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[SBS Star] VIDEO: Gong Yoo Talks About the Time When He Texted His Ex After Breaking Up


Actor Gong Yoo shared that he has texted his ex-girlfriend after breaking up with her.
On December 11 episode of SBS talk show 'Because Lee Dong Wook Wants to Talk',
Gong Yoo joined as a guest.

During the talk, Gong Yoo was asked whether he also has a regretful experience of texting his ex-girlfriend after a breakup like many people out there.

Gong Yoo laughed then gave an honest answer, "Yes, I have. I once texted her late at night asking her, 'Are you asleep?'"

The actor continued, "That wasn't the only time. It sounds really lame, but I texted her again the next day. I told her, 'I must have been too drunk last night.'"

He went on, "She never replied to any of my texts. I'm thankful that she didn't text me back though."

Then, the host Lee Dong Wook said, "I actually have myself as well."

Lee Dong Wook continued, "It was a bit different for me. I just really wanted to send her a text hoping that she will be happy in her life. So,

I texted her that." He added, "We exchanged some texts, then ended there. We never talked after that day."


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Guys, so sorry for barging in like this, but unless it's some internal joke that I don't get, why do I feel like this place has turned into a competition for Who's Bashing On Gong Yoo Better? @2ha

Gong Yoo in 1st place for poll of Man of New Year.

Gong Yoo says he can't watch scary movies + ran for his life out of real fear during every filming for 'Train to Busan'



On the December 11 episode of SBS's new talk show 'Because Lee Dong Wook Wants To Talk', actor Gong Yoo recommended some of his favorite movies to viewers including works by Joaquin PhoenixClint Eastwood's 'Gran Torino', and more. 


The talk show's host Lee Dong Wook then pointed out that Gong Yoo did not mention any horror genre films, remarking, "You can't watch scary movies, right?" Gong Yoo laughed and answered, "I hate scary movies. I just can't watch them alone." 


Lee Dong Wook agreed, "I know, I can't watch scary movies either. I've never seen a horror film in theaters in my life." Here, co-MC Jang Do Yeon reminded both Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook that they recently worked on 'horror genre' productions, including 'Train To Busan' and 'Hell Is Other People'. Lee Dong Wook immediately stated that he was okay with being in them as an actor, but Gong Yoo shared, "When I was filming 'Train To Busan', the makeup and costumes were way too real. And even though I knew that these were people wearing makeup, and they're here to play the parts of zombies, I still ran like mad every time we filmed."


He continued, "And then the 'zombies', they would come near me with their makeup and with blood all over themselves. They would come near me and go, 'Gong Yoo...' and I would be so scared, and they would go, 'Can we take a picture together?'." 


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Gong Yoo Said He has Been Recently Attracted to Aggressive Women, Talked about Marriage

Gong Yoo explained how his ideal type has recently changed.

On the December 11th episode of Lee Dongwook's 'Because I Want to Talk,' Gong Yoo talked more about his ideal type. It's indeed not the first time for the actor to talk about his dream girl. However, Gong Yoo revealed that things have changed lately. 


He started, "I like someone who behaves like my father." When asked for a more specific explanation, Gong Yoo revealed, "I think aggressive women also charming. I think the era has changed a lot. I don't think there is a rule saying that it has to be men who propose." 



Jang Doyeon, the sub-MC of the show, joked, "Then if you have time, will you marry me?" To this, Gong Yoo implicitly shared his thoughts on getting married. He said, "I still don't have thoughts on getting married." 



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Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook Reveals Their Ideal Types


In a recent episode of Because I Want To Talk, actors Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo spoke about their ideal qualities that they wanted in a partner.

Lee Dong Wook revealed that his ideal woman was someone who is motherly, because he wants someone to “lean on and someone I can talk to while facing a difficult time, and someone who “tells me comforting words well”. Gong Yoo revealed that he was attracted to “forward women”, because times have changed and men aren’t the only ones who have to be proposing.

However, after sharing many laughs and speaking with their interviewer, comedian Jang Do Yeon, the two dreamy actors may have changed their ideal types, so Goblin fans make sure to go catch the interview and take notes!


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