok-Ho (born 4 June 1957) is a South Korean director.


• Joined KBS in 1985

• Worked as senior producer for KBS

• Today president of Yoon's Color Ltd.


• Spring Waltz (KBS, 2006)

• Summer Scent (KBS, 2003)

• Winter Sonata (KBS, 2002)

• Autumn Fairy Tale (KBS, 2000)

• Invitation (KBS, 1999)

• Wedding Dress (KBS, 1997)


TV production award, 38th Baeksang Art Awards (2002)

• Drama Work Award, Korea Broadcasting Grand Awards

• Merit Award from Kinema Junbo, Japan

• Selected as the Person of the Year in 2004 by UNESCO Seoul Association


Korean Drama Hall "Four Season House" Opens


The city of Seoul opens the Korean drama hall named "Four Season House" today (31st May 2007).

A joint project of the Seoul government and the production company Yoon's Color, the "Four Season House" utilizes the sets of TV drama "Spring Waltz" to display the photos and props from the popular Korean dramas.

It will also house the office of director Yoon Suk-Ho, who produced the Four Seasons series (Spring Waltz, Summer Scent, Autumn Tale, and Winter Sonata), the most popular Korean dramas overseas.

The "Four Season House" will be opened from 10AM to 5PM on weekdays and from 10AM to 3PM on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays and holidays. On Saturday evenings the House will be open to reserved guests for small concerts and meetings with the casts of the Four Season dramas.

The opening ceremony is to be attended by the leading actors and actresses of "Summer Scent" and "Spring Waltz", Seoul government and KBS officials, as well as 300 Korean and Japanese fans.

The Four Season House is located at :-


Telephone: 02-3141-9027

Admission Fee: W 5,000 = $5.00

Credit to Rosepetal for sourcing the address

Source : kbsnews





Autumn's Tale – Gaeul Donghwa – 16 episodes

– Aired in Korea on KBS – September 18 ~ November 19, 2000

Cast : Song Seung-Hun, Song Hye-Gyo, Won Bin, Han Chae-Young

Screen Writer :

Director : Yoon Suk-Ho

Producer : Lee Hyeong-Min

Winter Sonata– Gyeoul Yeonga – 20 episodes

– Aired in Korea on KBS2 Monday & Tuesday at 9.50 pm – January 14 ~ March 19, 2002,

Re-aired in Korea on KBS – January 8, 2005 on Saturday nights (2 episodes back to back each Saturday night).

Cast : Bae Yong-Jun, Choi Ji-Woo, Park Yong-Ha, Park Sol-Mi

Screen Writer : Kim Eun-Hee/Yoon Eun-Kyung

Director : Yoon Suk-Ho

Responsible Producer : Kim Jong Shik

Producer : Lee Hyung-Min

Summer Scent– Yeoreum Hyanggi – 20 episodes -

Aired in Korea on KBS2 Monday & Tuesday at 9.55 pm – July 7 ~ September 9, 2003

Cast : Song Seung-Hun, Son Ye-Jin, Ryu-Jin, Han Ji-Hye

Screen Writer : Choi Ho-Yeon

Director/Producer : Yoon Suk-Ho

Spring Waltz – Bomui Walcheu – 20 episodes

- Aired in Korea on KBS2 Monday & Tuesday at 9.55 pm – March 6 ~ May 16, 2006

Cast : Suh Do-Young, Han Hyo-Joo, Daniel Henney, Lee So-Yeon

Director : Yoon Suk-Ho

Screen Writer : Kim Ji-Yeon & Hwang Da-Eun

Producer : Lee Jae-Sang

Pictures of the Internal & External Deco of Four Season House and Some Site Pictures






Bae Yong-Jun and Choi Ji-Woo’s Hairpiece Exhibition


The hairpiece that reproduced the famous look of Bae Yong-Jun and Choi Ji-Woo were exhibit in the Winter Sonata Room and it attracted attention.

Pictures of PD Yoon Suk-Ho, some guests, Suh Do-Young and the younger cast of Spring Waltz...














Credit to trulyjiwoo

Source of Pictures : Innolife and various sites

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Guest ellabel

WOW!!! :w00t:Felicia chingu, you're a threadmistress now. :lol:

I agree that PD Yoon Suk-ho shud be honored coz his highly successful dramas started the "hallyu wave" and gave recognition to all the stars of his 4 season series. Many of them became very popular and A-list actors in Korea, Japan and other Asian countries.

Many drama enthusiasts love his works becoz of their riveting story, superb direction, great cast, wonderful ost and magnificent sceneries. Many use his dramas as benchmark.

Congrats on opening this thread. :)

I'm sure many will share their appreciation of Dir. Yoon's dramas.

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VOD - Four Seasons House


Source: innolife.net

Seoul to Open "Korean Wave" Center

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 08:51:21

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will unveil a "Korean Wave" center, featuring the sets of four popular KBS dramas based on the four seasons of the year.

The "Four Seasons House" is slated to open Thursday and will display sets and props from Director Yoon Seok-ho’s four season-related dramas -- The Tale of Autumn, Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz and Summer Scent.

The house was built after remodeling the set of Spring Waltz, which aired in Korea last year. Currently the drama is being aired in Japan and enjoying popularity ratings of more than nine percent.

Seoul hopes to attract more foreign tourists with the "Four Seasons House."

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio


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WOW!!! :w00t:Felicia chingu, you're a threadmistress now. :lol:

I agree that PD Yoon Suk-ho shud be honored coz his highly successful dramas started the "hallyu wave" and gave recognition to all the stars of his 4 season series. Many of them became very popular and A-list actors in Korea, Japan and other Asian countries.

Many drama enthusiasts love his works becoz of their riveting story, superb direction, great cast, wonderful ost and magnificent sceneries. Many use his dramas as benchmark.

Congrats on opening this thread. :)

I'm sure many will share their appreciation of Dir. Yoon's dramas.

I am glad to see you in this thread Ella chingu. I wasn’t really planning to start a thread but since I don’t know where I should post all these latest happenings of "Four Season Open House", I consulted Rubie chingu who gave me invaluable advices. I think it is a good idea to start a thread to discuss on the talented and gifted people behind the scenes, notably the producers/directors/script writers whom we often neglected to give our recognition for their fine works.

The four seasons drama is made possible by the famous PD, Yoon Suk-Ho who has diligently gave seven years or even more due to planning and pre-post production time of his life to map out the storyline, sourcing of cast, site location, crew members and other technical matters. With his patience, beliefs and aspirations he has finally wrapped up the four seasons drama of which each has a different theme but of the same genre, a romantic-love story with full of dramatic scenes.

Hence, to honor his work, let’s discuss, analyse, review or even compare his work on the four seasons drama as produced/directed by Dir. Yoon. Alternatively, we can rate the four dramas in accordance to our preferences.

Hope fans of PD Yoon Suk-Ho or those who fancy the stars, to give their views and opinions on each of the dramas that had inspired you to watch.

Hope to hear more from you Ella. :)

Where is Four Season's house located? that should be part of any kdrama Korean tour. I would love to visit this one!

Hi Zashibear, glad to see you here. :)

As far as I know, the Four Season House is located in Seoul but I’ve yet to get the exact address. I hope my search will not be futile and sharing here is the latest fascinating filming site location of Spring Waltz. I shall update the rest of the season drama filming site location later. :D


"Spring Waltz”, the completion of the four season's series, succeeding “Gyeoul Yeonga (Winter Sonata)”, “Gaeul Dongwha (Autumn in My Heart)”, and “Summer Scent” shows off its larger scale compared to the former dramas by going overseas to Austria. The producer, Yun Seok-Ho, who is famous for filming beautiful images, has created a gorgeous love story that hardly seems to exist in the world again in this series under the theme of innocent and beautiful love.

In “Spring Waltz” in which fresh new actors are positively cast to create this ideal image of pure love, Daniel Henney who became a star of the first class in Korea through “My Lovely Sam-Soon” and promising stars such as Han Hyo-Ju, Seo Do-Yeong, etc have appeared in this recent drama. Four young male and female characters eagerly desire love in their ironic fate, and the drama has reached its climax with the story line which is comparable to the producer’s former dramas, but unlike the main characters from the former dramas, the heroine whose character seems quite familiar has made its audience become more and more attracted to the drama.

The secrets of the past have been revealed one by one, and the climax draws near. “Spring Waltz” draws the passion, love, reconciliation, and understanding between a man and a woman who have shared the memories of their childhood together after they meet again as adults.

Filming Locations



Cheongsan-do located near Wan-do is famous for its green barley fields and the filming location of a prizewinning movie “Seopyeonje”. The spring scenes of Cheongsan-do in which green barley fields spread widely and canola flowers are in full bloom are the locations where most of the main characters’ childhoods were filmed.

You can get to Cheongsan-do by taking a boat for fifty minutes from Wan-do. This is well known for its green barley fields that cover the entire island from February to May every year. On the hill where the beautiful blue ocean of Cheongsan-do can be seen together overlooking the green barley fields, the white-colored cottage used as a location of Spring Waltz is built to provide visitors with a spectacular place to visit.

Hanuneoum Beach


The heart-shaped beach where the child actors playing the main characters expressed their affectionate feeling towards each other is the Hanuneom Beach located in Bigeum-do. The Hanuneom Beach is famous for its gorgeous scenery with gentle beach waves and the Giam Cliff located at the southwest seaside of Bigeum-do, which can be enjoyed throughout all four seasons. This is the reason why Hanuneom Beach is loved as a wonderful vacation destination by many families.

The beach is like a heart shape, which is formed as a natural result and surrounded by mountains and small islands; thus, it is nice to take a calm and quiet rest on the beach. Although it is hard to get to the beach which has not been developed enough, you have a peaceful day at the beach without any disturbances.

W Hotel


The location where the shower scene of Daniel Henney, one of the most attractive men with a mild smile and a perfect figure, was filmed is the W Hotel. The hotel is often showed in the drama as the place where Phillip is staying. Several main scenes of the drama were filmed at the lobby and the front gate of this hotel which is ranked as a six-star hotel, the highest-graded hotel. W Hotel has 253 guest rooms and a magnificent view of the Hangang River.

In addition, various famous performances and parties are held every weekend in the club of this hotel which is famous as a hot spot for a date. The interior of each guest room is differently decorated with a unique style, and can be selected according to the guest’s desire.

Address: 21 Gwangjang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Inquiries: +82-2-465-2222

Homepage: www.wseoul.com (Korean, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German)

How to Get There: Exit No.2 of Gangbyeon Subway Station (Line No.2) -> Use Shuttle Bus free of charge (Running Interval: 20min.)

Uriduel Land (Jjimjilbang / Sauna)


The location where Phillip and Eun-Yeong enjoyed their sweet date eating boiled eggs is Uriduel Land located in Yeouido.

This grand-scale Jjimjilbang having a size of 1,600 pyeong (5300m2) shows off its ultramodern style facilities including various saunas, Bulgama (kiln sauna), a fitness room, and a movie theater. In this location, Phillip and Eun-Yeong appeared wearing famous Ram Head Towels which became popular through “My Lovely Samsoon” and were loved by many fans.

It will be wonderful to visit Uriduel Land to have a pleasant time with a sweetheart eating delicious boiled eggs just like Phillip and Eun-Yeong. Especially, because Uriduel Land is located in Yeouido where broadcasting companies are located together, it is possible to meet famous celebrities there if lucky.

Address: Uriduel Land, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Inquiries: +82-2-6447-6262

How to Get There: Go out Exit No.4 of Yeouinaru Subway Station (Line No.5) -> Go straight to the three way junction in front of the 63 Building -> Uriduel Land is located in the River Tower Building right next to the 63 Building.

* The pictures above are provided by KBS & CINE21.

Source : KNTO-Korea


VOD - Four Seasons House


Source: innolife.net

Seoul to Open "Korean Wave" Center

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 08:51:21

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will unveil a "Korean Wave" center, featuring the sets of four popular KBS dramas based on the four seasons of the year.

The "Four Seasons House" is slated to open Thursday and will display sets and props from Director Yoon Seok-ho’s four season-related dramas -- The Tale of Autumn, Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz and Summer Scent.

The house was built after remodeling the set of Spring Waltz, which aired in Korea last year. Currently the drama is being aired in Japan and enjoying popularity ratings of more than nine percent.

Seoul hopes to attract more foreign tourists with the "Four Seasons House."

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio


Thanks Rubie for posting the VOD, an interesting first-of-its-kind site location turned office for Mr Yoon Suk-Ho. Hope to visit the "Four Seasons House" soon....where you can view all the four seasons props and display under one roof. I am sure it'll bring back sweet memories. :D

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Guest dramalover

Thanks a lot Felicia for starting this thread..It will be beneficial to all k.drama fans like me who are not very familiar with this famous PD....I may have watched all but one of his four season dramas but was not paying attention who was behind the camera. :lol: ..what a shame. :wacko: but that is true..I was only interested with the main cast.. :rolleyes: Now,I am grateful to be able to learned more of his accomplishments..

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Great to see you in this thread, Dramalover and like you said, we tend to get overly excited over the casting but not the people who produced or directed it.

Here’s a chance to get up-close with Mr Yun Seok-Ho in an interview titled as :

Producer Yun Seok-ho, the creator of Yonsama and the “hallyu” frenzy


South Korean TV drama “Winter Sonata” has probably become the most talked-about drama to date. It has created quite a stir in the entire Asian region, especially Japan, by depicting the innocent love between a young man and woman against the picturesque backdrop of snowy white scenery.

Standing behind the skyrocketing popularity of “Yonsama,” or Bae Yong-jun, recognized as a top actor even by Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, is KBS drama producer Yun Seok-ho. Starting with “Autumn Fairy Tale,” he is close to completing a series of dramas on the four seasons, having produced “Winter Sonata” and “The Scent of Summer,” and planning to produce “Spring Waltz” in the near future. His stubborn insistence on portraying pure-hearted love in his dramas has earned him the nickname “The Peter Pan of Romance.” We interviewed Yun to find out why his drama-producing philosophy has created such a stir in Asia, even though he is often criticized for avoiding reality by depicting idealistic love. We also asked what his wishes for the New Year are.

Q1 : You have been very busy in Korea and Japan recently since you won the “Korea-Japan Friendship Award” from the Kinema Junbo Awards, which is the Japanese equivalent of the Academy Award. I was told that your popularity in Japan is comparable to the popularity of Yonsama himself. Did you know that?

I received a special award on December 30 from the Kinema Junbo Awards, a Japanese movie magazine, which marked its 85th anniversary last year. To tell the truth, I did not know how famous I was. It was like Byron once said, “I woke up one day to find myself very famous.” I did not realize how famous I have become until an old lady aged around 70 came up to me when I was leaving the building of a Japanese broadcasting station, took my hands into hers and said, “Thank you so much for giving me the energy to live.” I was stunned to learn that my drama had given hope to an old lady in her 70s, who probably doesn’t have much time left to live. NHK is now rerunning “Winter Sonata” for the fourth time. Whenever I go to the Lotte Department Store in Sogong-dong, Seoul, Japanese women approach me and ask to take pictures with them.

Q2 : I was told that your autobiography was published in Japan.

Kyoto News Agency has published a book entitled “Works of Producer Yun Seok-ho.” I heard it was the first time an autobiography of a drama producer has been published in Japan. It is a great honor for me. Also, “A Secret Diary of Winter Sonata,” an essay that I wrote to describe my works, was published by Dokimeki in Japan last month. The book includes a 100-day diary about the filming and the first ever DVD of the making of the film. “Winter Sonata” has drawn so much attention that some 88 books related to the drama have been published in Japan.

Q3 : Why do you think “Winter Sonata” is so popular with middle aged women in Japan?

"Winter Sonata” has filled people’s hearts with passion and at the same time brought about a tremendous economic realization of 2 trillion won. I think the drama helped the Japanese public, which is increasingly becoming individualistic, open their eyes to the fact that there is such a thing as pure love. Plus, the way the male character of the drama passionately expressed his feelings to the woman he loves was fresh and unusual to Japanese women.

Some say there are three reasons behind the drama’s popularity: it is non-violent, non-erotic, and non-political. When I heard one middle-aged woman say that, after watching “Winter Sonata,” it was the first time her heart was beating so passionately since hearing The Beatles’ music, I came to realize that “Winter Sonata” has evoked the memories of first love in Japanese women, who have almost forgotten those romantic days of their lives. I was very impressed to hear the Japanese media credit my drama with giving back “young emotions to middle aged women in Japan.”

Q4 : Is there any special reason you produce dramas featuring one of the seasons?

did not plan to produce “seasonal” dramas when I was producing “Autumn Fairy Tale.” But when I started planning my next work, it was a snowy winter. So it occurred to me that I was probably destined to produce dramas featuring the images of different seasons. “Autumn Fairy Tale” depicts romantic love brought by autumn; “Winter Sonata” is a story about “first love filled with white sadness;” and “The Scent of Summer” features the images of “green love.”

Q5 : ...Your dramas are famous for beautiful visual images...

I think the popularity of “Winter Sonata” has transcended national borders and language barriers because it tells about common emotions like first love, nostalgia and innocence through common media such as video, visual art and music. I tend to put the priority on images regardless of whether it is a drama or who the actors are.

Q6 : Please, tell us more about dramas with the “Yun Seok-ho” label.

I wanted to describe dreams in my dramas rather than reality, because reality is too harsh. I think one of the roles of a TV drama is to purify people’s emotions. That’s why I wanted to fill our world with the feelings of purity through my dramas.

Q7 : How much of “Spring Waltz,” the last in the series of seasonal dramas, has been completed?

Spring is a very short subject for a TV drama. We will start shooting this coming spring and put the drama on the air in the spring of 2006. I plan to film this drama in Daegwallyeong, where we filmed the scenes for the marriage proposal in “Autumn Fairy Tale.” To start shooting in spring, we have to finish all the planning by the end of January at the latest, but we still have much to do. I do not want to rush the production. I think viewers may expect high-quality work that is close to perfection this time, because we have invested so much time and money in this drama.

“Spring Waltz” will be a story about bright, sprightly, yet heartrending love. We have used all possible subjects to develop the story, including birth secrets, incurable diseases and amnesia. So I am doing my utmost to make sure that viewers do not feel bored by cliches, such as the death of the main character, as in most Korean dramas. If we use the same old method again, it will be kind of self-reproduction, I guess.

Q8 : As the creator of the “hallyu” wave, what kind of dramas do you want to produce in the future?

We can draw the attention of foreign viewers if we produce “tough and brutal dramas” about atrocities that stimulate story development. But that way we will not be able to convey such Korean values as family love, concern for others and the pursuit of love. If that was the case, the “hallyu” wave would be meaningless. I feel a heavy burden on my shoulders because my dramas, which are feminine, clean and fantasy-like, have come to represent Korean dramas as a whole. I really feel huge pressure, but I will do my best not to ruin what we have achieved so far.

Yun says he still cannot forget his first love. Probably, it is his memories of beautiful and pure love that find a second life in his dramas, creating a massive wave called “hallyu.” After all, what moves people’s hearts beyond national borders are the stories of pure love, not advanced technologies and huge amounts of capital, because love is what every one of us is dreaming of.

Source : KBS News dated 17 January 2005

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Thanks Rubie for posting the VOD. I wonder whether Suh Do Young was appointed as the ambassador for "Four Seasons House", PD Yoon Seok-Ho’s last male star. Since Japanese sub-titles are available in the VOD, I guess they have the intention to market it overseas, especially the Japanese tourists.


Director Yoon Seok Ho (center) and the leading cast of SPRING WALTZ (clockwise from top right): Daniel Henney, Han Hyo Joo, Lee So Yeon and Suh Do Young

Source : Koreanwiz

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Guest dramalover

Since Winter Sonata is my favorite of the four...I am sharing an article extracted from Koreanfilm.org, posted September 10, 2003.

Why is Winter Sonata a Big Hit in Asia?

by Diana Lee

What is it about Winter Sonata that touches so many women of all ages throughout Asia? Upon a closer scrutiny, this Korean TV drama series offers more than a complex love story, intriguing plot twists, good acting, memorable scenes and lines, not to mention, breathtaking winter scenery backed up by melancholic music tunes. Under the crafty direction of Yun Seok Ho, the series presented a mastery of cinematic techniques tugging at one's heartstrings, like the sound and visual effects of a big screen effectively capturing one's imagination. Moreover, it addressed the perennial theme of love in all its complexity in our ever-changing society.

Unlike most tragedies with a sad ending, Winter Sonata reached a bittersweet conclusion even though everyone who had intimate connection with the two main characters paid the heavy price of emotional and mental agony. The story opened with Joon Sang portrayed by Bae Yong Jun in his finest performance and Yu Jin, played by the talented Choi Ji Woo, as two high school students who fell in love for the first time. Unfortunately, their ill-fated love suffered a cruel blow as our hero soon died in a car accident, leaving our heroine heart-broken and dispirited. Ten years later, Yu Jin found herself working on a ski resort project with Min Yeong who looked exactly like Joon Sang. Oddly enough, he was courting Yu Jin's high school rival, Chae Lin, deftly played by Park Sol Mi. Consequently, Yu Jin's uncontrollable attraction to Min Yeong jeopardized her engagement to her childhood admirer, Sang Hyuk, played by Park Yong Ha, who in conspiracy with Chae Lin, tried everything to separate the two destined lovers. When the truth came out that Min Yeong and Joon Sang were the same person and worse still, the suspicion that Joon Sang and Yu Jin were half-brother and sister, everyone involved was thrown into utter confusion, resulting in grief and detrimental pain.


Following the success of directing the TV drama series, Autumn Tales, Yun Seok Ho demonstrated his supremacy in making melodramas using symbolism, parallelism, repetition, and timing, as provocative ways to stir emotions and draw tears from the audience. The main symbols in Winter Sonata -- the star Polaris (representing Joon Sang), the missing puzzle piece (representing Yu Jin in Joon Sang's life), and the first snowfall of winter (representing the meeting of the two lovers) -- appeared repetitively throughout the melodrama to hammer the point of their significance they contributed to the story. Furthermore, the excellent use of parallelism and repetition compounded the dramatic effects in scenes -- whenever Yu Jin and Sang Hyuk were fighting, Min Yeong and Chae Lin were also arguing; when Yu Jin and Min Yeong strolled through their high school, each taking a different path, unaware of one another's presence; and when Yu Jin tried to tail whom she thought was Joon Sang in the crowd and later Sang Hyuk attempted to follow whom he thought was Yu Jin in the streets.

Although the drama is basically a love story, it tackled many contemporary themes: 1) character duality -- Joon Sang personified the dark side and Ming Yeong, the bright side; 2) identity problems -- Joon Sang searched for the identity of his father and later Min Yeong questioned his own identity; 3) different reactions to the loss of love -- Yu Jin's sad disposition, Joon Sang's escapes to America, San Hyuk's suicide attempt, and Chae Lin's drinking binge; 4) incestuous love remained a taboo in modern age; and 5) fate prevailed no matter what others did to prevent the destined lovers from getting together.

The main reason for Winter Sonata's popularity could be attributed to its bold exposition of the various aspects of love: 1) puppy love; 2) first love; 3) possessive love; 4) lost love; 5) parental love; and 6) true love. Everyone in the audience has experienced at least one or more of these different shades of love, where he or she could empathize with any of the characters at one time or another in this melodrama.

In high school, Choi Ji Woo and Bae Yong Jun in their roles convincingly demonstrated the beauty of innocence and sweetness of puppy love as they helped and defended each other. Then the puppy love blossomed into first love when their most impressionable memories consisted of things they did together for the first time. It was through this love that the gloom and anger in Joon Sang faded away when he was in the presence of Yu Jin.


The series also showed the negative impact of possessive love -- Sang Hyuk for Yu Jin and Chae Lin for Min Yeong -- in which Sang Hyuk and Chae Lin would do anything to keep their loved ones to themselves, including lying, scheming, and hurting others. When they finally lost their beloveds to the destined pair, they marched down a familiar path of self-destruction -- Sang Hyuk tried to commit suicide and Chae Lin slumped into a drinking stupor. However, mature love requires making sacrifices -- putting the beloved's happiness above everything else -- as seen in Sang Hyuk's release of Yu Jin to the revived Joon Sang, in Chae Lin's suggestion to Joon Sang to elope with Yu Jin despite everyone's disapproval of their marriage, in Joon Sang's decisions to place Yu Jin's well-being above all his needs, and in Yu Jin's respect for Joon Sang's resolution to bid their last farewell.

Even in modern times, family plays a dominant role in Asian culture. At the beginning, Joon Sang desperately sought parental love from a father he never knew, and later he could forgive his mother for all the wrongs she had done him. Suppressing her feelings, Yu Jin chose Sang Hyuk over Min Yeong to abide the wishes of Sang Hyuk's family and her own mother. As the drama unfolded, the meddling of three families -- Sang Hyuk's parents, Joon Sang's mother and Yu Jin's mother -- caused more harm than good with endless sorrow and tragic consequences to their offsprings.

Like all great love stories, true love as written in the stars exists in the one and only couple made for one another. Obviously, Joon Sang and Yu Jin were destined to be together, for they both fell in love with each other, not once but twice and could love no one else.

In conclusion, Winter Sonata delivered a tearjerker with a moving tale and unforgettable characters. It brought a paragon mate for a modern woman to life, exemplified by Joon Sang -- handsome, sensitive, intelligent, and successful in life. More importantly, he was able to love a woman with complete gentleness and understanding, even at the risk of his own welfare and happiness. In addition, the drama series successfully revealed the manifestations of love in real life, to which everyone in the audience could relate. As Winter Sonata makes its appearance around Asia, its popularity will certainly grow, for it possesses all the elements of a classic drama.

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Thank's Felicia for create this thread...

PD Yoon Suk Ho is one of my favorit PD, his works are always beautiful.

My favorite of his series is Autumn Tale and Spring waltz, even both had different ending, both of it touching my heart and never get bored to watch it again and again.

and thank's for posting the pic from the opening of Four Season house.

I saw Suh Do Young is handsome as always and the young actor in Spring Waltz also came.

They getting bigger and soon will became an adult actor:)

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Guest venice

among the 4 seasons my favorite is autumn in my heart.. ive watched it like 8 times.. no exaggeration.. i just love the storyline so much, how the characters acted and the great love for eng shi by ssh and wb and her family.. hcy is also good here.. she really knows how to act like a villain..

PD presents simple scenes but meaningful and heartwarming like the setting in autumn which is really apt for the story..

applauses to PD Yun seok ho

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Thanks a lot Dramalover for sharing with us an interesting write-up on Winter Sonata. :D

Welcome to this thread, Marchy and Venice. :D

Every piece of the four seasons has beautiful sceneries tucked in a far-away place but it is reachable through the filming site locations as highlighted in the post. Storyline-wise, each has a different set of love stories to tell but somehow, inevitably, tragedies struck all the main role characters – one way or the other. :tears:

Actually, other than the main stars, many of the unknown actors then who were involved in these seasonal dramas has propelled them to stardom – Won-Bin, Han Chae-Young, Moon Geun-Young (from AT), Park Yong-Ha, Park Sol-Mi (WS), Ryu Jin and Han Ji-Hye (SS). The main stars of Spring Waltz was a different pick, they chose someone unknown – Suh Do-Young and Han Hyo-Joo to star in the final piece. Well, I guess the opportunity and experience they get from Spring Waltz has given them an exposure which will set the beginning of their career …… :)

Well, since you gals love Autumn in My Heart aka Autumn’s Tale, here’s a nice treat –

Gaeul Donghwa (Autumn in My Heart)


In the fall of 2000, audiences across Korea were glued to their television sets as Gaeul Dongwha (Autumn in My Heart) began to win the hearts of all. This television drama was the first part, in a four part series based on each season, by producer Yun Seok-ho. The talented young actors and actresses, along with beautiful filming locations, made this tragic love story a piece of television artistry that captured the hearts of all. Even after the series ended, many fans still visit the filming locations. Some of these include the beautiful sands of Hwajinpo

Beach, nostalgic Abai Village, and a small closed elementary school set in the countryside.


Filming Locations

Hwajinpo Beach : The Lingering Sadness of Tragic Love


Hwajinpo Beach was the set of the last scene in Gaeul Donghwa where the two lovers spent their last moments together. As young and handsome Jun-Seo carried the beautiful yet dying Eun-Seo on his back down the beach, the deep blue winter ocean slowly comes in and out of the shore. This unforgettable scene invites an endless trail of visitors to Hwajinpo Beach where you can also find other attractions such as the magnificent Hwajinpoho Lagoon, historical summer villas and a refreshing pine tree forest.

Jun-Seo's Art Studio : a Small Closed Elementary School in the Countryside


The main character of Gaeul Donghwa, Jun-Seo kept a small art studio in Yangyang, Gangwon-do. Even after the series ended, this old abandoned elementary school set still maintains its charm attracting many visitors.

Samyang Mokjang Ranch, Daegwanryeong : Dreams of Honeymoons


Samyang Mokjang Ranch in Daegwanryeong is not only Eun-Seo and Jun-Seo's honeymoon destination, but also Asia's largest green pasture on the plateau. This ancient and vast meadow is where milking cows feed. The view from the plateau is remarkable as well. If you go up to Daegwanryeong Observatory early in the morning, you can witness a spectacular sunrise from the East Sea beyond the peaks of Mt. Odaesan. The lake where cows drink water is called Samjeongho Lake. In order to get around this grand ranch, you should take a car or bicycle. By car, it will take about 2 hours while bicycles will take about 5~6 hours. It would be too much to try to walk the entire ranch.

Abai Village, Sokcho : Eun-Seo's home


Abai Village appears in Gaeul Donghwa as Eun-Seo's home. The village is reminiscent of the homes in the 1960s and 1970s. The scene of Eun-Seo arriving on a sailing boat or the village's tiny grocery store attracts many who pass by this little quaint village.

Abai Village in Sokcho is actually where many North Koreans settled after the Korean War. After Korea was divided, North Korean gathered in Abai ("father" in North Korean dialect) Village, but sadly, most villagers are second generation North Koreans who settled in the south after the war.

You can get to Abai Village by car or by boat. The boat from Sokcho to Cheongho-dong can carry 35 people at most because it not powered by an engine. After getting off the boat, walk southward a bit and you will find Cheongho-dong Dock. It is an excellent course for a stroll. This area is also well known for its 'Abai Sun-dae (Korean style sausage)'. It is made of squid and other seafood.

Note : I’ve been to Abai Village – Eun-Seo’s house but at the time of our visit, the shop was not opened. Apparently, the owner of the shop operates her business selling souvenirs of the cast and other things related to the drama. One of the beach scenes is actually a short walking distance from the house.

* The pictures above are provided by KBS.

Source : KNTO-Korea

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Guest dramalover

• 'Gyeoul Yeonga'(Winter Sonata)


'Gyeoul Yeonga' was first released in Korea in January of 2002 quickly becoming one the most popular shows on television. This hugely popular TV drama was produced by Ho Yunseok, the same man responsible for immensely popular TV drama, 'Gaeul Donghwa'(Autumn in my Heart). This director has begun a seasonal theme of TV dramas. The third in his series is 'Yeoreum Hyanggi'(The Scent of Summer), which aired in the summer of 2003 in Korea. 'Gyeoul Yeonga'was released in 2001 to the Hong Kong audience and later released in China and Japan. Broadcast on NHK BS2 television in Japan, it was first shown in April ~ September of 2003. Due to popular demand, it is aired again in December 2003. The demand is growing internationally for this love story that is stealing the hearts of all who watch.

Information Detailed

Drama Homepage: http://drama.kbs.co.kr/winter(Korean)

Producer: Ho Yunseok

Cast: Bae Yong-joon, Choi Jiwoo, Pak yong-ha, Pak Sol-mi

Broadcasting company: KBS2 / January 14, 2002 ~ March 19, 2002


• Synopsis

Jeong Yu-jin and Gang Jun-sang, Kim Sang-hyeok, Oh Chae-rin are high school classmates from a small town outside of Seoul. Jun-sang and Yu-jin become each other's first true loves. Sadly, Jun-sang is supposedly killed is a car accident. Flash ahead, 10 years later, Yu-jin is an interior designer and is romantically involved with her high school classmate, Sang-hyeok. Yu-jin's company has recently signed a contract to work at a ski resort. The company heading the resort remodeling project is managed by Yu-jin's first love, who had allegedly died in a car accident 10 years ago. Yu-jin can't believe her eyes when she attends a business meeting with her first love. She is even more stunned to find out the man now known as Lee Min-hyeong doesn't remember her. Yu-jin, who never really got over her first true love, is confused and torn between the man who looks so much like Jun-sang and her current boyfriend, Sang-hyoek. Wanting to live in the past, Yu-jin often talks with Min-hyeong about her first love and the wonderful times that they had together. Min-hyeong was dating Chae-rin at the time he met Yu-jin, but decides to separate from her as he finds himself falling in love with Yu-jin.

Drama photo gallery


Watch the drama (VOD/Korean transcripts)


• Filming Locations

Namiseom Island - Snow Falling of Winter Sonata]

This island is the location where many scenes were shot. A leisurely walk around the island will take approximately 2~3 hours. Many visitors opt for biking part way. Bicycles can be rented at the administrative office located near the center of the island. There is a small farm area on the island with many ostriches, which are free to roam the island on days when there aren't many visitors. It's fun to race the ostriches while riding bicycles, but don't plan on winning unless you have legs of steel. Summer tourists can enjoy boating around the island, but fall is certainly the loveliest time of year here.










<Actual spots where the drama was filmed>

Map of a filming site of 'Winter Sonata', Click on the map to enlarge image.

[Chuncheon Area]

1.Winter Sonata Cafe


2, Jungdo Island


This is where Jun-sang and Yu-jin rode their bicycles. This sign has been placed here for fans to find the location with ease.

3, Gongjicheon (road with the white fence)


This is the spot where Jun-sang and Yu-jin get off the bus together after they realize that they have missed their stop. They return to the same location 10 years later in a retrospective journey.

5, Famous shopping street in Chuncheon (춘천명동거리)


Yu-jin and Jun-sang promise to meet here on New Year's Eve. Yu-jin waits outside in the cold not realizing that Jun-sang was in a car accident. The two return to the scene 10 years later.

Yongpyong Resort]

Yu-jing's company, Polaris, and Min-hyeong's company sign a contract to work on the same design project at the Dragon Valley Ski Resort. The two main characters spent much time here working and falling in love again.











Choongang High School 중앙고등학교


Choongang High School was established in Seoul in 1910. This school is the set for the scenes during the casts high school days. In actuality this school is an all boys'school. The show was filmed here during the school's winter break.



10 years after the supposed death of Jun-sang, Yu-jin is on the way to her engagement party when she a see a man who looks just like her first love, Jun-sang. She tries her best to follow him around the streets, not realizing that so much time had passed, she end up missing her own engagement party. - Click here for more information of Daehangno

Seoul Plaza Hotel


Min-hyeong (Jun-sang) checks into this hotel for an extended period of time. It is just outside this hotel where Min-hyeong is in his second car accident which brings back all of his memories. - Click here for more information

Oedo Island


The two lovers are reunited for the final time at the house that Min-hyeong built for Yu-jin. The house is on the picturesque island of Oedo.

The pictures above are provided by KBS.

and extracted from WS threads/liezle

Source : KNTO-Korea

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Guest dramalover

Yeoreum Hyanggi (Summer Scent)


Summer Scent,’ which aired in 2003, is producer Yun Seok-Ho's third work, based on the four seasons. Following the tremendous popularity of his previous TV series ‘Autumn in My Heart’ in 2000 and ‘Winter Sonata’ in 2001, ‘Summer Scent’ has the summer season as its backdrop. Just as in ‘Autumn in My Heart' and ‘Winter Sonata,’ this TV drama employs the magnificent scenery of Korea as an important motif. Also, top stars including Song Seung-Heon and Sohn Ye-Jin played the leading roles, which elicited considerable public interest even before the drama aired.

• Synopsis


Art director Min-Woo (played by Song Seung-Heon) lost his fiancée in a car accident. Later, on a trip to the mountains, he meets florist Hye-Won (played by Sohn Ye-Jin) and falls in love with her. Hye-Won had received a heart transplant, and coincidentally it was the heart of Min-Woo’s late girlfriend.

From the first moment they meet, Min-Woo and Hye-Won are attracted to one other and the attraction continues to deepen. But Min-Woo is also loved by Park Jeong-A (played by Han Ji-Hye), while Hye-Won is the object of Park Jeong-Jae’s affection (played by Ryu Jin). Adding to the tragic twist of fate, Jeong-A and Jeong-Jae are brother and sister. The destinies of these four are sadly and ironically intertwined. Min-woo and Hye-Won do not act on their feelings however, out of consideration for Jeong-A and Jeong-Jae. Meanwhile, Hye-Won learns that she had received the heart of Min-Woo’s late fiancée and tries to convince herself that Min-Woo is still emotionally attached to the dead woman. Even though they are in love, they cannot commit to a relationship because of Min-Woo's feelings for the dead fiancée as well as for others members of their group who are concerned for them.

When problems arise with Hye-Won’s new heart, she is hospitalized. Min-Woo blames himself. Wishing Hye-Won and Jeong-Jae a happy future together, he leaves Korea. As Hye-Won’s condition worsens and she feels there is no hope of survival, she lets Min-Woo know that she is dead. While he is abroad, Min-Woo learns that Hye-Won died, which causes him great heartache. He is not aware that Hye-Won has received another heart transplant, this time an artificial one, and miraculously recovers. A few years later, Min-Woo returns to Korea. Outside a concert hall, concert-goers hold umbrellas in the pouring rain. As people climb up and down the stairs, Min-Woo and Hye-Won accidentally meet. The two feel their hearts beating again and realize that their feelings of love were true. And this time, Hye-Won’s heart is her own - not the heart of Min-Woo’s late girlfriend.

• The cast


Yu Min-woo (Song Seung-Heon) Art director

A handsome, sensitive character, he suffers great tragedy when his bride-to-be dies in a car accident on the day of their wedding. He lives with a broken heart until that day on the mountain, where he encounters Hye-Won. From then on, he dreams of a new love.


Shim Hye-Won (Sohn Ye-Jin) Florist

A pure soul, she has a new lease on life thanks to the heart transplant, and is the girlfriend of Jeong-Jae, whom she has known since childhood.


Park Jeong-Jae (Ryu Jin) Resort Head of Planning

An attractive man with an upstanding character and good family background, his love for Hye-Won is like a sunflower. But as Hye-Won becomes more attached to Min-Woo, he becomes emotionally entangled between the two.


Park Jeong-A (Han Ji-Hye) Event PD

Bright and honest, she is in love with Min-Woo, but senses that Min-Woo is not really in love with her. Although Hye-Won is her friend as well as her brother’s girlfriend, she grows extremely jealous of her when it becomes obvious that Min-Woo is attracted to her.

Lines from a scene

Min-Woo and Hye-Won meet by chance in the pouring rain outside a concert hall. Standing under an umbrella, they think to themselves

Hye-Won : When I see you, I feel my heart pounding.

Min-Woo : This is love.

Details of Production


Producer : Yun Seok-Ho

Main cast : Song Seung-Heon, Sohn Ye-Jin, Ryu Jin, Han Ji-Hye

Produced by KBS2 / Air date: July-September, 2003

Drama Photo Gallery

Various photos collected from impressive scenes are available at this gallery. Click!

Drama Review

The entire drama series of 20 shows is available for review to all members of KBS Internet homepage. A film on how the drama was created and shot is also available, as well as "no goods.

* Photo courtesy by KBS


Just as its name implies, Summer Scent was filmed in verdant locations such as Boseong Tea Garden, Korea Botanical Garden, and Deogyusan National Park. Most beautiful between spring and summer, these filming locations are visited by many more tourists since the drama aired.


Boseong Tea Garden

After their first meeting on the mountain, Min-Woo and Hye-Won meet again by chance. In a memorable scene, the two stroll through a green tea field. Boseong Tea Garden is most popular for its expansive green tea fields and for the walking path lined with cedar trees reaching 20 meters high. Don’t forget to taste Ujeoncha at the cost of only 1,000 won at the tea shop. Ujeoncha is the best quality tea in Korea, made of baby leaves picked before April 20.


Korea Botanical Garden

Korea Botanical Garden, which, in the drama, served as the house of Min-Woo’s mother, grows about 1,300 species of wild Korean plants. In a lovely scene, Hye-Won, who loves flowers, walks through the fields of blossoms. Korea Botanical Garden gives out flower seeds to all visitors who buy an admission ticket. Various wild plants can also be purchased at the shop.


Deogyusan National Park

In Deogyusan National Park, Min-Woo and Hye-Won meet for the first time. In an impressive scene, Min-Woo rests on a huge, tree-shaded boulder with Deogyusan Mountain in the background. Deogyusan is well-known for its beautiful waterfalls and rivers that flow into the valleys.


Muju Resort

At Muju Resort, Min-Woo, Hye-Won, and Jeong-Jae remodel the existing buildings into a nature-friendly rest area. In the drama, the resort serves as the team’s work area. In real life as well, the resort is unique, with beautiful buildings and a splendid natural environment that could very well be an illustration from a children’s storybook. Since the drama aired, even greater numbers of tourists visit the site.

* The pictures above are provided by KBS.

Source : KNTO-Korea

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  • 4 weeks later...

Translation by Hyc



PD Yoon Seok-Ho’s Drama Concert:

Invitation of three couples to the drama concert by drawing lots.


PD Yoon Seok-Ho’s four seasons dramas concert will be held in Tokyo International Forum Hall A on August 2nd and 3rd, 2007. The Korean Style shopping mall has started the campaign of drawing lots of 3 couples to the concert.

Suh Do-Young, Han Hyo-Joo, Daniel Henney, Lee So-Yeon and etc., actors and actresses from the four season dramas will take part in the event. Director Yoon Seok-Ho would be present too. The famous scenes of the dramas will be remade for a life ‘image and music’ performance.

The appearance of top actors Suh Do-Young and Daniel Henney of "Spring Waltz" will attract attention. In addition, singer Zero is scheduled as a guest artiste.

In Korean Style, free invitation is given to 3 couples for the concert by drawing lots, one couple for each performance.

For further details, please go to Chosun Ilbo and Japanese version shopping mall (http://korean-style.ecv.jp/) Korean-Style to check.

KoreanStyle/Chosun Ilbo JNS


This is the link to the concert details








There will be 3 performances.

2007 August 2nd - 18: 00 opening /19: 00 raising the curtain

2007 August 3rd - noon performance 12: 00 opening /13: 00 raising the curtain

Night performance 18: 00 opening /19: 00 raising the curtain

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Guest liezle

Hi Fel! Haven't had the chance to thank you for creating this thread.:)

I hope that many will visit here and find out how PD Yoon helped create the Hallyu Wave. I strongly believe that he's one of the key factors of this so called wave.

Fel, I won't tell you anymore which amongst the season drama is my favorite :) what i'll let you know is my 2nd and 3rd choice ~ it's 'Autumn in My Heart' followed by 'Summerscent'. Honestly, I haven't watched 'Spring Waltz' yet because of the reviews i got from it. I hope somebody will help to convince me that it's a good drama. ;)

Anyway, I'd like to direct you to 2 blog articles which talk about the WLS. Here you'll get to read stories about PD Yoon's style and a little more about him. You'll also get to know how WLS faired in the rating in Korea and what drama was airing then. Likewise, read about the economic effect of WLS, the salaries that the director and actor got, and other behind the scene stories of this classic drama.

Click here and here to read the article.

Btw, if you want me to post the article here let me know and i'll ask permission from the writers. :)

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Thanks Ching for the news and as expected the current drama (Spring Waltz) out of the four seasons will be the limelight of the show. I think it will generate lots of interest and attention since PD Yoon is so popular in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Appreciate your sharing of the indepth posting/comments of Winter Love Song aka Winter Sonata through the link you provided. Enjoy reading all the articles and viewing the lovely screen caps including the behind-scene - it sure did bring back all the fond memories of the drama. If it isn't too much of a hassle, I would appreciate if you could obtain the necessary permission to re-post all the beautiful and wonderful goodies in this thread. I am sure all fans of WLS will love it. Joongmal gamasahamnida Liezle chingu.

Yup you are right, PD Yoon seldom get the recognition as the person who helped create the hallyu wave and sadly most people tend to remember the cast, scenery, OST but not the people who produced and directed it or others who played a different role in assisting the production team.

Hey, you know what, your choice in that particular order of the four seasonal productions is the same as mine, needless to say both of us know which one is our top rated drama amongst the four. :)

I went into this drama (Spring Waltz) without an inkling of what to expect but as I am looking forward to the last installment of PD Yoon’s four seasonal drama, I need to experience the raw feelings – his last piece, Summer Scent was so long ago. The thought of it excites me….

The opening scene was an interesting introduction leading us to a spellbound journey to Austria – the first few episodes do appeal to me but sad to say, I wasn’t truly mesmerized as the story developed. They establish the background briefly and then managed to hold my attention as the story develops but somehow, the overture is too long and I tend to shuffle in my seat. Disrupting the chronology of the story by using flashback or time slip is a technique used by many writers, especially in K-drama. This is very tricky however, it should be used only with good reason. I found this last master piece of PD Yoon has gone a bit too far in this context. :blink:

As usual, it was the script writer’s plot to let the viewer’s attention be held by raising intriguing questions and then delaying the answers. If they raise a good enough question at the beginning or one-third through the story, we will wade through almost anything to find the answer. However, if they make the journey too arduous, we get bored and will lose interest – or most probably zoom to the ending and call it quits! Honestly, they were some very boring scenes/dialogues that go back and forth and watching them returning to the same location makes me feel like I’ve seen them before (I found myself confused as though I suffered from a lapsed memory) but on close observation, their clothing makes a difference on that scene. Perhaps, I wasn’t patient enough to discover the mystery – they dragged too long before letting out the truth! ;)

It excites me to see the handsome face of Daniel Henney again (gosh! this guy really has the most innate charm, was attracted to him in MNIKSS and by the time I saw him in Seducing Mr Perfect, I was love-struck by his clean-cut look and also his amazing charm!) but the new actors like Suh Do Young and Han Hyo Joo needs some warming up and I grew to like HHJ a lot - she possessed an innocent sweetness and is all written in her smile and was good in the crying scene – her tear-drops so profoundly heart-tugging. SDY’s character is more intriguing and I can understand as a newcomer, it wasn’t easy to take on a “dark role character” – he has to switch in and out of becoming two different characters (not physically but mentally). One was a past which he longs to redeem and the other a new personality created by his new parents. I find his character a bit disturbing and at times annoying too – too weak to fight for his rights or rather his real him as he was controlled by his parents especially his authoritative Omma. The 2nd lead female lead character played by Lee So Yun, somehow was a bit alien to me, she was supposed to be the same age as the male role character but I found her donning in a different level kind of outlook - a matured-looking career woman with her glasses and a hairstyle that goes a bit out-dated!? I have nothing against her role character – just that she doesn’t really appeal me, not because she’s playing a hindrance-role. Daniel Henney is unbelievable too nice a guy to exist in reality…..but I don’t mind coz he is like a saving grace for me.

PD Yoon never failed to amaze us with his spellbound cinematography creation and similar to his previous drama, we were not disappointed in Spring Waltz - beautiful spring scenic especially the island scene, though we were welcomed with snow in their opening scenes in Austria. I wouldn’t rate SW as the best cinematography of all the four seasons – my first choice has to be Winter Sonata. Same goes with OST – WS still rocks and Summer Scent is my 2nd choice. There were few light ballads on this OST and the music theme is very soothing to the ears but still it doesn’t has the kind longing-feeling that you wish to own one for keeps.

Btw, I love their wardrobe – very fashionably dressed even for the males and an unusually contrasting color theme which you could vote it as matching or mismatched – but somehow I still find them attractively matched especially for the males! They boldly stood out – these two tall looking guys were like displaying their model-physique body for us to savor.

There were some sweet moments in the love shared between the two leads and between the two, HHJ’s character Eun Young is more open while Su Ho/Jacha is reserved due to his complicated upbringing.

Liezle, I don’t know whether I am supposed to convince you or the other way around but the above opinion is just purely my own perception of the drama. If you wish to compare PD Yoon’s work, it’s good to invest your time (if you can spare) for this one……who knows, you may enjoy it. :D

Oh mianneh…..did I lead you on too much? Sorry, I must apologize for my long-winded story….. :rolleyes:

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Guest liezle

Hey Fel apologies not needed and thanks for giving me some feedbacks on SW. Hmm, I’m still 50/50 whether to watch the drama or not. If I feel I’m missing DH, I’ll go and watch it ;) otherwise, I’ll just watch what’s currently being aired :D

Fel, I’m glad that you like the articles. I’ve asked permission from happiebb [much thanks bb!] she gave me permission to post the article here.

Guys, this is quite lengthy but worth reading if you’re a WLS fan and wants to know more about PD Yoon and some behind the scene stories. Here’s part 1 of 2.


Winter Sonata – A Legend is Born [Part 1]

Original in Chinese: Close2yj / 俊心咏恒 loveyongjoon

Translated into English: Happiebb / www.happiebb.blogspot.com


Late 2001… PD Yun Seok-Ho, who had created a k-drama fever in Asia with his Autumn in My Heart, set up his own production company. He was just preparing for the TV drama Winter Sonata, the second instalment in the four seasons series, a joint project with KBS. Since whether or not his new production company made it or not depended greatly on this particular TV drama, he was particularly cautious. And it was during the casting decisions that he thought of Bae Yong Joon who had just made a terrific comeback with the Hotelier, and of course, he’s the same young man who was so helpless during his very first day of filming and was berated by none other than PD Yun himself.

At that time, KBS did not take too kindly to the idea of casting this rather strong-willed and somewhat stubborn star Bae Yong Joon. He had after all ‘walked out on them’ once. But PD Yun managed to convince them.

And Bae Yong Joon, in what many saw as a gesture to repay PD Yun for his kindness and guidance from Yong Joon’s debut days, took the first step to rekindle ties with KBS. He even voluntarily reduced his appearance fee for Winter Sonata. He accepted a super-low fee of 4.5m Korean won [approx US$4,700] per episode, this in comparison with what PD Yun had paid Song Seung Hun 15m Korean won [approx US$16,000] for his role in Autumn in My Heart. This marked the start of what was to become the most influential collaboration in Korean drama productions, with effects so far-reaching they were beyond anyone’s imagination.


When asked why he had chosen Bae Yong Joon to be the male lead for Winter Sonata, PD Yun had this to say,

“Personally, I’ve this sort of value system, that pure things are the most beautiful, that pure love is beautiful. So, I’m very concerned about projecting this image, this impression. It’s only natural that I will only want actors who are able to convey this impression of absolute purity.

Bae Yong Joon possesses this sort of aura that’s all clean and pure, a quality that’s not easy to comprehend or replicate. In him, we can see quite many different sides and qualities, like purity, romance... even sensuality and sexiness. And all of these are suitable for all of our scenes in the drama. The role of Jun Sahng in Winter Sonata, he’s really the most suitable choice.”

When PD Yun recalled the very first time he laid eyes on Bae Yong Joon,

“That was in 1994. I met Bae Yong Joon for the first time when I was directing Love’s Greetings. At that time, I’d already felt there’s this quality of absolute purity that’s quite princely. That was his debut, and he was naturally tensed and nervous. But even then, that clean-cut, pure quality that came through so naturally, that’s something that I’ve not come across in all of the actors I’ve met. So, I still haven’t forgotten about that special quality up till now.”

“Years later, when I met Bae Yong Joon again for Winter Sonata, I sensed that Yong Joon has matured. Now, he’s more adept in grasping and expressing the feelings of love and of sadness. He’s one of the rare few who brings to my mind a clean quality that reminds me of a child. Very rare and precious, indeed!”

Winter Sonata started filming on 7th Dec 2001. Bae Yong Joon was supposed to take on two roles: The pure and melancholic high school student Kang Jun Sahng, and the bright and cheerful American Korean Lee Min Hyung. Bae Yong Joon was greatly troubled over the interpretation of an 18-year-old student. He struggled with how to portray that character convincingly.

[bb: it's kindda hard to believe that it's been over four years since WLS was aired. and while crowfeet and fine lines have found their way to my face, wuri yong joon's still looking good as ever! and some people have only watched WLS recently, and despite the time lag, they still find themselves being drawn to the drama, to the man. goes to show good dramas and fine men are timeless, huh?]


“The two characters’ names are different, their personalities are different too. So when we finished the first two episodes and started on the third, I felt as though I had already finished one drama and was about to start on a new drama. It was difficult for me to play that role of the high school student.

Well, for one, I’m no longer at the age of a high school student. So I kept worrying about whether the audience would be able to see the role that I played as a real high school student. That gave me quite a fair bit of stress."

In the beginning, Yong Joon even suggested to the production team to just get a real high school student to play that role in those first few episodes. But one of the highlights of the drama was that when Yujin saw Lee Min Hyung’s face ten years later, that face had to be the same as the 18-year-old Jun Sahng. PD Yun kept giving him encouragement and motivated him to try. After much consideration, Yong Joon finally faced up to the task and took up the difficult challenge of portraying that young Jun Sahng.



Haha, but even though wuri yong joon had played both roles, in the beginning it was still difficult for me to believe they were played by the same person. He looked so different! And apparently I ain’t the only one who had thought this way. A fan said this, I think…

“The Jun Sahng that Bae Yong Joon had played was a very interesting character. He’s so full of colours, there’re different layers to him. The impression I had gotten was of sadness, loneliness, reticence, sensitivity, a bit of rebellion, willfulness… a young man seemed cold and standoffish on the surface, but as so kind and tender inside. That pure young man who’d got a hidden playfulness and liveliness deep inside him, and who yearned so much for fatherly love. At the age of 30, to play a 18-year-old young man with such a complicated makeup… surely that wasn’t easy.”

“In terms of outward appearance, he was dressed like a 18-year-old. But more than that, his expressions and actions were even more flawless. The way he stood, sat and walked were all so different from the all grown-up Lee Min Hyung.”

“… Snowball fights, that happy and carefree look in his eyes when he made the little snowmen kiss… the playfulness was just so young. That sort of liveliness and that sort of sadness that only a 18-year-old boy can have… that’s even more difficult to portray than a cute and carefree 18-year-old girl. Those expressions that were uniquely 18-year-old, the nuances and little touches, I can’t figure out how he had managed to bring them all out so convincingly. I’ve read the so-called screenplay, but there wasn’t much description about the expressions and all that. When I first watched it, I had even suspected that they had gotten another young man who looked like him to play the role. I even checked the actors’ names in the cast, just to be sure.”

[bb: yea, just have a look at all these screencaps. it's unimaginable how wuri yong joon has put in so much life and soul into a 18-year-old. the expressions were all so accurately and precisely captured!

i've always thought wuri yong joon's acting in WLS was underrated. lots of people thought it's real easy to do those two roles of jun sahng and min hyung. know what i think? i think it's very easy to go overboard in terms of portraying those two characters. when for a grown man to play a 18-year-old, it's so easy to overdo it and come across as too-cute or too much of acting cute. can be quite obnoxious, if you ask me. and with min hyung, it's not just about looking food in winter clothes and scarves, it's about how he made us believe in love. easy? i don't think so, you know.]






















During the shooting, Yong Joon had also tried different ways of expression and acting. This time, he had deliberately not read the script ahead of time, because he no longer wanted to act ‘systematically and methodically’. He stressed that he hoped to show a more natural style of acting in Winter Sonata.

“Even if it’s just breathing… even single action and gesture will be natural. For instance, if we drop a prop or something during filming, I’ll just pick up the object quietly and carry on with the acting, as if nothing happened. I’m already tired of acting in the old way of reading and memorizing every single line in the script, and then act in the practiced and rehearsed manner. I would like my performance to be more natural, as if everything’s just flowing out naturally from life.”

The female lead in Winter Sonata was none other than Choi Ji Woo, the actress who had starred opposite Yong Joon in First Love in 1996.


The two people who had worked together before, met again on Winter Sonata five years later and they worked seamlessly well together. Together, they created many sweet scenes, some very beautiful scenes and of course, some awfully touching scenes too. Yong Joon also took the lead in ensuring and maintaining the relaxed and happy atmosphere on set. Everyone behind the scene, including PD Yun, were all ecstatic with his transformation from before. They said, “The lines of his shoulders line softer and more relaxed now.”

The two young scriptwriters Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Kyeong also said this of him in the most sincere of tone:

“He really has the manners and behaviour of an older brother. Oh, maybe I should say he’s got the very traits of the oldest boy in the family? In Korea, the oldest boy in the family will be taught to be courteous to his elders and to help his juniors solve problems and all that. Although I can’t be sure Bae Yong Joon is the oldest in his family, whenever I see how he reaches out willingly to help his juniors or the younger crew members, I would feel he’s just like my big brother.”

[bb: Yes, we all know he is the oldest boy in his family, the only boy in fact... and oh btw, i remember reading somewhere that the scriptwriters were kindda quite taken with how handsome wuri yong joon was and all. but coz min hyung was sort of a like casual dresser, they were so happy to have created a scene in WLS for yong joon to be dressed in formal suits. and yes, just as they had expected it, he was absolutely dashing in that scene where he wore a dark suit to the corporate function where yujin wore chaelin's dress. ah... and yes, once again, i digressed... sighs... some things never change!]


In contrast to the relaxed atmosphere on set, the filming process was at the same time tensed and difficult. PD Yun is someone who will give up his soul just to present the most perfect scene on the screen. Just to capture that fleeting moment of sunrise, he would wait patiently for house until the sun rises above the horizon. And if he had to go to the top of the mountain for that rainbow shot, then he would lug his camera and go up there without hesitation. And sometimes halfway through a shooting, he discovered an even better setting, then they would give up everything they had shot before and moved everyone and everything to the better place...




It was because of this single-minded pursuit for the best that they created scene after scene of beautiful memories for us. But it’s also because of this that the entire team gave much more time, effort and energy than other teams on other drama production. This, coupled with the fact that Korean dramas are filmed as they’re being aired, tired everyone out. Bae Yong Joon, as the male lead, had to shoulder a lot of the filming and I guess you can imagine the burden upon his shoulders. And, not to forget, wuri Yong Joon is probably as much of a perfectionist as PD Yun.

During the filming of Winter Sonata, Yong Joon slept an average of two to three hours a day. He even had a record of going through four straight days of filming without any sleep. Once, after a few nights of continuous filming, when Min Hyung was lying on the hospital bed and Yujin was sitting by his bedside pouring her heart out, Yong Joon finally could not fight the sleepiness in him. Hee, he fell asleep during filming and even started to snore. Choi Ji Woo who was prepping herself for the scene could not help but laugh at that. Even the honcho PD Yun also had an experience of falling asleep on the floor right after he okayed a scene. Funny incidents that mostly related to people falling asleep were aplenty, and became classic topics for conversation amongst the cast and crew.

[bb: hee... wuri yong joon even mastered the art of sleeping whilst standing! still looking absolutely, heartbreakingly handsome!]


What we saw on-screen were the beautiful wintry scenes, so beautiful they might as well have come straight from paintings. But the actors and actresses sure had a tough time filming in the cold and in the snow. Especially since Winter Sonata was supposedly a contemporary drama with a bit of a purist slant, the two leads could not possibly be huddled in big and puffy winter coats to sprout lovey-dovey words. They wore clothes that made them more stylish than warm and often had to shoot in the cold, the temperature reaching below 20 degree Celsius sometimes. The hardship was more than anyone could imagine.






incidentally, you can watch the clip of how they had made the scene above here, courtesy of foreverbyj. just click on the exclusive kissing vod link, then click on 56k or broadband, depending on your connection.

When they were filming the part up in the ski resort where Min Hyung was asking Yujin who she really loved, the snowflakes that were blowing all over very quickly got into their hair. The actors’ faces and tongues were so cold that they were hardly functioning. They kept saying their lines wrong and had many NG takes...


In the end, Yong Joon even fell ill due to the harsh weather and also from fatigue. He had to be sent to the hospital for drip. When the assistant PD wanted Yong Joon to stay on to recuperate in the hospital, and was planning to push back the filming schedule, wuri Yong Joon insisted on returning to the set to resume filming. Looking at how he was still on the drip and filming, and how he tried to keep himself alert with medication and cigarettes, everyone in the team was moved by his professionalism and dedication. Everyone said, “This is one special star.”

[bb: I digress a little here [again!!]… Just want to say it’s funny how CJW was able to take all these. Even in Beautiful Days where she starred opposite LBH, he too was rushed to the hospital from fatigue, but she was perfectly okay. I remember reading somewhere LBH too was totally amazed at her physical and mental strength, how someone frail as her could take the punishing filming. And I think she said the ginseng helped. Mmm....]

PD Yun also shared this, “Once we’ve spent more time working together, the truth is I’m amazed at how matured Yong Joon has become, I’m surprised by his masculine charisma. Although Bae Yong Joon appears to be the most tender lover… But if he were standing in front of you, you’ll be thinking he’s the manliest of all the men. This fellow is especially conscientious and serious when he’s working.”

[bb: I think PD Yun has nailed it right on the head. Really, that’s it. Wuri yong joon looks tender and gentle and all that jazz, but he doesn’t come across as soft or sissy. Despite the tender image, he’s all man. I love how there’re such contrasting qualities in him, the yin and the yang all balance out to give us one frightfully amazing man. Fire on ice.]

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