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Lee Dong Wook who portrayed Grim Reaper in “Goblin” mentioned about Gong Yoo in his latest interview via the March Edition of Arena Homme Magazine, and said, “When Gong Yoo hyung decided to make

All GY lovers here i want to ask u why you love gong yoo and when i'll start by myself what i love about Gong Yoo , he is unpredictable either as an actor or as person  when i first saw him in

Guys, so sorry for barging in like this, but unless it's some internal joke that I don't get, why do I feel like this place has turned into a competition for Who's Bashing On Gong Yoo Better? @2ha

Gong Yoo talks about future of he and Yoon Eun Hye's 'Coffee Prince' characters

As fans of 'Coffee Prince' know, Gong Yoo played the character Choi Han Kyul, while Yoo Eun Hye played the role of Go Eun Chan in the hit 2007 drama. On the November 19th episode of YouTube series 'MMTG', the actor opened up about his fondness for the fictional couple, saying, "I feel like Eun Chan and Han Kyul are probably off living somewhere."

He continued, "I think they'd have 3 kids by now, and I think they probably moved their cafe to the suburbs." In other news, Gong Yoo is starring in the upcoming sci-fi action film 'Seo Bok', which premieres in theaters on December 2 KST.

Where do you think Han Kyul and Eun Chan are now?



I Love gy imagination :D


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Gong Yoo Picks His Favorite Role And Talks About Where He Thinks His “Coffee Prince” Character Ended Up

 Gong Yoo Picks His Favorite Role And Talks About Where He Thinks His “Coffee Prince” Character Ended Up

On November 19, Gong Yoo sat down for an interview with Jaejae on SBS’s YouTube show “MMTG.”

During the show, Gong Yoo talked about the past characters he had played. About the hit drama “Coffee Prince,” he said, “I think Han Kyul [his character] and Eun Kyung [Yoon Eun Hye‘s charcter] have had three kids by now. That’s just how I feel. I don’t think they’re still at the café. I think they’ve moved to the suburbs and are playing with their kids in a house with a yard.”

Gong Yoo then played a game to decide which of his characters was his favorite. He first picked between Choi Han Kyul in “Coffee Prince” and Gi Joon in “Finding Mr. Destiny.” He said, “Gi Joon is charming, but he can’t win against Choi Han Kyul.”

He then picked between Kang In Ho in “Silenced” and Seok Woo in “Train to Busan.” He said, “This one’s a bit hard. I’ll go with Kang In Ho. But this doesn’t mean I’m throwing Seok Woo away.” Picking between Kim Shin in “Goblin” and Jung Dae Hyun in “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982,” he said, “Kim Shin is too strong. I’ll go with him.”

In the finals, Gong Yoo had to pick between Choi Han Kyul and Kim Shin. He ended up picking his “Goblin” character and said, “I think that Kim Shin is the evolved and more mature form of Choi Han Kyul. Kim Shin is a character with a lot of pain. Among my characters, he’s the one with the most painful past.”

Gong Yoo is currently gearing up for the premiere of his sci-fi film “Seobok,” co-starring Park Bo Gum.




Gong Yoo talks about the roles that changed his life and reveals his favorite character


Gong Yoo gained keen attention when he appeared on the recent episode of SBS's YouTube show 'MMTG.'

The episode aired on November 19th KST, in which Gong Yoo appeared to promote his new movie 'Seo Bok.' 


During the episode, host Jaejae asked actor Gong Yoo to play a mini Olympic game in which she asked him to pick his favorite character.


Jaejae brought out pictures of the characters that Gong Yoo has played so far, two at a time. Then Gong Yoo was to pick between the two until he was left with only one.


The first choice Gong Yoo had to make was between the character 'Han Kyul' from 'Coffee Prince' and 'Gi Jun' from the movie 'Finding Mr. Destiny.'

Gong Yoo easily chose Han Kyul from Coffee Prince and stated this was an easy choice. Gong Yoo stated, "I do have affection for Gi Jun, but he's not enough to beat Han Kyul."


The next two characters were 'Kang In Ho' from the movie 'Silenced' and 'Seok Woo' from the movie 'Train to Busan.'


Gong Yoo had a hard time picking between these two characters, but in the end, he picked 'Kang In Ho' from 'Silenced.'


The third choice Gong Yoo had to make between two characters was between 'Kim Shin' from the drama 'Goblin' and 'Dae Hyun' from the movie 'Kim Ji young: Born 1982'. 

Gong Yoo contemplated for a bit but chose 'Kim Shin' over 'Dae Hyun.' Gong Yoo stated, "Kim Shin is too strong."


After choosing 'Han Kyul' over 'Kang In Ho,' Gong Yoo had to make the most difficult choice - Choosing between Coffee Prince's Han Kyul and Goblin's Kim Shin.


Gong Yoo thought deeply for a while and finally chose the character 'Kim Shin' as his favorite character.


Gong Yoo explained that he chose 'Kim Shin' because he felt the character could be a more mature version of Han Kyul. He also explained that Kim Shin was the character that experienced the most sadness from all his characters.




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Why this magazine immediately sold out everywhere


The December issue of Cine21 magazine sold out within 3 hours after the release. 


Thanks to Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum, this movie review magazine has been sold out everywhere (except a single vendor) just 3 hours after the release. Netizens shared their thoughts on this phenomenon: 

"Why am I smiling?"

"I heard this one features the last interview with Park Bo Gum before his enlistment."

"Omg, I need this magazine right now."

"4000 KRW(less than $4 USD) per piece? lemme get 10 of those"

"Wow all the other issues of that magazine had the sales rate below 3k, but the December issue has more than 70k lol" 


Take a look at the pictorial of these two beautiful men below. What do you think?



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Upcoming K-Movie “Seo Bok” Actors Gong Yoo And Park Bo Gum Sold Out Hard Copies Of “Cine 21” Film Magazine

… in just three hours!

With its December 2 premiere right around the corner, the upcoming sci-fi thriller Seo Bok is leaving K-Movie lovers with peak anticipation!
And when lead actors Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum graced the cover for Korean film magazine Cine 21

they ended up selling out the “Edition 1282” in just three hours!

Shortly after the magazines went on sale, Cine 21 tweeted, “the Gong Yoo x Park Bo Gum cover edition 1282 is now only available for purchase at YES24. It is sold out everywhere else.

The explosive reaction to the magazine is not surprising though. Both Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum look dashing-AF in the cover…

and in the featured photoshoot!




It’s no wonder fans want their hands on a hard copy, because aren’t they glorious together?


S39pggX12e_mSBuL_W__9HFY11kYp7n3BREg6DDFksT68Wq5-r8MulNLwIYqnaVYUyynGsX6BKf89wl9f9E3a-uMf1JcryWLog=w32-fSoften=1,100,0-rp-e365 | @cjenmmovie/Twitter


Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum have made one thing clear.

The equation goes like this. Handsome…


fC3tv5fqjVAPiuavDAmgClTMok576gWzN77FsfRTvDLXRr5ZWvXNT1-PbsiH_V9HC--kjq1efTi2JB9mwf2Xh-39TrymsWeT2qs=w32-fSoften=1,100,0-rp-e365 | @cjenmmovie/Twitter


… plus handsome…


equals absolute bliss!




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Gong Yoo And Yoo Jae Suk Address Their Mind Boggling Lookalike Rumors On “You Quiz On The Block”

Uncanny resemblance?

Actor, Gong Yoo appeared on the most recent episode of tvN‘s You Quiz on the Block where he made the shocking revelation that he is known as a Yoo Jae Suk lookalike to some fans

On the show, Gong Yoo was praised for his forever youthful appearance.


People say Gong Yoo has youthful beauty. You still have the same face as when you were younger.

— Yoo Jae Suk


And in response, Gong Yoo shared how his facial features changed since he appeared on the hit drama, Coffee Prince back in the day.


My eyes were a little sharper during Coffee Prince. Now, the ends of my eyes droop a little. I originally didn’t have double eyelids, but they formed over time. It just appeared as I got older.— Gong Yoo


Neverthelessmost agree that Gong Yoo is crazy handsome. But he made a revelation that caught Yoo Jae Suk off guard.

I often hear people tell me that I look like Yoo Jae Suk.— Gong Yoo


And despite Yoo Jae Suk’s shock and laughter among the producers, Yoo Jae Suk offered his opinion on why that is.


There’s a photo I took during Infinite Challenge that ended up looking more like you.— Yoo Jae Suk


kw5RpK_lP7tOVXXrI8HjFIhqGMlBJl5kTzwreVGAfablT-uzU5jzOAPm3ZtW04h3RwCZtYZwGeaNE1RZrruYS_YLS-YFGbZv8A=w32-fSoften=1,100,0-rp-e365On the other hand, Gong Yoo attributed the resemblance to their jaw area.


I think it’s because of the jaw area. Our jaws are short. And our lips protrude outward.— Gong Yoo 


But Yoo Jae Suk stressed that their short jaws are of different categories.


I wish my jaw was short in a way similar to Gong Yoo. I’m more similar to Yoon Jong Shin or Yoo Hee Yeol.— Yoo Jae Suk



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Actor Gong Yoo Shares How He Believes He's Not a Type of Guy Whom Women Like

He thinks women don't really like him. 


Gong Yoo appeared as the special guest on the November 25th episode of tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block.' The actor came to promote his upcoming drama 'Seobok,' in which he's paired with Park Bogum. To this, he remarked, "When I found out that I would play with Park Bogum, I thought that the promotions would go easily. However, he disappeared just like the wind." As you might have known, Park Bogum is currently completing his mandatory military service.


MCs Yoo Jaesuk and Jo Seho then brought up his perfect image as a man. When asked how does it feel to live as Gong Yoo, the actor replied, "I have never thought about that. I am a very normal person. Maybe people are immersed in their fantasy because of my characters in movies/dramas. However, I live an ordinary life."




Gong Yoo then revealed that, in real life, he is rather an introverted person. He explained, "I am often bubbly on screen. In fact, I cannot be like that in real life. It feels strange when I act like that. I even hear that some people say that I am cold."



He then commented about how he thinks that he is not the type of guy whom women like. He said, "In front of the one I like, I am not bold and I have not much courage to express my feelings." 

ⓒ KStarLive

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Gong Yoo Talks About His True Personality, Friendship With Lee Dong Wook, And More

Gong Yoo Talks About His True Personality, Friendship With Lee Dong Wook, And More

On the November 25 broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,” Gong Yoo made a guest appearance and talked about his true self, his “Goblin” co-star Lee Dong Wook, and more!

While the hosts were catching up with the star, Jo Se Ho asked, “What is it like to live as Gong Yoo?” The actor responded, “I’ve never thought about that.” He then shared that he’s simply living a normal life and added, “There’s a certain image and fantasy that my past roles and projects have created for me, but as Gong Ji Chul [Gong Yoo’s birth name] and not Gong Yoo, I’m just normal. Nothing stands out.”

Asked about his true personality, Gong Yoo said, “I’m more absentminded than people think, and I’m not very affectionate because it makes me cringe.” He went on to compare himself to his “Coffee Prince” character, saying, “Choi Han Gyul was sweet to his family. My mother told me to be more like that in real life.”

The actor also mentioned that he’s not the type of person women prefer. He explained, “I don’t tend to be bold or courageous when it comes to love. If anything, I can only confess my feelings if I become one of my characters because it’s comfortable thinking that it’s not actually me. But being the real Gong Ji Chul is hard.”

He continued, “That’s why I enjoy acting. I get to become a character who’s not me and do everything that I couldn’t do because I was too shy or embarrassed in real life. There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with that.”


Later in the episode, the hosts mentioned that they’ve heard from someone that Gong Yoo gets upset easily. Gong Yoo suspected that this “someone” was his “Goblin” co-star Lee Dong Wook. He then brought up the coffee and snack truck that Lee Dong Wook sent to the recording location of “You Quiz on the Block.”

“Why did he send that?” Gong Yoo joked. “He’s a clever one.” Gong Yoo then said, “He’s killing three birds with one stone,” describing how Lee Dong Wook is trying to win over Gong Yoo and the two hosts.

Gong Yoo went on to describe Lee Dong Wook as sly. “He’s like an actual fox,” Gong Yoo said, referring to Lee Dong Wook’s current role as a gumiho (mythical nine-tailed fox) in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed.”

The actor also shared, “I don’t get upset easily. Instead, I’d say that others often get upset because of me.” In response, Yoo Jae Suk joked, “Seeing that you have a lot to say about this, it looks like you’re actually upset.”




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Nice to see Gong Yoo doing more variety shows and opening up about himself. I mean there is definitely a line of women would want to date him :lol: but I guess it's true most especially fans love his characters he portrays and he does seem bubbly in all his interviews. Even thouh ex. Gong Hyo Jin did share more of how he is personally in the past :)


His real personality /his normal life - sounds fine to me though ^_^

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Gong Yoo And Swings Top Weekly Buzzworthy Non-Drama Cast Members Ranking

Gong Yoo takes No. 1 on the weekly list of most buzzworthy non-drama cast members!

On the ranking for the week of November 23 to 29, as compiled by Good Data Corporation, Gong Yoo grabs the top spot after his appearance on “You Quiz on the Block” on November 25.

Swings, who appears on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 9,” rises 10 ranks to take No. 2 on the chart. Yoo Jae Suk maintains No. 3 while starring on the MBC show “How Do You Play?

The top 10 buzzworthy non-drama TV show cast members for the fourth week of November are:

1. Gong Yoo (“You Quiz on the Block”)
2. Swings (“Show Me the Money 9”)
3. Yoo Jae Suk (“How Do You Play?”)
4. Mirani (“Show Me the Money 9”)
5. Kim Seon Ho (KBS2’s “2 Days & 1 Night 4“)
6. Lee Moo Jin (JTBC’s “Sing Again”)
7. MUSHVENOM (“Show Me the Money 9”)
8. Ham So Won (TV Chosun’s “Taste of Wife”)
9. Youme (“Sing Again”)
10. Henry (MBC’s “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”))


Meanwhile, “Show Me the Money 9” takes No. 1 on the list of buzzworthy non-drama television shows for the fifth consecutive week.

The top 10 buzzworthy non-drama TV show cast members for the fourth week of November are:

1. “Show Me the Money 9” – 14.14 percent
2. “Sing Again” – 5.23 percent
3. “You Quiz on the Block” – 3.59 percent
4. MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer” – 2.87 percent
5. SBS’s “Running Man” – 2.85 percent
6. tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” – 2.85 percent
7. “2 Days & 1 Night 4” – 2.36 percent
8. SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” – 2.17 percent
9. “Home Alone” – 1.94 percent
10. JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything” – 1.8 percent


The rankings are compiled from analyzing news articles, blog posts, online communities, videos, and social media posts about 189 non-drama TV shows that are currently on air or set to air soon.


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Release of blockbuster'Seobok' postponed amid coronavirus scare

The release of South Korean science-fiction action film "Seobok" has been postponed indefinitely amid a huge, ongoing wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the film's distributor said Monday.

"We decided to put off the release schedule of'Seobok,' set to hit screens in December, due to the wide spread of COVID-19," CJ Entertainment said in a statement.

"Seobok" is one of the most anticipated blockbusters this year in South Korea for its subject of the first human clone and for starring two Korean heartthrobs, Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum.

Consequently, South Korean theaters will have only two new big-budget films for the Christmas and year-end season - Warner Bros' action adventure, "Wonder Woman 1984," on Dec. 23 and Disney-Pixar's "Soul" on Dec. 25.

But Walt Disney Company Korea, the local distributor of "Soul," put off a media screening event slated for Wednesday out of concern over coronavirus transmission. It said it is not yet considering rescheduling the release of the animated film.

South Korea has been struggling with a spike in the number of novel coronavirus infections in recent weeks and will keep the level of social distancing at the second highest for the coming three weeks to flatten the curve. (Yonhap)



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  • lkgy99 changed the title to Gong Yoo 공유 | ★ Upcoming Movies : SeoBok & Wonderland , Upcoming Drama : The Silent Sea ★

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