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Gong Yoo in 1st place for poll of Man of New Year.

Lee Dong Wook who portrayed Grim Reaper in “Goblin” mentioned about Gong Yoo in his latest interview via the March Edition of Arena Homme Magazine, and said, “When Gong Yoo hyung decided to make

20 minutes ago, ElectricHearts said:



Also he endorse Winix appliances is cute. Wonder if he will take a bit of a break now :P  

Yes, our man is lazy :D, I'm sure he'll take a break but I wish it won't be a long break

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Pre-sale of'Seobok' to meet at the same time in 56 countries around the world



Seobok' pre-sale, meets 56 countries around the world at the same time [Official]

Gong Yoo X Park Bo-gum's emotional bromance'Seobok' has been pre-sold in 56 countries around the world.

The movie'Seobok', which is a hot topic through the meeting of Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum, achieved pre-sale to 56 overseas countries such as Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore even when the global movie market was frozen due to Corona 19. Among them, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mongolia confirmed simultaneous release in Korea on April 15. Japan and Germany are also preparing for release.

An official from the overseas distribution team of CJ ENM's film business division, who was in charge of the overseas distribution of'Seobok', said, "The meeting of the top star Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum, which is gaining great popularity overseas, the novel material of being a clone, and the unique atmosphere of the movie captivated overseas buyers. I think it was the main point that I was able to capture.

”'Seobok' is the last mission in his life to transfer mankind's first cloned human,'Seobok' in top secret. It is a film about a story about getting caught in an unexpected situation with a special companion in.'Introduction to Architecture' This film is the next work of director Yong-ju Lee, and the expectation for the emotional drama that'Seobok' and'Kiheon' will draw is gathering.

'Seobok', which is receiving hot attention both in Korea and abroad, can be met through theaters and TVING on April 15.






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Seobok is poised to become  a hit during the pandemic. It would have been a bigger hit  sans  the pandemic. I think South Korea is  on a "red" warning because of the daily 400+ infection a day and the theaters are only allowed a certain percentage. Day 1- Sunday  have more than 50 percent booked.



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Translated through G Translate


Sharing'Seobok' is having a hard time, Park Bo-gum has a hard time with snow?... Struggle after transformation

Sharing, Diet Management for 6
Months'Weight Loss' Park Bo-gum, cloned human research'Acting Transformation'
Sharing X Park Bo-gum Synergy'Seobok' released on the 15th
[Ten Asia = Reporter Noh Gyu-min]
0000476638_001_20210407104022340.jpg?type=w430Original view
Sharing'Seobok'-Park Bo-gum./Photo Credit=CJ ENM/Teabing/STUDIO101
The exciting behind-the-scenes of the emotional bromance'Seobok' presented by actor Gong-Gong and Park Bo-gum have been revealed.

'Seobok' is the last mission in his life to transfer mankind's first cloned human'Seobok' (Park Bo-gum) in secret. A story that gets caught up in a situation.
0000476638_002_20210407104022395.jpg?type=w430Original view
Share'Seobok'./Photo provided=CJ ENM/Teabing/STUDIO101
In the play, Gong Gong played the role of a former intelligence agency agent'Gee Heon' who lives a life disconnected from the outside world ahead of his death. In order to express the sensitive and sharp image of'Kiheon' who suffers from the trauma of a past event and feels fear in front of death, Gong has made external changes, such as adjusting his diet for 6 months and losing weight. It is the implementation of the emaciated and vulgar appearance of'Kiheon' that he first imagined while reading the scenario. As director Lee Yong-joo said, “I was very troubled and prepared hard, which gave me a good stimulus as a director,” said Director Lee Yong-joo, who said, “From car chasing to gun action to naked body action, as well as high-difficulty underwater shooting, acquired while in a car. It will show various and unstoppable actions suitable for intelligence agents.
0000476638_003_20210407104022440.jpg?type=w430Original view
'Seobok' Park Bo-gum./Photo Credit=CJ ENM/Teabing/STUDIO101
Park Bo-gum challenged a cloned human character for the first time in the history of Korean cinema. At the same time, he explored works dealing with cloned humans, studied the character, and at the same time went through constant discussions with director Lee Yong-ju, repeatedly contemplating to show a different appearance from the cloning humans of existing works. Due to the growth rate that is twice as fast as humans, it is said that he polished and polished his smoke while looking at the mirror to express a character that reveals various emotions and special abilities with only his eyes, including a unique tone of speech that makes use of the unique characteristics of'Seobok', not a child or an adult. . Accordingly, both Gong Gong in the role of'Kiheon' and director Lee Yong-ju both said, "You will be able to see a new appearance of Park Bo-gum through'Seobok'," raising expectations for a strong acting transformation.

'Seobok' can be met through the theater and TIVING on April 15th.

Notre gyumin reporters pressgm@tenasia.co.kr
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ENG SUB SeoBok trailer narrated by Kiheon "GY"


Eng Sub Gong Yoo & Park Bo Gum parallel theory 


Eng Sub  SeoBok Movie Live Talk



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'Seobok'  Bromance

0001285397_001_20210409081511714.jpg?type=w430Original view

[X-Sports News Reporter Kim Ye-eun] Gong and Park Bo-gum’s emotional bromance movie'Seo Bok' (director Lee Yong-ju) released the first behind-the-scenes still.

'Seobok' has unveiled 7 types of stills behind the scenes. 'Seobok' is a story in which'Seobok', an intelligence agency agent, who was in charge of the last mission in his life to transfer mankind's first cloned human'Seobok' in top secret, walks in a special way in the pursuit of various forces aiming for'Seobok' and gets caught up in an unexpected situation. .

First, Gong Gong and Park Byeong-eun's unforgiving bromances are captured by the stills. It is said that the two actors, who are known to have close friendships in everyday life, gave off a'Chin Chin' chemistry throughout the filming and made the scene friendly. Park Byeong-eun's humorous expression, who is happy to sit on the back of a bicycle led by Gong-gong, makes viewers laugh.
0001285397_002_20210409081511734.jpg?type=w430Original view

Director Lee Yong-ju said, “I didn't know at the time of casting, but it turned out that the two actors were usually an older brother and a younger brother. Thanks to this, I was able to shoot more comfortably.” Here, the sensitive and sharp appearance of former intelligence agency'Kiheon', who is about to die, is a playful appearance of Park Bo-gum, who aims at the shape of a gun with his hands in a terrifying shooting scene where firearms action takes place from sharing with a bright smile everywhere. Sniper.

Meanwhile, for the first time in the history of Korean cinema, Park Bo-gum's resemblance to Park Bo-gum's resemblance to the figure of Park Bo-gum, who is engaged in character research by constantly looking at the script at each break, seriously monitors his filming, is <Seobok. With the appearance of fresh characters that will be shown through >, it amplifies the expectation for the thick bromance they will unfold.

'Seobok', which unveiled the still behind the shoot, can be met through the theater and TIVING on the 15th. 

dpdms1291@xportsnews.com / Photo = CJ ENM, TVING
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Gong Yoo, Jo Woo Jin, And Jang Young Nam Talk About Their New Film “Seobok,” Working With Park Bo Gum, And More

Gong Yoo, Jo Woo Jin, And Jang Young Nam Talk About Their New Film “Seobok,” Working With Park Bo Gum, And More

Apr 13, 2021
by C. Hong

On April 12, the new film “Seobok” held a screening and press conference with director Lee Yong Joo and cast members Gong Yoo, Jo Woo Jin, and Jang Young Nam. Star Park Bo Gum was not in attendance as he enlisted in the navy last August.

“Seobok” is a sci-fi film about a former intelligence agent named Ki Heon (Gong Yoo) who, for the final mission of his life, is tasked with ensuring the safe transportation of mankind’s first human clone. Park Bo Gum stars as the titular clone Seobok, the target of many forces seeking to steal the clone for themselves. Jo Woo Jin co-stars as Department Head Ahn, an intelligence agent who is trying to hide the existence of the clone, and Jang Young Nam co-stars as Im Se Eun, the researcher who watched over the birth and growth of the clone.


This is Lee Yong Joo’s first directorial project since the 2012 hit film “Architecture 101,” and his first time attempting something in this genre. He said, “It took me a long time to decide on my next project after ‘Architecture 101.’ It’s not that ‘Seobok’ took longer because of some special issues. It just took me a long time to write the script. I also prepared for a Chinese film at the same time, but that fell through, so it ended up taking longer. I’m trying to prepare for my next projects more quickly now.”

Asked why he had chosen the sci-fi genre for his new project, he said, “I think that ‘genre’ is just the ‘skin’ of a story. As I expanded on the stories that I worked on, I came across the sci-fi genre. I didn’t choose it specifically. I really wrote the script over the past nine years. I thought a lot about the fear of death. There were some personal incidents involved, and I really wanted to write this story. Because I had this compulsion, it ended up taking longer.”

He went on, “Seobok was made because of our desire for eternal life. Businesses want his power, but from Ki Heon’s perspective, he is afraid of death. Society used to be afraid of stem cells. Seobok stands at the edge between fear and greed. I was worried that the movie would become too much like the superhero movies in Marvel and in Hollywood. Stories about clones usually show up in films like that. The clone has to think about their place in the world and overcome difficulties to reach the ending. But my movie is from the human Ki Heon’s perspective as he looks at Seobok. He faces death, embraces wild hopes, and learns to trust before he is finally saved by Seobok. I wanted him to walk the same path as clones. That’s what sets my film apart from the others.”

Gong Yoo said, “My character’s first appearance in the film got edited a lot. I wanted to show an unhealthy image for the audience’s first impression of him, to drive home the image of a character in pain. But a lot of it got edited out. Scenes like throwing up in the toilet were really hard on my throat, but it all got cut to simplify the story. I’m not complaining that it was edited, but I thought about it when I was asked to share some funny stories from set.”

Lee Yong Joo commented, “We got feedback from people saying they thought it was because he drank too much, so we cut it out.”

Gong Yoo said, “Rather than trying to play a new character with every project, I want to try something that’s a little different. I try to pick projects that I might normally avoid because they’re difficult. If it appears new and fresh to the viewers, then that’s a bonus, but that’s up to the audience to decide. Through this project, I thought a lot about whether I’m living a ‘good life.’ Right now, I think it’s more important ‘how’ we live rather than ‘how long’ we live. I think that ‘Seobok’ had an influence on that.”


Jang Young Nam said, “I had a lot of scenes with Park Bo Gum. All the scenes where I had to look into his eyes were sad. The last scene was so sad that my heart hurt and I cried while watching the movie. It was so sad.” She added, “Park Bo Gum was very thoughtful about my child on set. I still remember that vividly.”


Jo Woo Jin said, “I think that this character is different from other villains because of his ‘fear.’ His strongest emotions are fear of death and fear of humanity’s ruin. I’ve played a lot of characters who torment other characters, but this one conceals a lot of the fear that drives him forward. He’s very afraid, which makes his greed stand out even more.”


“Seobok” was supposed to premiere in December, but was pushed back due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in Korea. It will now premiere on April 15 simultaneously in theaters and in CJ ENM’s OTT (over-the-top) streaming platform TVing.

"I'm Alone" Gong revealed #Seobok #Park Bo-Gum #20 years of debut #13 nutritional [Interview S]

Input 2021.04.13. 11:59 am
0000294305_001_20210413115910160.jpg?type=w430Original view
▲ Sharing of the movie'Seobok'. Provided|Management Forest[Sport TV News = Reporter Kim Hyun-rok] Actor Sharing (42) is back. His new work'Seobok' (director Yongju Lee) is about to be released simultaneously on the 15th at the theater and OTT service on the 15th after a long wait. It is a work that reminds us of his journey of continuing challenges and worries over time, with a period of activity spanning 20 years.

'Introduction to Architecture' Director Lee Yong-joo's'Seobok' released after nine years is the story of the information bureau agent Ki Heon (Gong-dong) who was assigned the last task of his life to transfer mankind's first cloned human Seobok (Park Bo-gum) in top secret. In the pursuit of various forces aiming for Seobok, he takes a special companion and gets caught up in an unexpected situation. The story of 114 minutes of running time contains a unique gaze that contains a number of questions about the science fiction element of the cloned man and the life and death that resulted from it.

Gong-ju confessed, "I actually refused once," saying, "At the first moment after seeing the scenario, I thought,'Why do you worry about me?''Why do you give me this homework'."

Gong said, "I was thinking alone with my head wrapped up, and I was afraid that it was too big for me to say, so I actually refused." I heard the story," he explained. He said, "I seem to have a lot of misconceptions about living. I have no choice but to compare, not compare, with other scenarios that I came in with." If this movie was made well, it would be a box office, not this approach, but I didn't feel that worry in other books. Some of the movies that have actually been released are good movies,” he confessed.

"Relatively, I couldn't dare imagine how'Seobok' would be embodied as a painting. Still, I said that this story has the power to make people think about it. Other scenarios are somewhat stimulating and light fun-oriented works. It was a relatively difficult story, but when it was made well, there was an expectation that something could be thrown at the audience.”

Gong Gong is a new challenge with heavy distress, such as'crucible,' which became a movie that changed the world,'going to Busan', which announced the intense start of the K zombie, and throwing up a topic about women living in Korean society, and emphasizing'Kim Ji-young, born in 82'. He is also an actor who has been over and over again. He emphasized that "newness is not the only criterion for selection. I like the work that makes me think and think."

Gong said, "If there is a standard of novelty, it is a clone that I have encountered countless times, but it seems that it has never been properly dealt with in the Korean commercial film scene." It was fresh to do,” he explained.
Gong Gong's Giheon is in a situation where he was sentenced to a limited time in the play. He is easily excited and harshly expressed, and stands in stark contrast to Seobok, a gentle experimenter who lives forever.

From the first appearance, Gong Gong catches the gaze with his deep, hollow eyes. To this end, Gong Gong adjusted his diet over four months and approached the inside and outside of the exhausted character. Gong, who thought the first appearance was important, wanted more closed eyes than it is now. I also wanted the character to be more'dark'. Gong said, "I was greedy, so I wanted to make people hot and surprisingly harder."

Nevertheless, he was able to get closer to Kihyun by restricting food and pushing himself more sensitively. In the meantime, there was a hurricane, so the cup ramen scene that appears in the middle. He explains that he likes ramen, but he is in the middle of controlling his diet, so "I couldn't eat it, so I ate it cool and saved the cut." Gong-ju shook his head, saying, "It was honey. My heart just wanted to eat more, but I was patient."

Even the harsh swear words are completely different from the friendly and gentle characters shown by Gong before. Sharing himself, "It's almost the first time to look at it," and "I thought I did a good role so that it didn't match." Gong said, "It's a tool for expressing swearing. If you're a human, you can swear in an exciting or urgent situation, but a character that doesn't seem to swear has a little frustration."
0000294305_002_20210413115910226.jpg?type=w430Original view
▲ Sharing of the movie'Seobok'. Provided|Management ForestThe first meeting of the two actors, Gong-Gong and Park Bo-gum, is also a factor that makes people look forward to'seobok'. Kihyun looks at the end of her life, and Gong Gong and Park Bo-gum's special bromance unfolds through a Seobok that has never been outside the laboratory.

Sharing also said, "It's the first time I've done a movie alone with a male junior. I've done it with several seniors and co-workers, but it's the first time I've pulled a movie with a same-sex male junior." I hope I can give you," he laughed.

How would it feel to look at a younger student born in 1993 under the age of 14? Gong Gong said of Park Bo-gum, "You know, he has a good personality and is a good friend. It was too good to be a good friend, so it might not be fun." However, while filming the work together, he said that he was able to understand his heart as if he were seeing himself.

"I don't think Mr. Bogum is a person who doesn't reveal his hardships. I was able to figure out what kind of heart he is. That's why he took care of him more and looked at him. I'm not the type of person who complains about being difficult when he's hard. I know what my heart is, because I know so much. It's a senior and an older brother, and it's the road that I've been through. I think I told you not to think too deeply, and to just blow out if there's something frustrating or something you want to fight."

He also asked for expectations for Park Bo-gum's new appearance in'Seobok'. Gong Gong emphasized, "There are unfamiliar eyes that Mr. Bogum shows while doing a movie. Unlike other movies, I once showed the eyes that Mr. Bogum did not show when wearing a suit. He said, "Wouldn't it be possible that the spectrum that Mr. Bogum will show could be larger in the future. Even if it is insignificant, it could be the beginning," he said.

When Park Bo-gum, who had just finished filming'Seobok', enlisted in August last year, Gong is alone leading the promotion of'Seobok'. The sharing pointed that Park Bo-gum, who had watched it while in service, had contacted him by phone on the 12th, when there was a movie preview. He said, "I can use the phone these days. I didn't even think about it yesterday, but I was very happy with the news of the movie release and the news of the press, and I got in touch." I must have been a little less nervous, but I am a little lonely because I am alone.”
0000294305_003_20210413115910276.jpg?type=w430Original view
▲ Sharing of the movie'Seobok'. Provided|Management ForestIt is the 20th year of their debut this year, too. Since he debuted in the KBS drama'School 4'in 2001, Kangsan has changed by two and a half this year. Gong Gong said, "I don't count how long I have worked each year. Fans let me know and I know. This year is the 20th anniversary," he said.

"A few days ago, I saw an advertisement that I did for 10 years. It wasn't narcissistic, I wasn't expecting it at all, but suddenly the working crew and the advertiser gave me a flower bouquet to congratulate me. Honestly, I feel better than receiving an Actor Award. "It's not easy to do one advertisement and one brand for 10 years. The emotion and the dream are bigger than expected. I felt grateful."

Recently, through his agency's YouTube, he trembled, saying, "I eat 13 nutrients each." Gong Gong responded to the question of whether he felt the time "of course" and emphasized, "I feel that my physical strength is not the same as before. I will work hard and continue to do that. I am managing my physical strength."

He said, "I'm telling you to do lasers around you. I'm not really doing that. They're nagging them to do it in advance. I think I'm worried that I'll go there in a moment." Rather, I will manage my physical strength while sweating until my joints support me. I will eat well nutritional supplements."

Among them, Gong Gong added, "There is a misunderstanding that the nutrients are said to be 13 tablets a day, but if there is a misunderstanding, one type has 4 tablets and 5 tablets, so it is 13 tablets. It is difficult to take 13 other types. I will explain that there may be a misunderstanding." . However, he emphasized, "I am young and healthy enough to withstand even if I am not a medicine yet."
0000294305_004_20210413115910313.jpg?type=w430Original view
▲ Sharing of the movie'Seobok'. Provided|Management Forest“I will book a scenario where I naturally substitute the scenario with the given character at some point. When I see the first scenario, I think of the question,'Why do you live' and'Why do you want to live?' That was the starting point of this movie, it was both embarrassing and fun,

I don't think I found the answer in one movie, maybe well, humans may not even know right before dying, I think we have to constantly think and think before we die. If I wake up and close my eyes, it would be a blessing. I

live with gratitude every day. I don't seem to look back on the past. As the situation is like this, I feel that day by day is precious. I will try my best without regrets."

An actor who has a lot of worries about'life', sharing ①

Input 2021.04.13. 10:54 am
0000596459_001_20210413105422505.jpg?type=w430Original view
Share the actor. Management forest provided
No one knows, but I have a lot of misconceptions about living.

Sharing actors with positive energy at all times. If you have a short conversation with him, you can see that he is a very deep-minded person. Before he became an actor, he said that he had a lot of worries as a human being, and that the same tendency affects the choice of work.

Gong, who returned to the movie'Seobok', laughed at an interview held on the morning of the 13th, saying, "I have a lot of misconceptions about my life."

“As I get older, according to my age, no one knows about the worries about how the world goes around or how I am living (laughs), but I think I do it a lot. From the standpoint, I had no choice but to compare, not compare."
Gong said that when choosing'Seobok', he didn't think,'If you make this movie well, it will be a box office.' However, he said he felt different from other works.

"I didn't feel worrying about other books. (Of the proposed works), some of the films that were actually released were good. It was a scenario where I couldn't feel worry, and'Seobok' was relatively something that made me think about actors and people like me. I thought it was a scenario to create. The other scenarios looked like stimulating and lightly fun scenarios. It's a relatively difficult story, but I was hoping that when it was well made, I could throw something at the audience.”

When Gong was first exposed to'Seobok','Why are you alive?'

"(Scenario) I think I was asking such a question, but I had nothing to say. I was speechless when I was thinking,'Why do I want to live?' That was the starting point of this movie. It was embarrassing, but the moment was fun."

Having been active in various works, he is not afraid of challenges, but said that'newness' is not the standard when choosing works.

"Newness is not the only criterion. If there is anything that (this work) meets the new standard, it seems that he is a clone that I have encountered countless times in Hollywood and other foreign works, but has not been properly dealt with in Korean movies. The director wants to do it. It was fresh to mix the philosophical story of human life and science fiction elements."
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