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All GY lovers here i want to ask u why you love gong yoo and when i'll start by myself what i love about Gong Yoo , he is unpredictable either as an actor or as person  when i first saw him in

Guys, so sorry for barging in like this, but unless it's some internal joke that I don't get, why do I feel like this place has turned into a competition for Who's Bashing On Gong Yoo Better? @2ha

1 hour ago, autumnight said:

Hi Fans of Gong Yoo... I've created a thread for the movie Seo Bok here:  



If there's anything you want me to add into the first or second posts, please pm me :D

Thank u for opening a thread for seo bok , i'll try to help u to update it & try to share updates too

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On 2/27/2019 at 11:58 PM, Noor90 said:

@neayein welcome in gy page i hope you enjoy reading all pages ,i did the same when i started following gy . I'm sorry i don't have any links to watch screen or any old dramas. If u want to watch other dramas or movies ,you can watch big , goblin. His movies are good too like "finding mr destiny , the suspect , train to busan , age of shadows. 




Thanks! :Dwow, I typed a detailed message here last day but seems like it was not posted somehow...:((

Being busy with exams I can't watch much of GY these days. :tears: but I did watch Screen on SBS mobile app, in Korean. With my limited knowledge of the language I understood about 30% of what was being said:sweatingbullets: However, I think I understood what was being shown :tounge_xd: And I watched OFD too. Although I like his current, mature looks more but it's still nice to get to know how he used to look and act when he just started. 

I'm starting to think that my dear actor preferred characters with a sad story and he plays those roles so well that I too end up feeling quite sad. It happened to me even when I watched Biscuit Teacher...

Thanks a lot for the suggestions! :)I will watch Goblin next when I get time... I wished there were English subtitles to his old interview vids... 

Edited by neayein
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@neayeingood luck sis in your exams , focus on your study now &  after finishing your exams you can watch all gy works. Also I envy you, i can't understand korean may be i can understand only 3%-_- so i can't watch any of gy works without sub. I think you 'll like goblin. Try to watch his movies too. I agree with u i feel gy likes characters with sad stories you'll feel it more if you watched goblin or big . Usually i cry when i see gy cries on screen. I can't hold my tears. I feel his emotions & his sadness. That's why i like gy when he plays emotional characters more than cold characters 


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Gong yoo has new CF

GY for Hite Jinro's new larger brand Terra:An Excellent beer made from Australian Golden Triangle (AGT) malt.The sub brand dubbed terra will hit domestic  stores on March 21



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March Male Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute has announced this month’s brand reputation rankings for male advertisement models!

The rankings were determined through an analysis of consumer behavior, using big data collected from February 28 to March 29. The Korean Business Research Institute evaluated the participation, communication, media, and social values of 50 male advertisement models in order to calculate each star’s total brand reputation index for March.

Gong Yoo topped this month’s list with a brand reputation index of 1,312,399, marking an impressive 158.28 percent increase in his score since January (the last time the rankings were calculated). The actor’s highest-ranking related terms included “heart-fluttering,” “like,” and “cool,” while his positivity-negativity analysis revealed a score of 85.14 percent positive reactions.

Celebrity chef Baek Jong Won maintained his position at second place in the rankings this month, scoring a brand reputation index of 785,214 for March.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum rose to third place on this month’s list, scoring a total brand reputation index of 684,332.

Check out the top 30 for this month below!

  1. Gong Yoo
  2. Baek Jong Won
  3. Park Bo Gum
  4. Son Heung Min
  5. Lee Byung Hun
  6. Kang Daniel
  7. Ryu Jun Yeol
  8. Cha Seung Won
  9. Lee Dong Wook
  10. Yoo Jae Suk
  11. Bae Jung Nam
  12. Park Ji Sung
  13. Lee Sang Min
  14. Kim Seung Hyun
  15. Jung Woo Sung
  16. Ha Jung Woo
  17. Yoo Hae Jin
  18. Lee Jung Jae
  19. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo
  20. Shin Dong Yup
  21. Jun Hyun Moo
  22. Kim Jong Min
  23. Lee Seung Gi
  24. Kim Jong Kook
  25. Kang Ho Dong
  26. Lee Si Eon
  27. Kim Min Jae
  28. Park Seo Joon
  29. Hyun Bin
  30. Shim Hyung Tak



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Source below from Soompi.

Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, And Jo Woo Jin To Begin Filming For New Movie About Human Cloning

Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, And Jo Woo Jin To Begin Filming For New Movie About Human Cloning

Apr 3, 2019
by U. Kim

Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, and Jo Woo Jin’s upcoming movie “Seo Bok” (tentative title) will begin filming next month!

On April 3, the film’s distributor CJ Entertainment explained that “Seo Bok” completed casting actors Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, and Jo Woo Jin and will begin filming in May.

“Seo Bok” is about Ki Heon (played by Gong Yoo), a former intelligence agent who comes across mankind’s first human clone Seo Bok (played by Park Bo Gum) and becomes caught up in dangerous incidents involving several forces who are on the hunt to possess the clone.

Jo Woo Jin was the last actor to confirm his appearance in the film, and he will be playing Chief Ahn, the head of the Korean intelligence bureau who attempts to hide Seo Bok’s existence from the public.

“Seo Bok” is the first Korean film to deal with the topic of human cloning.

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Gong Yoo for Terra. Watch this video till the very end. ;)


Gong Yoo for Kanu. He has got the moves!

If I lived in Korea, I would drink coffee!


Gong Yoo for Bon. It seems like he likes cooking.


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  • lkgy99 changed the title to Gong Yoo 공유 | ★ Upcoming Movie : Wonderland & Upcoming Drama : The Silent Sea ★

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