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[drama 2007] In-soon Is Pretty 인순이는 예쁘다

Guest cutegurl87

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Guest cutegurl87

[KBS] Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Min Joon, Lee Wan
LAST UPDATED: January 11th, 2008







(source from http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/tv/program/...htm?pg_code=141)

Love is not judging.

Today is often refer to as the time of narcissism. Thanks to communication technology development such as Internet and liberal social, political conditions, people began to speak out. In the streets, they continuously talk on their mobile phones. Online, they run their own show on their blogs and personal webpages. They refuse to be in the backstage but step up as stars of their own show. Ironically, people feel alone because nobody listens but everybody is talking his or her own story.

“My injury is greater.” “My demand is more urgent.” “I am the nicest and loneliest.” “I had the hardest life.” However, nobody knows because there is no person available for listening. Everybody feels dejected. As there are more and more ways to communicate, people become more isolated. It is the tragedy of the narcissistic 21st century.

They want someone to say you are important, to accept themselves “as is” without judging and to listen. They want unconditional love.

Each and everyone things “I can’t love someone unconditionally, but I want someone to love me that way!” Therefore, there is no such person.

People are taunted by others’ opinion. “I need to get good grades, go to a good school, have a good job, live in good neighborhood, earn more money, be more fashionable and beautiful, lose weight, look younger, grab attention, and meet someone with all the right conditions.” The list is endless. When does it stop?

The only possible solution to this problem is to become an unconditionally loving person first. I have to love myself first and tell myself that it is okay not to be perfect. It is okay to fail. It’s okay to be ugly, but actually I’m not ugly. I’m beautiful and I’m doing fine.

Of course, it is not as easy as it looks. However, a person who can truly oneself will be able to love others. True communication becomes possible between people who know how to love themselves.

“Pretty Insun” is about loving oneself unconditionally and communicating with others heart to heart.

In the story, people who endless thirst for love and recognition will realize that true love does not exist anywhere but inside oneself. They will learn that the greatest, incomparable beauty reside in inner self.

Who can throw a stone at her?

A girl was abandoned by her mother at birth and grew up under her grandmother. She served a few years in prison for killing her school mate accidentally. People see a scarlet letter on her. She is the sinner to them. She has the worst background one can have.

However, when you think about it? Who is sinless? And, who would not have bad backgrounds in the eyes of the better-off? What is sin? Who can throw a stone at her?

How can we become truly happy?

Director : Pyo Min-su

Writer : Jeong Yu-gyeong



Kim Hyun Joo as Park In-soon


Kim Min Joon as Yoo Sang Woo (In-soon's childhood friend)


Lee Wan as Geun Soo


Seo Hyo Rim as Jung Ah (In-soon's sister)


Choi Il Hwa as ???


Nah Young Hee as Lee Sun Young (In-soon's mother)

Lee In Hye........................................Han Jae Eun

Jang Young Ran.................................???


Ental by Annchong

Mickeybaby by Puela

  • Episode 01 : 01 | 02
  • Episode 02 : 01 | 02
  • Episode 03 : 01 | 02
  • Episode 04 : 01 | 02

1.5GB by Annchong

Chinese hard-subbed

SUBTITLES (by WITHS2, don't forget to THANK THEM!)

Ep 01 | Ep 02 | Ep 03 | Ep 04

Ep 05 | Ep 06 | Ep 07 | Ep 08

Ep 09 | Ep 10 | Ep 11 | Ep 12

Ep 13 | Ep 14 | Ep 15 | Ep 16


SUMMARIES (by janiiekiim)

Ep 01 | Ep 02 | Ep 03 | Ep 10 | Ep 12 | Ep 15 | Ep 16


Ep 01 | Ep 02 | Ep 03 | Ep 04 | Ep 05 | Ep 09 | Ep 10 | Ep 11 | Ep 12 | Ep 13 | Ep 14 | Ep 15 | Ep 16 (1) & Ep 16 (2)


1 | 2 | 3


  • Episode 01 : 5.8% (TNS)
  • Episode 02 : 6.1% (TNS)
  • Episode 03 : 5.3% (TNS)
  • Episode 04 : 6.7% (TNS)
  • Episode 05 : 5.2% (TNS)
  • Episode 06 : 5.6% (TNS) | 7.4% (AGB)
  • Episode 07 : 5.4% (TNS) | 6.8% (ABS)
  • Episode 08 : 6.6% (TNS)
  • Episode 09 : 5.6% (TNS)
  • Episode 10 : 7.4% (TNS)
  • Episode 11 : 7.2% (TNS) | 8.7% (ABS)
  • Episode 12 : 7.0% (TNS)
  • Episode 13 : 9.4% (TNS) | 10.4% (ABS)
  • Episode 16 : 6.4% (TNS) | 8.1% (AGB)



ZIP FILE: Click Here

01. sarang eul bo aht na bwa - F.T Island

02. The Answer

03. uhn je gga ji na - Chae Dong Ha (SG Wannabe)

04. Sugar Tango

05. nuh reul jab gi jun eh - Jun Geun Hwa

06. Mom & I

07. sarang man sarang man sarang ha na man - Jun Geun Hwa

08. Love Like This

09. The Peace

10. noon eul ddeu myun - Jung Min (Storm)

11. bit

12. Walking In The Sky

13. The Comfort

14. Don't Let Me Go

15. Simply May



20071231 KBS Drama Awards - CR & KHJ Top Excellence Female Award HQ cut



I'm so glad Kim Hyun Joo got the recognition she deserved for Insoon Is Pretty. =)










December 26, 2007

Would KBS 'In Soon is Pretty' be remade in America?


Kim Hyeon-joo's KBS 2TV drama, 'In Soon is Pretty' (Script by Jeong Yoo-kyeong and director by Pyo Min-soo) received a proposal from an American agency to remake the drama. The spokesman from Kim Jung-hak Production said, "The American Agency, SM Entertainment proposed to buy the copyright. At the moment, we are dealing with the price and other finer details".

The American importers are interested in 'In Soon is Pretty"s original plot and wants to buy the copyrights to remake it into a film. The drama 'In Soon is Pretty' is the story of a woman, whose life is dramatically upturned after accidentally kill a person and became a criminal, but never gives up to find happiness after she was discharged from jail.

Korean source: news.naver.com, image from innolife.net

Credits: http://www.hancinema.net/jump.php?id=11879

December 12, 2007

[TV review] Could have been called 'Sujiney is Pretty'


Kim Hyun-ju stars in “Insuni is Pretty,”

in which even scarred hearts have hope. [KBS-TV]

One hot summer day, I was having the worst blind date of my life. Well, let me correct myself ― one of the worst blind dates of my life. It wasn’t my date’s fault. He was a decent, eligible gentleman who worked as a radio news reporter. According to our mutual friend, he seemed to be quite like a Darcy figure from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

The friend had high expectations for the setup, because my partner and I were in the same profession. However, it didn’t take long for the grim reality to set in. Life is not that perfect.

The date, whom I’ll just call Mr. Kim here, was a person I would like to meet as a junior reporter at work, not as a date for my precious Saturday afternoon. For a good two hours, he kept on about how the six-party North Korean disarmament talks were going on and bragging about his brief encounter with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during a business trip to Beijing. Every 20 minutes, he checked his cell phone and called the office to tell his subordinate to keep a close eye on the disarmament talks.

By that point I had heard more than enough. That Saturday afternoon, I had ambitiously donned my flowery new summer dress. After one hour, I gave up my thin thread of hope and started to discuss the Blue House’s attitude in dealing with the North Korean nuclear issue. He called me later for another Saturday outing, but I could not spare any more afternoons talking shop on my day off.

I thought I had forgotten about this would-be Darcy until I was reminded of him while watching the KBS-TV drama, “Insuni is Pretty,” which airs Wednesday and Thursday nights. It’s a story about a girl with a hillbilly name, Insuni, whose first love is a character named Sang-woo, a TV news reporter. Maybe my real-life Mr. Kim was disappointed by me and intentionally brought up stories about Secretary Rice. Still, Sang-woo in the KBS-TV drama is quite clumsy in expressing his feelings for Insuni.

Even without the memory of Mr. Kim, Insuni is Pretty is a TV drama that is worth remembering. Insuni, played by Kim Hyun-ju, has tasted the bitterness of life. An abandoned waif, Insuni encounters much tragedy during her high school days. In a regular schoolyard fight when she confronts her bullying classmate, Insuni accidentally kills her tormentor. Consequently, she serves years in jail, and because of her criminal record, she cannot find a decent job anywhere.

One day, however, Insuni meets her birth mother, who happens to be a celebrated stage actress. Fearful of a public backlash, her mother asks Insuni to live with her and tries to make Insuni a celebrity, too.

To her mother’s delight, one day Insuni earns fame when she comes to the rescue of a person who is about to fall into the path of an approaching subway train. However, surrounded by the flashbulbs of photographers and luxury clothes, Insuni does not feel quite as happy as she used to be. She misses the true friendships she enjoyed when she was floundering in misfortune.

The virtue of the drama lies in its warmhearted portrayal of people who live with scars on their hearts. On top of the lead character, almost every single supporting character has been through some kind of misfortune. The camera follows their stories and their mistakes from a sympathetic perspective.

After all, people are fragile beings who need to be handled with care. Although a person looks strong, he or she may be hiding in a shell with a wounded self inside.

This drama goes into the shell and shares the stories of how people can find their way back to hope. The answer is in the motivation to keep on living.

And on another note, I’m happy to report that the real-life Mr. Kim has found his Ms. Right. They tied the knot this month, and I wish them the very best.

By Chun Su jin [sujiney@joongang.co.kr]



'jeong-ah' character played by actress Seo Hyo-Rim (서효림), korean age 23.

she got the role after a 300:1 competition. she was previously in another 2007 kbs drama 'when the flower-blooming spring comes [꽃피는 봄이 오면]'..

and Insoon is only her 2nd acting role ever. her character Jeong-Ah was supposed to be a clarinet player, but because Seo Hyo-Rim plays the harp in real-life,

they decided to change the character's instrument to harp, so the actress can play the musical parts herself.

shot clips of Seo Hyo-Rim, wishing the audience the discovery of real happiness through this drama:


src: sportsseoul; tagstory

Hyo-Rim's official site:


In-Soon is Pretty starts to get popularity among public


It was a very quiet start but the Korean drama, In-Soon is Pretty, is getting popularity among public.

In-Soon is Pretty airs on Wednesday and Thursday which makes direct competition to two huge anticipated projects (Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi and Lobbyist)

In-Soon is Pretty wasn't made with huge budget but they definitely know how to make people cries and laughs.


'인순이는 예쁘다' [ In Soon I Neun Ye Bbeu Da ]

서효림 = Seo Hyo Rim is included in the casting as Pak In Soon (KimHyunJoo) ' s Dong Saeng ie younger sister .

If I am not mistaken LEE WAN (I wan) will be ' Geun Soo '.

서효림 "인순이 동생으로 캐스팅됐어요"

서효림, '인순이는 예쁘다' 주연급 캐스팅




IT는 아이뉴스24, 연예스포츠는 조이뉴스24 (인턴기자 모집,www.inews24.com)

(Copyright ⓒ 조이뉴스24. 무단전재 및 재배포 금지) | 박재덕(기자) avalo@joynews24.com

posted by CindyW88-


8/14/07 – Kim Hyun Joo (김현주) will costar with Kim Min Joon (김민준) to lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Pretty In Soon Yi (인순이는 예쁘다)” scheduled to be aired by KBS2 in October, following the final episode of “Sa Yook Sin (사육신)”.

On the first day of filming this drama, KHJ’s left hand was accidentally cut and was sent to the hospital near the filming site. In one of the scenes, her role In Soon Yi, a high school student, unexpectedly interrupted a murder. When the actor who played the murderer intended to stab Soon Yi, he accidentally cut KHJ’s finger. At the moment, the filming was stopped, and KHJ was rushed to “Joong Ang Hospital (중앙병원)” in Kangnam and received 12 stitches on the middle finger of her left hand.

link to article


Kim Min Joon, male lead of "In-soon Is Pretty"

Kim Min Joon will be the male lead, playing the role of Yoo Sang Woo, who is In-soon's friend. He grew up in a poor family but eventually became a successful reporter.


Some more news on her new drama (from LIPS; a Sports Hankook article):


Kim Hyun Joo returns as a "Murder Convict" after 2 Years

*Originally posted in its original Korean at http://cafe.daum.net/kkk2393

*Translated into English by Dahee Fanel for soompi.com

She will start filming the miniseries "In-soon Is Pretty" next month, after being cast.

Actress Kim Hyun Joo is resuming her acting activities after a two-year hiatus.

Kim Hyun Joo will be in the filmed pre-broadcast miniseries <In-soon Is Pretty> (Writer: Jung Yoo Kyung; PD: Pyo Min Soo), playing the title role Ahn-soon. She will start filming in the middle of June. She is resuming her activities two months after her autumn 2005 SBS miniseries, <To Marry A Millionaire>.

The representative of Kim Hyun Joo's management company, YeonYoung Entertainment, stated "It took a long time to find a production that has a character that suits Kim Hyun Joo well. She's always wanted to work with PD Pyo Min Soo, and she likes her character, so during the planning stages (of the drama), she promised she would participate. In order to show her mature acting as she reaches her 30's, Kim Hyun Joo is making all kinds of preparations for the shooting."

The character of In-soon that Kim Hyun Joo is taking on in <In-soon Is Pretty> is an ex-murder convict who accidentally killed a person in high school, and served time in prison for her crime.

In her school days, thanks to her outstanding looks, she received a lot of love from people. However, after the murder incident, she wears tinted glasses, and is afraid to meet people's eyes. However, she's a tough woman who hasn't lost hope, and is searching for happiness.

PD Pyo Min Soo stated, "I want to show the true meaning of happiness through In-soon, whom society avoids. Kim Hyun Joo is an actress who is able to digest both the looks and the breadth of the character well. With the decision that she suited the character of In-soon better than anyone else, we cast her as the main character during the planning stages."

<In-soon Is Pretty> has not yet chosen its broadcasting station, and is filming pre-broadcast. At the earliest, it is planned to air this coming autumn.

Sports Hankook Reporter Lee Dong-Hyun kulkuri@sportshankook.co.kr

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Guest loving_D

exciting! can't wait for kim hyun joo's comeback. i hope this drama does her better than to marry a millionaire did. hope the male lead is as good!

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Guest Solly

finally she's going to be in a drama! :DDDD

the plot sounds interesting~ can't wait to see

the full cast!

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Guest lucky_moon

Looking forward this drama.. it seem it'll be interesting & hope the male lead actor to be suitable..

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Guest john_anderton

wow!!!! new tv series for kim hyun joo!!!

i hope it's a romance-comedy.. :lol: just like miss kim 1 billion won project... :lol:

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Guest reallyAmused

Wow it's been so long since i've seen her, she's still so pretty, I'm glad that she's finally coming back! Have to wait until the fall though before it's out

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Guest cutegurl87

Since they haven't decided who the male lead or supporting cast will be...who would you guys like to see in this drama?

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Guest Aquarius

Yes, Pyo Min Soo with his hit dramas like 'Full House' and 'Which star are you from' is a good PD that every actors/actresses want to work with!

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Guest angel2nyt

Insoon is pretty is going to start airing on KBS2 every Wednesdays-Thursdays after Capital Scandal on August 1

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