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______________ Flytothesky 7th Album.

Guest .alyak_

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Guest bAbO

can't wait to hear their beautiful voices again!

seriously though... hwanhee looks so different.

he seems to have gained a little bit of weight as well

along with the short haircut.

and the stories about him getting surgery...

he looks like a different person.

hey, as long as he still has the same SEXY voice :)

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Guest desertseatingoceans

I love the photographer's work. He looks some amazing shots. Fanny looks so different, I don't like it. Brian looks great though.

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Guest eusung




hwanhee, why don't you take off your sunglasses? we already know what's underneath. :)

heeeeeee. gosh, can't wait.

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Guest .:LaUrEn.:

OH MY GOSH the pics are out!!! they look sooooooo good!!! OH MAN brian is looking better than EVER :wub: thanks so much for sharing! i can't WAIT until their album comes out ^_^

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Guest ADORE.you

OMGSH I SWEAR ! I LOVE whoever arranges the places to take photoshoots of them, it always is such a mad extra in photos =) Can't wait for their 7th album, HAHA i bet it'll be real good =)

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Guest da_thao

yay~ im soo happy they're coming out with a new video and Brian looks so hot in all of them,let me guess...somewhere around LV and LA?

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Guest Atmosphere.

Wow he cut his hair O_O;; Fany cut his hair!!! I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!

Well.. I actually miss his old hair. It looks perfect on him, but I love his new hair. AT LEAST NEW CHANGE :]

Their album looks so cool!! Looks more like down to earth album ^_^

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